IRC log of #maemo for Monday, 2016-02-22

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ceenei got tired of waiting, it's obvious there's something wrong00:34
ceeneall i see on syslog is this00:35
ceeneJan  1 02:03:49 Nokia-N900-CN kernel: [ 3829.554168] HWRecoveryResetSGX: SGX Hardware Recovery triggered00:35
ceeneJan  1 02:03:49 Nokia-N900-CN pulseaudio[1415]: voice-cmtspeech.c: closing and reopening cmtspeech device00:35
ceeneJan  1 02:03:49 Nokia-N900-CN pulseaudio[1415]: libcmtspeechdata: hw6x_backend: unable to open device /dev/cmt_speech ('No such file or directory').00:35
ceeneover and over again00:35
ceenetwice per second at least00:35
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bencohhmm, I think pali and/or fmg encountered that at some point00:39
bencohdont remember what the fix was though, but you might find it in chan logs00:40
DocScrutinizer05I guess fixing cmtspeech is the solution00:41
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DocScrutinizer05dunno how the line about SGXreset comes in though00:42
DocScrutinizer05you might try a modprobe cmtspeech or whatever00:43
ceenelet's try00:44
bencohiirc maemo userland isn't entirely compatible with the modern cmt drivers00:45
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# lsmod|grep cmt00:45
DocScrutinizer05cmt_speech              8952  100:45
DocScrutinizer05omap_ssi               18116  2 ssi_mcsaab_imp,cmt_speech00:46
bencohbut I might be wrong00:46
DocScrutinizer05cmt_speech-ko might fail since in new kernel omap_ssi now is hsi00:46
ceenei've just added cmt_speech to /etc/modules00:47
bencohno, it does work, but I don't think anyone had it working with maemo thus far00:47
bencohmight be wrong though00:48
DocScrutinizer05obviously cmt_speech (in its original form on fremantle) depends on omap_ssi.ko00:48
ceeneit's booting now pretty fast!00:48
DocScrutinizer05iirc in newer kernel omap_hsi replaced omap_ssi00:48
ceeneof course it doesn't mean that it'll do what it's supposed to do, but at least it doesn't posses the cpu like hell00:48
DocScrutinizer05but if omap_hsi gets modprobed, it should provice the ssi device needed00:49
DocScrutinizer05provide even00:50
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ceenethere it is!00:50
ceenei got maemo on top of 4.5-rc500:50
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DocScrutinizer05calls working?00:51
ceenei don't have a sim on this phone00:52
ceenei don't wanna call 112 to test00:52
ceenethere's no wifi00:52
ceenebut there's wlan0 interface00:52
DocScrutinizer05wifi firmware missing?00:53
ceeneor just some module, like with cmt_speech00:54
ceeneyep, it seems it's just the firmware00:55
bencohthat one should be an easy fix00:55
ceeneyes, it's simply looking in the wrong path00:57
ceeneright, wifi working :)01:00
ceeneon boot there's a message saying all telephony functions are disabled due to not being able to communicate with the hardware01:00
ceeneso i guess that means no phone calls01:01
ceenethere are some glitches on X that doesn't occur on power kernel01:01
ceenescrolling leaves lot of noise on the screen01:01
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ceenewell, it's time to sleep now01:08
ceenei've done a couple of things today :)01:08
ceenei can ssh into this phone now on maemo01:08
ceenei may try to do something usefule sometime01:08
ceenethat'll be another dat01:10
ceenesee you!01:10
DocScrutinizer05duh! kornbluth going to reboot01:13
DocScrutinizer05;; ANSWER SECTION:01:14      3789    IN      HINFO   "Please stop asking for ANY" "See draft-jabley-dnsop-refuse-any"01:14
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OksanaHmm... A thought: there should be possibility for integration between address book (contacts) and Image:Creator (or Audio:Artist ) tags of tracker. Not sure what the use-case would be, but, if you want to ask the file's creator about something, the integration would be useful.03:20
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DocScrutinizer05you öost me04:46
infobotDocScrutinizer05 meant: you lost me04:46
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OksanaI mean, why should image's creator be a useless text field, when it could be connected to a contact in address book, email, phone number, and all?06:23
