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brolin_empeydeepy: A program written for the Java platform is not a cross-platform program, it is a single-platform program because the Java platform is its only supported platform.08:51
OksanaYes, but Java is widely supported. Though, with Android and Symbian both supporting Java, I have to ask: can an Android app be run on a Symbian phone?09:24
KotCzarnynope. android doesnt support java09:25
KotCzarnyyou cant run arbitrary .jar on android09:25
KotCzarnybasic code might work, but anything supporting graphic toolkits will fail (ie. any graphical app, ie. anything usable)09:25
NeKitAndroid doesn't use .jars at all09:35
NeKitit has custom Java VM implementation and bytecode format09:35
KotCzarnythat's what i meant09:36
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DocScrutinizer05err wut? not only my client, even povbot has no context on that10:12
sicelonor does Symbian support Java (j2me != java)10:12
DocScrutinizer05ugh, there 2017-09-08 Fri 14:09:00]10:13
brolin_empeyJava has multiple meanings in computing, including the Java platform and the Java programming language.  Android applications are often written in the Java programming language but Android does not use the Java platform.10:52
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MaxdamantusAndroid will have its own API, expressed as classes/interfaces that are assumed by applications to be provided.14:38
MaxdamantusThose would need to be implemented to run Android code.14:39
MaxdamantusSame with J2ME .. it's some subset of Java SE (possibly all of Java SE, not sure), plus some additional classes that are assumed to exist.14:40
Wizzupis there a a way to run android applications on a gnu system?14:40
Wizzuplike, somewhat natively14:40
WizzupI recall something showed up recently14:40
bencohthere are basically two projects14:41
bencohone is dead, the other is ... quite difficult to build14:41
Wizzupgot names/links?14:41
bencohsashlik, and ... forgot14:41
MaxdamantusI'm not really familiar with any of it though.14:42
bencohapkenv is quite different14:42
WizzupI read about sashlik recently I think14:42
Enrico_Menottianbox, Android in a box?14:43
Enrico_MenottiWizzup bencoh ^^^?14:44
Wizzupbencoh: so which one is the 'dead' one?14:44
bencohcould be anbox yeah14:44
bencohand shashlik is the most recent one I suppose14:44
Wizzupshashlik seems somewhat active14:45
Wizzupmight be fun to try on a n900 some time14:45
Wizzup last commits over a year though14:45
bencoherr wait no, anbox is the recent one14:45
Enrico_MenottiAnbox is not dead. There's a channel on irc.14:45
Enrico_MenottiI'm trying on Devuan on my old laptop right now.14:45
Wizzuphm, but that's an android ocntainer?14:45
Enrico_MenottiSeems not exactly a container.14:46
Enrico_MenottiA minute.14:46
bencohit does use lxc14:46
bencohso yeah, somehow14:46
Wizzupanbox looks fun14:46
Wizzupmaybe we can package that for hildon-on-devuan at some point14:48
Enrico_MenottiYes, that's an idea.14:48
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Maxdamantus> As Anbox is running an entire Android system, conceptually any application can run.15:12
MaxdamantusDoesn't sound ideal for N900.15:12
Maxdamantusthough haven't looked at anything but that website, so might be wrong.15:13
parazydnot for n900 at all15:13
parazydthese android apps use way too much ram15:13
MaxdamantusEw, this site forces smooth scrolling.15:20
* Maxdamantus doesn't think he's noticed any websites doing that before.15:20
MaxdamantusNext thing you know, websites will be trying to make me use non-system-provided fonts.15:21
KotCzarnywelcome to the wonderful world of web2.015:22
KotCzarnyfirefox should have a requester asking for js permission to override keys15:22
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xy2_Maxdamantus: can't they already do that, though?18:33
KotCzarnyhe meant it sarcastically18:37
KotCzarnyas in 'he hates custom fonts as much as smooth scroll, yet, there will be someone glitching standards to show them on his device'18:38
