IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2016-06-01

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OksanaQuestion: can telepathy provide "somebody is typing" notifications/indicators?03:08
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DocScrutinizer05that depends first and foremost on the underlying protocol, I guess03:48
OksanaHmm, should research... Side-note: playing chess with contacts would be nice
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OksanaOkay, on a making-sense point: just like audio-or-video-call takes whole screen, forcing user to switch windows for text messages, chess-game has full right to take whole screen, leaving any text messages in a separate telepathy-window04:04
* DocScrutinizer05 idly wonders how chess comes to IM04:05
* DocScrutinizer05 wants a generic sensor-actor extension in XMPP ;-)04:06
DocScrutinizer05wait, I guess this has already been demonstrated during last CCCamp04:07
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DocScrutinizer05sorry, I'm not responsible for content of websites I'm linking to04:11
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DocScrutinizer05at least you can bet on it becoming a big success story, when sex is involved04:17
DocScrutinizer05just like video via internet, which... we know all why videos on internet got "invented" to start with04:18
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OksanaHuh, at least link is clear enough that most people would recognise risks before opening it04:56
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klopsi-u3i need your donations05:58
klopsi-u3for a new website05:58
klopsi-u3about jewish priests sucking baby cocks05:59
klopsi-u3send money now06:00
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klopsi-u3why are there 171 people here08:24
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DocScrutinizer05why are you here?08:32
klopsi-u3i am curious08:32
klopsi-u3i use maemo08:32
DocScrutinizer05you're close to a kickban for absolutely inappropriate XXX posts08:33
joga"close"? ;p08:35
DocScrutinizer05joga: everybody deserves a warning08:39
DocScrutinizer05though in this particular case I was very tempted to instantly use the banhammer08:41
DocScrutinizer05also klopsi-u3 didn't troll so far, so I guess that was some mishap08:52
klopsi-u3i got a legion of government assholes threatening me08:55
klopsi-u3you are a mushroom08:55
klopsi-u3i just stopped by to say hi08:55
klopsi-u3you are a pustule08:55
klopsi-u3on my skin08:56
klopsi-u3i pop you08:56
klopsi-u3i am a descendent of Charlemagne08:56
klopsi-u3i am a king08:56
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DocScrutinizer05freemangordon: nope, see chanlogs which have him as a reasonable user since nov 201508:57
freemangordonweird. maybe08:59
DocScrutinizer05now he's wasting his own time sending me query08:59
DocScrutinizer05drunk, I guess. Or on dunno which drug09:00
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bruce_lee\(^_^)/ @all13:00
bruce_leeI can't make yappari/whatsApp work on my nokia n90013:02
bruce_leeis yappari working for you guys?13:03
KotCzarnybecause WA is broken13:03
KotCzarnylatest news are always in yappari thread on tmo13:03
bruce_leewhat is "tmo"?13:03
DocScrutinizer05yappari is broken13:06
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jon_ybruce_lee: it is dead13:46
jon_yget an iphone :)13:46
KotCzarnyjon_y: ceene gave up? or did i miss anything13:47
jon_yKotCzarny: WA implemented end-to-end encryption13:47
jon_yif someone broke it, sure, we'll have compatibility :)13:47
jon_y*mandatory encryption13:48
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KotCzarnyjon_y: yes, and ceene was working on it13:49
jon_ystill working on it?13:49
KotCzarnyjon_y: didnt see him giving up yet13:49
jon_yhuh I got the impression he stopped permanently13:50
KotCzarnyjon_y: link?13:50
jon_ylet me get that13:50
KotCzarnyjon_y: yeah, its a message about users not using yappari before he gets it working again and not to get banned13:52
KotCzarnybecause WA bans just for a wrong client13:53
KotCzarnybut he didnt say he definitely dropped yappari13:53
jon_yI got the impression he meant something will replace it13:53
KotCzarnyit will still be called yappari if he fixes encryption and protocol13:54
KotCzarnyand you can see clearly in his message about that13:54
jon_yoh well, no rush13:54
jon_yI've blocked most of my WA contacts anyway ;)13:55
jon_yinsipid trash coming through otherwise13:56
jon_yI have no idea if facebook will be like that too if I do setup an account13:56
KotCzarnycoers those good contacts to switch to telegram or jabber13:56
jon_ythat telegram with the marconi set?13:57
KotCzarnynope, modern app13:57
jon_yhuh, tell me more13:57
KotCzarnyask other former-yappers13:58
KotCzarnyi use only irc13:58
jon_yjabber I know, but I doubt it will be easy to convince my friends to switch, since they have friends too that need convincing13:58
KotCzarnyquick google:
KotCzarnybut as i said, ask/google14:00
jon_yok, never heard of it14:00
KotCzarnyi think its one of the bigger im services14:01
jon_ythe service has a really generic name14:02
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Vajbjon_y: i use jabber, but no point since none other wont14:50
Vajbi switched back to sms14:50
Vajbnow im that old grumby mofo who refuses to adopt new tech14:51
Vajbbut there is jabber client for android and probably for other os as well14:51
Vajbi installed one to my tablet to see if it works and it does14:52
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jon_yVajb: yeah well, friends are sending me pictures15:06
jon_yand the service provider 3G doesn't work15:07
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Vajbfor me they started showing them straight from their phone screen's15:26
jon_y"3G service is not activated for this phone!"15:43
jon_yoh well15:43
jon_yI can live without mms15:43
keriorip mms16:05
ceenejon_y: i haven't still given up, but i'm pretty near, to be honest16:06
