IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2017-08-22

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OksanaTrying to use maebble. python --print_maemo --print_pbl_logs --config_file maebble.cfg03:26
OksanaAlready installed python-bluez and set up bluetooth mac address in maebble.cfg ^03:26
OksanaActually, I put N900's bluetooth mac address in here ^ Should it be watch's bluetooth address?03:30
OksanaOkay, Bluetooth-paired N900 with Pebble, got Bluetooth MAC address of watch, put it into the cfg file...03:34
Oksana--config_file maebble.cfg is not necessary when it is in /home/user/.config/maebble/maebble.cfg03:35
OksanaNow, load firmware functionality is needed in maebble. libpebble does support it (I hope)03:35
Oksanasnowy22, recovery_fw...03:36
brolin_empeyKotCzarny: I stopped using my bulging battery for my Galaxy Note 3 until I receive the new batteries, which reportedly were mailed from Winnipeg today (Monday).04:06
brolin_empeyLong story short, the only spare phone I can temporarily use is the Geeksphone Revolution because my active SIM is a microSIM card instead of a miniSIM card.04:08
brolin_empeyIncidentally: Is there a Web-based collaborative document preparation system, more commonly known as a “word processor”, like Google Docs but that, unlike Google Docs, has the ability to easily embed a spreadsheet?  I still need to check if the Web version of Microsoft Word has the ability to embed a spreadsheet like Microsoft Office or LibreOffice for Windows Desktop or Mac OS X.04:13
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Oksanabrolin_empey : Sveta recommends ethercalc05:34
Vajbi think i've spotted a bug from default mail client. When i choose "add to contacts", all the lines are black. I can click and add them, but before i click i can't see what the contact is (if there are multible). Check it out.05:45
OksanaI see white text on black background.05:58
OksanaMay depend on theme05:58
* Oksana is using Ubuntu Humanity theme on Nokia N90005:59
vahe[m]hi all,  how can I install it? , I tried git download and but it did not06:01
VajbOksana: shouldn't be the case I hope. Im using default theme.06:03
Vajbnokia nseries06:04
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OksanaVajb: did you use something like Font Changer which could have done this?07:19
Oksanavahe[m] : which errors? Do you have installed: libwxgtk2.8-dev, wx-common, libavcodec-dev and libavformat-dev?07:35
OksanaSuch as, you would probably need wx2.8-headers07:38
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* Oksana sees wx-common version 2.8.10 in repositories; good. libwxgtk2.8-dev, too. libavcodec-dev version 0.5 as well as libavformat-dev version 0.5. Looks sufficient07:43
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brolin_empeyKotCzarny: Heh, after I finally managed to pry the back cover off of my Geeksphone Revolution, I discovered that the only battery I have for the Revolution is bulging too. (fail)07:52
brolin_empeyThe date on the battery for the Revolution is “20140226”.07:54
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brolin_empeyThe Galaxy Note 3 and Revolution are the only phones I have that use a microSIM card.  All of the other phones I have use a miniSIM card but I broke the only microSIM card↔miniSIM card adapter I could find.08:04
brolin_empeyMy x86 phone (Revolution) has a smaller-capacity battery than my current ARM phone (Galaxy Note 3).08:06
brolin_empeyOksana: Thank you, I will research ethercalc.  Who/what is Sveta?08:16
VajbOksana: only thing i can recall installing was droid fonts. Hmm could that be a culprit..08:24
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Oksanabrolin_empey : Sveta is my sister, and knows more about Linux than I do08:39
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OksanaVajb : no idea. Font Changer depends on Droid Fonts (which sounds suspicious), and I have already uninstalled them.08:41
DocScrutinizer05ooh sisters, didn't know08:44
brolin_empeyOksana: OK.  My sister is an Apple user. :-/08:45
* brolin_empey has emailed Geeksphone (in Spain) to ask if a battery for the Revolution is still available.08:47
brolin_empeyHeh, “pain” is a substring of “Spain”.08:48
brolin_empeyWriting of Apple, does any model of PowerPC computer from Apple use PCI Express?  Or does even the last generation of PowerPC Macintosh still use parallel PCI and AGP?09:02
brolin_empeyMore generally, does any PowerPC computer use PCI Express?09:03
siceloVajb: i use purple-telegram & have no vibration at all even in General profile09:03
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brolin_empeyThe English-language Wikipedia says that the last generation of the Power Mac G5 does use PCI Express instead of some parallel form of PCI.  I do not know if a portable PowerPC computer using PCI Express reached production because, as far as I know, Apple stopped at the PowerPC G4 for production models of portable computers.09:26
