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fladnag900How can this be01:38
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fladnag9001Ihave a fresh install and cssu and uboot with kernel2628 cant be installed01:40
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fladnag900Ihave a fresh install02:04
fladnag900And uboot with kernelpower wont install02:04
fladnag900Ihave cssu also02:04
fladnag900What thehell02:04
fladnag900What powerkernel should i use ?02:05
fladnag900And iwanted to have uboot02:05
fladnag900Why is this not possible?02:05
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fladnag900Also what should i use for hotspot02:07
fladnag900Qt-mobilehotspot or mobilehotspot ??02:08
fladnag900Please anyone02:08
fladnag900What info could i post here so you could tell me more?02:11
fladnag900Tjere are not realy naerly twohundret people here and noone talks tome02:13
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gbneoHey evryone02:21
gbneoIhave problems with installing powerkernel and uboot ...icant get what the problem is ..could someone point me inthe right direction please ..02:24
gbneoIsthis not the right place to ask thosekindo questions ..?02:25
gbneoN900 techrelated02:26
gbneoUboot with kernel 2628 not possible02:29
gbneoNo one wants to help ?02:31
gbneoIhave installed kernel power without anything else ...02:34
gbneoThx forthehelp02:35
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recharged>“I don’t wish any harm to him, but I’m angry. I’m hurt and I just want to know why,” Melinda Wright said.06:04
recharged>“I don’t wish any harm to him, but I’m angry. I’m hurt and I just want to know why,” Melinda Wright said.06:04
recharged>“I don’t wish any harm to him, but I’m angry. I’m hurt and I just want to know why,” Melinda Wright said.06:04
rechargedwhite guilt06:05
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how900ouch... Getting gpg error for key expired.15:26
KotCzarnynokia repos mirror uses nokia gpg keys, expected and unsolvable15:27
bencohand I highly doubt you want me to resign every nokia package ;)15:40
CraigEr_Hi folks, I'm very late to this party but I found a boxed N810 at a carboot sale at the weekend, and I'm getting my first feel of Maemo. I was just wondering if the volume up/down buttons not working was a common fault? and can it be caused in software rather than hardware?16:06
CraigEr_(sorry of this is the wrong channel(16:06
CraigEr_If it makes any difference, the first thing I did with the device was flashed: RX-44_DIABLO_5.2008.43-7_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin16:07
VajbCraigEr_: this is right channel, i think. I have no idea of ur problem, but probably in an few hours time someone knowledgeable enough will answer.16:13
CraigEr_thanks Vajb, I'll hang around and see if anyone suggests anything. I was tempted to flash an older release bin file to see if it's software related16:14
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CraigEr_for extra info if anyone comes along to help: it appears the 'swap' button beside the volume buttons is non-functional too, power button is fine, lock switch is fine, just volume and swap not working (the other swap button works fine).16:38
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CraigEr_and last update (sorry), definitely not software specific, just downgraded to the first firmware, same issue, flashed back to the most recent DIABLO release. Also just noticed that too boot to the USB/Flash mode, I can only use the swap button on the front of the phone and not the side one, so I'm leaning towards a hardware fault that is affecting volume buttons and the swap button beside the volume controls.16:53
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bencohI have no idea how those buttons are connected/driven on n810/diablo but I'd start having by having a look at dmesg and/or /dev/input/16:55
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CraigEr_thanks, I'll have a poke around when I'm home tonight to see if I'm detecting any input from the buttons17:14
CraigEr_the not being able to boot to the flashing mode using the side swap button is maybe pointing me to thinking it's hardware17:14
KotCzarnyso, your unlock slider broke?17:15
KotCzarnybut other buttons work?17:15
CraigEr_no sorry what I'm seeing is:17:16
CraigEr_Unlock slider works fine17:16
CraigEr_power button works fine17:16
CraigEr_Volume buttons dont, neither does the 'swap' button beside the volume keys17:16
