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bencohsixwheeledbeast^: on n900?11:02
sixwheeledbeast^uBlock? no FF desktop11:11
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Vajboh cloning is done and best part is that it is not working :)11:34
KotCzarnynow you can play with vbox11:35
Vajbalso vm thingy seems to want some bios magic to enable 64bit os11:35
Vajbnow it is just offering 32bits11:35
KotCzarnycheck in bios if you have virtual extensions enabled11:35
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Mr_PinguI opened up my N900 few days ago and noticed green stains on the shields. Like copper-oxidation green. Can/should I clean these with isopropyl-alcohol (99%)14:58
Mr_PinguOr just leave it?15:00
Vajbim having a problem and it excatly the same as with devuan pc. When i run "git --work-tree=../linux-4.10.8 checkout linux-4.10.y -- ."15:24
Vajbit says "fatal: invalid reference: linux-4.10.y"15:25
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VajbKotCzarny: did i miss something on virtualbox install or is full screen limited to 1024x76819:27
KotCzarnyinstall vbox extensions19:28
KotCzarnywith supported os' it's as simple as clicking the item in the menubar19:28
Vajbi had extensions19:28
KotCzarnyi mean 'vbox guest extensions'19:28
Vajbi guess i need to power down my virtual machine19:29
KotCzarnylsmod |grep vboxguest19:29
KotCzarnyis it loaded?19:29
Vajbim trying second time to follow instructions19:29
Vajbyes it is building git clone19:30
KotCzarnyif you want to resize, there is an item in menubar19:30
Vajball tho im sure it'll fail again since im sure i followed first for lines correctly...19:30
KotCzarnyyeah, most likely you need to use some other branch in second command19:30
Vajbim fullscreen now, but it has black borders19:31
Vajbi guess, but couldn't figure it out19:31
KotCzarnysee pics19:31
Vajbtried last stable kernel and bunch of other variations19:31
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Vajbtried to figure out which branch it wants but couldn't understand a thing19:33
KotCzarnywrite wiki page author?19:33
Vajbthat's what im gonna do when it fails another time :)19:38
Vajbbut i wanna make sure my reproducing it third time19:38
KotCzarnyonce is enough usually if you followed the instructions19:38
Vajbwell can't be sure enough :)19:40
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freemangordonTheKit: nice job :) (pkgbuild).20:19
freemangordonTheKit: As I am REing hildon-plugins-notify-sv and it will take some time (2-3 weeks maybe), so there will be no new packages pushed until then, do you want to take over on porting some? like omhd or systemui?20:21
freemangordonsystemui plugins that is20:22
TheKitthey are available in source code form, right?20:24
TheKithildon-plugins-notify-sv - that scary yellow notifications?20:25
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TheKitregarding ohmd, it has SailfishOS version as well20:28
freemangordonTheKit: no, ringtones conversion, sound priorities, stuff like that20:32
freemangordonI doubt sailfish ohmd will be fit for the purpose20:32
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freemangordonor rather - it is maemo ohmd with lots of stuff stripped afaik20:33
TheKitdue to different DBus interfaces? otherwise it should have better hardware support20:33
freemangordonyes, I think it has at least lipblayback ifaces removed20:33
freemangordonthat one
freemangordonwhich reminds me... Nobody wants to package libplayback :(20:35
freemangordonTheKit: re systemui plugins - yes, most (if not all) are available - see
freemangordoniirc only codelockui needs some more love20:37
DocScrutinizer05Mr_Pingu: eew that looks nasty. However removing it is more of a convenience thing at least on the shields, measn you can do that but it has no effect to either positive or negative side. Carefully inspect (golden) contacts etc however, they must be clean20:41
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Mr_PinguDocScrutinizer05: It's only on the shields nothing on the board or gold contacts.22:45
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