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DocScrutinizer05pretty sure. Does a couple of things00:15
DocScrutinizer05prolly from yellow ribbons to requesters to LED patterns (via dbus to mce) to audio jungles, right?00:16
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DocScrutinizer05jingles even00:17
DocScrutinizer05I might be wrong though00:18
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Vajbdoc: ok, thx. Will try again today.06:57
DocScrutinizer05Vajb: please post a screenshot of the session if something fails07:36
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VajbDocScrutinizer51: it might have been my error. Ur script did say to hold U-key while inserting battery, but as i did that the flashing started08:12
Vajbdid not*08:13
Vajbflashing done, enabling repo's now. Then cssu-t08:23
Vajbworks like a charm :)08:24
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Vajb2ah freshly flashed device <310:45
KotCzarnydont spoil it10:45
Vajb2this is in so much better condition than my current10:45
KotCzarnykeep notes what and when you install10:46
Vajb2but there is one oddity which didn't disappear10:46
Vajb2im gonna install all i can to this, just to test10:46
Vajb2but first things first. Is it very common that device refuses to stay off?10:47
KotCzarnywith charger connected or without?10:47
Vajb2i mean i choose from powerkey menu "switch off". Then i watch it turning off and booting on without me even touching it.10:48
Vajb2without charger of course10:48
KotCzarnybooting to os or to actdead?10:48
Vajb2booting to os10:48
KotCzarnybut i think mine stays off10:48
Vajb2like i had pressed powerkey10:48
KotCzarnyand i have cssu-thumb too10:49
Vajb2t meant testing in my case10:49
KotCzarnyi think you might want to check bootreason file10:49
Vajb2my daily device stays off if i want to10:49
KotCzarnyto see why it booted10:49
Vajb2lets see10:49
Vajb2i recall reading that device boots automatically if r&d mode is active, but this shouldn't be the case, because flash it all told me that it disables those flags10:51
KotCzarnytry setting it off manually then10:52
Vajb2like pressing powerkey?10:52
KotCzarnylike using flasher to set it off10:53
Vajb2sw_rst is bootreason10:53
Vajb2ah u mean rd flags10:53
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Vajb2KotCzarny: i have another question for u. I have hdd which has win2k install in it, if i try to boot it in different laptop it'll obviously fail, but will repair install be enough to make it run?11:00
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KotCzarnyin xp it usually results in wiping registry and starting anew11:01
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KotCzarnyso while it will work, i think all apps and settings are reset11:01
Vajb2shame. I have unfinished business in gta sa there and i wanted a easy solution to finish it one day11:02
KotCzarnytransfer saves?11:02
KotCzarnyif that's on steam most likely it would be trivial11:03
Vajb2i guess it is just matter of copying save folder over the game folder, but that would require installing game again11:04
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KotCzarnyif you copy common/game folder from steam new steam install will try to detect already existing files11:04
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Vajb2it has nothing to do with steam :)11:05
Vajb2it was old fashion standalone install from real cd disc11:05
KotCzarnybtw. few games have steam key transfer option11:06
Vajb2yeah, it's been awhile since that laptop died11:06
Vajb2like 8 years i think :D11:06
Vajb2and just last month i figured that i order usb enclosure for hdd and see what's in it11:06
Vajb2and found my game's folder11:07
Vajb2which reminded me etc11:07
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KotCzarnyyou most likely will have to start over, 8 years is a lot of time to forget what and how ;)11:07
Vajb2mm i guess..11:08
Vajb2i'll see what i do, if anything11:09
Vajb2it seems to me im going to school at the autumn, so we'll how much time i'll have to spare11:10
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inzThat reminds me that I've not yet completed Gay Tony11:56
inzI keep failing the last mission11:57
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sixwheeledbeast^gta are windows/mac only. Completed them all but only on console, I had a copy of I think VC that crashed when you completed it, meaning no end game.12:42
buZzsixwheeledbeast^: i think also for PS2 and couple other platforms12:43
buZzsomeone even did a GTA-alike for 8bit NES :)12:44
sixwheeledbeast^^ I did say I'd completed on console ;)12:44
sixwheeledbeast^gta v is windows only on steam BTW12:44
buZzi doubt you played the NES version :D12:44
inzSome version of GTA worked pretty well under wine, IIRC12:45
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DocScrutinizer05Vajb: thanks for positive feedback :-)17:35
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WizzupAny idea how to block sms from a specific number on maemo?19:13
Wizzupcallerx seems to work only for calls.19:13
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sixwheeledbeast^I recall a SMS blocker in extras no idea how well it worked. In essence you can't block only delete/reject instantly. Is it spam on a person you wish to avoid?19:22
WizzupAs I explained before - there's a bug with some telco that keeps sending me the same text every 30 mins.19:23
KotCzarnymaybe it's multipart message that n900 doesnt accept correctly?19:24
Wizzuphe texted me before, no problem. so I doubt it.19:24
Wizzupand I also get alerted every time.19:24
KotCzarnymultipart == >160 chars19:25
KotCzarnyi sometimes receive such messages but they apparently work for me19:25
Wizzupit was not >160 chars19:31
