IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2016-05-10

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infobothmm... repos is "deb ./ ;; deb ./", or see
infobotfrom memory, cssu is, or (Community Seamless Software Update)01:18
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infoboti heard jrrepos is
DocScrutinizer05~repos is also see ~jrrepos01:21
infobotokay, DocScrutinizer0501:21
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sunshaviDocScrutinizer05: nice :)01:54
sunshaviDocScrutinizer05: what about jessie en n900?01:55
DocScrutinizer05~literal repos01:55
infobot"#maemo repos" is ""deb ./ ;; deb ./", or see"01:55
DocScrutinizer05~literal _default repos01:56
infobot"repos" is "see ~jrrepos"01:56
DocScrutinizer05~forget _default repos01:56
infoboti didn't have anything called '_default repos' to forget, DocScrutinizer0501:56
DocScrutinizer05~forget repos01:56
infoboti forgot repos, DocScrutinizer0501:56
DocScrutinizer05~literal repos01:56
infobot"#maemo repos" is ""deb ./ ;; deb ./", or see"01:56
DocScrutinizer05~#maemo repos is also see ~jrrepos01:56
infobotokay, DocScrutinizer0501:56
infobotfrom memory, repos is "deb ./ ;; deb ./", or see, or see ~jrrepos01:57
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ceenei've succesfully sent encrypted message to my GF through yappari!12:46
ceenelet's see now if i can read her!12:47
ceeneEXCEPTION "DuplicateMessageException" "Received message with old counter: 1, 0"12:48
bencohreading messages from others? naah, that's overrated12:48
ceenethis doesn't make any sense12:48
bencohit's writeonly, like perl12:48
ceeneas this is the first message i've been sent to this number, so...12:48
ceeneit's ok12:48
ceenewe're miles ahead of where we were just yesterday12:48
ceenegonna share my happiness on TMO :)12:48
Vajb_\o/ ceene!12:52
ceeneinputKeyMaterial.size: 012:54
ceenekeyMaterialBytes.size: 012:54
ceenethere's some thing that keeps forgetting about keys, i think12:54
bencohwhich lib are you using in the end?13:00
Vajb_yup me. That's why i keep my keys in pocket, eh13:00
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ceenefrom coderus13:14
ceeneand i also got microblaze to run linux on the ARTY board13:17
ceeneeverything works today13:17
ceenethat's probably because today i overslept13:18
ceenei arrived at work over half an hour later than usually13:18
KotCzarnyand probably huge f*ckup coming soon? :>13:18
Siceloceene: we going to have to love your gf for you :) she's very helpful to us13:18
ceeneyes she is13:18
Sicelohmm, late to work? someone's going to get fired13:19
ceenei've got quite a particular job13:19
ceenei get paid little, i can do whatever the hell i want13:19
KotCzarnycat sitting?13:20
ceeneprovided i do in fact do something13:20
ceeneradar engineer13:20
KotCzarny90% of the work done in 10% of project time?13:20
ceenethis time it's more like this project cannot be physically be done on time13:21
ceeneso why would i work more than a couple hours a day if it won't make any effect on the end result, which is no project finished13:22
KotCzarnydoomed from before the beginning?13:22
ceeneethernet doesn't work13:23
KotCzarnyuse usb dongle?13:23
ceenethis thing doesn't have usb13:23
ceenemaybe i should have used xilinx' kernel13:24
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KotCzarnyanyone got a clue why fakeroot is failing?21:03
sunshaviKotCzarny: no idea. I have never seen that msg21:07
KotCzarnyprobably some failing scratchbox cruft21:08
KotCzarnylets see how self built 1.11 fares21:11
bencohare you sure it's vfakeroot failing?21:12
KotCzarnybencoh, got any other clue?21:12
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KotCzarnyit calls dh_clean part, i've replace first clean rule with 'true' to check21:13
KotCzarnyfails anyway21:13
bencohinvalid broken/rules I'd say21:15
KotCzarnyyup. works. definitely fakeroot-net is the cause21:15
bencohand/or incompatible with our dpkg tools21:15
KotCzarnyi think i've stolen it from some other maemo package (rules/config)21:16
