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MaxdamantusThe screen rotation thing has happened to me multiple times.00:05
MaxdamantusThough that's a CSSU thing that I disabled after it happened a few times.00:05
fishbulbok I put mypaint into fullscreen and it won't go out of fullscreen00:07
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fishbulbwouldn't it be great to know 100% of the functions of all the things you own00:08
fishbulbis there a keyboard shortcut for getting stuff out of fullscreen00:08
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fishbulbthat brings it into the open windows00:13
fishbulbmypaint is still fullscreen with no menu functions00:13
fishbulbwhere is this00:14
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brolin_empeyfishbulb: BlackBerry 10 can run Android OS applications.  What do you think of the new BlackBerry Classic AKA the BlackBerry Q20 (the successor to the BlackBerry Q10)?00:18
fishbulbI don't know because I don't look at new phones00:19
fishbulbthat would require 700 spare dollars00:19
brolin_empeyfishbulb: The price of the BlackBerry Classic is (much) lower than the price of the BlackBerry Priv.00:20
brolin_empeyfishbulb: You can also consider the Nokia N950 if you can acquire one.00:23
fishbulba faster and better n900?00:24
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fishbulbthis isn't really working00:26
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brolin_empeyjonwil: ’lo.05:50
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KotCzarnybrolin_empey: you have to get 3.3V version (i think it's also the req for latitude x1)08:49
KotCzarnyif you want specific model i can check when i get home08:49
KotCzarnybut usually if you add 'x40' to search it will show you the right ones08:49
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Vajbwould be nice addon for calendar applet to be able to show week number without opening calendar.09:32
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Siceloi wonder if Tizen phones will make a success. if ever they do, i guess that would be my next phone (when my N900 dies)11:28
KotCzarnyn900 never dies11:29
Siceloit will. wait and see :)11:29
SiceloOS is good, but hardware is hardware.11:30
KotCzarny6 years, still going strong11:30
KotCzarnyeven after multiple falls to hard floor11:30
Sicelothey are not going tolast forever that's for sure.11:30
ceeneevery year someone imagines a new browser thingy standard and will make our phones unusable even for the most simplest web12:13
NIN101it already is.12:37
NIN101well, not for the most simplest web, but for many websites.12:38
NIN101and the hardware is very slow compared to the most cheapest androids these days, which is the reason my N900 is basically collecting dust :-(.12:42
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PiZZaMartijnGood morning everyone13:14
PiZZaMartijnIf I don't use audio/camera/gsm on my N900, could I then use debian 8 with the latest kernel on my phone?13:14
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Sicelolikely, yes. small screen though, and power consumption may not be very friendly13:19
enycPiZZaMartijn: you could also use the debian  'chroot'  images under maemo system13:20
enycPiZZaMartijn: and/or help making some new chroot images  that use  debian 8  in  armhf,  at least with the current power kernels etc.13:21
KotCzarnydoesnt glibc require newer kernel?13:21
enycPiZZaMartijn: the debian 6 / 7 chroot images (estel etc?) had various 'held' packages and all that13:22
Wizzupenyc: that is, if systemd works with an old kernel13:22
enycKotCzarny: very good quesiton =)13:22
enycWizzup: not needed basically iirc, certainly not as init, and init isn't needed in chroot ANYWAY13:22
KotCzarnywizzup: you can still run debian8 without systemd. still. i wonder for how long tho13:22
Wizzupthere is also for arch users13:22
enycWizzup: certainly without x11  (and sometimes with)  debian 8 without systemd works on 2.6.32 LTS kernel13:23
enycWizzup: not so sure about power 2.6.28 n900 kernel13:23
KotCzarnywizzup: i prefer
enycMaxdamantus: #neo900 project new board will help with all this =))13:23
enycMaxdamantus: errrrrr wrong name oops sorry13:23
Sicelothe op wants new kernel :)13:24
KotCzarnytru that13:24
KotCzarnylets not forget about the op13:25
KotCzarnyon unrelated news, ccache doesnt seem to help when playing with diff options13:26
KotCzarnyalso, i love my fruit compile farm setup13:27
KotCzarny2 bananas, 1 orange13:29
KotCzarny8 cores total @~1ghz13:29
KotCzarnygoing to setup n900 dev env there too13:30
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PiZZaMartijnKernel 4.x should support all the hardware in the N900 that I need. so I can run systemd on my n90013:41
