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vectis3ok, it's now working. Now to figure out openvpn settings.01:25
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xes_maniac_: better? it works great .01:41
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_maniac_yeah, but openwrt works well enough for me.01:56
_maniac_ok, not maybe well enough - I had to build some packages for my router by my own01:58
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KotCzarny_maniac_: ability to build/install/run own packages means it IS better08:28
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_maniac_last time I looked at LEDE only difference was name change.14:28
_maniac_but that was soon after they split14:28
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kerioyo is there a usb gadget module that acts as a fake optical drive18:50
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Al3x_10msome phones and usb thumb drives can emulate an optical drive18:51
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Al3x_10mfor example..i had an usb stick that i flashed it to have lun1 to be a dvd rom18:51
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kerioAl3x_10m: ye but this is #maemo18:54
kerioso i'm not asking about some phones18:54
kerioi'm asking about the n90018:54
Al3x_10mdunno then xD18:54
kerio(because honestly, nobody is using a n8x0 at this point)18:54
kerioPali: ^18:55
kerioyou're the one that would know this the most18:55
Al3x_10m..i need to dust off my n900 sometimes18:56
Palikerio: g_mass_storage18:56
Pali$ modinfo g_mass_storage | grep cdrom18:56
Paliparm:           cdrom:true to simulate CD-ROM instead of disk (array of bool)18:56
keriocan g_file_storage on the n900 do that?18:56
Palibut you need new kernel comes with g_mass_storage.ko18:56
keriohey Pali18:56
kerio༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ give new kernel18:57
PaliI do not know if g_file_storage supports that too...18:57
Palibut... I think it should not be hard to patch old g_file_storage for cdrom support18:58
Paliharmattan's 2.6.32 kernel has support for that!18:58
kerio༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ give patch18:58
* Al3x_10m rolls eyes..18:59
kerioPali: no cdrom parameter from modinfo on the n900, sadly18:59
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dkbrzmkay, making shift, blue arrow and ctrl sticky under console was easy with loadkeys:21:00
dkbrzkeymaps 0-421:00
dkbrzkeycode 29 = SCtrl21:00
dkbrzkeycode 42 = SShift21:00
dkbrzkeycode 100 = SAltGr21:00
dkbrznow, how do I manually tur on keyboard backlight?21:00
kerioecho 255 > /sys/class/something/backlight/somethingelse/brightness21:01
keriothere might be a "leds" somewhere too21:01
dkbrzroot@debian900:~# find /sys/class/ | grep light21:03
keriothat might be the screen21:03
keriowhat about /sys/class/leds21:03
dkbrzroot@debian900:~# find /sys/class/leds/21:04
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keriofucking REKT21:05
KotCzarnytru dat21:05
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KotCzarnypastebin next time?21:13
dkbrzThis is John Connor. If you are listening to this message, you are the Resistance.21:13
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KotCzarnyalso, cute thing to do with those controls is knightrider[tm]21:14
KotCzarnyif you know what i mean21:14
dkbrzcool. at least now I can continue on debian while in bed :)21:17
dkbrzthanx a lot, kerio21:18
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KotCzarnydkbrz: anyone using n900 is good on reistance factor21:32
dkbrzKotCzarny: you make me googling again :)21:33
KotCzarnydid i?21:34
dkbrzyea, first i was not sure about knightrider context, and had to google images to remember these car leds, now i am not sure if you are about LRFD or certain bacteria to become resistant to antimicrobial drugs.21:35
KotCzarnyfor more cool factor you can make it run on sliding out kb and playing theme too21:38
dkbrzi'd better combine sliding keybord with on/off and light sensor, how maemo does :)21:39
dkbrzok its /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-2/2-0029/ for light meter, and /sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/slide/ for keyboard side. I think I'm good here :)21:52
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