IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2016-02-23

* Oksana does not use WhatsApp, or Yappari00:12
sixwheeledbeastNope, I wouldn't use whatsapp either00:47
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DocScrutinizer05((<Pali> sometimes when writing on keyboard I want to disable touchpad to not accidentelly touch it and move cursor...)) I had an app for that, which stopped working a few years ago01:06
DocScrutinizer05synaptics which had a enable sysnode iirc, or a way to set enable/disable by some other means01:07
PaliDocScrutinizer05: no, there is no sysfs node for synaptic too01:09
Palibut X11 has option to "disable" such input device at X11 level01:09
DocScrutinizer05yes, it was something different, maybe ioctl01:10
Paliand such X11 application can do this01:10
DocScrutinizer05or X11 :-)01:10
Palibut it does not mean that it disable device01:10
Paliit just tell Xserver to drop all events from kernel which are for that device :-)01:10
DocScrutinizer05ooh, quite possible, yes01:10
Paliif you will open it via /dev/input/ you can still read events01:11
DocScrutinizer05just thought to mention that such usecase and app already existed, so it's no unusual request01:11
Paliyes it exists, e.g. linux tty01:12
Paliand here you want to disable keyboard01:12
Palino way01:12
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Paliso such filtering needs to be done on kernel level, not in userspace01:13
DocScrutinizer05please consider a "joshua" magic key-combo to override disable for kbd01:14
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DocScrutinizer05otherwise odds are you're locking out yourself01:14
DocScrutinizer056 times ctrl-Q comes to mind01:16
DocScrutinizer05grrr ctrl-Q means "quit" on hotkeys01:16
DocScrutinizer053 times left and right shift. Or simply have a sysnode where you write the magic key sequence to, so you can configure it01:17
DocScrutinizer05key-down and key-up evens prolly01:18
DocScrutinizer05I hope he's reaading the chanlog01:20
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Luke-Jryep, that USB port is totally broken :/06:58
Luke-Jrfreddd: charge cable snagged getting off a plane. the cable ripped, and the potr has been unreliable since06:59
Luke-Jrbefore getting on the plane, it broke off entirely06:59
Luke-Jrhope i can solder it back on..06:59
Luke-Jrswitched to my backup N900 on the flight07:00
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Maxdamantus12:12:39 < Pali> and here you want to disable keyboard07:06
MaxdamantusIf Xorg isn't processing your keyboard input so you can't press ctrl07:06
Maxdamantuser, ctrl+alt+f1, you can still use some sysrq combination to switch the input mode then use alt+f107:06
MaxdamantusThat can also be useful if you accidentally `cat /dev/console` within Xorg sometime.07:09
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fredddceene: 10 days quarantine and >10 karma. Today is the 10th day. Five more votes needed.09:54
fredddceene: do you think you could resolve that package dependency issue in i386?09:57
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KotCzarnyafair for packages in free you only need 6 votes10:25
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ceenefreddd: I guess I can solve it, yes10:53
ceenebut it'd have to be for next release10:53
ceeneI don't believe anyone is trying to run yappari on x86 except for me, which I only do while developing, so I don't install the package itself10:54
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ceenesite for yappari package says karma 6 out of 610:54
ceeneso i guess some time in the future it'll get autopromoted to extras?10:54
fredddceene it would be convenient for future development, in case another maintainer picks up, or so.10:55
fredddI will ask in #maemo-devel (although it is very quiet there).10:56
bencohfreddd: maemo-devel isn't really an active channel :)10:59
bencohmaemo-related stuff happens, or in maemo-ssu (in case of CSSU dev/reports)11:00
bencohhappens here*11:00
fredddWell I am glad so far active voting is being done on the Yappari package.11:02
fredddI think mainly because of the recent mentioning in the thread.11:02
fredddRather than here in the IRC channel.11:02
