IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2016-05-21

Siceloit's been fixed a bit :)00:00
Siceloinfobot: ?00:00
SiceloVenemo_N900: and i think many of us just use apt00:00
Sicelobut yes, ham is a little faster now .. speedy-ham .. dunno why the factoid isn't work00:01
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Venemo_N900no results for apt-cache search speedy-ham00:02
Siceloit's still called ham .. just improved. i think it's there in cssu-testing by the default00:03
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infobotSpeedyHAM is 30 times faster than HAM  SpeedyHAM is included in CSSU-testing now00:04
SiceloVenemo_N900: ^^00:04
Venemo_N900how do I enable cssu testing?00:04
Siceloon tmo there are big buttons for all flavors of cssu00:05
Venemo_N900okay, will go look00:05
Venemo_N900found it, now upgrading00:12
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KotCzarnyspeedyham is included in cssu00:55
KotCzarnythat factoid should point to cssu not the .deb00:55
Siceloeven in stable?00:56
Sicelothe factoid does say it is available in testing00:56
KotCzarnyfew versions behind, but still there01:01
KotCzarny3 years older tho01:01
KotCzarnyahm, factoid points to community-devel :P01:01
KotCzarnystill, i would go rather -thumb than -devel :P01:02
Sicelothere's no cssu-devel, is there? :)01:05
Venemo_jiirc there is just testing01:06
Sicelo-devel is basically a staging area, not tied to cssu01:06
KotCzarnysicelo, yes, dragons be there01:06
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Venemo_good night!01:33
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luke-jrany reason GPS wouldn't work in Switzerland?08:00
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freemangordonluke-jr: no data roaming?08:15
luke-jrfreemangordon: using wifi08:20
freemangordonhmm, not sure agps works over wifi08:21
* luke-jr would have expected 15-30 min lock regardless of AGPS08:21
freemangordonunless signal is weak08:22
ds3neutrality requires military systems such as GPS be blocked? :D08:49
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Vajb_will wdq change to 1 if charger is connected or i need to remove it first? Related to bme.10:54
Sicelowdq, or vdq?10:57
SiceloVDQ is set to 1 when battery gets full. It remains 1 until a charger is connected again, when it gets set to 0 until charge is complet again. when VDQ is 0, then battery calibration will not take place11:02
Vajb_yes vdq, but that doesn't state if it turns to 1 if charger is connected and battery is "full"11:04
Siceloyes, becomes 1 while charger is connected :)11:05
Vajb_:) ok11:06
Vajb_i think i have to use "partial charge" to get my new dualpolarcell battery calibrated11:07
Siceloafaik that won't work11:07
Vajb_it had 3,7v left when phone decided this calibration is invalid11:07
SiceloVDQ needs to be 1 until discharge cycle is complete ... see what i said above: the moment you plug in a charger during discharge, VDQ becomes 011:08
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Vajb_yes i know, but now it was 1 and suddenly when charge dropped to 3,7v it went to 0 without me doing anything11:10
Sicelothat also happens once in a while :)11:11
Vajb_happened to me also when i moved from single polarcell to mugen11:11
Vajb_mugen wasn't too good at quality11:11
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MaxdamantusI think you basically need to confuse it by discharging quickly the first time.11:26
MaxdamantusThere's some rule involving 12.5% or something of the LMD.11:26
Vajb_yup i know11:26
Vajb_i guess i charge it to max and stream media from web till it dies11:27
MaxdamantusJust leave the camera LEDs on.11:27
Vajb_but so far im happy with my dual setup11:27
KotCzarnyi think transmitting data is even more power hungry11:27
KotCzarnyso start scp'ing big file too11:27
MaxdamantusYou want something that's consistent.11:28
KotCzarnyjust dont 'splode it11:28
Maxdamantuslike the LEDs left on.11:28
Vajb_28h of my normal heavy use and it went to 3,7v just. Mugen would have died in 12h mark, about11:28
Vajb_my heavy use is constantly checking facebook while listening to music ;)11:29
Maxdamantuser, not 12.5%*LMD, but NAC/1611:30
Maxdamantuser, NAC >= LMD/1611:30
MaxdamantusIf you were monitoring it during your failed calibration, it was probably sitting at about NAC = LMD/16 for a few hours, then VDQ would switch to 0 and NAC would continue decreasing.11:32
Vajb_Lmd was 2048 and now i expect it to be around 320011:32
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KotCzarnyit will be 2200-2400 probably11:33
MaxdamantusTwo of them? I imagine 300011:33
MaxdamantusMy single one was measured at around 1600 the first few calibrations.11:34
Maxdamantusdunno if it scales linearly though.11:35
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Vajbdamned gprs11:39
Vajbi was saying:11:39
VajbLmd was 2048 and now i expect it to be around 320011:39
MaxdamantusYeah. I'd suggest charging it and leaving it with the camera LEDs on.11:40
Maxdamantus(for a first, inaccurate, calibtation)11:41
Vajbok, thx for the camera hint. Never crossed my mind.11:50
