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AntiguanUnder SEH Team03:49
* CatButts googles xchat 2.8.903:50
CatButtswhere is SEH Team03:51
* CatButts grabs and shakes Antiguan 03:51
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AntiguanUnder SEH Team04:15
* CatButts observes Antiguan 04:17
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DocScrutinizer05Antiguan: fix your client!04:39
DocScrutinizer05once you did, /query me for -q04:40
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DocScrutinizer05"fix" == "consider whether annoying other users with a crack note since being too cheap to support developers of your favorite IRC client with a humble amount is actually something you want to be famous for"04:52
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MaxdamantusCatButts: XChat development has basically continued under the name HexChat btw09:27
CatButtsam aware09:28
KotCzarnymaxd: they should've named it xchat-ng09:35
KotCzarnyor xchat309:35
MaxdamantusI imagine that might've been an issue if the XChat maintainer reappeared.09:36
CatButtsit was named Xchat-WDK, prior to rename09:36
KotCzarnychanging first letter makes it invisible for people trying to install xchat09:36
bencohwell they could just mention "xchat fork" in description and people will see it in search09:38
bencohand actually "hexchat" might actually match already09:38
Maxdamantus* net-irc/hexchat09:38
Maxdamantus     Description:         Graphical IRC client based on XChat09:38
Maxdamantusin portage.09:38
KotCzarnybencoh, still,most people wouldnt find it, and actually installing old xchat would say 'f-it, it kinda works'09:38
KotCzarnyor would imagine its some hackish thing09:39
MaxdamantusI imagine `apt-cache search xchat` should still find it anyway.09:39
Maxdamantussince "hexchat".substr(2) == "xchat"09:39
KotCzarnyyou are right, it showed09:40
KotCzarnystill, average joe accustomed to xchat dont know xchat is not developed anymore09:40
bencohtbh I didn't09:40
bencohhaven't used it for yrars anyway09:41
* Maxdamantus used to use it.09:41
* Maxdamantus changed to irssi in around 2009.09:41
KotCzarnylast change is from 201309:42
KotCzarnyon svn09:42
KotCzarnyin plugins dir09:42
KotCzarnyand in src09:42
KotCzarny2.8.10 - dd/mm/yyyy09:43
KotCzarnyhe he09:43
KotCzarnysimilarly, last assigned bug is from 2013. andthere are lots of bugs as old as 2003 ;)09:45
KotCzarnyHexChat (formerly XChat-WDK), cross-platform fork which adds various features09:46
KotCzarnyoh, they had such name in the beginning09:46
KotCzarnyon afunny note, hex is a namefor a medieval curse09:47
CatButtsI'm still using ye olde Xchat09:48
CatButtsthe one thing that prevents me from switching is that I've yet to port my black theme to it09:49
KotCzarnyshouldnt it use system (gtk+) colors ?09:49
CatButtsXchat relies on gtkrc file in same folder, for my installation09:50
KotCzarnymy whole system uses ~/.gtkrc-2.0 orsomething09:51
CatButtsunfortunatelly, the file has strings in it that seem xchat specific09:51
CatButtsthis theme is going to need some beating into shape09:52
CatButtsif I can figure out how09:52
KotCzarnyjust merge it into system wide theme09:53
KotCzarnyyou are theming wildcard widgets, so it should work09:53
KotCzarnyseriously, just append it at the end09:53
CatButtsalso, I should mention I am on Windows09:53
CatButtsXP even09:53
CatButtsfew apps I have even use GTK09:55
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_maniac_what happened to telegram-purple package? I remember having it on my old n90011:31
ginggsthis one?