bencohyou probably gathered that most of the people that actively read the chan hardly use whatsapp ;)11:04
ceenenot even the developer uses it very much11:10
fredddIt is pretty much the only method of doing popular free texting.11:11
fredddWhat do you guys do for free texting on your N900?11:12
ceenemost of the time i'm sitting in front of a computer11:13
ceeneso... jabber, irc, telegram11:13
KotCzarnyand some texting popular in this particular country11:23
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fredddceene: telegram is available on N900?13:14
ceenefreddd: as far as i know there's only a cli version13:17
freddddo you telegram on your n900?13:17
ceenei was thinking that the gui of yappari could be used for telegram library13:18
ceenethere are a lots of things I could do... but i don't have the time and sometimes the knowledge to do them13:18
fredddceene why did you never just work on a back-end plugin for the already existing front-end in Maemo?13:19
fredddI love the unified messaging UI of Maemo.13:19
ceenewell, I got over yappari development only a year and half ago13:20
ceenemost of it was already done before i even had a n90013:20
ceeneso i can't really answer as to why Scorpius, who is the original coder, decided to do a new thing from scratch13:20
ceenemaemo frontend however is not very complete13:21
ceenei don't think it supports media13:21
ceenedoesn't support 'read' acks13:21
ceeneso it's generally lacking13:21
ceenei think yappari's GUI is better than stock messaging app13:22
ceenemaybe it is this GUI the one that could be improved and made the main gui app for maemo13:22
ceeneand use telepathy backend13:22
ceeneand whatsapp specific code transformed into a telepathy plugin, alongside telegram, etc13:22
ceeneas i said, lots of work13:24
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ceeneah, about telegram, there's a plugin for pidgin13:26
ceenethat gives you a gui13:26
ceeneit's not very cool, though13:26
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jpt9I just found my old 770, and it doesn't seem to boot -- I just get a white screen.  Is there any way to try reflashing the device?15:34
jpt9(I have 0xFFFF on Linux, and it can see the device, but I have no idea if the files I'd be flashing are still available anywhere.)15:34
jpt9The files aren't on, and even when I check the Internet Archive, it wants to verify the product ID, which obviously won't work on an archived version of the page.15:39
KotCzarnymaybe those mirrors still work15:40
bencohiirc has the required files15:49
bencoh(look for the mirror at
jpt9Well, I found a fiasco image for the 2008HE for it, but I don't think it's working...15:50
KotCzarnymaybe there is another problem with your 770?15:51
jpt9It keeps trying to flash it, but I get "Primary image not loaded" followed by "Error: Flashing failed".15:51
jpt9(Also, it seems to keep rebooting on its own.)15:51
jpt9(And I think something's wrong with the screen.)15:51
jpt9Also, 0xFFFF can't seem to detect any of the info about the device -- all the versions are listed as "(not detected)"15:54
jpt9Wonder if the eMMC is just dead or something.15:54
enycHrrm.....    thinking about maemo and really useful  easy-debian  chroot etc...16:00
enycThis needs updated images  for  jessie-armhf  ...   wheezy-armel   is about to go out of support (and not covered by LTS on wheezy i386/amd64!!)16:00
enyci'm not quite sure how the original images were made, they had various fiddles/hacks for pulseaudio and stuff16:01
bencohjpt9: try the nokia flasher version (?)16:02
bencohI dunno if 0xffff has been thoroughly tested with n7xx16:02
enycsuch that its' not straightforward to dist-upgrade, and in any case,  using  armhf and ext4 disk image  would be highly desireable and aiui  works under power kernel16:02
enycany ideas??16:02
bencohenyc: I think all you need is a patched libc but I might be wrong16:03
bencohah right, pulseaudio too if you want to communicate with the main pulseaudio server16:04
enycbencoh: is there a document/wiki on this ??16:04
enycbencoh: contact with any who created the original images (estel??)16:04
enycbencoh: how/why would libc need patching?16:05
enycfrom what I can see  jessie  can still boot on   2.6.32  at least , it may work with the maemo old power kernel hrrm16:05
