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mike727Hi jonwil. Do you have any interest in Droid 4 ?14:43
bencohbtw, droid4 costs 50e including worldwide shipping from ebay (from the US)14:45
mike727A lady in Australia emailed me about her's. ~$5014:45
mike727"lightly used"14:46
mike727It's tempting for me, but not sure about overcoming the android nuisance14:47
bencohmike727: droid4 seems to be quite a good target for android-free software14:51
bencohespecially considering that some (known) kernel hackers/devs already picked it up14:52
bencohand mainline status is getting pretty good already14:52
blapit's wonderful!14:53
mike727Thanks. Some recent TMO posts sparked my interest. Apparantly common battery issues are solved by bending the flex connector.14:54
bencohbattery issues?14:54
blapkeyboard is glorious14:54
mike727I've read that charging can be intermittent14:54
mike727blap: What do you run on it?14:55
blapkeyboard map still needs some tweaking.  sd card needs to mount to a consistent place (udev rules?)14:57
mike727Is it limited to 32sd or can it be higher; like N900 ?14:58
mike727*32GB microSD14:58
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mike727Is CM11 or CM12 sw related?15:05
blapi don't know15:07
blapi think i have 16gb in there, plenty for the podcasts15:07
mike727D4: Is the screen's viewing quality about the same or better than n900 ?15:12
blapabout same, but larger15:14
blapi think it's pentile15:15
blapthe hardware seems to work. gps, camera, video recording15:19
blapno hdmi out afaik15:19
bencohblap: sw issues like "sdcard mounting point" are likely not related to hw, so ... :)15:19
bencohdroid4 does have hdmi out, it might not be supported on sfos though15:20
blapi have heard it is not15:20
blapthe irc client is nicely done15:22
blapbut with a custom keyboard i'll build irssi15:22
bencohmike727: screen isn't transflective though15:26
bencohwhich is quite a pity15:26
bencohbut I don't know many smartphones with a transflective screen anyway, let alone with a keyboard15:26
blapthose seem to be rare now15:26
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mike727Thanks. I suppose, I should just buy it. Might as well15:38
bencohmike727: tbh I bought one, and I'm now waiting for usb connectors and ftdi stuff15:39
bencoh(more interested in mainline + devuan than sfos)15:40
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mike727so same USB flaw as n900?15:41
bencohno, that's completely unrelated15:42
mike727*'usb port' falling off ?15:42
bencohsee :)15:42
bencohuart is "muxed" with usb (you can get either of the two)15:44
bencohRX/RX are connected to the D+/D- pins15:44
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mike727Is there some risk with hardware & /or  terminal commands?15:46
mike727Sorry for being a noob. I should give that a proper read tomorrow.15:48
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blapi don't understand15:49
blapbut i see hdmi support(?)15:49
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mike727Is usb connectors and ftdi stuff from ebay?15:52
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blapwhat is that for?15:56
mike727For making D4 have mainline linux (eg. Devuan)15:58
mike727There is a guide (blog) about it, in the link16:00
blapah well get one for every OS then :)16:02
mike727Will you have to do soldering (usb connectors) or will you get ready-made?16:02
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bencohmike727: I ordered parts from aliexpress16:20
bencoh(and there is no need to alter the phone itself)16:20
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jonwilI have zero interest in Droid 417:30
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