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Sicelomy N900 is stuck in PC Suite Mode :-/00:15
L29Ahthat's the best mode00:19
L29Ahyou can use sshfs to move files00:19
DocScrutinizer05I don't need PC suite mode for that ;-) WLAN rocks00:29
CatButtsI need a hero00:31
CatButtsI'm holding out for a hero00:31
CatButtsTill the end of the night00:31
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Vajbim not sure if im crazy or not but i just got me another n900 :)00:40
Vajbthat'll be third, but i just couldn't resist the offer on local auction site00:41
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SiceloVajb: i also saw a nice N900, but at the time was broke, lol. would been my third too00:48
CatButtsgotta stock up on dem spare parts for aging hardware, eh?00:49
* L29Ah have stocked five jack replacements00:52
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DocScrutinizer05I been at five when Neo900 started01:33
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Siceloone thing for sure, the failure of my N900 to export via USB Mass Storage is not hardware problem. it exports just fine in BM10:29
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Siceloif anyone knows how the whole mass storage mechanism works, please ping me .. i am also checking on tmo10:31
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MaxdamantusSicelo: modprobe g_file_storage file=/dev/...11:23
Maxdamantuspreferably after making sure other modules beginning with "g_" are unloaded first (including g_file_storage)11:24
SiceloMaxdamantus: yes, i've just noticed that module. it's not loaded on my N900. i wish to know why it's not though .. what should load it?11:25
Maxdamantuswhich? g_file_storage?11:26
MaxdamantusI think normally when you attach a USB cable some dialogue box asks you what you want to do, and I think one of the options causes it to load g_file_storage11:27
MaxdamantusI've made my system load g_ether on boot instead so that functionality wouldn't work, because sharing filesystems with live devices seems dodgy to me.11:28
WizzupI don't think it shares a block device if it is already mounted11:28
Maxdamantusand at some point I changed my system so nothing popped up on USB.11:29
MaxdamantusI don't want to trust that it detects it's unmounted.11:29
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Maxdamantusthere are things in the OS that lazily unmount the filesystem at some points, at which point you can't safely ensure the filesystem isn't in use.11:30
* Maxdamantus has everything on a single ext4 filesystem anyway11:31
Maxdamantus(Linux's lack of ability to forcefully unmount filesystems has annoyed me for a while)11:35
Wizzupumount basically does that11:35
Wizzuper lazy*11:35
MaxdamantusSome of them react to some sysrq, but that can't target specific filesystems.11:35
MaxdamantusNo. lazy doesn't really do anything at the filesystem level.11:36
MaxdamantusIt just makes it so you can't traverse to it through its current mountpoints.11:36
MaxdamantusIf processes still have files or directories open they can continue using the filesystem as usual.11:36
Maxdamantuseg, if you have an instance of `bash` with its cwd inside that filesystem, you can still do everything you normally can, spawn new processes to open files etc11:37
MaxdamantusWell, that's what it means by "lazy"11:37
Maxdamantus(when there are no processes left with references to files/directories in the filesystem it will be properly unmounted)11:39
SiceloMaxdamantus: my problem is that the dialog does not come up11:40
Siceloi didn't change any scripts to cause that .. so might have come with something i installed. at this time it would be difficult to even assume what did :P11:40
Siceloi hardly use mass storage mode11:41
Sicelobut i do want it to work fine11:41
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* Maxdamantus can't remember what he did to change it.11:51
Maxdamantus21:29 < Maxdamantus> Hm. I figured out how to remove the dialogue that pops up when you connect a USB cable: uninstall hildon-status-bar-usb11:52
MaxdamantusMaybe you'd want to reinstall that and see if it does something.11:52
Sicelothanks. will do.11:53
Maxdamantusor maybe someone else can do `dpkg -L hildon-status-bar-usb` and say what's actually inside it.11:53
Siceloi have it :)11:53
MaxdamantusYeah, so see what programs are in it and if they're running.11:54
Sicelojust a *.so11:54
MaxdamantusHm, so maybe just kill hildon-status-bar and see if something changes when it comes back up. Maybe run syslogd beforehand.11:55
Sicelovery good idea. yes. will do that11:56
KotCzarnyor reboot12:02
KotCzarnyit usually works on every system12:02
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KotCzarnysicelo: how was your oscp experience? got any bugs/requests/notes?12:03
SiceloKotCzarny: i didn't use it for long. just tested a couple of songs that i have, and the videos. request would be something a bit more obvious to indicate a Help that tells one what the keys do12:07
KotCzarnykeys or buttons?12:07
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KotCzarnyi've tried to make it quite intuitive when it comes with navigation, in short, left==go parent dir, right/enter==play highlighted or enter dir, up/down==move12:09
KotCzarnyRepeat, Shuffle, Quit12:09
Siceloa help key would be nice ... e.g. use '?' as in mutt12:09
KotCzarnydont remember which one is make-recursive-playlist, but you can simply check ~/.oscp/oscp.conf12:09
KotCzarnypress h12:09
Sicelobut where is that shown?12:10
Siceloyou coul have it at the bottom .. at least in 'home' view only12:11
KotCzarnyin help? a bit further in the text, i might make it more exposed12:11
KotCzarnyalso, which ui are you using? pygtk or ncurses?12:11
KotCzarnythey differ a bit, but not much12:11
Siceloi used ncurses12:11
KotCzarnythen press h12:12
KotCzarnyit shows the keys12:12
KotCzarnyand you can remap almost all keys in config12:12
Siceloyou aren't getting me -- what i am saying is : you have a new oscp user .. how will he know what key does what?12:12
KotCzarnyi assumed it obvious. in pygtk there is first time help12:13
KotCzarnyalso, if you run: oscp -h it will show you the keys too12:13
KotCzarnyusual linux experience is -h and/or manual12:13
KotCzarnyalso if you open hwkb you can control console oscp by clicking on screen areas12:23
* Sicelo testing wargus ... yay! N900 is still worth keeping12:26
WizzupOf course it is worth keeping12:27
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Siceloyay .. who said merlin1991 was awol? :) he's approved my extras upload request13:44
KotCzarnybut what is council doing?13:48
Sicelono idea :)13:50
KotCzarnythough keep in mind, not everyone is bound to spend 24/7 checking email/notifications13:52
L29AhKotCzarny: they're facilitating!14:16
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DocScrutinizer05doesn't council send meeting minutes of all weekly meetings anymore?15:33
DocScrutinizer05those should answer pretty accurately what council does15:34
DocScrutinizer05at least the major topics, aside of the recurring standard tasks15:35
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xeshi DocScrutinizer05! I suppose sicelo req for upload rights is still pending.. I would approve his req but at the moment i have only limited connectivity. Please could you approve his request?18:19
DocScrutinizer05xes: he said it got approved18:19
DocScrutinizer05if not, I'll try to take care. NP18:20
DocScrutinizer05however I have to find the right webpage for approval18:20
xesok thanks18:20
DocScrutinizer05ooh wait, isn't it linked property of a garage project?18:21
DocScrutinizer05that's easy then18:21
DocScrutinizer05yes, I#m pretty sure it's the project (or its owner) that has a property of "may upload to extras" in garage18:22
DocScrutinizer05in the ancient times it possibly went via email, by simply replying "accept" or "reject"18:23
DocScrutinizer05sorry, meeting18:24
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Siceloxes: thanks. merlin approved my req :)21:42
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