KotCzarnysystemd is evil13:41
enycPiZZaMartijn: can you also try that aganst the existing maemo system?  or does that create some interface compatibility ??13:41
PiZZaMartijnThe maemo stuff wont run on a kernel that is new enough for systemd13:42
PiZZaMartijnand I like systemd13:42
KotCzarnyyou like it because you didnt read what it does13:42
KotCzarnybut. if you only care about few seconds faster boot..13:43
KotCzarnyin short, you throw out freedom of hacking your system for few seconds of bootup13:43
PiZZaMartijnI know what it does, i manage a lot of debian 8 machines with systemd.13:44
WizzupPiZZaMartijn: if it supports all you need, then why do you ask us?13:44
Wizzupjust do it™13:44
PiZZaMartijnyes but how :(13:44
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PiZZaMartijnhmm I probably murdered my N90013:54
PiZZaMartijnI just installed u-boot-flasher13:54
PiZZaMartijnbut I can't find a kernel in /boot13:54
PiZZaMartijnand /opt/boot doesn't exist13:55
KotCzarnydo you see nand or emmc or sd?13:57
PiZZaMartijnwhere should I see that?. I haven't reboot my n900 yet.13:58
KotCzarnyif yes, you can always run rescueos and copy the kernel to visible partition13:58
KotCzarnyim not familiar with uboot that much13:58
KotCzarnyuboot manual13:59
PiZZaMartijnthe only documentation for uboot on n900 seems to be a forum post from 201013:59
PiZZaMartijnand that one doesn't mention what to do if you run kernel-power13:59
KotCzarnyyou can try doing load command with guessed sources13:59
KotCzarnyanother option: you know you can boot kernel via usb without flashing?14:00
PiZZaMartijnI didn't know that14:01
KotCzarnyin short, even with broken booting/kernel, but with working rootfs its bootable14:01
PiZZaMartijnis that documented somewhere?14:01
KotCzarnyflasher-3.5 -h14:01
KotCzarnythere is a switch that boots kernel without flashing14:01
KotCzarnybut try finding out what uboot sees now14:01
Siceloso N900 not booting?14:03
PiZZaMartijnits in a bootloop now14:04
PiZZaMartijnuboot starts, then says starting kernel, and then nothing14:05
PiZZaMartijnok its alive again, had to remove the battery14:06
Siceloload the kernel via flasher/0xFFFF as you've been told. make sure to also install stock kernel modules on your N900 (then uboot can always start even when all else is broken)14:06
KotCzarnyn900 is virtually unkillable14:07
PiZZaMartijni killed my previous one14:07
Sicelowith a hammer?14:08
PiZZaMartijnbut that was more of a hardware issue. it was broken in half14:08
KotCzarnyyes, but software wise its almost impossible ;)14:08
fishbulbseriously this has been the most durable phone14:08
fishbulbI've been biking, and it's flown off REALLY across concrete and rocks and stuff14:08
fishbulbany modern phone would be a smashed piece of crap14:09
Sicelowith u-boot, i can recommend you look into bootmenu as well. but read the documentation properly14:09
PiZZaMartijnsomeone drove over mine, that was a pretty sad day for me14:09
fishbulbI've dropped the crap out of one, and dropped it in the toilet. that made me change the screen14:10
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fishbulband I mean like submarine and down there for a while too. full of water.14:10
fishbulband it could have been saved I think, if I didn't try to squeegee the water out of the LCD14:10
fishbulbwith force. like an idiot.14:10
fishbulbbut in terms of dings and stuff it's great, and the plastic screen doesn't shatter IMMEDIATELY. (it's really hard to shatter actually)14:11
fishbulbscratches slightly easier, but who the hell carries rocks and nails against the phone screen?14:12
PiZZaMartijnyeah but my screen is extremly scratched (got this one second hand), i should get a new digitizer in a few days14:12
fishbulbdon't get the chinese ones they suck.14:12
KotCzarnyfor scratches you can simply put the screen protector (cheap and disposable)14:12
fishbulbyeah I know. there are mirrored ones are pretty cool.14:13
PiZZaMartijndamn i got the cheapest chinese on i could find14:13
fishbulbI might have got a bad experience but my chinese one was really bad, not responsive, didn't really react properly14:13
KotCzarnythere are so many n900s with broken modem/usb port, but with perfect screen/digitizer14:13
KotCzarnyand go cheap too14:13
fishbulbthe one time I messed up a usb port was really bad, the traces came off14:14
fishbulbit's not TOO hard but if the traces come off you're screwed14:14
fishbulband they can if the thing has been yanked out.14:15
PiZZaMartijnkingston microsd-to-sd adapters really suck14:23
Sicelowith no traces, yyou can still fix :)14:25
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Sicelouse test pints. they work, but just not as efficiently as the correct location14:26
