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sicelowell reflashing didn't help with my 3G issue. oddly, my 2nd N900 which *has* defect modem (intermittent) can use 3G without a problem. Internet is also not too good on 3G, but at least i have reception00:08
sicelono backups restored on either device. (and no thumb/kp, etc.)00:09
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APic\splatMy N900 works fine when powered up, but when it is off and i plug in the Charger, it reboots endlessly10:19
APic\splatWhat do i need to reflash to keep my System intact?10:20
APic\splat(But actually i made a Backup with Backupmenu, so it would be enough to keep MyDocs…)10:20
xesL29Ah: ?10:23
MaxdamantusAPic\splat: I have a feeling that might be to do with backupmenu itself, though I'm not familiar with it.10:24
MaxdamantusI think I just remember realising at some point that my boot process behaved strangely because of backupmenu.10:25
APic\splatMaxdamantus: But it charged fine for several Months now10:25
KotCzarnyyou have a virus10:25
MaxdamantusAPic\splat: well, it doesn't normally stay off indefinitely while charging.10:25
MaxdamantusAPic\splat: it usually boots into an "act dead" mode.10:25
APic\splatProbably i have Bitrot 😉10:25
sicelothen you reflash roofs10:25
APic\splatI know10:25
KotCzarnyor you have installed something and it only showed up recently10:26
Maxdamantusafaik, it will only charge at 100 mA or something when powered off, so the hardware automatically boots and the software then pretends it's off while it charges at a normal rate.10:26
* APic\splat will go jogging now10:26
APic\splatAnd later try reflashing rootfs10:26
APic\splatIf You Gals/Guys will not come up with a better Hint 😉10:26
* APic\splat &10:26
KotCzarnytry removing bm then10:27
APic\splatWill that Process automagically reflash rootfs?10:28
MaxdamantusRemoving backupmenu with apt won't reflash.10:29
MaxdamantusThough maybe you've got a different idea of what reflashing is.10:29
sicelobackupmenu doesn't flash anything at all. u-boot does10:29
Maxdamantusu-boot reflashes? O_o10:30
MaxdamantusOh, you mean installing u-boot.10:30
siceloi mean that installing/uninstalling u-boot involves flashing of a kernel10:30
* Maxdamantus really hates that idea.10:31
* Maxdamantus has avoided installing kernels/uboot through apt.10:31
KotCzarnypower kernel without bm/uboot is fine10:31
MaxdamantusThe proper thing to do would be for apt to install something that *then* lets you flash.10:31
Maxdamantuseg, apt-get install flasher uboot && flasher uboot-2017061510:32
MaxdamantusShould be something like that.10:32
KotCzarnyi just hope that uninstalling pk rewrites proper kernel there10:32
MaxdamantusIt might already be, dunno. I've always just flashed them manually over USB.10:32
MaxdamantusI hope that uninstalling a package *DOESN'T* rewrite a kernel.10:32
MaxdamantusIt should only rewrite a kernel if you run a command that indicates you want to rewrite a kernel.10:33
MaxdamantusFlashing shouldn't be performed at the mercy of a package manager.10:33
MaxdamantusHow would it even know what to rewrite back?10:34
MaxdamantusIt's not like the packages are maintained as a stack of operations.10:34
KotCzarnyyup it should depend on some kernel-manager package10:34
sicelowell .. it doesn't flash. it calls flasher/softupd, whatever.10:34
Maxdamantusapt-get install power-kernel && apt-get install uboot && apt-get remove uboot10:34
KotCzarnyand all packages that want to write in the bootloader are should depend on it10:35
KotCzarnybut someone would have to write such app10:35
siceloapt doesn't flash itself10:35
Maxdamantusand the user should actually invoke the app, not the package manager.10:35
MaxdamantusThe package manager should only install it, not flash.10:35
siceloit does ask for confirmation ..10:35
Maxdamantustbh, I really hate the way Debian handles this sort of stuff just on a normal system.10:36
MaxdamantusI have to keep backups of my grub configuration because occasionally when running `apt-get upgrade` it will just rewrite over my manually written one.10:37
Maxdamantusand afaict, there's no clean way to disable that automatic updating behaviour.10:37
sicelopackage manager does not flash at all. you cn install a kernel and not allow the flasher process to go through (n900)10:37
MaxdamantusI wish upgrading grub on a normal debian system behaved like that.10:38
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APic\splatIt is still charging11:37
APic\splat(Or at least it pretends that 😉)11:37
APic\splatSo first Thing i will try, deinstall BackupMenu11:38
APic\splatIf that does not help, reflash root…11:38
KotCzarnyand maybe reinstall power kernel?11:38
sicelobackupmenu is definitely going to not have any effect.11:41