brolin_empeyThe English-language Wikipedia says that the PowerBook G4 uses PATA(PI) as opposed to the SATA(PI) used by the Power Mac G5 but does not say which version of PCI is used.  And yes, my memory was accurate that the PowerPC G5 was used by Apple in production only in stationary models of computers.10:04
sixwheeledbeastUh, font changer and theme customizer. I looked into the sources for them a good while ago, not pretty I recall.10:16
KotCzarnybrolin_empey: fun, i bet your laptop's battery isnt in tip top shape neither ;)10:19
Vajbsicelo: do u have vibrations from other instances?10:23
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VajbOksana: only font related thing in uninstal menu is droid fonts10:25
brolin_empeyKotCzarny: I have probably at least 10 notebook computers but the only one I still use is the Dell Latitude X1.  I usually use a notebook computer only when I attend an event at which I need a desktop computer.  The runtime of the battery in my Latitude X1 is only a few minutes but this battery may be the original from around 2005.10:26
KotCzarnybrolin_empey: you should take a voltimeter and measure voltage on their batteries, you might find some deep discharged ones10:28
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brolin_empeyKotCzarny: If I was seriously going to buy a current notebook computer, the most appealing model I have found so far is the Alienware AW13R2-5567SLV because, among other reasons, it has a 2560×1440 AMOLED display instead of a pathetic TN AMLCD.10:35
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brolin_empeyIt also has a discrete nVidia GPU, as opposed to the other models of notebook computers with an AMOLED display I found that all have only an IGP IIRC.10:38
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mike727Anyone able to ID these dummy phones ?  Any chance the chargers would be AC-4 or AC-8 ?11:21
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KotCzarnyall chargers look like 'travel' adapters11:22
KotCzarnywrite seller and ask for phones and chargers models11:23
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mike727The seller said he couldn't check until tomorrow.11:28
mike727I'm good now. I found AC-8 that I can pick-up down the roud for $1. I need it for my MD-7W (BT speakers)11:33
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siceloVajb: you mean is my vibra motor working? yes, it is. but i have disabled vibration, so i don't get 'vibrations from other instances' ... unless i enable vibration of course11:48
bencohVajb: I'd suggest using the pidgin maemo notifications plugin11:49
bencohI patched it a bit though11:50
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Vajbbencoh: i don't have that in repo's. Unless u don't mean pidgin-libnotify which i have installed12:05
bencohyeah, that one12:07
Vajbsicelo: yes that's what i meant. I have vibration disabled from silent profile, but still telegram msgs vibrate.12:07
bencohhmm, well ... there is no profile check whatsoever in this code :)12:10
bencohit basically sends two requests to mce12:10
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Vajbyes i saw vibrate setting from libnotify menu. I unchecked it now12:11
bencohthe thing is that just sending notification doesn't trigger vibration in maemo12:11
Vajbmaybe profile check could be implemented?12:12
bencoh(neither vibration nor led) so applications have to send requests to mce12:12
bencohI suppose it could12:12
bencohtbh I moved away from pidgin-libnotify-0.14.2 as available in extras12:13
bencohI rebased the maemo-specific bits on top of git://
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bencohnot sure I finished cleaning everything though12:14
Vajbyes i have that 0.14.212:15
bencohohwell, I have no idea what I did in that branch :D12:18
Vajbwell me neither :P12:25
bencohbasically I applied maemo changes on top of tony's git import (which is quite close to maemo's 0.14.2) before merging his commits12:32
bencohthen patched it a bit12:33
bencohbut apparently I did it in a terrible fashion12:34
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sixwheeledbeastmike727: looks like 100 and 150's to me, Series 30 devices at least.14:05
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halftuxvahe[m]: spek v0.5 is compiling in sb but filechooser dialog is hanging on device17:16
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halftuxvahe[m]: this line in spek-source.c hangs gst_element_get_state ((GstElement*) self->priv->pipeline, NULL, NULL, (GstClockTime) (-1));17:56
halftuxlooking at version 0.2 btw18:01
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brolin_empeyOksana: I redd some of the long article on .  It was interesting.  I know someone locally who worked at Socialtext and is one of the founders of my local hackspace.19:08
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