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BoyetoI don't know where the best place to ask is, but I can get a good price on an Xperia X right now07:12
Boyetoand I heard it's getting Sailfish OS07:12
Boyetocan I just buy any random Xperia X, and then flash Jolla's OS when the time comes?07:12
VajbBoyeto: somehow i doubt this, but then again. What do I know? Nothing.07:18
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Boyetothanks for replying at all Vajb07:20
Boyetohad you actually heard of this?
Boyetoand is there somewhere else I should be asking on IRC?07:20
Boyetoneed to know pretty soon, and at work so can't open the browser for forums, etc07:20
Boyetonvm, found the #sailfishos-porters channel07:22
Vajbno i haven't heard. My commont was fully based on what i have heard of Jolla beforehand.07:27
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Boyetoj #sailfishos-porters07:28
Vajbwell so it seems, but tell me. Is it still true that users can't flash their jolla devices, if they break the os?07:34
Vajbif that is true. I find it kinda weird that they announce flashability for other device while theirs remain closed.07:35
Vajbsome would argue, it is bad for business07:35
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BoyetoI don't really know, never tried to flash my Jolla device07:41
VajbI was planning to get one, when they announced it, but then i heard it wont have hw keyboard07:45
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BoyetoYeah, I gave up the HW keyboard when I got the N908:24
BoyetoI get by with Swype now08:24
Boyetop.s. I would argue that they probably don't care if you break your Sony/Nexus devices (not their problem), but if you brick your Jolla hardware, they have to support you08:26
Boyetonot that I like my Jolla hardware at all, it's too low-end08:26
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sixwheeledbeastbefore you rush into this, consider do you want an Xperia in the first place.10:42
Boyetosixwheeledbeast: Yeah, I have an Xperia XZ Premium10:50
Boyetoand my last phone was an Xperia Z310:50
Boyetoprior to that, Xperia Z110:50
BoyetoI like Xperias / Sony, but I miss the N910:51
Boyeto9 minutes before I have to make the purchase10:51
sixwheeledbeastok, I haven't really used one but people tell me they break easily.10:52
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BoyetoHmm... They seem pretty solid to me. I (foolishly) dropped my XZp while running, no case, and it's only got a minor rough texture in the bottom left corner10:53
Boyetogenerally though, I can see how they'd break easily10:53
Boyetoslabs of glass10:53
KotCzarnyphone on a leash10:54
Boyetocould always put a case on it, if it appears particularly vulnerable10:54
BoyetoI bought a Samsung S4 once, worst piece of hardware I ever purchased10:54
Boyetothat, and the Xperias, are my only Android experience10:54
Boyetoso this Sony partnership is perfect for me10:55
BoyetoI put NitDroid on my N9, custom roms on my Z1 and Z3. I think I'll be ok with putting Sailfish on the X, as long as it's plausible10:57
Boyeto3 minutes left before I have to hit 'buy' lol10:57
KotCzarnyand i use fremantle since 200911:01
KotCzarnynot going to change for android11:01
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BoyetoI changed because the hardware, etc got too slow11:06
Boyetocan't do what I need to do on the N9/N90011:06
KotCzarnysure, that's when i take out my laptop11:06
Boyetoeg. Banking, bitcoin trading, etc11:06
Boyetoah, if that works for you, awesome. I have to commute on packed trains with no seats and am time poor :)11:06
Boyetoanyway, purchase made, looking forward to using Sailfish on a proper phone11:07
sixwheeledbeastI agree, anything my N900 can't do it's time to break out something bigger.11:17
sixwheeledbeastFrom experience N900 is only as slow as the software you put on it.11:17
sixwheeledbeastIf you install allsorts of stuff on there it has a huge effect on the UX.11:18
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blapor the website16:11
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DocScrutinizer05[2017-09-21 Thu 18:44:31] <trippeh> OH NO! they are removing IRDA from the linux kernel :O19:57
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