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sixwheeledbeastWouldn't you just need the Ogg support package?00:28
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DocScrutinizer05((<sicelo> oh wait .. i'm wrong. that accepts sound files.)) that's exactly what I exploited in xchat01:25
DocScrutinizer05I adjusted "sound playing program" (OWTTE) to pint to my script
DocScrutinizer05and maybe the sequence of commands in that script is nonsense, should get inverted: dbus-send first, then aplay01:31
DocScrutinizer05err play-sound, downside: play-sound is pretty stupid a audioplayer01:32
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LjLDocScrutinizer05, i hope you realize that's a slightly bonkers botnet master, just saying03:25
DocScrutinizer05who, incog?03:26
LjLokay, just checking!03:26
DocScrutinizer05:-) thanks for headsup03:26
LjLcouldn't say it there, because, unlike him, as a reasonable irc user, i am muted.03:27
DocScrutinizer05better not upset him03:27
LjLDocScrutinizer05, yes, that's probably why i'm muted and he's not. i've been here for long enough that staff know i can't hurt them, while he can.03:27
DocScrutinizer05nfc why you're muted03:28
LjLDocScrutinizer05, anyway you could also do something that monitors #antispammeta and automatically ignore people who trigger certain things in it03:28
LjLDocScrutinizer05, because of this
* LjL shrugs03:33
DocScrutinizer05freenode ops seem pretty... angry lately03:34
LjL#freenode has been like that for a long time. i'm so sick of this network at this point. the so-called "helpers" are completely unhelpful (and oftentimes they are actually professional trolls, or even lurking attackers like incog), and when they get you crazy by their constant useless nagging you while you wait for an actual staffer to address your concern... that's when you get chastized for snapping.03:34
DocScrutinizer05:nod: seen that N times a day03:35
LjLwell, apparently, you better not complain about it when it happens.03:36
LjLalthough i admittedly had a very distinct feeling i would be muted when i said that, and did it anyway03:36
DocScrutinizer05chanops muting criticism us a sure sign for overcharge03:38
LjLit kinda feels like mafia. sorry if the analogy is outlandish but i am italian so. you go to the police to complain about constant horrible behavior that's widespread, and they act slightly hostile towards *you* and do nothing. if you do this repeatedly, eventually you get loud enough that they feel justified to indict *you*... if the mafioso haven't already done something nice to you in the meanwhile (cfr: friendly neighbor botnet masters lurking in a channel03:38
LjLwhere people are constantly asking about things involving their security on freenode)03:38
DocScrutinizer05usually from getting over sensitized by true trolling03:39
LjLyeah, i feel burdened by that a lot lately, because, well, i *am* very easily oversensitized by people acting trollish and the fact being ignored. it's because of personal anxiety/anger reasons, but that doesn't mean the whole system is justified and it's just my problem... my own issues just make me more sensitive to the problem than people who can more easily be like "oh well" and move on03:45
DocScrutinizer05do you think Fuchs got pissed for me discussing that anti.spam concept in public chan where the idiot botmaster sees it?04:03
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LjLDocScrutinizer05, it really is appalling, isn't it? i certainly get that the countless suggestions of things that have been tried and ruled out already definitely get old. but none of it is helped by insulting people who are as much as "uh? what just happened?" every time there's an attack, and yelling "DON'T COMMENT!" etc at them... which is generally what spawns these 'nice' discussions.05:07
LjLDocScrutinizer05, i don't think Fuchs did, but if he did, well, it's their fault for allowing the botmaster to linger in the channel in the first place, so forget about that.05:09
LjLDocScrutinizer05, to be clear, it's not like i know in depth who incog is and have connections with everyone and everything (if anything, i broke off the few connections i had, due to annoyance)... but, i used to be an op in #ubuntu and actually wrote bots to deal with that sort of spam, and while this was several years ago, i *already* remember incog always "magically appearing" around the times botnets attacked05:12