jpt9Trying a different flasher on Windows.  (I haven't found the Nokia one yet.)  Currently waiting for Windows to find the drivers for my 770 in update mode.16:19
jpt9And it couldn't find it.16:23
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bencohenyc: because iirc it needs something introduced around the 2.6.3216:39
bencohenyc: there is some info about this on TMO16:39
jpt9Just tried the Linux one from there; it can't seem to connect to the device.16:43
jpt9Also, I think it might be booting -- I'm not sure.  The screen's unreadable.16:45
jpt9Does it eventually automatically show up as a USB device when booted?16:46
jpt9(I remember having to manually tell it to show up as USB storage.)16:46
jpt9(Or does that only provide access to the RS-MMC card?)16:47
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bencohjpt9: lsusb ?17:19
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jpt9bencoh: Hang on... I just dug out my old ThinkPad T61, which is still 32-bit.  I'm going to try the Nokia updater on it.17:23
enycjpt9: i believe, the nokia apdated has worked on 64bit system using ia32-libs,  but it more seemeed like certain systems/chipsets/usb/whatever weren't being compatible   but not sure now been ages since i tried =)17:24
enycbencoh: thankyou for suggestion TMO etc... useful =)17:34
enyci wonder why the old easy-debian images were armel at all17:34
enycbencoh: older images, squeeze wheezy etc....17:37
enycbencoh: looks like armhf didn't exist in squeeze days17:37
KotCzarnyjpt9: you can also boot some 32bit livecd17:42
jpt9I'm assuming the Windows updater installs whatever drivers it needs?17:44
bencohI personally wouldn't even try windows, but...17:51
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jpt9Got it working.  Had to unload the cdc_phonet kernel module; version 3.0 of the 64-bit Linux flasher is working.18:28
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jpt9Now... what can I do with a freshly-flashed 770 if I can't read what's on the screen?18:44
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jpt9Well, I managed to reflash it, but there's still something wrong with the screen.  (I think it died today -- I got a few readable blue Nokia logos this morning.)18:47
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Palijpt9: is 0xFFFF working with 770?18:49
jpt9Pali: I couldn't get it to work.18:49
Paliso 0xFFFF does not work?18:49
PaliI do not have 770, so I was not able to test it18:49
jpt9I'm assuming the update reflashes the entire card (including /home), since it's now displaying what I assume are the out-of-box setup routines?18:49
Palidepends on what are you trying to reflash18:50
Paliwhich image18:50
jpt9Hang on... I didn't try it after I unloded the cdc_phonet kernel module.18:50
jpt9The fiasco one.18:50
Pali0xFFFF should unload kernel modules if needed18:50
Paliif not this is bug in 0xFFFF18:50
Palianyway, in 0xFFFF git is new version which uses new libusb1.0 library18:51
Paliso some problems with usb communication should be fixed18:51
Paliif there are problems with 0xFFFF and 770 I can try to fix it18:52
jpt9Just to double check, I'm running 0xFFFF -M ~/SU-18_2008HACKER_4.2007.50-6_PR_F5_MR0_ARM.bin -f18:52
Palithats looks ok, but need to run as root18:53
Palibut first try to identify device18:53
jpt9Identifying it sort of works.  It doesn't managed to get all the information listed.  (I built the latest git version.)18:54
Palican you send me lsusb -v output? (under root)18:56
Palialso do you have some nokia flasher?18:56
jpt9I think?  I've got flasher-3.0.amd64, which worked.18:57
jpt9It doesn't say it's Nokia, though.18:57
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jpt9Pali: (lsusb output)19:00
jpt9(I'm running the 64-bit version of Xubuntu 15.10 on a ThinkPad X220, if that matters.)19:00
Paliflasher-3.0.amd64 is probably static linked and for debugging static linked elf binaries are useles19:01
Palithat garbage in R&D flags looks like some bug19:01
jpt9Pali: Actually, that might've been me.  Think I might have accidentally written the name of the file I was trying to flash there by accident or something.)19:02
Paliyou have 64bit machine, go to 0xFFFF/src dir and call: make libusb-sniff-64.so19:02
Palithis will build library for debugging19:03