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newbieAlertWhat is the last operating voltage for Intex Aqua fish ?? For N900l, it is something fo 3.2 volts.19:05
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grfdgfdHey, my Linux installation broke, I am on Windows right now and I'm trying to import my PGP keys. They're encrypted using "keychain", how do I decrypt the files (on Windows) or in a VM?19:23
grfdgfdfile starts like: (11:private-key(3:rsa(1:n257:19:24
grfdgfdI got the keychain password but no idea how to decrypt it using it19:24
grfdgfdall the files in that directory I need to decrypt so I can re-import the keys on my new installation19:28
grfdgfdhow :(19:28
grfdgfdI have a backup of my linux drive19:37
grfdgfdtrying to extract my PGP private keys from it19:37
grfdgfdbut all my private keys are encrypted with my keychain password, I have the password but I have no idea how to start the decryption process19:37
bencohwell that's the part I dont get ... "encrypted with my keychain"19:38
grfdgfdaha okay ill try to explain19:39
grfdgfdby default, Linux doesnt store saved passwords etc in plaintext, it uses the "keychain" to encrypt it using RSA or something19:39
bencohif your keys are sitting in the encrypted backup you'll hae a hard time decrypting it :/19:39
grfdgfdwhy? I have the decryption password19:39
grfdgfdjust I don't know what software to use19:39
bencohwhat did you encrypt your backup with?19:40
grfdgfdthe backup itself is not encrypted, just my PGP private keys are encrypted with my keychain19:40
bencohwhat's this "keychain"?19:41
grfdgfdGnome Keyring*19:41
bencohah well, no freaking idea what gnome does19:42
grfdgfdmate :( this is really important ;( if you know som1 who can help xD19:42
grfdgfdit should be really easy :/19:42
grfdgfdaha it's AES-128 encrypted, where can I Find a windows program to decrypt AES-12819:43
bencohsomeone that uses or has been using gnome in the past maybe19:43
bencohtbh I'd rather do that from linux if anything19:43
grfdgfdthe keyring shit is done by default to all your stored passwords and pgp in Ubuntu at least19:43
grfdgfdyeah I understand, but you wanna know what happened? :p19:44
bencohif you have a "full" backup (all your home at least) then maybe rsyncing it to a freshly installed ubuntu of the same version would work19:44
bencohwell, why not :>19:45
grfdgfdI made a VMware Workstation virtual machine, pointed it to my physical drive, it boots up, I type in my decryption passwords etc to boot into my ubuntu installation, it then goes into emergency mode for god knows what reason, and then when I reboot my pc physically I get thrown to emergency mode as well, so I somehow bricked my install simply by bo19:45
grfdgfdoting into it once as a VM19:45
grfdgfdthe backup is essentially every single file as they were but I can't boot into it anymore^19:45
grfdgfdworks fine for booting into windows and shit19:47
grfdgfdjust pop up a VM19:47
grfdgfdpoint it to the physical drive19:47
grfdgfdbut jewbuntu no :(19:47
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APicWhat is up?21:58
APicYou have the Windows.21:58
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grfdgfdbecause lacking SteamVR support and major headaches with compositors and rendering issues (specifically, OpenGL running significantly slower than OpenGL on Windows, makes no sense whatsoever, maybe old libs or something, can't change it though, Steam uses static libs)22:06
grfdgfdcompositors DO not like 144hz apparently, no matter what kind of Vsync I put using Compton and whatnot I will get tearing guaranteed :( and most compositors only support 100hz22:07
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KotCzarnyis it some kind of bot?22:07
grfdgfdanyway I had to switch back to Windows for the time being till some imporvements are made22:07
grfdgfdwhat is?22:07
grfdgfdI have GnuPG, I copied my private keys, they're encrypted with my Gnome Keyring / AES-128, how do I decrypt ittttttt22:08
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sicelotried #gnome?22:13
grfdgfdlaunch a VM and feed it what files?22:13
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