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ceenebanned again12:21
ceenewithout any cause12:21
ceeneas i haven't even tried to log in in a week12:21
KotCzarnymaybe you got on the scheduled bans list12:28
KotCzarnyor they ban now users that dont use the network for a week12:28
ceenethat wouldn't make much sense :s12:28
ceenedon't know12:28
ceenei'm really just about to give up12:29
ceenei can't send nor receive messages yet12:29
Siceloi have two available numbers :)12:29
ceeneand i get banned even if i don't do nothing at all12:29
ceeneSicelo: we may try with one of them if you want, but last time i coudln't even register12:30
ceenewhatsapp is not liking your company or whatever12:30
ceenevectis3 has offered me his number12:30
ceenebut seems not to be online right now12:30
ceenei need to debug why i'm not generating right session cipher keys12:31
ceenebut even if i manage to do that... what does it matter, if i'll get banned in two days?12:31
KotCzarnywell, it will solve one bug12:31
KotCzarnynd sometimes bugs have the same cause12:32
ceenethat's true, yes12:32
ceenefuck, birds are making a nest on my gas chimney12:33
Sicelois it summer? :P12:34
ceenebut if they block gas fumes12:35
ceenemy heater won't work12:35
ceeneas it will shut itself12:35
KotCzarnyi can get you code from my gf number too if you need/want12:42
ceeneyes, please, that'll be great12:43
ceenei'll need number, country and provider (or mnc and mcc)12:44
KotCzarnyk, let me sms her12:46
ceeneif you had whatsapp you could do it for free...12:46
ceenebut it wouldn't matter to us then :D12:46
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ceenei think i'm gonna start one day porting yappari to use telegram12:55
ceeneseems more feasible right now12:56
ceeneand people will be happy as well, maybe not as much12:56
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ceenebirds evicted14:33
ceeneat least i've done one useful thing today14:33
ceeneone hour and a half later14:33
KotCzarnypah, you didnt use the flamethrower14:50
ceenei couldn't even register15:04
ceenei've already blocked KotCzarny and his gf's number15:04
ceenethat doesn't make any fucking sense15:05
ceenedoes that mean15:05
ceenethat i can block people all around?15:05
ginggsceene: please package your whatsapp blocker application :)15:07
KotCzarnyceene, no worries, we dont use crapsapp15:08
KotCzarnyceene, one thought, does roaming affect initial registeration info?15:09
KotCzarnyplay gsm is the network that roams on most of the other network towers here15:09
ceeneit shouldn't, the phone extracts this information from the sim15:10
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ceeneit's the sim's provider's network mcc and mnc what is needed to register15:10
ceenei guess sms may not be received while on roaming15:11
ceenewell, that's idiotic also, you can send an sms to anyone no matter where he is15:11
ceeneso... don't know, really :/15:11
ceenemaybe they're changing registration procedure too15:11
Sicelohey ginggs :)15:15
ginggshi Sicelo15:15
Siceloceene: blocked during registration already? 0.o15:16
ceeneyep :s15:16
KotCzarnytry another ip/isp ?15:17
ceenenext time i'll avoid using this computer15:18
ceenebut don't know15:18
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ceeneit's all quite frustrating15:18
Siceloyou were using wget? could it be that the registration URL is different now?15:18
*** JRHaigh has joined #maemo15:19
ceenei've used yowsup directly for this15:19
ceenei've managed to get registration sms15:19
ceenei got this15:20
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ceeneand then {"status":"fail","reason":"blocked"}15:20
KotCzarnyit could be something as simple as a cookie to get you blocked15:21
KotCzarny(and block history reaching some threshold)15:22
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Venemolooks like CSSU has some dependency issues15:32
SiceloVenemo: we don't dist upgrade on maemo :)]15:38
KotCzarnyhe he15:39
Venemoplain upgrade doesn't wanna upgrade some packages either15:39
Venemoand mp-fremantle-community-pr has missing dependencies too15:40
KotCzarnyvenemo, you were told to follow cssu install exactly15:40
Venemoturns out, cssu was already installed, all I did yesterday was switch to its testing version and ran apt-get update and upgrade15:41
KotCzarnyso, no dep problems, you just broke the packages15:42
KotCzarnyhe he15:42
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Venemowhat did I break?15:48
Venemomp-fremantle-community-pr depends on packages that aren't in the repos15:48
KotCzarnywhich one?15:49
KotCzarnyalso, list mp-fremantle-community-pr version15:49
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APicNice one16:01
Venemonot sure what is wrong16:04
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Venemoby the way, since the official nokia sources are out... I downloaded the N900 firmware images from somewhere16:07
Venemois there a trustworthy source of their MD5 sums?16:07
infobotsomebody said maemo-repos was
infobot[tabletsdev] , (all defunct, thanks Nokia) or the nice site, or, or
Venemoare those links trustworth?16:10
Venemoare those links trustworthy?16:10