DocScrutinizer05image:creator and audio:artist are mist likely fields derived in tracker database from scanning EXIF resp ID3 tags in picture / mp3 files. I can't see how a useful and semantically meaningful link to addressbook could look like, except maybe a generic "copy to copybuffer and search in all apps" function that's available systemwide06:46
DocScrutinizer05so *if* I had Frank Zappa in my addressbook, I could use that function to find that addrbook entry when I watch the properties of a mp3 file06:48
DocScrutinizer05and see "audio:creator: Frank Zappa"06:48
DocScrutinizer05likewise I should be able to use same global search function when watching my addrbook entry of Zappa, to find all mp3 and jpeg files on my system where Zappa is in title or any other file property06:51
DocScrutinizer05and I should be able to find Zappa's addrbook entry from a website that tells about the phone number of a mysterious guitar genius06:53
DocScrutinizer05heck I even should find Zappa's addrbook entry when marking a complete website of a restaurant and starting the global search, when that restaurant is in the same street same town as Zappa's flat06:55
DocScrutinizer05create a regex pattern for the global search by another regex substituation s/ *[[:alnum:]]{0,3}/|/06:59
DocScrutinizer05aka "search for any word >3 char of the copy buffer, in all apps"07:00
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ceeneeven if you really like Zappa that sounds like stalking to me :D09:51
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kerioceene: nah, it's necrophilia10:18
keriozappa died in 93 :(10:18
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ceenethat doesn't sound any better...10:44
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fredddDoes anyone here use Yappari on Maemo?11:07
fredddThe WhatsApp client?11:07
fredddIf anyone here does use Yappari, please thumbs up the package here so we can have it pushed through to stable extras (current Yappari in that repository does not work):11:13
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ceenefreddd: i even put a big red request on the frontpage12:00
ceenenobody seems to care at all12:00
fredddThere is a lot on the first page.12:01
fredddI asked here, in the thread and also asked in #maemo-devel for promotion.12:01
ceeneshould i remove some things?12:01
ceenebut... it's a big red warning!12:01
ceenepeople won't read anything?12:01
fredddNo I think you need to just ask people specifically.12:01
ceenei could held releases hostage until people upvote12:02
fredddOnly higher than 10 karma is required.12:02
fredddThat is not much we need 10 people.12:03
fredddTo vote.12:03
freddd8 - 9 more right now.12:03
fredddIf we just ask around and in this channel if anyone uses Yappari and if they would like to upvote it to extras.12:04
ceenei've asked here quite a few times12:04
fredddThere are 171 people.12:04
fredddI am sure we can get a few to vote if they use it.12:05
fredddAnd like it.12:05
ceenesome time later i'll poke Sicelo with a stick, I know he uses it :P12:05
fredddGood! Poke people directly.12:05
fredddI will keep trying as well.12:05
ceenethank you, freddd :)12:05
freddd14 days of quarantine in extras-testing and karma of >10 needed.12:05
ceenejust so you know, there's a chance that I can get textsecure to work with yappari12:06
fredddI do not know what that is.12:06
fredddBut I think it is best to not push out a new update.12:06
fredddUntil we have it in extras.12:06
ceenethat's the encryption behind whatsapp12:06
ceenethat is making us right now lose some messages12:06
ceenebecause they are being sent ciphered12:06
fredddOtherwise we just have to start over the vote with the next release.12:06
ceenena, don't worry, i still don't have anything ready yet12:07
ceenebut the future looks good :)12:07
zGrrdo you know guys how is neo900 project going?12:08
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fredddceene collecting testers who are willing to test and vote each update, would be good.12:10
fredddI know I would be willing to do that.12:10
fredddTo get it in extras quick.12:11
