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GadgetoidWoo, after much rebooting due to the battery being so old it's got grey hair, it's charging!00:24
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zGrrmoin :)13:11
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HRH_H_Crabim trying to set up uboot. i have a vfat partition on mmcblk1p1 and my rootfs on mmcblk1p2.13:32
HRH_H_Crabi have converted my kernel and initrd to uboot format and copied them to /media/mmc1/boot (which is on the vfat mmcblk1p1 partition).13:33
HRH_H_Crabim now trying to figure out what needs to go in boot.scr and where that should be saved. i think its implied it should sit in the root of the vfat partition.13:33
HRH_H_Crabso i have something like this:13:34
HRH_H_Crabsetenv bootcmd 'mmc init; ext2load mmc1 0 0x82000000 /boot/uImage; ext2load mmc1 0 0x83000000 /boot/uInitrd; bootm 0x82000000 0x83000000'13:34
HRH_H_Craband then:13:35
HRH_H_Crabsetenv bootcmd 'mmc init; ext2load mmc1 0 0x82000000 /boot/uImage; ext2load mmc1 0 0x83000000 /boot/uInitrd; bootm 0x82000000 0x83000000'13:35
HRH_H_Craboops: setenv bootargs 'root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 rootwait console=tty0 omapfb.vram=0:2M,1:2M,2:2M mtdoops.mtddev=2 nosplash'13:35
HRH_H_Crabthese clearly need some fixing up - but im not entirely sure what goes where...13:35
HRH_H_Crabcan anyone advise?13:35
HRH_H_Crabi guess the latter one i need to change the root device to /dev/mmcblk1p213:36
HRH_H_Crabbut im not sure where exactly it thinks the uImage should be in the first one.13:36
HRH_H_Craband since the first partition of my mmc1 is vfat i guess i dont need ext2load?!13:37
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MaxdamantusYes, you'd use something other than ext2load.13:53
DocScrutinizer05watch out for mmcblk1/mmcblk2 confusion, depending on whether or not you have a uSD inserted during boot, the naming might be messed up in linux13:54
keriofat load13:55
kerio( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)13:55
* Maxdamantus wonders why anyone would use fat anyway.13:55
keriobecause pali's uboot doesn't support extfs13:55
HRH_H_Crabkerio: that is the strange thing13:56
MaxdamantusMy u-boot works off ext2.13:56
Maxdamantusthough I compiled it myself.13:56 how's that relevant13:56
MaxdamantusI'd be surprised if it were disabled in pali's distribution though.13:56
Maxdamantuswell, "pali's u-boot" might refer to an obsolete branch of u-boot (his N900 support is merged into mainline now).13:57
Maxdamantusor it might refer to a binary distribution he's made.13:57
* Maxdamantus also modified his to use Dvorak instead of QWERTY>13:58
DocScrutinizer05(messed up) IOW maemo kernel detects uSD as mmcblk1 if present, and only later on those devices get renamed to show consistent mmcblk1 = eMMC13:59
MaxdamantusDo you mean the other way round?14:00
HRH_H_Crabi think about half of the documents and how to's ive read were written during a time that it did not support ext*14:01
HRH_H_Craband half were written after14:01
HRH_H_Crabwhich is probably why im in the mess i am.14:01
* Maxdamantus just figured it out once then wrote some scripts to generate the .scr and uimage crap.14:03
DocScrutinizer05err sorry, 0 and 1 of course14:04
HRH_H_Crabso i now have done s/ext2load/fatload for my bootcmd line14:04
HRH_H_Craband those paths for the kernel / initrd are deffo going to be looking at /dev/mmcblk1p1 ?14:05
DocScrutinizer05however compare cat /proc/partitions14:05
MaxdamantusDoes the kernel even know about mmcblk1?14:06
MaxdamantusI have a feeling it's meant to be mmc1p114:06
HRH_H_Crabwell im logged in to the machine now and i have: /dev/mmcblk1p1 on /media/mmc1 type vfat (rw,noauto,nodev,noexec,nosuid,noatime,nodiratime,utf8,uid=29999,shortname=mixed,dmask=000,fmask=0133,rodir)14:07
HRH_H_Crabso the "boot" i am trying to refer to in that bootcmd line is /media/mmc1/boot14:07
DocScrutinizer05compare cat /proc/partitions14:08
HRH_H_Crabto what?14:08
HRH_H_Crab 179        9   28315648 mmcblk1p114:08
HRH_H_Crabthat the line in /proc/partitions that relates to the partition i think im talking about14:08
DocScrutinizer05that's all?14:08
HRH_H_Crabbut that bootcmd example doesnt seem to refer to use that syntax at all14:08
HRH_H_Crabthe whole thing is14:08
HRH_H_Crabmajor minor  #blocks  name14:09
HRH_H_Crab 179        0   15558144 mmcblk014:09
HRH_H_Crab 179        1    1048576 mmcblk0p114:09
HRH_H_Crab 179        2   14508544 mmcblk0p214:09
HRH_H_Crab 179        8   31264768 mmcblk114:09
HRH_H_Crab 179        9   28315648 mmcblk1p114:09
HRH_H_Crab 179       10    2097152 mmcblk1p214:09