CraigEr_the swap button on the front of the phone works properly17:16
KotCzarnyalso, is this n900 ?17:16
KotCzarny810 is not a phone, but a nit (nokia internet tablet) or just tablet17:17
CraigEr_yeh, I know17:17
CraigEr_sorry I'm slipping 'phone' into descriptions of the problem :)17:18
KotCzarnyi dont remember how keys are connected on n8x017:19
CraigEr_That's my issue, I think I might do a tear down and have a look17:19
KotCzarnyyou might check some service manuals17:20
CraigEr_I've been following a lot of dead links for info (no surprise in 2016...)17:20
CraigEr_just found a service manual17:20
CraigEr_:) exactly where I am17:21
CraigEr_looks pretty easy to get into compared to some more modern devices at least...17:22
KotCzarnysee page 4-1617:22
CraigEr_and it does look like all the top buttons share the same flex assembly - so I'll have a look tonight for anything obvious17:23
KotCzarnyor page 86 in normal notation17:23
KotCzarnyvolume keys are 'zoom keys'17:23
KotCzarny'check top flex' and connector x430017:24
KotCzarnyso, according to this its in 'full screen', 'zoom' and lock' keys17:25
CraigEr_yeh I see that, and one of the other two manuals has some nice disassembley pictures, gives me a little project tonight17:25
CraigEr_oh that's interesting... When I power the phone on and set the volume to max (via the touch screen and stylus) - when I use the volume keys, I can actually hear the software 'click' noise being made17:29
CraigEr_ok, let me just confirm these buttons are supposes to control volume17:30
CraigEr_as I've just spotted they work (zoom function) in the browser...17:31
CraigEr_I may just have us all on a wild goose chase17:32
KotCzarnyno worries, at least your hw is fine17:32
CraigEr_yeh I'm a happy camper17:33
CraigEr_Picked it up yesterday for £8...17:34
KotCzarnynice, if you want a nice console player check out my oscp17:34
CraigEr_got a link?17:34
KotCzarny(shameless self promotion)17:34
infobotmethinks oscp is
CraigEr_I like that your remote supports winamp skins17:35
CraigEr_^^ two poor attempts at :)17:36
KotCzarnygraphics redrawing (time, posbar) eat battery though ;)17:36
CraigEr_I'll be firing through for software tonight17:37
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Vajbwhat was the cooamnd to take screenshot in n900?17:49
sixwheeledbeastCtrl+Shift +P17:50
CraigEr_dumping file into /home/user/MyDocs/.images/Screenshots17:50
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Vajbright. So i was right at the first place, but it seems that doesn't work on maemo :)17:55
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sixwheeledbeastYou need to get it into the clipboard somehow18:27
sixwheeledbeastMaybe try instead?18:29
Vajbi suppose that is not possible in maemo :)18:29
Vajbi tried imgurl, but it didn't install cleanly18:29
KotCzarnyeverything is possible, you just need proper software18:29
sixwheeledbeastyou can use hamster filer or the like I believe that has copy paste18:30
KotCzarnywrite a tiny script that would watch your directory for changes via dnotify or something and copy things to clipboard or upload them18:30
KotCzarnyor something18:30
Vajboh, i have hamsterfiler, lets see18:30
Vajbdoesn't seem to work18:35
sixwheeledbeastmaybe it's a seperate clipboard not the "system" one18:35
Vajbor maemo clipboard is not supported by the page18:36
Vajbqml browser seemed to be only browser that loaded the page at least18:36
sixwheeledbeastImages has a share via service, I don't suppose anybody has uploaded something to extras that uses this?18:39
KotCzarnywe need imgur sharing plugin18:39
KotCzarnythe best img service in the world18:39
Vajbthere is imgurl sharing plugin, but it didn't instal cleanly18:39
Vajbi think it was in extras devel18:40
KotCzarnymaybe api changes since the first version18:40
Vajbit showed up in sharing plugin list, but apt whined that it is broken18:42
Vajbi'll try it tomorrow again18:42
KotCzarnyif you know c, you may try to fix it18:42
KotCzarnyor contact the author?18:42
Vajbi know the letter...18:42
Vajboh well back to work18:43
KotCzarnyif it doesnt explode, sure18:53
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Vajbdpkg (subprocess): unable to execute post-installation script: No such file or directory23:56
Vajbdpkg: error processing imgur (--configure): subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 223:56
Vajbthis is the error i got when trying to install imgur23:56
Vajbimgur appears in share dialog tho, but is not working23:56

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