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timelesshello world02:56
timelessanyone here familiar w/ isc-dhcpd?02:56
timelessDocScrutinizer05: ping03:42
timelessDocScrutinizer51: ping03:42
DocScrutinizer05timeless: pong03:48
* timeless is trying to fix isc-dhcp-server03:48
DocScrutinizer05isc-dhcpd? sorry nope03:48
timelessi'll be in #isc-dhcp03:48
DocScrutinizer05sounds like a plan03:48
DocScrutinizer05or ##networking or whatever the name03:49
DocScrutinizer05or, if yoz wanna have fun  with golinux going mad about "OT topic", ask in #devuan ;-P03:51
DocScrutinizer05watch out, she's chanop, though I doubt she knows how make use of that03:52
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FalconSpysHey all, hoping one of you can help me. I have a Nokia N900 that I just got recently in an attempt to install Kali Linux onto it. I am having a hard time flashing the firmware to support u-boot.20:01
FalconSpysMy Windows PC detects the device in the update mode, but the flasher-3.5 never detects it. So kind of at a loss to try and get this updated to PR 1.320:01
FalconSpysAny tips would be appreciated. Spent the past few evenings trying20:01
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enycFalconSpys: hrrm20:06
enycFalconSpys: try the "0xffff" flasher program maybe? now in latest debian?20:06
FalconSpysenyc: my N900 is still on PR 1.2 I believe based on what I've learned about the device in an attempt to get Kali onto it20:06
FalconSpysSo i think I tried installing 0xffff via the HAM but it said my kernel-modules was mismatched20:08
enychrrm no20:08
FalconSpysNot the proper 0xffff to install?20:09
enycget desktop/laptop (not n900) linux20:09
enycget 0xffff installed on that20:09
enycthen use 0xffff to backup/flash/reflash n90020:09
FalconSpysIll give it a shot. Not at home with my device currently. Was just trying to get some ideas for my 5th night of messing with this thing :P20:14
sixwheeledbeast^Not something I have ever tried I assume follow Kali for RPi (ARM) installation instructions?20:16
FalconSpyssixwheeledbeast^: been trying to follow this
sixwheeledbeast^Is the device bootable?20:19
FalconSpysI can turn on my N900 if that's what you are asking20:20
FalconSpysJust has the firmware for PR 1.2 and I guess I need 1.3 to get the u-boot flasher installed20:20
sixwheeledbeast^So you can boot normally to Maemo? and the device charges ok?20:21
sixwheeledbeast^So you believe the USB is working you can connect "Mass Storage" for example.20:23
FalconSpysyes. my PC also sees if I do PC Suite Mode and load the software on my machine20:23
FalconSpysJust during update flasher mode the flasher-3.5 never sees20:23
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Enrico_MenottiFalconSpys I also had some problems when trying to use the flasher-3.5 on Windows.20:24
FalconSpysWell I tried flasher on my Mac also20:24
FalconSpysstill never saw the device20:25
Enrico_MenottiI have been able to install the flasher-3.5 on Mac, and that works fine.20:25
FalconSpysMine sits at the no suitable usb device found on my Mac and Windows20:25
sixwheeledbeast^seems bot is missing which is not useful20:25
Enrico_MenottiIt was a few months ago - I don't remember the details, but there are ways to check whether the computer sees the N900 at a low level.20:26
FalconSpysWell I saw flasher has the "-i" flag to see if its connected but it never says it is20:26
Enrico_MenottiWell, there are ways to check whether the N900 is connected without using the flasher.20:26
Enrico_MenottiJust to see whether the computer sees the device.20:27
Enrico_MenottiI don't remember the details, though.20:27
Enrico_MenottiTry with the various network commands from the terminal.20:28
Enrico_MenottiI mean ifconfig, lsusb, and so on. Should work on a Linux environment, but also on the Mac terminal.20:29
sixwheeledbeast^If you go to Settings > About what version is shown?20:29
FalconSpysI dont have the phone infront of my so can't say right now20:39
FalconSpysBut if you want my Mac version its Yosemite I believe20:39
FalconSpysMy Windows PC sees the phone and it shows under my devices20:39
FalconSpysThe Mac doesn't see it as far as I can tell20:39
sixwheeledbeast^When you have the device and PC in front of you it would be best to go through things step by step.20:40
Juestomacos uses darwin20:41
Juestopossibly the usb isn't recognized due to the firmware availablity?20:42
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FalconSpysWell I can tyr just loading Ubuntu onto a Live CD/USB and do that.21:15
FalconSpysJust been pulling my hair out trying to get the firmware updated just so I can put u-boot onto it.21:16
FalconSpysLike I've tried to use the BootMenu from Fanoush but then since I don't know any better I had a hard time adding the option into the boot menu etc21:16
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sixwheeledbeast^Do you have the device to hand yet?21:35
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FalconSpyssixwheeledbeast^:  no. I'll check back in when I do in about ~6 hours22:05
FalconSpysThank you all so far that have responded22:05
DocScrutinizer05TimRiker murdered the bot :-(22:08
DocScrutinizer05or whatever ;-)22:08
DocScrutinizer05fact: he looked into huge lags and load:24 yesterday morning, and a 8h later the bot vanished and doesn't come up again22:09
DocScrutinizer05so whatever he did, it didn't result in bot running more stable, rather the opposite22:10
DocScrutinizer05I can't remote-restart it22:11
DocScrutinizer05ssh: infobot: no process found22:12
DocScrutinizer05that's new, never had that before22:12
DocScrutinizer05thus - 'murdered'22:13
DocScrutinizer05FalconSpys: first of all flasher only detects N900 when it's plugged in to USB in real power-off mode22:19
DocScrutinizer05then your system must not compete for drivers for the USB device, in particular you don't want any vdc_ether kernel drivers kick in when connecting the N900 to USB22:21
DocScrutinizer05and/or phonet22:21
DocScrutinizer05if you're savvy with commandline and system tweaking on mac, you might be able to adapt the lazyflashing script for your needs. Otherwise at least read what it does and follow the instructions22:23
DocScrutinizer05  echo -e "fixing flasher-3.5 cdc_phonet kernel module collision problem,\ndelete /etc/modprobe.d/00-blacklist-cdcphonet.conf after completing flashing if you need phonet based USB to N900"22:27
DocScrutinizer05  echo "blacklist cdc_phonet" >/etc/modprobe.d/00-blacklist-cdcphonet.conf22:27
DocScrutinizer05  modprobe -r cdc_phonet22:27
DocScrutinizer05no idea how that's done for mach (mac OS)22:28
DocScrutinizer05then remove battery from N900, start flasher on PC, plug in N900 to USB, only then insert battery to N90022:29
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DocScrutinizer05but honestly for PR1.2->1.3 upgrade you shouldn't need PC flashing, should be feasible via SSU22:30
DocScrutinizer05you need to fix your catalogs!22:30
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JuestoDocScrutinizer05: probably the same since mach is unix based22:56
Juestoor almost, theres brew22:57
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