_maniac_probably yeah. I dont see it in my fapman.11:37
bencohit works, btw. but you can't add contacts from pidgin UI11:38
bencoh(I had to add them by editing pidgin xml conf file)11:38
_maniac_extras-devel enabled. and yeah I remember it working.11:39
_maniac_probably fapman too busy fapping and not seeing updates.11:39
bencoherr wait, why do you use fapman?11:40
bencohyou're supposed to use the new fast HAM foss replacement11:40
_maniac_where do I get one? because having repositories config in several places sucks.11:41
bencohdo you use cssu?11:42
_maniac_yes, but not testing11:43
bencohiirc new HAM is in latest -stable11:43
bencohif not, I'd suggest cherry-picking it11:43
Maxdamantusapt-get is reasonably fast.11:44
bencohyeah I don't use ham either ;)11:44
_maniac_but to use apt-get I need to put repoitories in YET ANOTHER PLACE11:45
bencohno ....11:46
MaxdamantusDoesn't HAM/speedyHAM just use some aptitude library? Meh, dunno.11:46
bencoh_maniac_: apt-get and HAM use the same files11:46
bencohI dont know about fap, but that thing is broken anyway11:46
infobotmethinks fapman is Faster Application Manager, a frontend for apt which uses own repositories catalog, and shouldn't be used to do system upgrades (like CSSU), or actually for anything since ~speedyHAM. It also does "apt-get autoremove" after every operation, by default. In short, it's been identified as source of system corruption and thus deprecated, or see ~hamvsfam11:46
Maxdamantusorcus:~# ldd /usr/libexec/apt-worker11:50
Maxdamantus => /usr/lib/ (0x40121000)11:50
MaxdamantusSame thing referred to by apt-get. They should use the code.11:50
_maniac_oh ok. thank you for clearing this.11:51
Maxdamantusthe same code*11:51
Maxdamantus(and thus resolve information using the same configuration files)11:52
_maniac_I am having !FUN! with maemo again since 2013. my knowledge might be outdated.11:52
_maniac_heh. it installs to /11:59
bencohyeah this package is a tiny bit ... broken :/12:25
bencohoh, totalizator is idling in this channel12:26
bencoh~seen totalizator12:26
infobottotalizator is currently on #maemo (3d 3h 4m 24s), last said: 'something is broken with this scrobbler anyways'.12:26
bencohtotalizator: do you have a git for telegram-purple?12:26
bencohwith your maemo-specific changes, and debian/ folder?12:27
totalizatoryaawn, oh hello12:27
totalizatorI do not, plus I'm not responsible for the latest build12:27
totalizatorso I guess that all my work (simply altering a few lines) is rather deprecated12:28
princefakhanIs there something wrong with the WhatsApp purple plug-in?12:28
princefakhanWhy hasn't it been ported to Maemo?12:28
totalizatorprincefakhan: I remember building it for someone but I have not tested it12:29
totalizatorthere is (was) no password in WhatsApp so it involved a bit of hacking your android config12:30
bencohtotalizator: aww :/12:31
princefakhanYou need to use wart for registering, right?12:31
bencohprincefakhan: purple-whatsapp is no longer maintained12:31
bencohbecause of recent whatsapp aggressive behavior iirc12:31
infobotbencoh meant: because of recent whatsapp aggressive behavior afaict12:31
bencohjust like ceene stopped working on yappari12:31
princefakhanYeah. I was Binging WhatsApp on Linux 2 days back.12:32
bencohtotalizator: do you know who uploaded that new package then?12:32
princefakhanThe FirefoxOS fellows had some pretty neat options12:33
bencohI guess I should just try and build a working one and push it to extras, then12:33
bencohbecause it's a mess as of now :/12:33
totalizatorbencoh: sure - it's maacruz12:33
princefakhanBtw, anyone has any experience on flashing N900 on win10?12:34
princefakhanOr should I fire up my VM?12:34
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bencohI wouldn't do anything n900-related from windows, but ... your call :)12:38
princefakhanIt has worked before. I last flashed cssu via win8.112:45
princefakhanBut the system is not reading the device now.12:45
princefakhanAnd I can't seem to enter flashing mode.12:45
bencohdoes it show as a usb device?12:46
princefakhanMaybe it's the usb cable or the N900's Own usb port12:47
princefakhanI don't have a spare one to check.12:47
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princefakhanActually, the device was working fine. I ran apt-get upgrade and I guess it messed up with boot menu12:49
princefakhanNow it's stuck at the Nokia logo12:49
princefakhanBootMenu loads but as I select an option it will restart after few seconds12:50
HurrianOh boy.13:10
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DocScrutinizer05  >>OH: "Took us 30 years to fix all the bugs [in Unix/Linux]. It took #systemd less than a year to reintroduce them all again."<<19:58
DocScrutinizer05Pali: ^^^19:58
DocScrutinizer05nice plain variant of >>those who don't understand unix...<<20:00
KotCzarnyeh, wrong chan20:05
DocScrutinizer05had a funny day killing systemd ntp syslog spam ( LogLevel=err: -finally-> and finding out about .socket crap ( - systemd "solves real problems" and "everything is so much easier with systemd" BWAHAHA20:07
DocScrutinizer05on a brighter note:
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