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WikiwideIs it only me, or is the navigation somewhat broken here? I do not see the Downloads.14:44
Wikiwide"Fun": 18th of August, 2008.14:46
KotCzarnyi see
WikiwideUh Oh... It's a 404!14:47
KotCzarnythey have sinned with js14:48
KotCzarnybad for them14:49
L29Ahthe site went nuts, yes14:49
WikiwideThanks a lot. At best, they have a Gtk+ deb working on Maemo (not hildonised, though). At worst, their dependencies prevent installation of the latest version at Maemo. Either way, it's not Telepathy-integrated.14:50
L29Ahdoes maemo provide this?14:52
WikiwideLooking up libglade14:53
* L29Ah have maintained an ebuild for linphone for a while14:53
WikiwideLibglade 2.6.314:53
Wikiwidelibglade2-0                1:2.6.3-1maemo1            Library to load .glade files at runtime14:54
WikiwideShould be good. Checking gnome-base14:54
L29Aheh, it's a category14:54
L29Ahpulseaudio? ( >=media-sound/pulseaudio-0.9.21 )14:55
WikiwideAh. Checking pulseaudio14:55
L29Ahthe rest of the deps are mostly codecs and should be straightforward14:56
L29Ahand most of them are optional14:56
Wikiwidepulseaudio                 0.9.15-1maemo44+0m5+0cssu6 PulseAudio sound server14:56
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WikiwideSorry for drop-off. Conversations closed unexpectedly because of Internal error.15:02
WikiwidePulseaudio is slightly too old, dependencies-wise.15:02
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sicelointeresting reading -
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Enrico_MenottiI'd like to ask freemangordon about how to cross-compile packages for the N900. I mean, packages that are usually compiled by first invoking and then make. In particular, I'm interested in his work on porting Hildon to Devuan.20:07
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Enrico_MenottiI have a news. I installed xorg on Devuan on the N900 (I had to reinstall udev for the moment). It works. Messy, but it works. I have a terminal and a pointer, and I'm able to move the pointer by touchscreen. However, the up/down directions are inverted. Maybe nothing so relevant, but I have something to work on.22:24
parazydEnrico_Menotti: Wizzup found a neat thing once:
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Enrico_Menottiparazyd Thanks a lot. Let me try.23:14
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