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Sicelo009Nwhich one is the kernel module for battery which is (on stock bme) generally best blacklisted/unloaded?01:34
Sicelo009Nyes, i got it, bq27x00_battery01:40
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JuestDocScrutinizer05: just to be clear, last time i was vague: 0) everything audio does work properly 1) telepathy sending video over Jingle works, receiving untested 2) telepathy receives skype video but crashes attempting to send (as soon camera button is clicked = "boom") 3) Attempting SIP Video over Linphone causes the call to stop working (never starts or dies if done mid-call) the service...11:30
Juest...does properly support video i had tested pc to pc 4) she does not know if her phone is overclocked or not11:30
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Sicelothe tests (0) to (3) are N900 or Windows?12:02
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Juestsicelo: N900's Telepathy and Jitsi on Windows and Linphone for Windows12:24
* Juest regrets leaving12:25
KotCzarnyhotel california tune chimes quietly in ~~12:27
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* Oksanaa wonders if Nokia had any battery chargers less likely to melt in high temperatures than dt-33... To be fair, I managed to get Nokia 5230 to stop charging13:35
OksanaaNo obvious signs of damage too. Like, its charging port is not something which can be broken off (its spring-y contacts touch the motherboard, akin to trrs port)13:36
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Palimerlin1991: ping16:12
PaliCSSU testing!16:12
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Palifreemangordon: v4.7-rc4-n900 branch is on github linux-n900 tree16:54
Palitidspbridge has some compile errors (some omap functions were removed), so I commented that code, see git commits16:54
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freemangordonPali: ok18:35
freemangordonPali: though, you should've merged my 4.7 branch, as it is cleaned-up18:36
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freemangordonPali: hmm, I can;t see those commits18:38
Paliwhich commits?18:38
freemangordon" I commented that code, see git commits"18:39
Palithere is one:
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Palifreemangordon, merlin1991: please look at last comment:
freemangordonPali: really, you'd better take as a base, there is too much legacy in your tree already18:45
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L29Ahokay, it seems to be a qemu-user fault after all19:43
L29Ahthe fun thing is that only install-xattr seems to be affected19:43
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SiceloPali: what would cause the battery status indicator to never show "full"? i am on cssu-thum & replacement bme if that matters. is as hight as it gets20:15
Palino idea20:16
KotCzarnysicelo, what does the cmdline tool returns?20:17
KotCzarnyahm, nvm20:18
KotCzarnymight be just bad battery20:18
Siceloi have completely different battery now, but calibration doesn't succeed20:19
KotCzarnycharge cycle broken by time/temperature?20:20
Siceloi will try again on this cycle (4th since the replacement battery)20:20
Siceloi don't think temperature is a problem20:20
KotCzarnyalso i think there was a trick to charge with some load applied20:21
ceeneis it normal for the alternative symbols screen not to appear if MyDocs is not mounted?20:21
SiceloKotCzarny: that allows for "more' charge?20:22
KotCzarnyi think so20:23
Siceloceene: you mean Fn+Ctrl?20:23
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Siceloceene: never had that problem. one thing i know is that QT applications can't show that symbols screen & hwkbd mappings for them don't work20:24
ceenewhen i reboot it starts an fsck, as the filesystem has a directory that is broken beyond repair, so it always fscks for 5 minutes or so20:25
ceeneand that screen won't appear until it has finished and is mounted20:25
ceeneSicelo: yappari was qt and symbols screen worked perfectly20:25
Sicelono, it didn't :)20:26
ceenewell, it did for me20:26
Sicelowith hwkbd open?20:26
ceenei could insert all the spanish accents, the eñe, etc20:26
KotCzarnystock vs cssu vs some hacked os?20:26
ceenei only use the hardware keyboard20:26
KotCzarnywhich cssu20:26
ceenedon't know, cssu20:27
ceenenot thumb20:27
