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L29Ahincidentally compiled a fresh kernel for n900; i wonder how do i check if it works using only maemo01:27
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Wizzup_L29Ah: tweak the u-boot menu to use the right args?01:47
L29Ahso, will 'init=/bin/bash' work out of the box?01:48
* L29Ah forgot everything he tried last year01:49
Wizzup_I would suggest to see what is in the uboot entry/list01:51
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L29Ahk display doesn't work, although it seems like i successfully rebooted it with typing 'reboot' :]02:13
L29Ahoh maybe i didn't do the dt stuff02:13
L29Ahno slash in the console for me, somehow the blue arrow key doesn't do much02:24
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fishbulbhow do I change the light15:17
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fishbulbI want it to flash green instead of blue when I get a message or whatever15:18
fishbulbI FUCKING HATE blue15:18
L29Ahyou can resolder it ;]15:18
fishbulbit does green when charged and yellow while charging15:19
fishbulbwhy not green for messages?15:19
L29Ahto fuck you up ofc15:19
L29Ahit must be open source, fix it15:20
L29Ah// although patching maemo looks like PITA to me15:20
L29Ahand it may actually be faster to resolder the thing15:20
fishbulbdo you have any idea what you're talking about?15:20
L29Ahhow do i know?15:21
fishbulbI'll answer for you. you don't.15:21
DocScrutinizer05fishbulb: use LED pattern editor15:24
fishbulbis that in dev?15:24
tissi've been trying to connect  logitech rumblepad 2  with n90015:24
tissinstalled h-e-n, plugged the cord to usb, the led on the controller lights up, but how do applications recognize the controller? do the buttons need to be mapped with some software according to keyboard buttons?15:25
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fishbulbif it has rumble functions it draws too much15:27
tissthey can be disabled on the controller15:27
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DocScrutinizer05till: sorry?16:23
bencohhe left already16:25
DocScrutinizer05noticed it16:26
infobotrumour has it, hen is hostmode-easy-now, or, or see ~hostmode16:26
DocScrutinizer05I don't get the last question16:26
DocScrutinizer05>>do the buttons need to be mapped with some software according to keyboard buttons?<< ???16:27
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DocScrutinizer05oh, it was about some gamepad of sorts?16:28
bencohI suppose so16:29
DocScrutinizer05rather maemo-unspecific question then16:29
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ceenemy country has voted again for the two well known corrupt parties23:00
KotCzarnymoney, money, money?23:00
ceenedon't have a clue, man23:00
ceeneit's insane23:00
KotCzarnythen its the money23:00
ceenegonna have some dinner23:00
ceenethis is all bollocks23:00
KotCzarnysunday, bloody sunday ~~ lalala23:01
ceenei don't understand a fucking thing23:21
ceenea minister had to resign because he had offshore companies revealed by the Panama Papers23:21
ceeneanother one has been discovered with recordings of him giving orders to the fiscal trying to sabotage another party23:22
L29Ahmoney money money money23:23
L29Ahgentoo have killed my microsd23:23
L29Ahit seems like no microsd producers specify the number of cycles their products withstand ;/23:23
L29Ahso i can choose between crap and shit23:23
ceeneusing an sd card for compiling doesn't look like a great idea23:24
L29Ahhow so?23:24
L29Ahit works awesome on a sata-interfacing nand23:24
Wizzup_L29Ah: why do you compuile on a sd card?23:24
L29Ahwhat else do i have?23:24
L29Ahdistcc doesn't work23:25
Wizzup_I compile on a different arm machine23:25
L29Ahnfs would be hilariously slow23:25
L29Ahi don't have any other arm machines23:25
Wizzup_and just chroot to the n900 sd card, with /var/tmp/portage on something that is not backed by a sd card23:25
Wizzup_ah, well, that's a pity23:25
Wizzup_you can get a cheap one for ~30-50 euro with SATA23:25
L29Ahlike raspi?23:26
L29Ahoh, i've built gentoo on raspi23:26
Wizzup_I would suggest something decent23:26
L29Ahit's hella slow anyway23:26
Wizzup_this has great support in mainline23:26
ceeneand distcc?23:27
ceenedoesn't that allow crosscompiling?23:27
L29Ah23:25:00]<L29Ah> distcc doesn't work23:27
L29Ahi don't know why23:28
ceenedidn't read that23:28
L29Ahalso qemu-user somehow fails to work properly23:28
L29Ahinstall(1) segfaults there23:28
L29Ahso i can't emerge anything23:28
ceenethat's pretty stupid23:29
ceeneinstall basically copies files23:29
L29Ahtoo bad i can't just drop in the host binaries because of the dynamic linking23:29
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