KotCzarnywith utf it would be >80 chars to make it multipart19:32
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L29Ahfuck net neutrality laws20:01
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DocScrutinizer05just in case your irc client didn't show it: [Notice] -mquin- [Global Notice] The next two months could mark a turning point for the Internet as we know it. The FCC is deciding what its future course on Net Neutrality will be. To learn more, and to see how you might make a difference - particularly if you live in the USA -  see . Thank you for your attention, and for flying freenode!20:15
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sixwheeledbeast^Can your service provider block the messages? Or can the sender not be notified?22:51
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timelesshey, anyone know a way to compare a zip archive against a similar on disk version?23:08
KotCzarnywithout unpacking? archivemount23:10
KotCzarny+ diff -ru23:10
timelessarchivemount sounds good23:10
KotCzarnyrequires fuse, but that shouldnt be a problem23:11
timeless# uname -r23:11
timelessawesome :)23:15
timelessexcept, all the files differ :-(23:15
* timeless wonders if these are symlinks23:16
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KotCzarnychoose checksum check instead of time&size23:22
KotCzarnywill be a lot slower though23:22
enyctimeless: hrrm wow 2.6.32 still? do any distros still security-patch that ?23:23
timelessenyc: rhel6 ...23:23
enyctimeless: only? or the associated centos too?23:24
timelessit should be centos6 too23:24
timelessbut these are genuine rhel23:24
* timeless remembers 2.0.24 and friends23:24
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timeless(actually i think i spent more time on 2.0.25 ...)23:25
timelessKotCzarny: archivemount is awesome23:30
KotCzarnyyeah, but a bit slow on more demanding algos (xz)23:30
timelessi had an rsync backup of a system that i last ran a week ago, and then i did another last gasp set of backups (.zip / .tgz) on friday23:31
timelessit's letting do `diff -qr` and `diff -q` to quickly confirm that the only changes are things that don't matter23:31
timelessapparently this rhel system got an os update between when i took my last proper rsync and when i took an "i'm really about to fry this box"23:32
timelessFiles ./lib/yum/rpmdb-indexes/pkgtups-checksums and /mnt/var/./lib/yum/rpmdb-indexes/pkgtups-checksums differ23:32
timeless-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 57571 Feb 27 12:21 ./lib/yum/rpmdb-indexes/pkgtups-checksums23:32
timeless-rwxrwxrwx. 0 root root 57677 Jul  7 05:32 /mnt/var/./lib/yum/rpmdb-indexes/pkgtups-checksums23:32
KotCzarnyhave fun, those are the worst kind of f*ckups23:32
timelessactually, it might have been because i needed to install `debootstrap`23:32
timelessbecause i used tmpfs / debootstrap / chroot to set up an in memory system so that i could fry the computer w/o worrying about things going away from me while i was doing it23:33
enyctimeless: i've only ever had 2.2.13 and newer!23:34
enyctimeless: never experienced ipfwadm and 2.0.40 etc23:34
timelesswhen i started, my nic wasn't supported, so i had to download a driver for it in windows from this guy who worked at nasa :)23:35
enycnot 3c509b ?23:35
timelessno :)23:38
timelessi remember that one though, it confused things :)23:38
enyci did/do have a 3c501 though, the card that is hopeless23:38
timelesswhat i have right now are some usb ethernet adapters23:38
enycsome wd8013 clones and  nicer dec de205 (ewrk3)  and the like23:38
timelessw10 doesn't support them :-(23:38
enycand the weird  3c515 100mb-isa thing23:38
timelessand another one23:39
enyctimeless: put w10 in virtual machine???23:39
timelessat the time, the problem was that i didn't know the wifi password for my router23:40
timelessheck, i didn't know the password for the w10 laptop23:40
timelessbut thankfully w10 lets you wipe out the system and give you a clean system :)23:40
timelessso that's how i got windows working :)23:40
enycbut but but but what about maemo  this channel is about!??!!?23:40
timelesswell. i'm wearing a meego shirt today23:41
timelessi wore a maemo shirt on monday23:41
timeless(i wore a umcp shirt yesterday, which would have been more topical for the 2.0.x / 3c905b discussions)23:41
enycCentOS6 claims maintenance upto November 30th, 202023:42
enycdoes that include kernel 2.6.32 ?!?!?!23:42
enyci wonder about LTS for xen-i386-hypervisor23:42
timelessactually, that's nothing :)23:42
enycDebian seem to be struggling with xen 4.1 patching of late23:43
timelessRHEL6: End of Production 3 (End of Production Phase) = November 30, 202023:43
timelessEnd of Extended Life-cycle Support = June 30, 202423:43
timelesstechnically, rhel4 isn't quite dead yet23:44
timelessrhel3 is23:44
timelessrhel4 is in "Extended Life Phase"23:44
timelessrhel5 is in "Extended Life-cycle Support"23:45
timelessrhel6 is in "Production 3"23:45
* enyc recalls redhat 5.223:45
* timeless started w/ 5.0 or 5.123:46
timelessalthough iirc some people used 4.<?>23:46
timelesshrm, `diff -q` on a 269mb file... not a good idea?23:47
enycstill, makes me wonder about the problems of porting maemo to neo90023:49
* timeless wonders about systemd23:52
timelessKotCzarny: of course, the problem w/ mountarchive is that for very large files in very large .tar.gz's, it has to do some really stupid stuff to answer questions :-(23:55
timelessmountarchive worked much faster w/ .zip23:55
timeless(.zip as a file format is much better for this stuff, since there's a table of contents, and files are compressed individually)23:55
timelessactually, this was a .zip and it was stilly bloody slow23:57

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