jpt9Done.  What now?19:03
Paliand then run 0xFFFF as: sudo LD_PRELOAD=./ ./0xFFFF --params19:03
Paliand try to identify device again19:03
Pali$ sudo LD_PRELOAD=./ ./0xFFFF -I19:04
Paliit will print all usb packets to stdout19:04
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Palithis will help me identify why it get such garbage19:04
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jpt9It's giving a bit more debugging info (I think), but it's not printing packets:
Paliah, its broken19:08
Paliw8, I will fix it19:08
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Palijpt9: should be fixed in git on github19:25
Palijpt9: libusb-sniff on 0xFFFF now show me usb packets from n900 device19:26
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Paligit pull && make && make libusb-sniff-64.so19:30
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Palijpt9: and now I fixed that garbage for R&D flags19:40
Palimissing buffer initialization, thanks for report!19:40
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keriowho was talking about updating NSS in microb?20:01
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Palijpt9: ok, looks like nolo on 770 does not send version information20:06
Palijpt9: can you try to query R&D flags via flasher-3.0.amd64?20:06
keriowe really ought to compile chacha20-poly1305 in it20:07
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jpt9Don't think it lists the flags.20:14
jpt9Or maybe I broke something?20:14
jpt9(As in wrote something invalid to them with another tool?)20:14
Palijpt9: does not have that nokia flasher some param which show R&D flags?20:17
*** louisdk has joined #maemo20:17
jpt9I used --query-rd-mode               Query the device R&D mode status and flags20:19
jpt9Which I think should get the flags.20:19
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jpt9Hang on... rebooting...20:19
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Palijpt9: do you have 32bit version of flasher (name flasher-3.0)?20:22
jpt9No; I've just got the 64-bi version.20:22
jpt9(I couldn't get the 32-bit one to run.)20:22
Palithat one is dynamically linked and so sniffer will work with it20:22
Paliyou just need 32bit lib20:23
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jpt9Pali: When I try running it, I get a "No such file or directory" message, which is rather odd.20:23
jpt9(I suppose I'd expect something more verbose if it was an issue with 32 vs 64-bit.)20:23
Palimaybe you do not have 32bit libs available in system20:24
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Palijpt9: your output is correct21:35
Pali0xFFFF parsed data correctly21:35
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ecc3gi need to take my n900 apart... some of the inside screws seem loose and catching each other on the slide...22:26
ecc3gso so lazy... or rather, worried about making it worse than it is.22:26
bencohread the service manuals first :)22:33
DocScrutinizer05yep, strongly recommended. There are hardly any "inside screws" that could cause trouble. What's known though is slider magnet getting loose22:34
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bencohDocScrutinizer05: aren't there 4 screws (two apparent)?22:35
DocScrutinizer05there are 6 screws which hold the screen half together22:36
DocScrutinizer05those are the only ones that might get loose and cause trouble while sliding22:36
DocScrutinizer05then you got 4 Philips screws visible in battery compartment that hold the complete slider mech in place, but thiose won't have any impact on the slider operation22:37
DocScrutinizer05two of the 6 screws in display half are visible when slider open22:39
ecc3gmy guess is that screws 1 and 2 are loose and hitting the slider.  Unfortunately it looks like I have to do quite a bit of disassembly to retighten... I might well investigate the earpiece speaker at the same time.22:56
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DocScrutinizer05you don't need to do any large disassembling for reaching the screws. Just unscrew the the 4 philips in pic #6 and carefully disconnect the flat flex cable (pic 7)23:07
DocScrutinizer05you don't need any of the other disassembly steps23:14
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