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Oksanahildon-theme-tools should Debian-depend on bash, somehow; they don't work without it. Granted, as package from sdk, it's not intended to be installed on N900 (as I did).09:29
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L29Ah_gps-data-logger is awesome15:37
L29Ah_(as navit is astonishingly slow)15:37
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dmth|intevationL29Ah_: you brought it to life!15:52
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WikiwideUbuntu Humanity theme on Maemo 5 looks delightful. Though I still vote that theme, icon pack and smilies should be three different packages.15:55
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L29Ah_ main camera "WIP" link is dead16:08
L29Ah_tfw a wiki asks you to fill some "biography" to get a manually approved account16:09
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L29Ah_how do i record video in maemo btw?16:31
L29Ah_i can't find the knob in the stock camera app16:31
WikiwideStock camera app: right top corner16:32
WikiwideSwitches between Automatic, Macro, Landscape, Portrait, Night, as well as Video and Night Video16:33
L29Ah_oh, thanks16:34
WikiwideBegin or end recording by hardware camera button. While recording, it will show length (of video being recorded) in red digits in right bottom corner.16:34
L29Ah_too bad the stock app can't adjust the fcam sensitivity16:34
WikiwideAlso, there are record, pause and stop buttons for video recording, on the left side of camera app16:35
WikiwideWhat's sensitivity? Is it in camera settings, like, ISO something?16:35
L29Ah_ISO, yes16:35
WikiwideStock camera app allows to change ISO sensitivity in Settings, aka gear button on the right of camera app.16:36
WikiwideAutomatic, or fixed (100-to-1600 values)16:37
L29Ah_yes, but after i've installed fcam this have stopped working16:39
L29Ah_(and i can't check with fcam site at garage or maemo wiki because of 403)16:40
WikiwideI haven't used fcam, ever. Not a fan of overclocking or other complicated mods, either.16:41
WikiwideDoes allow to see old versions of these pages?16:42
bencohfcam isn't that "complicated"16:45
bencohand ISO settings does work with stock camera app here, albeit using fcam drivers16:47
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bencohfcam-drivers-1.0.7-2, kp-5216:50
L29Ah_why not 53?16:50
bencohI just never bothered upgrading16:50
L29Ah_yet the problem existed on 52 as well afair16:51
bencohI guess I should, but it's just never the "right time"16:51
L29Ah_it seems like camera-ui isn't supplied by any package :/16:53
L29Ah_or not16:54
L29Ah_camera-ui is already the newest version.16:54
bencohare you really using stock camera-ui?16:56
L29Ah_camera-firmware - Register list images for RX-5116:56
bencohand not the OSS replacement (camera-ui2)16:56
L29Ah_how do i tell them apart?16:57
L29Ah_my apt doesn't know about camera-ui216:57
L29Ah_i wonder if i should do my first reflash17:06
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freemangordonbencoh: wanna package one more REed library? :)18:11
freemangordonparazyd: could you please use my gmail address for future emails?18:12
freemangordonrecently I tend to not use my account as its pop3/smtp is paid :)18:12
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parazydoh ok. sorry it's the only one i had. is it the same, but ?18:19
parazydfreemangordon: ^^18:19
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freemangordonparazyd: ah, it is not a problem, no need to sorry, just more convenient to me. no, account is different, just a second18:20
parazydok, query it to me then please :)18:20
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bencohfreemangordon: yup, though I won't have time for it right now / today18:41
bencohtomorrow evening maybe, or later during the week18:41
freemangordonbencoh: no hurry, either ways I am still REing it18:41
bencohah :)18:41
freemangordonwill finish it during the weekend, hopefully18:41
freemangordonit is about libplayback ;)18:42
bencohoooh :)18:42
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