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n810moronim tryimg xchat rn and its pretty nice00:11
n810morondoes installing bash and chsh'ing to it work?00:16
n810moronoh theres a package for it which has setup scripts00:24
MaxdamantusXChat? Is that because you're stuck with an old repository that doesn't have HexChat?00:25
dopplerseems that I always find 770s or N800s00:25
n810moronpossibly lol00:26
n810moronwhich repos should i be using00:26
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vectis3Isn't HexChat for n900?01:09
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Maxdamantusvectis3: HexChat is the general continuation of XChat, not specific to N900.01:43
Maxdamantusthe maintainer of XChat apparently became unresponsive at some point so the other developers just rebranded it and hosted it elsewhere.01:44
vectis3Maxdamantus: Thanks for the info :)01:48
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zGrrmoin :)10:05
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OksanaaLEDs work now, for no visible reason. Which package is better, xiph-support or decoders-support?14:34
KotCzarnybetter for what?14:36
OksanaaFor tracking and decoding wide variety of audio and video files. So far, I have decoders-support installed, and flac and other audio gets tracked and played, while video gets tracked, but some of it gives "Media format not supported" errors.14:38
KotCzarnyxiph obviously only means ogg/vorbis/theora14:39
KotCzarnyi would bet that decoders-support has it ot relies on it14:39
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OksanaaDecoders-support relies on ogg-support, which conflicts with xiph-support. And currently, an ogv with theora encoded video gives error video codec not supported error.14:43
KotCzarnybecause probably ogg-support doesnt have video codec support14:44
KotCzarnyuninstall ogg-support and xiph-support, install decoders-support and see if it plays more formats?14:44
OksanaaDecoders-support depends on ogg-support and is already installed. Ogg-support and xiph-support have identical dependencies.14:45
Juestohey oksanaa14:47
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OksanaaInstalling xiph-support seems only to worsen the situation.15:00
JuestoIs ffmpeg available?15:02
KotCzarnyold one15:04
KotCzarnyi just compile my player with latest libav statically, less hassles15:04
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OksanaaInstalled back ogg-support, still not playing this theora.ogv video. Siberian hitch from Wikimedia Commons.15:10
Juestolink of the file?15:11
KotCzarnyogg is a container, as in 'avi'15:11
KotCzarnyreal codec is called vorbis for audio and theora for video15:11
Juestoi want to look at the file via media info15:11
Juestooksanaa ^15:11
JuestoOksanaa: since it's transcoded, what about MP4 ?15:26
Juestoits impossible15:27
OksanaaPrefer open codecs15:27
Juestowebm or theora only15:27
JuestoDoes maemo supprot webm?15:27
OksanaaWebm stutters. Ogv is better. It did work before.15:27
JuestoOksanaa: What changed? what broke?15:28
Juestowhen it broke?15:28
OksanaaNo Idea. And installing gstreamer0.10-theora doesn't help.15:30
JuestoDo you remember what was installed when it was working?15:31
KotCzarnytry to play it from command line via gstreamer15:31
JuestoKotCzarny: is custom compiled ffmpeg for maemo good?15:32
Juestoas in, how well your copy works15:32
Juestoit is stable enough for other people to use it?15:32
KotCzarnyjuesto: since my player is mainliny audio player, i only enable audio codecs15:32
KotCzarnyand it's stable15:33
Juestowell and video?15:33
KotCzarnyfor video i just call gstreamer15:33
KotCzarnynot that i use it for video, but it was an easy code, so it's there15:33
JuestoAh i see15:33
KotCzarnynot to mention software decoding video on single core a9@600mhz isnt going to show fireworks15:34
JuestoShould she try 360p version?15:35
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KotCzarnysomeone should write dsp optimized video codec for vp8/9 and theora, but that's hard even for people knowing assembly15:36
OksanaaKotCzarny: gst-launch ffdemux_ogg /home/user/MyDocs/.videos/Siberian_hitch.webm.480p.ogv15:37
Oksanaa works, or says that it works. No idea how to actually see the video on the screen.15:37
