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WikiwideQuestion : is it only me, or does media player on N900 not support this format?,_conductor_-_The_Nutcracker_Suite,_Op._71_-_Arab_Dance_-_Tchaikovsky_-_Decca-k1143-ar9058.flac14:29
WikiwideAnd yes, I do have flac files which play fine. But this flac file in particular, while tracked, doesn't agree to be played.14:30
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KotCzarnyyou can always use mplayer -identify on it14:33
KotCzarnyit will print you the params14:34
Wikiwide/me doesn't have mplayer14:34
KotCzarnythen install it14:34
KotCzarnyshould be in repo14:34
WikiwideWould mediainfo print the params?14:35
KotCzarnyi dont know that program14:35
KotCzarny'file' command can identify few formats too14:36
WikiwideOkay. Will try mplayer somewhen. So far, I only notice difference in versions of libflac (1.3.1 vs 1.2.1)14:36
KotCzarnyyou can also throw the file into oscp14:37
KotCzarnyjust for kicks14:37
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WikiwideWhich parameters are most important? Is there a limit on playable bitrate?14:40
KotCzarnymaybe your player cant handle 192khz ?14:41
KotCzarnyanyway, oscp plays this file just fine14:41
WikiwideNo idea. It can handle 48khz in the other flac.... But 192 is quite a bit more than 48.14:42
KotCzarnywell, if it doesnt support audio rate resampling, then yeah. might be the reason14:42
Wizzupwhy would they have such an insane audio rate14:47
KotCzarnybecause they can?14:47
KotCzarnymaterial is noisy as hell anyway (could be vinyl rip)14:48
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Enrico_MenottiI have a question which is not strictly related to maemo - it's about debuild. I tried to ask #debian and #devuan, but got no satisfactory answer (had an answer on #devuan but didnt' solve my problem). Let's think of a source package. I source it, and build it by debuild. Now I need to change a single bit in a single .cpp file. Is there a way to rebuild the package without building all sources from scratch? If I issue21:31
Enrico_Menotti debuild -nc, this does not clean the working directory, but doesn't build the modified file either.21:31
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freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: I guess it is a matter of package's debain/rules21:33
freemangordonwhat happens if you issue dpkg-buildpacage -rfakeroot -b -nc?21:34
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freemangordonhmm, a bad typo day :(21:34
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freemangordonEnrico_Menotti: what is the build system? autotools? plain makefile?21:35
Enrico_MenottiThere's a cmake around. I admit I'm very novel to it - I don't know how it works exactly.21:36
freemangordonme neither, but I would focus on that one, as -nc leads to make, without doing make clean first21:36
Enrico_Menottidpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -b -nc has the same effect of debuild -us -uc -b -nc.21:38
freemangordonso if makefiles don;t track source files dependencies and modified times and whatever, then your modified file wouldn;t get rebuild. another option is that the whole source tree is copied in another "build" directory and when you change your source file in base directory, the copy remains the same21:38
Enrico_MenottiLet me look.21:39
freemangordonif both debbuild and dpkg-buildpackage behave the same, the it is a problem of make scripts, not debian packaging21:39
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Enrico_MenottiOk, so I should look at the make scripts and try to find out where the build of that specific file is triggered, right?21:41
freemangordondunno, but try it21:42
Enrico_MenottiOh, I think I did it. But it seems to be very package-specific.22:09
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Enrico_MenottiYes, indeed I did it. My slight modification also seems to work. Quite happy. :)22:50
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