IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2016-07-27

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fishbulbI want to put my contacts messages and calendar, like "user info" onto another phone01:19
fishbulbas a backup, without backing up the entire flash01:19
fishbulbwithout like "cloning the phone"01:19
fishbulbis there a utility to do this?01:19
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Oksanafishbulb: Are both devices Nokia N900?02:59
OksanaContacts app has: "Syncronise from other device" , "Import contacts", "Copy from SIM card" as well as "Export contacts" (in vCard format, either 2.1 or 3.0, however you choose)03:00
* Oksana really should switch off "Proximity sensor" in Shortcutd : it gets toggled when I least expect it03:01
OksanaThere is also "Transfer & Sync" in Settings app (over Bluetooth), not sure exactly what it can transfer03:03
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OksanaCalendar app also allows to export each of the Calendars into a separate file. Not sure how exactly to Import it, though.03:06
Oksanafishbulb: ^ If you want to transfer everything at the same time, "Transfer & Sync" in Settings app is the one most likely able to do that. But there are multiple options, for Contacts and Calendar at least. Messages are more tricky.03:09
fishbulbboth are n900 yers03:09
fishbulbI'm on my last n900 I think03:09
fishbulbI have another busted usb port one for parts, could get one more iteration out of it03:09
fishbulbbut I have to assume this is the last one03:09
OksanaBusted usb port -> Are you going to repair it? What else is wrong with it, besides microUSB port broken off?03:10
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fishbulbtraces really broken, I think a little metal cover inside is missing, screen isn't best03:11
fishbulbsomeone had a go at it before I got it03:11
OksanaHuh... So, needs lots of new parts, and a good screen protector on top of new screen03:12
OksanamicroUSB traces really broken? Sounds like trouble03:12
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vectis3_where are individual network settings saved to (for N8*0) For example, if I set a static ip for connecting to my home network, where would that be saved to?13:29
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DocScrutinizer05juiceme: approving a new project on garage != repo and garage maintainership. Unless YOU (the council) define so and *oversee*14:11
Sicelovectis3_: in Maemo 5 it's in gconf .. it guess the same for N8x0 .. what do you need to do?14:11
DocScrutinizer05the technical procedure might be merlin1991's duty, checking and acknowledging/rejecting a new garage prohect afaik is council's duty. For sure it is as long as council didn't explicitly assign and delegate that task to somebody else14:12
DocScrutinizer05council, when lacking sufficient knowledge if a project qualifies for garage (licensing, naming, etc) - has the duty to find such expertise in community. That's a real life example of what's council's primary duty: facilitating14:14
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KotCzarny'finding someone to do the job' apparently15:40
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L29Ahfacilitate yourself15:45
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L29Ahyay i can't access the wiki again15:48
L29Ahfacilitate removing the stupid ban plz15:49
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L29Ahit takes rawcam 6s to make one photo :/19:46
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ceenei'm a little sad... since I got my android phone i seldom use the n90021:03
ceeneonly when the android is charging21:03
ceeneand to use pyLedger, which I wrote myself21:03
ceenei miss a couple things only21:03
ceeneone is irc21:03
ceenethere' simply not a good alternative21:03
ceenezip, zero21:04
Sicelowhich droid did you buy by the way?21:04
CatButtsI had an Xperia E once21:04
ceeneit's a BQ Aquaris A4.521:04
KotCzarnyceene: ssh+irsii?21:04
CatButtsI sold it in favour of a dumbphone21:04
ceenebq is a spanish maker, so it only sells in spain and portugal21:04
CatButtsbut now I want an N90021:04
ceeneKotCzarny: yes, but without a physical keyboard it's just unbearable, as is using any console app21:05
KotCzarnyyou got screenonly? lol21:05
ceeneif virtual keyboard is open, i can't see the screen21:05
KotCzarnynow you only have a gadget21:06
ceeneif i'm reading, i can't writ21:06
ceeneso... not possible21:06
ceenei want to buy a bluetooth keyboard, there are some for galaxy phones that provide a back cover with a couple magnets, so the cover is always on the phone and the keyboard is detachable21:07
ceeneso i may buy one of them and see if i can place those magnets on my back cover21:07
Sicelosomething like Jolla TOH .. TOH looks great21:08
ceeneon the other hand, i have a modern browser, youtube just works, gmail interface is simply the best (not to speak of being able to read all mails sent to me...)21:09
ceenei was afraid it would go crazy over data consumption, so i rooted it and I'm using an iptables based firewall21:10
Win7MacAncelad: ping, you still around?21:10
ceeneit lets you white/black list any app, and allow internet access only on wifi, or whatever21:10
ceeneof course i use whitelists: any time an app is installed a notification appears and asks me to configure (or not) its connectivity21:11
ceeneit seems as if i were suddenly contracted g google to spam you all :(21:12
ceeneon the other hand, i'm afraid to shut if off. last two times i did. it went fucking crazy and took an hour to boot21:12
ceenein fact i think it only boots up when i'm at work21:12
ceeneso i've been tempted to throw it out of the window a couple of times21:13
ceenei both love and hate this piece of shit21:13
ceeneexactly the same as i do the n90021:13
ceeneso many missed opportunities for maemo21:14
ceenethousands of man hours would be needed to make it useable on the modern environment21:14
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fishbulbceene, you mean a modern device instead of a 7+ year old one that was outdated when it was new?21:49
fishbulbhave you gone so insane that you came full circle into normal person land?21:49
fishbulbI have a tablet21:49
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fishbulbwhat would thousands of man hours on maemo net in profits21:53
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vectis3_Sicelo: Thanks for the info. I need to change an ip address but I have disabled the desktop atm. I was hoping to change the address without restarting it.22:21
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Sicelouse manual addy? gconf sounds like the right thing :)22:22
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fishbulbare you one of the whatsapp guys?23:37
fishbulbwho was the person who coded yappari23:40
fishbulbor people23:40
ceenefishbulb: it was me23:44
fishbulbis it ever going to happen again?23:44
fishbulbhow is the neo900 going to do anything23:44
ceenethe neo900 will be able to do lots of things23:45
fishbulbany of them compatible with normal people?23:45
ceeneif android is ported to neo900, whatsapp could be used23:45
fishbulbI doubt that will happen23:45
DocScrutinizer51indeed, prolly rather replicant23:46
fishbulbhow long has replicant been promised23:47
fishbulbto happen23:47
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* DocScrutinizer51 notices fishbulb returned to usual ranting, and heads out23:50

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