jon_yceene: care to share some technical details? :)16:06
ceenei got a french number from a fellow tmo user, so i'm using it to debug yappari16:06
ceenethere are two issues right now16:06
ceeneone is that i've gotten banned at least once just because16:06
ceenethe other one, that is make yappari completely useless16:07
ceeneis that i can't get it to work with the ciphering protocol16:07
jon_yyou found the cipher already?16:07
ceenefor some reason i'm not able to acquire encryption keys of receipients16:07
ceenei've got an implementation that was supposedly working on sailfish16:07
ceeneit's also very similar/identical to the one that yowsup uses16:08
ceenebut there's something missing some place that i've yet to discover16:08
jon_ythe keys are unique to each user?16:08
jon_yPGP style?16:08
ceeneyes, not only that but they're also session keys16:08
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ceeneso they change from time to time16:08
jon_ybtw, are there any plans to make it work with the web interface?16:09
jon_yit tells you to scan some QR code16:09
ceeneno, not at all16:09
ceenei still got to make it simply work16:09
ceeneso no new functionality at all unless the basics start working16:09
jon_ysure, I guess that can come later16:09
jon_yceene: is it expected that Yappari crashes a few times during normal operations?16:10
ceeneit is not expected for yappari to work at all16:10
jon_ymysterious exits16:10
jon_yI mean a few months back before the encryption kicked in16:11
ceeneso if it somehow works for you... you really should stop using it, as you will get banned sooner or later16:11
ceenethat's something that used to happen from time to time, yeah16:11
ceeneit was almost completely fixed, though16:11
jon_ymemory limitations?16:11
ceenebut if you missed some update it's very easy that you suffered from that, yes16:11
ceeneno, protocol mismatch16:12
jon_yoh ok, that explains16:12
jon_ysince I don't update too often (or use yappari often)16:12
jon_yonly found out about it being broken a month or so16:12
jon_y*a month or so ago16:13
ceenelucky you then :)16:13
jon_yyeah messages from busy muted contacts suddenly stopped :)16:13
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jon_yceene: so, is there a way to check if you're banned without starting yappari?16:18
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ceeneyou can use yowsup16:29
ceeneyowsup-cli registration -m MCC -n MNC -p PHONE -C CountryCode16:30
ceeneit'll try to register your phone16:30
ceeneif you receive the sms, everything's okay16:30
ceenethat line is lacking -r sms  at then16:30
ceenes/then/the end/16:30
infobotceene meant: that line is lacking -r sms  at the end16:30
ceeneif you're banned, yowsup will tell16:31
ceenestatus=fail, reason=blocked16:31
ceeneor something like that16:31
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jon_yhuh ok16:48
jon_ythanks ceene16:48
jon_yI need to find out what the MCC/MNC values are16:49
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jon_yceene: INFO:yowsup.common.http.warequest:{"status":"fail","reason":"no_routes","retry_after":3600,"sms_wait":0,"voice_wait":0}17:23
jon_yno route?17:23
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ceenei don't know the reason for that17:40
ceeneit may be wrong mcc/mnc values17:40
ceeneyou should wait however 3600 seconds before trying again17:40
ceeneor you may get banned if you're not already17:41
jon_yhmm ok17:52
jon_yceene: does android/s40 matter?17:54
bruce_leeis it possible to use yowsub to write and read wa-messages?18:16
ceenejon_y: it shouldn't18:17
ceenebruce_lee: it should18:17
jon_yok, still getting no_routes18:17
jon_yceene: where do you store the password on the n900?18:18
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L29Ahmaemo's gsm syncing thing doesn't seem to work18:36
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L29Ahopenntpd doesn't seem to work18:36
KotCzarnysntp -s pool.ntp.org18:36
L29Ah`date` is too dump to eat http's timestamp18:37
L29AhE: Couldn't find package sntp18:37
KotCzarnyit should be in ntpd package18:37
L29AhE: Couldn't find package ntpd18:37
KotCzarnyyou can also try rdate, but not all servers enable this older protocol18:38
L29AhE: Couldn't find package rdate18:39
L29AhE: Couldn't find package ntpdate18:39
KotCzarnyhehe, just grab etch package and unpack ntpdate from there18:39
sunshavithis works for me 'sudo rdate -s'18:39
KotCzarnyyou will probably need one additional tiny package18:39
L29Ahmaemo is dead :<18:40
KotCzarnyno, its not18:40
ceenemaybe that18:40
KotCzarnyit's hacker's os18:40
ceenebut it requires gpsd18:40
L29Ah-bash: gcc: command not found18:40
L29Ahgentoo is hacker's os18:41
ceeneapt-get install easy-debian?18:41
L29Ahand maemo is just a rotten debian18:41
ceenetime to go home!18:41
KotCzarnyl29ah, stop complaining and acting like a spoiled ubunter :P18:41
L29Ahin gentoo everything just works ;P18:42
L29AhWizzup: did you bring up a GUI btw? :]18:42
L29AhWizzup: where can i read about your gentoo?18:43
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WizzupL29Ah: I have X, yeah.18:47
WizzupL29Ah: I have a file with notes, didn't write a blog post yet18:48
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KotCzarnytkaiser: regarding sun upgrade, thats called technology progress21:05
KotCzarnyalso, it would be nice to see how stable those sbc are21:06
KotCzarnyie. if they burn out eventually due to constant activity21:06
KotCzarnyoneinsect: increase ramdisk size?21:07
L29AhWizzup: what about a touch-friendly app launcher and window manager?21:10
Wizzupnope, haven't had the time yet21:10
KotCzarnydrat, wrong chan again21:12
L29Ahi'd be nice if you post your notes to some wiki/vcs so i can jump in the fun someday :]21:12
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WizzupL29Ah: ok, right now I'm a bit busy/stressed, but I'll make a note to do it asap21:28
DocScrutinizer05luke-jr: !!!21:28
DocScrutinizer05just *read* the first 3 lines21:28
DocScrutinizer05are YOU "me"?21:29
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