KotCzarnyoksanaa: you can either check gst cheat sheets or try gst123 (i'm using it in oscp so you can grab it from there or compile your own)15:38
KotCzarnyyou have to add proper chains (in/decode/out)15:38
Juestoarmel assembly specifically right?15:42
KotCzarnynope, dsp code15:43
Juestoah right15:43
Juestoisnt there something like mplayer or totem for maemo?15:43
Juestofor sapwood/hildon15:43
KotCzarnyyes, but it uses software decoding15:43
KotCzarnyie. cpu15:43
Juestoany way to make it use gstreamer?15:44
Juestoas in, is CLI accelerated or not?15:44
KotCzarnygstreamer doesnt have many modern hw codecs15:44
* Juesto sighs15:45
L29Ahdamn n900 doesn't want to boot while being charged from my laptop again15:47
JuestoL29Ah: charge a bit then turn it on?15:47
L29Ahcharging indication stops after a few seconds15:47
Juestodoes it even charge?15:47
L29Ahhow do i tell?15:47
KotCzarnypulsing amber or green?15:48
L29Ahnow the charging indication is locked on its maximum brightness15:48
KotCzarnypulsing or constant?15:48
L29Ahused to be pulsing, now constant15:48
KotCzarnymight not be charged at all15:48
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infobotRemove battery for 1 minute. Insert battery. Plug powered ***NOKIA WALLCHARGER*** to device. Watch steady amber. Let sit and charge. Do NOT try to boot. After 30 min, you got either a) a booted up N900, b) flashing amber which means you can boot, c) steady amber shut off -> start over again with ~flatbatrecover while already searching for a new battery. CAVEAT! Only works when ~rootfs OK (no ~bootloop)15:49
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L29Ahhooked it into a dumb charger, see same behaviour15:50
L29Ah> steady amber15:50
L29Ahok i guess15:50
JuestoTried a proper charger?15:50
L29Ahdunno what's a "proper charger"15:50
KotCzarnyproper charger == original nokia one15:50
Juestosometimes chargers have more power to charge faster15:50
Juestoor whatever15:51
L29Ahi doubt n900 supports that15:51
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L29Ahi can just hook my liion charger wires to my 18650 block but i decided to have a try with usb stuff just in case15:51
Juestobe careful15:52
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jogaheh... I had problems with charging the n900 before from a powerbank using a certain cable... now I couldn't get it to charge anymore after many attempts, and I was outside home, so got the cheapest microusb cable I could find nearby and woo, no problems charging. It also feels a lot less loose than the previous cable so maybe it's just mechanical wear on the old cable or whatever16:07
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L29Ahno it didn't charge18:21
L29Ahthat bastard18:21
L29Ahreporting to be charging but not charging18:21
freemangordonL29Ah: it is charging, but slowly, only 100 mA18:35
freemangordon(assuming it is still connected to your laptop USB port)18:36
L29Ahit got +10mV in 2h on a 4A*h battery18:36
L29Ah(3.40 to 3.41)18:37
L29Ahmaybe it didn't even charge and it's the battery capacitance recovered from a current surges of starting up n90018:37
KotCzarnymaybe that low current isnt able to charge it?18:37
freemangordonlooks normal for 100 mA charge current to me18:37
freemangordonL29Ah: just find 1A wall charger18:38
L29Ah3.40 to 3.41 is like 1%18:38
freemangordonhow did you measure that voltage?18:38
L29Ahi used a wall charger18:38
L29Ahprobing the battery18:38
freemangordonis it 1A or 2.1 A?18:38
L29Ahwith a multimeter18:39
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freemangordoncould you check with your multimeter if there is a short between D+ and D- ?18:39
L29Ahswitched to another cable, now it has charged for real18:40
KotCzarnydo you have any charge 'doctor' to confirm any usage?18:40
KotCzarnymark that other cable as bad18:40
L29Ahand the former cable works just fine for data18:40
L29Ahand it detects the charger somehow over it18:41
L29Ahwhat's so bad about the cable?18:41
KotCzarnycheap, dumb?18:41
freemangordonmight be weared18:41
L29Ahso they have like 3V worth of drop?18:41
freemangordonI doubt bq will wait for 3V drop before stopping the charging18:42
L29Ahwhat microusb cables should i buy from ebay btw?18:42
KotCzarny24avg or less18:42
L29Ahthey don't specify this as i see18:42
KotCzarnythen dont buy those18:42
freemangordonL29Ah: you'd better buy charger, not cables18:42
L29Ahi don't need a charger18:43