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fredddDoes anyone here use Yappari on Maemo?17:21
fredddceene four votes so far. Did you ask anyone yet?17:22
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fredddIf you use Yappari (the WhatsApp client) for Maemo, please vote to have it in extras here:17:25
fredddarmel (usually what is used):
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fredddOr if you use i386 (not really used):
ceenefreddd: nop, I think my latest post on the thread has been enough of a threat to someone...17:25
fredddThe page says 4 out of 6.17:26
fredddI wonder if only 6 votes are required instead of >10 as mentioned on the extras-testing wiki page.17:26
ceenethere's at least someone who has voted because of that post...17:26
ceeneand has said so17:26
fredddYeah, hopefully more will come. Not that many votes are needed.17:26
fredddAnd I really think it is time to replace the deprecated version that no longer works at all.17:27
ceeneyeah, it's not like we're asking to vote each and every new release17:27
fredddWell, I will be trying to keep up to vote.17:28
ceeneyeah, it's not really essential to have all releases upvoted17:28
fredddI have subscribed to the thread.17:28
ceenesome of them aren't always big improvements17:28
ceenebut having at least one that works seems nice17:28
fredddIf only 6 votes are needed.17:29
fredddIt really is somethnig that can be achieved in a day.17:29
fredddTwo more votes and we will see what the 6 of 6 karma triggers.17:30
bencohceene: have you disabled the feature that got people banned from whatsapp?17:30
fredddbencoh, have you voted on the package yet? ;o17:31
ceenebencoh: uhm, nope17:31
ceeneI'd like someone to test it...17:32
ceeneit may not happen anymore17:32
ceenewho knows?17:32
ceeneif I remove it, we'll never know, if I leave someone may get banned by mistake17:32
ceenethere's a big red warning17:32
bencohfreddd: I've never installed yappari, so no, I can't vote :)17:33
ceenethat's reasonable17:33
bencohceene: riight, but having that in -stable doesn't sound like a great idea :)17:33
fredddI see.17:33
bencohfreddd: I don't use whatsapp :)17:33
ceenewell, it's stable nonetheless17:34
bencoh(or facebook, for that matters)17:34
fredddbencoh, the current stable Yappari does not function at all any more.17:34
bencohfreddd: I know17:34
fredddI have been using ceene's Yappari since release.17:34
fredddAnd it has never failed me in any way.17:34
ceeneif it gets you banned is quite stable in the sense that it always get you banned, that's stable on my book :P17:34
ceeneif it got you banned randomly that'd be unstable :D17:34
ceenebans for everyone!17:34
bencohceene: I think maemo had a different definition :)17:34
ceeneif I get really really really really tired about n900, maemo, yappari and all that17:35
fredddWhich feature in particular is supposed to trigger a ban?17:35
ceenei could commit suicide by making it ban everyone at once17:35
ceenefreddd: group creation17:35
fredddcenee to date I have not been able to find a physical keyboard replacement phone.17:35
ceenewhenever you update, changelog appears and there's a red warning that advises not to create a new group17:35
ceeneneither do I...17:35
fredddI emailed HTC and Sony asking about it.17:36
fredddBoth replied.17:36
ceenei even bought a second n900, just in case my primary one dies17:36
freddd"consumers are not interested in such products"17:36
ceeneand also so I can develop system related things17:36
bencohfreddd: at least they replied17:36
fredddYeah after a long while.17:36
fredddI can not stand touch typing.17:36
fredddI am amazed how well the N900 types considering how small it is.17:36
ceenei'm fat figered, so on a touch screen I'm always missing the key I want to touch17:36
fredddI remember buying the little thing after seeing ads for it.17:37
fredddSeeing it all collapse in front of me, the Intel deal, and such.17:37
fredddMaemo is the prettiest and smoothes OS on a mobile device I have ever used.17:37
fredddThey had so much potential.17:37
fredddIf Maemo ever collapses entirely (I hope not any time soon), I hope somebody gets inspired to make a Maemo desktop environment for Debian (like GNOME and KDE) for mobile targetting.17:40