KotCzarny-stable, -testing, -thumb20:27
ceenestable i guess20:27
ceenemaybe some thing from testing20:27
KotCzarnysicelo is on -testing or -devel i think20:27
ceeneit should've work, then20:27
Siceloit never worked for me even when i was still on stable20:27
Siceloi'll try another qt application ..20:28
ceenei also have a python-qt app, pyLedger, in which it also works20:28
ceenethis app of mine doesn't support utf8 text, bu that's another issue regarding me not knowing enough python20:28
ceenebut it lets you use the symbols screen20:28
KotCzarnyrefactoring code is fun (when its finished)20:31
ceenefreeing code is fun :P20:32
KotCzarnyyup, working on it20:32
KotCzarnyalso, i have an active n800 user using oscp!20:33
Siceloweird, lol .. working on cutetube2 .. i had real problems with it on Yappari .. pity it's not there to test again20:33
KotCzarnysicelo, another issue might be weak charger20:34
Sicelousing original N900 charger20:35
Siceloand anyway, bq27200 says 100%. I don't understand why the status icon 'disagrees'20:35
Sicelothat's why i'd be happy to get bq27200 reset completely, but no amount of battery disconnection makes a difference20:37
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valentinyo yo21:14
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freemangordonPali: -rc5 is out, please, use (git format-patch maybe) and apply on top of -rc5, instead of rebasing yet again21:29
Sicelomaemo can boot off that 4.7-rc1?21:31
freemangordonSicelo: what?!?21:31
infobotrumour has it, fptf is the Fremantle Porting Task Force, see
freemangordonthe last shot there is with 4.6-rc1, but yes, 4.7-rc1 boot as well21:32
Siceloi saw elinux page was updated today ..  what is the exact situation with camera - it works? or not?21:33
freemangordonPali: or, if you don;t have time, I'll push 4.7-rc521:33
freemangordonSicelo: well, it is tricky :)21:33
freemangordoncameras work, but...21:34
freemangordonSicelo: if you have time and will
Siceloi think you left out something far more important21:35
Sicelo"know-how" :p21:36
Sicelohere on IRC one can talk and appear to be an expert, lol .. fact is - i know nothing really21:36
freemangordonPali: or, if you wish I can prepare rc5 for you to pull it from my tree on github?21:36
Siceloi want to build kernel again .. only did it once, some years ago (before DT times). what do i need?21:37
ceenei've pushed something on github21:39
ceeneusing buildroot21:39
Siceloanyone wishes to share an image of their working SB? i have mine, but there might be an issue or two judging from my attempt to build confclerk few days ago21:39
ceeneyou can compile without bothering with all the cross compilers suite and all that21:39
Siceloceene: really? i can produce N900 kernel directly from my Debian amd64? :-/21:40
ceenehow can i make an image for you? just taring /scratchbox dir is enough?21:40
ceenelet me find that link21:40
Siceloceene: that would be awesome yes (SB .. ). i had set mine up as a virtualbox ose VM21:41
freemangordonceene: just taring /scratchbox is not enough, there are some bindmounts and whatnot21:43
ceenethat is based on buildroot-submodule which in turn is just a wrapper around buidroot to ease custom code integration21:44
freemangordonceene: does that actually work? what does it build?21:44
ceenefreemangordon: is there an easy way to make a portable version of my scratchbox installation then?21:44
ceenefreemangordon: it builds a kernel and very small rootfs which can be booted with flashe21:45
ceeneyeah, but that would mean a new installation21:45
ceenei can do that, though, it's not a bad idea in any case21:46
ceenebut i'd like to just share my current install if it's possible21:46
freemangordonbut why do you need to share your SB?21:46
Siceloguess i shouldn't be lazy too, haha .. just redo the whole thing.21:46
ceenedon't know, so Sicelo can compile things21:46
ceeneask him :P21:46
freemangordonceene: will it run in my SB?21:47
freemangordonis it supposed to?21:47
ceenemy buildroot thing?21:47
Sicelolazy approach to compile for N900 :)21:47
ceenethat runs on any linux system21:47
freemangordonah, ok21:47
ceenedebian, gentoo or whatever21:47
freemangordonceene: so, if I clone the repo in my ubuntu, it will build a small rootfs image?21:48
freemangordonI can flash on the device?21:48
ceenebuildroot is a pretty cool thing https://buildroot.org21:48
ceenebasically, yes21:48
