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Siceloi'm fed up with the android task switcher .. home button11:57
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freemangordonhmm, seem there is a memleak in libdevlock :(21:23
CatButtswhat does it do?21:27
CatButts>No description or website provided.21:27
CatButtsit is a mistery21:27
CatButtsno docu, no fun21:27
freemangordonCatButts: this one provides cal and gconf access to "device lock" systemui plugin21:28
freemangordonte one you enter device lock code in21:28
freemangordonit is closed source, I am REing it21:28
CatButtsso it allows you to do things to the lock screen?21:29
freemangordonlock screen?21:29
freemangordonthe one with the slider?21:29
CatButtsmaybe we thinking of two different things and talking of one21:30
CatButtsmy ignorance at play21:30
freemangordonCatButts: the lock screen (with slide-to-unlock functionality) is the so called tklock21:31
CatButtsI assumed lock screen by 'device lock'21:31
freemangordondevice lock is the one you enter lock code, default 1234521:31
freemangordonit is called "Secure device" in powerbutton menu21:32
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bencohfreemangordon: yeah iirc we talked about it some 2 years ago :/21:54
bencohwhen I tracked lock-related memleaks21:54
bencohonly a few bytes / lock iirc though21:54
freemangordonah, I don't remember22:01
freemangordonand yes, those are few bytes only, but for every call to cal_read_... function that succeeds one has to free() the returned result22:02
freemangordonthe largest block is 40 bytes22:02
freemangordonbut still, it is memleak22:03
freemangordondammit, libdevlock is buggy as hell! who wrote that piece of crap?22:30
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