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jean2quien de ustedes quiere jugar conmigo?00:09
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sixwheeledbeastSicelo: ?11:34
sixwheeledbeastI use tracklogs from modrana normally11:35
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freemangordonSicelo: did you try if ovi maps works for you? As it looks like it works, though I would like somebody to confirm.19:32
freemangordonfor the others as well ^^^19:33
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sicelofreemangordon: yes Ovi Maps always worked for me :)20:26
siceloyou're mentioning in connection with?20:26
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freemangordonSicelo: in connection with that renewed certificate21:28
freemangordonthe point is that there was a time, at least here, when it was not downloading maps data21:29
freemangordonIOW it was working offline only21:29
siceloyes A-GPS is working just fine21:30
freemangordonno, I mean map tiles download21:31
freemangordonand location search and all the other functionality21:31
siceloi don't think map tiles works .. but location search has always worked21:32
freemangordonthis is the point, it works :)21:32
freemangordonmap tiles download that is21:32
freemangordonincluding sattelite and 3d view21:32
siceloin Ovi Maps, or location widget?21:32
sicelosatelite has also always worked for me, as has location widget21:32
sicelowill try test in ovi maps tiles21:33
freemangordonbut with offline maps in MyDocs, or downloaded online?21:33
freemangordonon as-needed basis?21:33
siceloi have offline maps21:34
sicelobut they are just for 3 countries .. so i'll navigate to a country a bit farther and see21:34
freemangordonI am going to clean all ovi maps cache and retry21:35
sicelookay .. that's even better test21:35
freemangordonjust to be sure it is not some 5 years old data21:36
siceloi don't want to mess with mine for now as they are really the only dependable maps i have (incredibly enough, in my area these old maps are more useful than google's online maps)21:36
freemangordonyeah, makes sense21:37
sicelodoesn't seem to be downloading for me .. i'll wait for your tests21:38
sicelothe last time i tested this, i noticed that ovi maps looks for the maps on different server whose name doesn't exist anymore. then i noticed that Ovi Suite 'knew' the updated dns name and could still get maps for N900. that was a while ago, and i don't even think Ovi Suite would still work21:40
siceloabout 2 years ago, if not 321:40
freemangordonhmm, seems I have copied all the offline maps data and forgotten about it21:40
freemangordonit is strange that location widget is able to get maps data21:41
freemangordonbut not ovi maps21:41
siceloand ovi can still get 3d data :D21:41
siceloi think i ran strings on the binary back then, with obviously no success :p21:42
freemangordonI guess it is in the html21:42
freemangordonor some gconf setting21:42
sicelonot gconf21:42
siceloi think i checked the html too .. but can't remember now21:43
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freemangordonand how it gets sattelite tiles then?21:43
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siceloprolly different server?21:43
freemangordondoesn't make sense21:44
* freemangordon checks21:44
siceloin the html is only the search URL (as Ovi Maps can't search locally)21:45
freemangordondo you remember the address ov map tiles server?21:46
sicelono. let me see if wireshark can help  (some gate5 thing)21:46
siceloseems same as the satellite one21:48
sicelohere's my earlier tests:
siceloso Ovi Maps tries to get maps from the server already mentioned above, while location widget uses loc.desktop.maps.svc.ovi.com21:50
freemangordondid you try to replace that server in index.html?21:51
sicelono. index.html only has the search server, which is different,21:52
sicelobut yes that's a valid point about satellite imagery ... it's on the same server as the other tiles21:53
* freemangordon is going to fire IDA against ovimaps21:53
siceloand i can't say the problem is tile versions .. because when i tested, Ovi Suite got the right tiles for N90021:54
freemangordonwhich binary do you think it is?21:54
freemangordonhmm, it is 24k only21:55
sicelo /usr/bin/noki-maps i21:55
freemangordonyes, but I doubt it has any functionality in it21:55
siceloliblocation probably :-/21:55
siceloby the way yesterday i found something that i thought would possibly be useful to RE ... it's not a standard maemo package, but at least according to the bug report, it can speak to the modem directly and clear its cache ... maybe it could be helpful for FPTF stuff, *shrugs*21:59
sicelo .. the first attachment from bug 702622:00
povbotBug Can't get a GPS lock with several satellites at view22:00
siceloThe actual position engine as well as the GPS cache are inside cellmo, and22:00
sicelohence it's not directly possible to clear cache from xterm. However here you22:00
sicelohave a little binary that does precisely this. Run it as root in xterm.22:00
siceloanyway, one thing at a time - nokia-maps22:00
freemangordonhmm, it seems that nokia-maps is a dbus service which just launches index.html22:02
dave_9911hey, I just booted Devuan at the n900, and looked around for a bit to find | (pipe). Do anybody know where its at? :) or how to remap keys? Thanks!22:02
sicelofreemangordon: syslog shows location-daemon and location-proxy are the ones doing the work22:04
siceloi think proxy is the one actually doing the communication22:05
freemangordonwell, we have it REed iirc22:06
* freemangordon checks22:06
sicelonice. but that's something else too22:08
freemangordonSicelo: no, check this
freemangordonor rather
sicelobut Ovi Maps does not seem to do a dns request for that22:13
sicelolet me check if location widget does22:13
freemangordonfor sure I used location widget to test the REed code22:14
siceloyes, widged does22:14
sicelojust confirmed22:14
siceloOvi Maps uses other means22:14
freemangordondoesn't make any sense, going to check though22:15
siceloi'm interested to know what you'll find22:15
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sicelobencoh: forgot to mention that we can also reverse geocode on N900 on nokia servers via dbus using the same framework as telepathy - where you can set it to show your location23:01
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freemangordonSicelo: so far traces point to libatlas.so23:08
sicelooh .. never heard of or seen that before.23:12
sicelosupplied by nokia-maps-core .. makes sense23:14
bencohsicelo: wait, what?23:15
bencohwhere does it show location?23:15
bencoh(I've never used nokia maps btw ... I'm not even sure it's still installed here)23:16
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bencoh(actually I might have launched it once or twice)23:16
siceloit's been on tmo for a long time, and i tested (unsuccesfully) years ago. tested it again today and works.23:16
sicelodumb me had not been looking at the right place first time for the dbus reply .. but it does work just fine. the one i had been using is (forward) geocoding via dbus, as it's not possible to put in coordinates in Nokia Maps (and many others, even on Android)23:18
sicelofor what i want to do, i think i'll still use OSM as registering a dbus service is beyond my abilities for now, and my needs are simple23:20
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bencohit would be really cool though23:23
bencohI wonder if marble already registers dbus services23:24
bencohI don't think so ...23:24
freemangordonSicelo: unfortunately this .so has all and the kitchen sunk statically linked int it :(23:29
freemangordonand it seems the address is hard-coded23:29
freemangordonI guess /etc/hosts will do the job23:29
siceloi suspected so (the hard coding)23:29
siceloi tried /etc/hosts that time .. didn't work23:30
freemangordonanyway, going to have some sleep, night23:30
sicelomaybe can try with the location widget's address .. my tests earlier were using the address ovi suite was trying to reach23:30
freemangordonshould work23:31
sicelodidn't because there were other parts in the URL that don't fit in /etc/hots23:31
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siceloe.g. moves to .. or vice versa .. can't remove that /files/ :-(23:32
siceloerr .. you get the idea anyway23:33
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