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Linkandzeldahow exactly would that be done?00:00
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Arch-TKLinkandzelda: this is quite awesome00:15
Arch-TKI think I can finally ditch this android phone with a screen three times the size and a CPU which is many times more powerful, but which is fundamentally crippled by android, for this much better N900 :D00:15
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LinkandzeldaArch-TK: yes exactly, im transitioning slowly away from my galaxy note 3 which is android00:19
Linkandzeldamaemo is such a nice os00:19
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Vajb+one for irssi00:23
* Arch-TK uses weechat on all his machines00:23
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Vajbthere is even version with perl support at tmo00:24
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Siceloi should actually sort it out and put it through autobuilder so it goes on repos properly00:34
Oksanaamake sure toolptify00:35
Siceloyes, that too00:35
Linkandzeldais there a guide anywhere detailing how to make GUIs with python on this sdk?00:42
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OksanaLinkandzelda: /me prefers GTK+Hildon, without python or something. Have a little experience with GTK+C, currently trying to read-and-edit C++ /02:40
OksanaAnd while I use irssi, I would welcome telepathy-idle, especially if I can add IRC channels to contacts (it sounds weird, but yes, some people have pretty much personal channels, and some of contacts in my address book are organisations-not-persons and hence also may have dedicated IRC channels)02:43
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LinkandzeldaOksana: one of the reasons i wanted to use telepathy idle is becuase a) less software/redundent software b) those native im notifications and bubbles (cant get xchat to do them) and c) the other irc apps, i cant imagine they feel very integrated with maemo02:54
Linkandzeldabut i discovered today it doesnt look like i can mute certain channels notifications02:55
OksanaSo, you want to IRC in several channels, and receive notifications-bubbles from some channels but not from others? Hmm, at best it could be telepathy-idle setting02:57
OksanaSomebody: what language to specify to GeSHi for correct syntax highlighting of autoconf? autoit is not even close (does not recognise #comments )02:58
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LinkandzeldaOksana: seems also that i cant send commands and there is no tab completion03:07
Linkandzeldain short as nice of an idea it is, its not suited to heavy usage imo03:08
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Linkandzeldahow do i make edits to the wiki pages?03:22
OksanaLinkandzelda: To edit a page on , there is "Edit" under "Views" on the right side of the page (Views: Page, Discussion, Edit, History)03:29
LinkandzeldaDocScrutinizer05: just in case you wondered or didnt know, i found a log from you in 2013 which said the notification "control_bluetooth_paired" was the class type, well i found it to be the icon used with the names of icons found in here: /usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/hildon thought that should go in the wiki03:29
LinkandzeldaOksana: im blind, thanks03:30
Linkandzeldanice, added a bit to the bottom of the phone control page03:35
OksanaThank you :-)03:36
OksanaNot sure if it is useful in any way, but something about Python-Hildon GUI
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OksanaAny idea on good, long-lasting screen protector? I have seen , and I used ClariVue screen protector before, and it had lots of scratches and dents (as if the stylus had sharp point of a needle), so I replaced it (with another ClariVue screen protector).10:20
OksanaTouchscreen underneath free of scratches and dents, but has one large visible crack in it (did I do it with stylus? or was it some accident? display works, but the crack looks ugly). Many tiny shards of glass, as if the old screen protector peeled off the outermost layer of touch-screen-whatever.10:20
OksanaPutting a new screen protector on, there are lots of bubbles (due to the shards?), and of course air-along-the-crack. Wish I could photograph it.10:20
OksanaGood side: touchscreen not-scratched (only cracked, but there is no good defence except being more careful). Bad side: suspicious peeling off glass shards, and stylus leaving way too many scratches on screen protector (could be fault of stylus, though)10:20
KotCzarnyjust replace your stylus?10:21
KotCzarnyas its the source of your problems10:21
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KotCzarnyand you can replace the screen part too, i bet you can get some usb/modem damaged one dirt cheap10:23
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DocScrutinizer05Linkandzelda: you completely lost me12:48
LinkandzeldaDocScrutinizer05: yea, that was pretty out of context i suppose12:53
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jon_yis there a SMS spam blocker app?12:56
DocScrutinizer05I have an extraordinarly precise tape-recorder alike memory, but 2013 and a single search term is beyond what that memory can handle12:57
jon_yI guess it is no longer the year 2013 :)12:57
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Linkandzeldais there any possible way to map the camera focus button to holding the ctrl key? would make doing ctrl combos easier13:09
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sixwheeledbeastI thought Doc was a bot? ;)14:59
sixwheeledbeastI believe there was a SMS blocker but no idea on it's stability15:00
sixwheeledbeastAs for camera focus I use Shortcutd to run custom commands so I imagine it could be possible?15:03
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DocScrutinizer05you *might* get away with running a xmodmap command to map all keys to their ctrl+$key result, when - and as long as - pressing cam focus17:36
DocScrutinizer05I don't think the cam trigger is a normal kbd input17:37
DocScrutinizer05unlike Vol+/- keys which are17:37
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SiceloKotCzarny: on the X40, what's the 'little' USB' connector for?18:32
Sicelo(and yay! the laptop does have wifi built in, thankfully)18:33
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Sicelothanks L29Ah18:42
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infobotmethinks jrrepos is
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