freemangordonhmm, cool21:48
ceenewell, i haven't flashed it myself21:48
freemangordonwhat are your plans on that?21:48
ceeneso you may need to change some settings21:48
ceenei don't have a clear plan, to be honest21:49
freemangordonI mean - do you plan to make a full blown maemo?21:49
freemangordonor example21:49
ceenemy idea was to make it be more of a kind of reference than a useful thing in itself21:50
Siceloi'll use that for debian :)21:50
ceenedocumenting little by little what thins i face (See Notes file)21:50
ceenethere a few notes there that i've gathered from conversations here, links, etc21:50
Siceloscratchbox install wiki still valid?21:51
freemangordonI see some IRC logs :)21:51
freemangordonSicelo: should e, more or less21:51
freemangordonSicelo: beware, SB gcc4.7 segfaults on kernel 4.2 :(21:52
ceenei like using buildroot for read only filesystems21:52
ceeneyou can choose among a vast list of packages to install21:52
* Sicelo is still on ancient kernels (the beauty of running debian, lol)21:52
ceeneso it's pretty valid for building a base distro, without any specific support for later installation of applications21:53
freemangordonwell, I am on 3.13 here :p21:53
ceenealthough among those available packages there is ipkg, opkg21:53
SiceloLinux whitehouse 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.81-1 x86_64 GNU/Linux21:53
freemangordonubuntu 14.04 here. I upgraded to 4.2, but it resulted in SB thumb target not working, so I had to revert21:54
Sicelolet me build openvpn (with some xor patches, don't even know why there are needed) ... will let you guys know what problems i face, and maybe you'll help me solve the real issue with my current SB21:56
Siceloi will be away from my home pc for a week. i don't have public IP on it, and can't adjust any ports. i have root on two servers belonging to friends, and can install stuff as i need. so what i want is to be able to occassionally connect back to my home pc.21:57
Siceloand also access my local LAN (which has other goodies)21:57
KotCzarnymake a reverse ssh tunnel21:58
Siceloi guess VPN is the best way?21:58
KotCzarnyvpn would work too if done correctly21:58
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Siceloi seem to think ssh tunnel will not make it too easy for me to interact with the LAN?21:58
KotCzarnythink of ssh tunnel as a tcp port forward21:59
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KotCzarnyudp wont work without tricks21:59
ceeneyep, you'd have to set up individual ports for each service21:59
ceenein that case a vpn is gest21:59
ceenebut openvpn is apt-gettable on maemo21:59
KotCzarnyssh is good for quick solution22:00
KotCzarnyvpn requires a bit more fiddling22:00
KotCzarnyeasy enough though22:00
Siceloexcept the friend who already has openvpn is running it with some xor patches .. (think china - great firewall)22:00
Sicelothe other server doesn't have openvpn running. i could install it, but would have to first discuess, etc. haha .. so china is easier as i already have everything in place server side22:01
KotCzarnyvpn is nice in a way you will feel as if you were at home22:02
KotCzarnybut as i said, dont forget to harden it a bit22:02
Siceloit is hard already (for the chinese friend. just annoying that i have to recompile for n900)22:03
KotCzarnybecause by default it uses quite weak cryptos/algos22:03
KotCzarnyalso i think openssl on fremantle is buggy22:03
Siceloi am afraid of that, yes. will see what happens when i build and test :)22:05
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bencohfreemangordon: how is thumb target in SB related to host being linux-4.2 vs 3.x? :/23:01
bencohany idea why gcc segfaults?23:01
Sicelobuilding openvpn ..  .. it's an easy issue, but what i'm asking myself is - does it mean my SB is outdated? that is building from N900 sources23:04
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Sicelothat problem fixed now23:15
Siceloi once asked a question here ... i once built a deb and it ended up with all the source inside itself, haha .. any idea what i could have done wrong?23:27
ceeneyou should nclude a -I.git parameter23:56
ceeneto Ignore that pattern23:56
ceenetime to sleep, if hot night allows it23:57
Siceloone last q. before you go :)23:57
Sicelowhat do you use to build a deb? checkinstall?23:57
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