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fladnag900Evening :)20:38
fladnag900Doc are you there ??20:38
fladnag900My new n900 arrived20:39
fladnag900I would like to ask what img i should flash20:40
fladnag900Ihave vanilla and combined Rx-51_2009se20:41
Paliif your n900 is working (= is booting fine to Maemo) and you want to cleanup your n900, then you flash in order: VANILLA_PR_EMMC and then PR_COMBINED20:46
Paliif n900 is unbootable and you want to cleanup it, then order is: PR_COMBINED, VANILLA_PR_EMMC, PR_COMBINED20:47
Palicleanup = erase all data20:47
fladnag900Why both20:47
Palias wrote "cleanup = erase all data"20:49
fladnag900Emmc is the internal ssd right20:49
Paliemmc is internal mmc memory20:49
Palithere is ext3 /home and fat32 MyDocs (exported via usb)20:49
Paliand part of /home is also /opt (mount-binded from /home/opt) where is stored part of Maemo system20:50
Pali^^^ this is stored on emmc20:50
fladnag900So one is just for what kernel ? And theotherone just erases all new things to startingpoint ?20:51
fladnag900Sori Imstill confused20:51
fladnag900.. Its booting fine and i want to get a freshstart ..20:51
PaliPR_COMBINED = x-loader, nolo (both are bootloaders), kernel, rootfs (nand ubifs, core Maemo system)20:51
PaliVANILLA_PR_EMMC = MyDocs + clear /home20:52
Paliflashing EMMC is "damaging" Maemo, so after that you must reflesh PR_COMBINED20:55
Paliand for flashing EMMC you need to have working Maemo20:56
Paliso this is reason why order above must be used20:56
fladnag900Ohoookey :)20:57
fladnag900Hmm i have version 21.2011.38-120:58
fladnag900 i would like to see if its possible to install powerkernel and uboot just from programmanager21:00
fladnag900And cssu ...21:00
Palikernel-power is in hildon application manager available21:01
Paliu-boot too21:01
PaliCSSU must be installed via web page
fladnag900What bootloader would you sugest .. Say if ywant to try android on n900 is uboot cool ?21:01
Palisee "one-click-install"21:01
KotCzarnyforget about android21:02
Paliu-boot is the only way how to properly load other kernel21:02
Paliand yes, forget about android21:02
fladnag900Why not with this progmanager installer?21:02
KotCzarnyif you want android just buy yourself some cheap tablet21:02
KotCzarnydont question the maemo master, do what he says21:02
KotCzarnyand if you have questions, read whole article on wiki21:03
fladnag900Why forget android on n900 ?? ...There are some ports that are not avail for maemo or way better than on maemo ..for example ja2-port21:03
KotCzarnyit's all explained there. ALL21:03
KotCzarny2 reasons: 1/ TOO LOW MEMORY, 2/ NO PHONE FUNCTIONS21:04
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fladnag900Iheard about no phone functions but thats ok if you want todo just multimedia/emulators/ports ..!21:06
KotCzarnyyou are better of just using normal linux ports21:06
fladnag900Nitdroid performance on emulators was better ...on n900 !!21:06
KotCzarnyseriously, if you want performance, go native, not some emulation on emulation21:06
fladnag900Ive seen videos21:07
KotCzarnysure, and i have banana21:07
fladnag900Idontwant android devices iwant to switch over just for some emulators and aps21:08
fladnag900Youarefunny :)21:09
KotCzarnyif you want emus/software (opensource)
fladnag900Is it sve to use with uboot ...just from microsd ..not touching maemo ? ..21:11
fladnag900Sori that imasking and not going directly to some page starting toread21:11
fladnag900I do lotsof emulation and ithink most emulators on maemo areshit21:12
KotCzarnysee above link, i'm off.21:13
fladnag900Stupid androids are way more evolved bla okkk cu21:13
fladnag900And do you know if there is a n900 version of this lakka :) ?21:17
fladnag900Ready to install inthe bootmanager ?21:18
fladnag900Ore just general arm-version and does anyone know how well it runs on n900 ??21:18
fladnag900...i still think it would be better for me to have a android port for n900 for some special "just for android"-software this jaggedAliance-2-port ...itsworking on maemo but its not naerly as good as the androidport21:21
fladnag900And is it realy emulated ? ..Ithinknot ..itis optimized to run on n900 but its  a normal android just with functinality missing if its installed corectly like ife seen in SOME videos ..and it was smooth insome could use it for special shit that has not been portet to maemo becouse the wholeworld just uses android ...21:23
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fladnag900Lakka seems cool ...but its noit THAT important that iwant a os just for gaming on n900 :) :p21:24
fladnag900I see nitdroid as it is ... A freakin way to have android-only-apps on our n900 ..!21:25
fladnag900Am i crazy to think that way ? ...Ihave seen working psx/n64/snes emus on nitdroid .. and faster than in maemo the androidport seems not tobe so shity :p21:27
fladnag900Just one old device for evrything mobile ...isthatcool orwhat21:28
fladnag900:) isnotcool? ... :( Ok21:32
fladnag900:) :D21:32
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