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Vajbhey jonwil10:46
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jonwilI cant believe its nearly xmas :)11:06
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Vajbyeah time just flies by.11:34
Vajbit seems that n900 headphone jack is bit loose or headphone manufacturers r making thinner plugs. Plug kind of wobbles and it is breaking connection. Washer inbetween plug and phone seems to help a little.11:36
jonwilonly a few more days to go until I go on holiday :)11:36
jonwilGot a family gathering to go to, will be good to see all these family members again :)11:37
KotCzarnyvajb, yeah, happens sometimes11:38
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Vajbtwo more days to work then it is time for some holiday.11:44
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sixwheeledbeastCould be the headphone plug rather than the jack. I find a Genuine Nokia headset fits much more securely in the socket than a 3.5 stereo lead.11:44
sixwheeledbeastHowever, neither are "loose"11:45
Vajbwell dunno, but this happened with maxell headphones and now with those bigger jacks which u can take a part11:49
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jonwilThe biggest negative is going to be the 2 days driving to get to said family reunion :)12:04
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jonwilthankfully its not me doing the driving :)12:06
Vajbtake a taxi ;)12:11
Vajbthen u can use the trip for drinking12:12
jonwilI dont do alcohol :)12:15
KotCzarnyyou dont do alcohol, you drink it12:16
jonwilI dont drink it either :)12:16
Vajbwhat's family reunion without drunken fight?12:18
jonwilIf I know others in the family, I am sure beer will be consumed at some point, just not by me.12:20
jonwilAnd wine too.12:20
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Vajbphew, so there is still hope12:29
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