fredddI believe Maemo is Debian 5.0 based?17:40
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ceenemore or less17:41
ceeneinit system is not sysvrc, for example, so that's a big difference17:41
ceenethere was some efforts to make hildon usable on other platforms17:42
fredddI use a nice theme that has quick transition feature.17:42
fredddmaking switching between stuff faster than default17:42
ceenebu t i think it didn't went far17:42
bencohactually it's half sysvinit, half upstart17:42
bencohfreddd: which one ?17:42
fredddOne moment.17:42
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fredddI use the Array theme in combination with the AwOken Icon Theme.17:43
fredddOne of those two comes with a theme configurator17:43
fredddAllowing you to enable fast transition.17:44
bencohwell I edited transitions.ini myself :)17:45
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Luke-Jrccrap. lost my usb port18:22
fredddHow do people do that?18:25
FIQit is actually pretty easy on an N900...18:25
jogaLuke-Jr ;(((18:25
fredddI have mine since 2009 and it still is on very sturdy.18:25
jogaI still have mine intact... I'm careful with it, but my ex broke the port from hers, fortunately I had a spare18:26
jogastill haven't had the time/guts to enforce it so it wouldn't break :I18:27
FIQI lost mine on both of my N900s18:28
FIQtechnically my 2nd N900 never broke down completely @usb port18:28
FIQbut it got so bad that I ended up not using it unless absolutely necessary (reflash)18:28
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Palifreemangordon: I forgot another patch which needs to be modified and pushed to upstream19:39
Paliability to disable touchscreen device19:39
Paliyear (or two?) I had discussion with input maintainer and he agreed that some generic function for every input device which can enable/disable should be OK19:40
Paliand maybe export that function as "disable" sysfs node could help us19:41
Palisuch functionality can be useful also on laptops19:42
Palidisable touchpad device without need to rmmod touchpad driver19:42
Palisometimes when writing on keyboard I want to disable touchpad to not accidentelly touch it and move cursor...19:43
Palibut because trackstick is handled by touchpad driver too, I cannot rmmod touchpad driver without loosing trackstick functionality19:44
Paliand all touchpad, tracksticks and PS/2 mouses are handled by one kernel driver, psmouse.ko19:44
Pali(driver creates for each device seprare input device, so disabling API should work fine per input device)19:45
Paliand this is exactly same problem on nokia n900... touchscreen is input device and we cannot rmmod driver because xorg needs to see input device and mce handle sysfs...19:46
Palifreemangordon_ ^19:46
freemangordon_Pali: do we have an idea how that generic sysfs property should look like? I guess some callback function in input devices structure?19:49
freemangordon_which if not zero then export that sysfs property19:49
PaliI think we have no option... only extending structure which is used for registering input device with pointer to function bool enable_device(bool  enable)19:50
Paliand remembering if is each device enabled/disabled19:51
Paliand export sysfs node for each device19:51
Pali(maybe only with that callback function)19:51
Paliand then each input driver could implement own enable_device function19:51
Paliand if there will be no function, maybe input subsystem could drop all events (and not propagate it to userspace)19:52
Paliso this will work for all input devices19:52
PaliI added this missing functionality to wiki19:58
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freemangordon_Pali: well, I already jumped on DSP driver :)20:10
freemangordon_I am too close to having it functional to switch the targets20:10
PaliI will try to look at this input layer20:10
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freemangordon_and once I have it running, there is a pile of stuff to do - migrating to iommu, PM runtime management, DT migration, remoteproc...20:11
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fredddDoes anyone here use Yappari? The WhatsApp client for Maemo?22:11
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