KotCzarnymuarf is ran by bencoh16:11
KotCzarnyand bencoh is16:11
KotCzarnyprobably /sys16:23
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infoboti guess flashing-cmdline is
DocScrutinizer05Venemo: ^^^17:48
Venemothanks, will take a look17:49
DocScrutinizer05it's 'my' stuff so I can say there's nothing bad in it from my side. I can't guarantee for the mirror repos but they behaved so far17:57
DocScrutinizer05the flashing-cmdline has all you need, regarding downloads of images and md5ums17:58
DocScrutinizer05all checked to be 100% genuine17:59
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DocScrutinizer05so "~flashing" is just "copy this into your linux PCs terminal" and you're done19:18
DocScrutinizer05well, you also need to hit enter. The rest is automatically resp guided19:19
*** Sicelo009N has quit IRC19:26
Venemothank you DocScrutinizer0519:27
DocScrutinizer05yw, hope it works flawlessly for you. If not, please let me know19:28
Venemowill do.19:28
DocScrutinizer05ooh, there's one nasty thing I can't handle: you need the libusb0.1.4_32bit on your system19:29
DocScrutinizer05your PC19:29
VenemoI got libusb-0.1.5-6.fc23.i68619:29
DocScrutinizer05I rhink you need the 32bit version19:29
Venemothat is it19:30
DocScrutinizer05ooh, ok19:30
Venemoi686 is just another fancy name for it :)19:30
DocScrutinizer05that's why I can't handle it at all, it's different on each distro19:30
Venemono problem, let's hope 0.1.5 is compatible with 0.1.419:30
DocScrutinizer05you'll notice if flasher loads and does something, or just complains about missing file or whatever19:31
VenemoI can grab the old version too if needed19:32
Venemowill let you know how it goes, but now I gotta rush off19:32
Venemosee you later! :)19:32
*** Venemo has quit IRC19:32
DocScrutinizer05I wonder if a "LD_PRELOAD=./ flasher ..." would work, for a shipped together with the flasher19:39
DocScrutinizer05hmmm, where to get an "alien" libusb0.1.4 to test that on my system?19:40
DocScrutinizer05I gather the ARM version from maemo won't work on a PC ;-D19:41
kerioqemu-user dat shit19:44
*** Guest64730 has quit IRC19:48
enycDocScrutinizer05:   ??19:50
*** Guest64730 has joined #maemo19:50
DocScrutinizer05or  ;-) thanks anyway19:50
DocScrutinizer05worth it?19:56
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DocScrutinizer05kerio: enyc: $whoever: could you please test new version of flash-it-all?21:16
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, flashing-cmdline is
*** eijk has joined #maemo21:20
*** KotCzarny has joined #maemo21:24
DocScrutinizer05anybody around?21:34
DocScrutinizer05anyway, I hope I generally fixed the libusb issue, please let me know if it works for you21:57
DocScrutinizer05(wget -O - 2>/dev/null| tar xvz)&&cd maemo-my-private-workdir&&sudo ./flash-it-all.sh21:57
DocScrutinizer05it's actually working that fast that it took me a 10s until I understood there was no error22:00
*** L29Ah has joined #maemo22:00
DocScrutinizer05downloading and extracting a humble 60kB is really fast nowadays ;-)22:00
DocScrutinizer05added a note to
*** vakkov has joined #maemo22:42
Paliapple uses TI bq charging chips inside its batteries23:40
PaliI did not know that it is possible to reflash firmware in bq chips...23:41
DocScrutinizer51it is23:41
DocScrutinizer51when you got access to Vprg pin23:42
DocScrutinizer51thats why may batteries got a hole somewhere, to contact the Vprg23:43
*** sunshavi has quit IRC23:44
DocScrutinizer51Pali: seen my nasty hack above?23:44
DocScrutinizer51LD_PRELOAD libusb23:44
DocScrutinizer51works :-P23:45
*** Sicelo009N has joined #maemo23:45
Palirename libusb file to and then call with LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$PWD ./flasher-3.523:45
Palibetter then LD_PRELOAD23:46
DocScrutinizer51hmm, pondered that, but more complicated23:47
Palibut thats correct, you tell dynamic linker that it should search for libraries in $PWD23:47
DocScrutinizer51just it needs libs from elsewhere too23:48
PaliLD_LIBRARY_PATH are additional libs23:48
Paliyou can also LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$PWD:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH ./flasher-3.523:49
DocScrutinizer51take precedence over default?23:49
Paliin case you already have something in $LD_LIBRARY_PATH23:49
Paliyes, that path should be preferred23:49
Palibut you can test it23:49
Palirun: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$PWD:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH ldd ./flasher-3.523:49
Palildd will show you path to all libraries which are loaded23:50
DocScrutinizer51youre prolly right but I was lazy and it seems to work23:50
Sicelo009Nnice info there Pali (about batteries)23:50
*** wnd has quit IRC23:52
infobotfrom memory, flashing-cmdline is
DocScrutinizer51more than ever23:52
KotCzarnypali: it may be . instead of $PWD23:53
Paliyes, you can use also .23:53
*** wnd has joined #maemo23:54
DocScrutinizer51please give it a test23:54
*** Sicelo009N has quit IRC23:56
DocScrutinizer51btw the dirty part in that hack is not the ld-preload but delivering an arbitrary lib23:59
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