L29Ahi need a cable for emergency charging from my laptop18:43
KotCzarnythen get good data cable18:43
KotCzarny4 wires18:43
L29Ahi have a 4A LiIon charger for regular stuff18:43
freemangordonL29Ah: it doesn;t work like that18:43
freemangordonthe most you got over USB is 500 mA18:43
L29Ahbut i did the test to ensure i can charge it a bit in case i'm in a forest with my laptop and a cable18:44
KotCzarnyfmg, some laptops are fine with much more than 500mA18:44
freemangordonyou should have the OS booted, iirc, otherwise you got only 100 mA18:44
freemangordonKotCzarny: it is not what port can handle, it is what n900 will draw18:44
freemangordon*not about18:44
KotCzarnyfmg, oh18:44
L29Ahcan it be hacked so it draws 1A in every circumstance?18:45
freemangordonL29Ah: yye, you need to short-circuot D+ and D-18:45
L29Ahw/o messing with pcb18:45
freemangordonyou can rework the canle18:45
L29Ahi expected a software solution18:45
L29Ahi see that n900 boots the kernel even to start charging-blinking stuff18:46
freemangordonnot sure, maybe there exists such a solution if you use bme replacement18:46
freemangordonoh, well18:46
freemangordonNOLO supports charging as well, but iirc it draws 100 mA only18:47
freemangordonPali_: ^^^ ?18:47
freemangordonan;t remember the details18:47
Pali_DocScrutinizer05 ^18:47
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KotCzarnyspam detected19:25
KotCzarnyanyone can clean it/block the user?19:26
KotCzarnyquite a lot of spam in talk:19:28
KotCzarnyall users are unregistered19:29
sixwheeledbeastKotCzarny: I'll look19:29
KotCzarnyfor easy spotting click history or diffs19:30
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KotCzarnyi wonder for how long it went19:31
KotCzarnymaybe server admin can run some cleanup script (and block posting talk: entries containing links19:31
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KotCzarnyxes, yeah, a lot19:32
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xesi will check the wiki's anti spam filter,maybe it's not exaclty aligned to the tmo one19:33
KotCzarnyi think its because wiki allows anonymous posting in talk: pages19:33
xes(the tmo one has looonger memory for bad guys)19:34
sixwheeledbeastOk fixed and bliacklisted IP's19:37
xessixwheeledbeast: thanks19:38
sixwheeledbeastKotCzarny: Any others? I used to have the time to check for spam on a daily basis but unfortunately not any more.19:38
sixwheeledbeastAny spam on the wiki ping me I can sort it.19:39
sixwheeledbeastxes: np19:39
KotCzarnyswb: check all anonymous (ip based) adds19:39
sixwheeledbeastKotCzarny: just done that, I can only check back 30 days and I have just blacklists and rolledback those.19:44
KotCzarnyi cant get history older than 3 dec 201619:45
sixwheeledbeastok 60 days19:45
sixwheeledbeastoh I can manually edit the days in the URL19:46
KotCzarnybut i would advise someone to run some searches on anonymous adds in talk: pages19:46
sixwheeledbeastYep 3 dec is as far back as I can search19:48
KotCzarnybtw. wmo is missing favicon19:49
KotCzarnyand favicons make links nicer in bookmarks ;)19:49
KotCzarnybut its referenced in wmo pages: <link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico" />19:50
sixwheeledbeast:nod: I already reported that but NFC what the answer was.19:51
KotCzarnyjust copy it from tmo ?19:52
KotCzarnymaybe att white T over it to make it distinct19:52
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sixwheeledbeastKotCzarny: should point to href="/skins/monobookmaemo2009/static/maemo_favicon.ico"20:30
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ff_can n900 use all 90MB/s r/w speed of ?22:09
KotCzarnynope. your target is a card with highest iops you can get, not sequential speed22:09
ff_and the lowest access time?22:11
KotCzarnyyes, but getting real (4k r/w) iops benchmarks is tricky22:12
ff_some example?22:12
ff_it's possible make block size bigger then 4k?22:13
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KotCzarnymost noname cards have iops in 0.1-1/s range22:15
KotCzarnysome samsung evo +/pro manage to get ~100iops22:15
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ff_you're right only 3MB/s random write, 700ish iops23:26
ff_ssd are designed for much more iops 40000 iops, but that's not helpful for n90023:30
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