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APic\splatThen just reinstall Kernel-Power11:43
* APic\splat hopes is has gotten no Hardware-Defect in the Charging-Circuit?11:43
APic\splatIt is powered on now, and on Computer-USB11:44
APic\splatWill it charge faster on direct Power-Outlet?11:44
siceloyes. wall charger alwys best11:45
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APic\splatNow the Light is green11:47
APic\splatCharged 🙌11:47
* APic\splat goes to Shower and will then try reinstall Kernel-Power11:47
APic\splatActually i do not need Kernel-Power anymoar at all currently11:47
APic\splatBecause i got a Nexus-5X to tether11:47
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MaxdamantusI doubt it has to do with kernel-power11:48
Maxdamantussicelo: why would it have no effect? afair it has an effect on the boot process.11:49
APic\splatProbably need to reflash rootfs at Minimum, yah11:49
* Maxdamantus can't remember exactly what it did.11:49
KotCzarnysince you are going to reflash anyway, you can try anything11:49
MaxdamantusI remember for me it had some undesirable behaviour WRT whether the slide was in or out. I had never actually used it for anything.11:53
MaxdamantusSeems like the sort of thing that would mess up the "act dead" mechanism.11:53
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MaxdamantusYeah, looking at preinit, the "act dead" mechanism involves running init with a different runlevel.11:56
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Maxdamantusso if you've got something that happens before init, which aiui is what backupmenu does, that could interfere.11:57
MaxdamantusACT_DEAD) def_runlevel=511:57
Maxdamantusactually, it's bootmenu that's the thing that runs on boot, not backupmenu.12:01
Maxdamantuswhich I think is meant to kind of go together with backupmenu.12:02
APic\splatKotCzarny: True12:06
Maxdamantusimo try uninstalling bootmenu, or just moving / to have a different name.12:07
KotCzarnyalso, kp reinstall might overwrite uboot anyway12:07
Maxdamantusmv / /notbootmenu.sh12:07
MaxdamantusThen preinit won't be able to find it.12:07
APic\splatMaxdamantus: Okay, i will try that first12:08
MaxdamantusHmm .. although it looks like preinit will only execute if the slide is open. Do you know if you have the issue if the slide is closed?12:10
APic\splatI think i have the Loop with both Slide open and closed12:11
APic\splatPowered it down now and attached Charger12:11
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APic\splatIt is still looping.  ☹12:13
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APic\splatAnd i still get an U-Boot-Boot-Menu with Slide open12:13
APic\splatU-Boot is something else than, eh?12:13
APic\splatYup, bootmenu is the BackupMenu12:14
APic\splatThis one does not show now12:14
APic\splatSo what to try next? Uninstall Kernel-Power?12:14
MaxdamantusDo you have fbcon loaded when booting?12:14
APic\splatLooks like it12:14
* APic\splat sees the Penguin-Logo12:14
* APic\splat will move back12:15
MaxdamantusDo you see text scrolling down while booting?12:15
KotCzarnypenguin? what penguin? o.O12:15
APic\splatMaxdamantus: Yes12:15
APic\splatKotCzarny: The Linux-Penguin, Dude!@12:15
APic\splatBut when booting into Charge-Mode, the Display is not lit12:15
KotCzarnyi see no penguins on my n900, you must be hallucinating :P12:15
MaxdamantusFrom the kernel, not from u-boot.12:16
APic\splatSo i only see a very faint Penguin then12:16
APic\splatAnd cannot make out the Kernel-Messages12:16
Maxdamantusu-boot seems to show Tux. I don't think kernel-power does.12:16
KotCzarnyuse flashlight12:16
KotCzarnyit should be enough to make it readable12:16
* APic\splat will try to remove Kernel-Power now12:17
APic\splatIf it will still loop, i will try to decipher the Messages 😎12:17
MaxdamantusI suspect you don't have fbcon enabled and the text will just be from u-boot.12:17
Maxdamantus(and the penguin)12:17
MaxdamantusTo enable fbcon you can add it to the `FS_MODULES` string in preinit12:17
APic\splatWill i see Messages instead of the ···· then?12:18
APic\splatMaxdamantus: Where is „preinit“12:21
APic\splatNow with „kernel-power“ uninstalled it looks like it is charging without looping again when off 🙌12:22
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MaxdamantusEh, damn Intel wifi driver.12:25
* Maxdamantus forgot to stop running hostapd on startup.12:26
MaxdamantusApparently just having my alternative N900 connect to the access point kills my system.12:27
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siceloyou were probably loading a kernel whose modules you did not have13:42
sicelowhat did you install uboot, bootmenu, and backupmenu for?13:43
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APic\splatlol, fuck13:47