PiZZaMartijnor just botch some wireless charging circuitry in there14:27
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enycfishbulb: yes its' very fixable, the cable can run either to some pads they connect to under a metal can,  or  ran on thin wires all the way across to some tp pads under battery area14:35
enycfishbulb: my n900's have upside-down micro-USB connectors soldered to all the metalwork around firmwly, wiht wires coming off14:36
enycfishbulb: and a little filing to the case to take the connector toher way over etc14:36
fishbulbyeah I know there are some gpio pins but you need tiny components to convert that to usb14:36
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fishbulbsafely. you need a couple of tiny resistors and a diode I think14:37
Wizzupenyc: want to make some pictures?14:37
fishbulbcap maybe? I forget14:37
fishbulbI still have a perfect condition phone with no usb. and no traces. it'll get done but it's fiddly work.14:38
enycWizzup: not at the momen,t don't realyl want to take apart ;p14:38
fishbulbto safely do it I read you SHOULD have a few components14:38
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fishbulbhow many do you have?14:39
fishbulbwith this mod?14:39
enycat least 2 , possible 3rd board but was broken in some other way (flash failure iirc)14:39
fishbulbI got a couple of working ones then the really good condition broken usb, that will lsat longer because I dont' touch it :)14:41
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fishbulbsome dings and hits on the working ones. one I don't even use. it's a spare battery charger at this point. until I need it.. or parts from it. I'll combine all the good ones. ok cheers I need to disconnect14:42
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enycWizzup: i'm sure there are some good fixing it guides online15:06
enycWizzup: with pictures15:06
enycWizzup: try to find the one which actually opened nearby metal can and connected through the protection components locally15:06
WizzupI am not in desperate need, just curious15:07
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ceenesomeone who'd like to implement textsecure on yappari?19:33
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ceeneall the libraries are already ported19:43
Palifreemangordon: pong19:44
PaliI was afk19:44
ceene~seen coderus19:50
infobotcoderus is currently on #harmattan. Has said a total of 6 messages. Is idling for 8h 46m 36s, last said: 'if so then i really cant help more :)'.19:50
PiZZaMartijnwell I FINALLY have all the dependencies I need to build a modern kernel for the N900 :)19:55
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PiZZaMartijnwell shit. does the N900 charge when in the uboot menu?20:15
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PaliPiZZaMartijn: no, u-boot does not have charge support20:39
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PiZZaMartijnPali: So I have to wait to get a external charger? the battery doesn't have enough power to boot maemo20:40
PaliPiZZaMartijn: NOLO should charge battery until it has enought power to boot Maemo and start BME20:41
Paliif you have working Maemo userspace, it should work20:41
PiZZaMartijnactually as soon as I put in the microusb cable it will try to boot to maemo and fail20:42
PiZZaMartijnand i have a working userspace20:43
Paliconnect wallcharger20:44
PiZZaMartijnthat is what I'm using20:45
Paliif you have working userspace, boot maemo from uboot and let it alone20:45
Paliafter e.g. 30 min it should work20:45
Paliwhat do you mean by "fail"?20:46
PiZZaMartijnwhite nokia logo screen -> uboot -> starting kernel -> black screen -> go to start20:49
PiZZaMartijnand the backlight doesn't turn on the whole sequence20:49
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PiZZaMartijnhmm if I remove the battery and put it back in and then apply power it wont immediatly start booting20:50
PiZZaMartijnwait now it does :S20:50
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PaliPiZZaMartijn: do you see yellow led?20:58
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PiZZaMartijnPali: yes the yellow led is on20:59
Paliit is blinking? or always on?21:00
PiZZaMartijnalways on21:01
Palithats emergency charging21:02
PiZZaMartijnok that sounds good21:02
Palishould charge battery to at least minimal value needed for booting21:02
Paliafter 29 min HW will stop emergency charging21:02
PiZZaMartijnok, I will wait for a while21:03
Palihope it will be enough21:03
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KotCzarnynot a bad look in systemd22:43
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