DocScrutinizer05and uttering nonsense05:13
DocScrutinizer05watched that corellation during last few days05:13
LjLthat too. can't decide if he's so clever as to confound people with his feigned lunacy, or just an outright lunatic.05:14
DocScrutinizer05anyway, best I just quit that masochist channel ;-)05:14
DocScrutinizer05no point in lingering on there anymore05:14
LjLi am struggling with myself to do that05:14
LjLi cannot even speak there, but i'm currently strangely mesmerized05:14
LjLit just gets more incredibly worse as i watch05:15
DocScrutinizer05was just waiting for feedback or active ops for a GR since err 3 weeks05:15
LjLgood luck05:15
LjLDocScrutinizer05, to qualify my previous statement, i used to be not only an #ubuntu op, but for a while, also a group contact. i remember in multiple occasions, i would ask for cloaks or things like those, and sometimes helpers, sometimes actual staffers (!), would be like "you need to tell that to your project's GC"05:16
LjLwell who do you think i am? but... unless you boast and yell about your supposed status, you're nobody, that's how it all seems to work :\05:16
LjLit certainly cannot be very hard for staff to, like... when they see i have an ubuntu/member/* cloak and i'm making a GC-like request... look it up whether i'm the actual GC?05:17
DocScrutinizer05my last cloak requests were a matter of minutes05:18
DocScrutinizer05last GR though was exactly same painstaking experience05:18
LjLwell Ubuntu cloakings weren't *so* common strangely enough, because they tended to happen in batch (when there was the meeting to approve new members), and since the Ubuntu op team was large enough to contain multiple people who were also staff, they would usually just cloak them themselves05:19
LjLso when i did GC stuff, it was more the one-off kind of thing where someone randomly asked for a cloak change, or non-cloak business05:19
DocScrutinizer05freenode staff should read their own policy and howto, particularly the part about catalysts and burnout ;-P05:20
LjLDocScrutinizer05, i've considered the "catalyst" thing a joke for a looooong time05:22
LjLi suspect lilo genuinely believed in that05:22
LjLbut after lilo? hmmmm05:22
LjLDocScrutinizer05, i mean, #freenode today is certainly showing some impressive catalyst skills05:22
DocScrutinizer05meh, file closed05:23
LjLit is all about which direction you're catalyzing in ;)05:23
DocScrutinizer05I mean I'm for sure a grumpy old fart chanop, but freenode staff... OHMYOHMY05:24
LjLyeah well i'm grumpy (and i feel old but i strongly suspect i'm younger than you anyway :P) but these attitudes are partly what made me grumpy and fast-aging05:24
LjLnot just on freenode of course, the attitudes are everywhere :(05:25
DocScrutinizer05when you didn't watch Armstrong devastating the moon surface, you're definitely younger than me ;-)05:26
LjLDocScrutinizer05, neither of us saw it as it happened05:29
LjLthe only difference may be that you saw it 8 seconds after it happened05:29
LjLand i, several years :P05:29
DocScrutinizer05dang, getting rid of that strange thrill feels way better than watching it05:29
DocScrutinizer05(9s) roundabout, yeah :-D05:30
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DocScrutinizer05dang, that word again. I heard it'S totally wrong for this meaning05:31
DocScrutinizer05a roundabout being for kids05:31
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LjLroundabouts are the European traffic circles that Americans hate :P05:34
DocScrutinizer05I meant "about as much" ;-)  prolly a Germanism or "false friend"05:44
DocScrutinizer05it's sort of viral here with native German speakers trying to sound leete by using english terms05:46
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DocScrutinizer05in german "round" and "about" have roughly same meaning in this context05:47
DocScrutinizer05where "round" is a false friend "rund = ca." = about06:21
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LjLDocScrutinizer05, yeah it really doesn't mean that in english :P it's either a traffic circle, or an adjective like "doing something in a roundabout way", i.e. in a complicated, indirect way06:49
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