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APic\splatThe Light was green (— fully charged), and i accidentally pulled the Trigger-Button13:47
APic\splatNow it cycle-loops again13:47
sicelowhat button is that?13:47
APic\splatThe one at the right Side near the Audio-Jack13:48
APic\splatOkay, so i will finally reflash rootfs…13:48
siceloand don't install uboot13:48
siceloafter the reflash, that is13:48
sicelonot that there is a proble with u-boot (i use it), but it's something y ou install for specific reasons13:49
infobotrefer ~flashing; (also .exe!), or or generally   HARMattan(N9):; list of filenames/md5sums:, or
infobotfrom memory, maemo-flashing is, or - on linux PC - download&extract, cd into it, do sudo ./; or see ~flashing-cmdline, or see ~lazyflashing13:50
siceloyou can install bakupmenu (which is generally highly recommended) without instaling uboot.13:50
infobotsomebody said flashing-cmdline was, or
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APic\splatLong Time no Flash13:53
APic\splatSo „“ will flash much moar than the rootfs, right?13:53
* APic\splat will check
APic\splatYou don't have permission to access /Updating_the_tablet_firmware on this server.  ☹13:53
KotCzarnydownload it and check the script contents13:53
APic\splat  echo "this v3 (libusbcheck) version of $0 by default will flash the rootfs only and will NOT flash your homedir and MyDocs"13:56
APic\splatSo i just need to answer right to the Question 😎13:56
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KotCzarnydo you need help with that?13:57
* APic\splat does not need Help with entering „NO“, nope 😉13:58
APic\splat  echo "this v3 (libusbcheck) version of $0 by default will flash the rootfs only and will NOT flash your homedir and MyDocs"13:59
APic\splatWrong Paste13:59
APic\splatFinishing flashing... done13:59
* APic\splat crosses Thumbs13:59
APic\splatOkay, booting14:01
APic\splatDo i need to restore my BackupMenu-Backup then?14:02
APic\splatOr were my Settings not flashed over?14:02
APic\splatAnd Apps, Contacts and whatever…14:02
APic\splatOk, booted 🙌14:06
APic\splatSeems like i need BackupMenu to restore my Stuffs now14:11
APic\splat„sudo gainroot“ says i need to activate R&D14:14
APic\splatBut if i leech „rootsh“ i do not need to, right?14:14
* APic\splat will just install BackupMenu now14:14
APic\splatThen my rootsh and other Apps should appear again after Restore ☺14:15
APic\splatMissing: liblzo2-214:15
APic\splatSo i guess i need a Console =]14:15
APic\splatOr just another Catalogue?14:15
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APic\splatOkay, „sudo gainroot“ works now14:17
* APic\splat will power off and check whether it actually enters Charging-Mode without Looping now…14:17
APic\splatYup, looks good 🙌14:19
APic\splatNow i will google how to solve the missing liblzo2-2 for BackupMenu…14:19
KotCzarnycould be in extras or extras-devel14:19
APic\splat  →  Sorry, it seems that you are using an IP address or a proxy that is listed in the forum anti spam blacklist.14:22
APic\splatMy Home-IP:
infobotI guess you mean the handhelds sources, see
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KotCzarnyapic: can you cycle your ip? assuming it's dynamic14:25
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APic\splatNow the Link is working 😎14:29
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APic\splatFinally got liblzo2-2 installed14:49
APic\splatNow installing BackupMenu 😎14:49
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APic\splatRestoring Backups14:53
* APic\splat crosses Thumbs again14:53
APic\splat„gtar: ./etc/hildon-application-manager: time stamp 2019-01-06 02:52:09 is 49215459.565429794 s in the future“14:54
APic\splatErrors: 314:54
APic\splatHopefully will not happen much moar often…14:55
APic\splatErrors: 514:57
APic\splatBut still only Timestamp-Foo…14:57
APic\splatyay 🙌15:02
APic\splatSuccessfully restored15:02
APic\splat*purrrrrrrrrrr*    😸15:02
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APic\splatThanks to all of You who helped me out.   😎15:11
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siceloi am surprised that core maemo system does not include python. i thought that was the case16:00
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sicelois there an ongoing issue with extras-devel repo? i cannot refresh it20:42
sicelogunzip can't process that file20:47
KotCzarnyworks fine on slackware20:48
KotCzarnymaybe your download was interrupted?20:48
siceloplease try on n90020:49
siceloi'm switching the -devel entry to 'fremantle-1.3' instead of just fremantle20:51
sicelomight be the solution, although according to wiki they should all be the same.20:51
KotCzarnymy n900 is charging now, btw. did gzip -d work on that file?20:55
siceloalready deleted it.20:57
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