HRH_H_Crab 179       11     786432 mmcblk1p314:09
DocScrutinizer05I dunno what uBoot does regarding enum of mmc devices14:09
Maxdamantusah yeah, it is mmcblk14:09
HRH_H_Crabi guess i could rephrase my entire question as:14:09
HRH_H_Crabdoes anyone know wtf whoever wrote this:  setenv bootcmd 'mmc init; ext2load mmc1 0 0x82000000 /boot/uImage; ext2load mmc1 0 0x83000000 /boot/uInitrd; bootm 0x82000000 0x83000000'14:10
DocScrutinizer05you see mmcblk1p1 is maemo root partition, and you prolly got a 15GB uSD as mmcblk014:10
HRH_H_Crabmeant by that "mmc1"14:10
HRH_H_Craband is it the same thing that i mean by mmcblk1p1 ?!14:10
DocScrutinizer05later during boot these get renamed so eMMC is mmcblk0 and uSD is mmcblk114:10
parazydanyone got DRI working with pali's kernel?14:11
HRH_H_Crabso mmc1 is the name for mmcblk1p1 at uboot point in the process?14:11
Maxdamantussetenv bootmenu_1 zImage-'setenv setup_omap_atag 1; setenv bootcmd '\''ext2load mmc 1:1 0x86008000 /k/zImage-; setenv bootargs '\'''\\''\'''\''init=/sbin/preinit ubi.mtd=rootfs root=ubi0:rootfs rootfstype=ubifs rootflags=bulk_read,no_chk_data_crc rw console=ttyMTD,log console=tty0 snd-soc-rx51.hp_lim=42 snd-soc-tlv320aic3x.hp_dac_lim=6'\'''\\''\'''\''; bootm 0x86008000'\''; boot'14:12
MaxdamantusFun quotes.14:12
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HRH_H_Crabso confused. :(14:14
HRH_H_Crabjust got to man up when i get home and randomly pump partition notation in to this bad boy until it submits.14:15
DocScrutinizer05try mmc0 and mmc1, one of both will work ;-)14:15
DocScrutinizer05""setenv bootargs 'root=/dev/mmcblk0p1"" prolly points to 1st partition on uSD14:18
HRH_H_Crabso id need to make that p2.14:19
DocScrutinizer05""setenv bootcmd 'mmc init; ext2load mmc1"" migth point to uSD too, or to eMMC, dunno what uBoot does14:19
DocScrutinizer05but I'm pretty sure for bootargs the kernel will use that initial numbering which means mmcblk0 is eMMC when no uSD insterted, otherwise it's uSD14:21
DocScrutinizer05ask pali!14:22
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HRH_H_Crabwell i looked at that root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 and was sure it must mean the eMMC but now that you've sown the seed in my head that there could be insane ennumeration shenanigans, it is all sort of making sense (for certain values of sense)14:24
DocScrutinizer05cat /proc/partitions is a remnant from early boot times before devices got renamed14:25
HRH_H_Crabso i can look at the majors and minors and see if they have changed14:26
DocScrutinizer05some script (prolly /sbin/preinit) renames them then, *after* kernel mounted rootfs14:27
HRH_H_Crabet. voila:14:28
HRH_H_Crab /proc/partitions has  179        9   28315648 mmcblk1p114:28
HRH_H_Craband /dev has:14:28
HRH_H_Crabbrw-rw----    1 root     floppy   179,   9 Jan  1  1970 mmcblk0p114:29
HRH_H_Crabi think ive just learned something14:29
HRH_H_Crab(or ive got a migraine)14:29
HRH_H_Crabone of the two.14:29
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parazydhow do i remove the stock kernel entry from uboot?15:15
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DocScrutinizer05why would you?16:15
parazydbecause i ahve kernel power16:21
kerioparazyd: edit the script16:24
kerioor just set a default entry16:24
parazydah thanks16:24
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DocScrutinizer05uBoot comes with stock kernel attached anyway (siamese twins), so I'd suggest to keep the stock kernel plus NAND (mtd) as rescue system, and just make the new powerkernel system (on eMMC or uSD) dualboot default17:33
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DocScrutinizer05when you keep the screen.cfg(?) uboot config and the uboot.dpk on eMMC resp uSD, you even can do a full reflash (without eMMC) of N900 and you only need to dpkg -i /media/card/uboot.dpk to have your previous settings back17:38
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GadgetoidKotCzarny: :D20:56
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GadgetoidKotCzarny: revived my N810, charged it up, installed oscp, shiny :D20:59
KotCzarnywoo-hoo, it has many features you might like20:59
GadgetoidKotCzarny: pretty sure I've broken the power socket slightly though, although I always remember the cable flapping in the breeze20:59
* DocScrutinizer05 wonders how the power socket could be 'broken slightly'21:02
KotCzarnyremember you can control your n810's oscp with any device with pygtk (via
KotCzarnyor ssh ;)21:03
KotCzarnyalso, it can play network links (http/rtsp/mms) and video clips (audio part)21:04
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