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KotCzarnyi can now build packages in chroot on my banana21:42
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sunshaviKotCzarny  congrats21:46
KotCzarnyand the chroot is only ~400M21:48
KotCzarnymuch smaller than 6-8GB of the scratchbox21:48
KotCzarnyalso easier to manage/run/clone21:49
KotCzarnynot to mention things now work as expected, instead of being b0rken by dirty sb hacks21:50
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sunshavii tried chroot did not work on sb221:51
KotCzarnyim not using sb221:52
sunshavii am with sb2 for os2008 and freemantle21:52
KotCzarnyi did chroot for diablo too21:52
sunshavisure in my case one terminal for both devices21:53
sunshavii think now the chroot/sb2 is a permission issue21:56
KotCzarnywhy? i have a script that pulls packages from repo, unpacks them, adds few symlinks and a start script21:56
KotCzarnyit's that simple21:56
sunshavisb2 has less duplication21:57
KotCzarnyand being free from sb hacks its much easier to compile packages21:57
KotCzarnywhat duplication?21:57
KotCzarnyyou can use the same stuff for n8x0 and n90021:58
sunshavisee maemo-sdk21:58
KotCzarnymain problem is outdated build software21:59
KotCzarnyautoconf                          2.65-2~bpo50+121:59
KotCzarnyautomake                          1:1.10.1-321:59
KotCzarnyfakeroot                          1.1121:59
sunshavisb can't avoid it. it is just the case :-)22:01
sunshavii think the best part from ur setup is multiple cores22:02
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sunshavithe best part from my case is just install the vm once and no  reinstall again22:03
KotCzarnymultiple cores + distcc22:03
KotCzarnyi dont 'install'22:04
KotCzarnyi just pack and unpack tar.gz22:04
KotCzarnyyeah, unpack minimal chroot with gcc on another box and it works22:04
KotCzarnyand nice part of that multicore setup is ~15usd for 4 cores @ 1.3ghz22:08
sunshavimmm :-)22:08
sunshavibanana pi which version?22:09
KotCzarnywith ~2W power envelope total22:09
KotCzarnygot few22:09
KotCzarnybpi-m1 and orange pi pc22:09
KotCzarnyopi+2e is going to show up in a few days. similar to opi+ but 2gb of ram and 8 or 16gb of emmc22:10
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sunshavinice, banana pi has less power consumption than n800?22:11
KotCzarnynot really22:11
KotCzarnymuch higher idle i guess22:11
sunshavithen i am fine ;-)22:11
KotCzarny150mA vs 10-20 for n8x0 (guessing)22:11
KotCzarnybut they make nice routers/servers/players22:12
KotCzarnyor anything you do with them22:12
sunshavicores is important 222:13
KotCzarnyor 4 in the case of h3 based boards22:14
sunshavimy n800 is always on 4 email, chat, irc, bt access point22:14
KotCzarnywell, you can always stick 18650 to the board and make it mobile22:14
KotCzarnywill get you good 10h of mobile use22:15
KotCzarnymight be less with lcd22:15
KotCzarnythen stick 2 18650 ;)22:15
sunshavibattery has almost died22:25
sunshaviwhat i would like to have is a mobile bluetooth sink22:26
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sunshaviright now: n900 as client 4 the n800 bt access point, i could get more than a day from this setup ;)22:29
KotCzarnymy n900 is just phone/audio box on the go/jewels in the loo22:30
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sunshavidocument ur setup perhaps i could by a banana pi m1 on the future ;)22:36
KotCzarnymaybe i'll get around to post the scripts22:37
KotCzarnybut if you want nice box for the money, orange pi pc is nice22:38
sunshavimmm. i am going to check it then when back 2 my workstation22:39
KotCzarny15 usd from aliexpress22:39
sunshavii would like it 2 support sata22:41
KotCzarnyyou can use uasp usb adapter22:41
KotCzarny40MB/s is almost the same what you would get with a2022:42
sunshavimmm very nice. :)22:42
sunshaviboot from emmc, right?22:43
KotCzarnyopipc has only sd slot22:44
KotCzarnybut there are other models too22:44
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