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Vajbhey jonwil05:36
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Maxdamantusjonwil: looks like they might not fix the & thing after all.07:14
jonwilWhat did they say?07:15
Maxdamantus“Based on our initial investigation this doesn't look like it would allow an injection of HTML metacharacters which could lead to XSS (i.e. this would require < to be unescaped as well). However, if you are able to cause the server output to contained such unescaped characters, it would definitely be a problem -- if that's the case, please let us know!”07:16
MaxdamantusI suspect it probably is still a problem, but I don't really have evidence for it.07:16
MaxdamantusIt would be very strange if it just happened to be an issue with &.07:16
MaxdamantusI saw there was a supposed company on Google maps in China somewhere called "<script>alert(1)</script>", but it was marked as invalid.07:17
MaxdamantusMaybe that's what they mean by "unable"—there's an assumption that the people who validate places that are able to appear in search results are able to identify potentially malicious company names.07:18
Maxdamantusbut really, all you need to do is create an actual company called something like "Web <script>s ltd."07:19
jonwilYeah its quite possible they already have stuff at the Google Maps level to block (or rename) marker points with <> symbols in the name07:20
jonwilAnyhow it seems like they are saying "its not a security issue therefore we aren't going to put any priority into it" not "we will never fix the problem"07:20
MaxdamantusYeah, that's probably the main thing.07:20
MaxdamantusMaybe it'll still happen some time, since at least two people at Google know about it.07:21
jonwilI am going to continue using my microb patch for now07:25
MaxdamantusI use Opera, so it doesn't really affect me anyway.07:26
jonwillots of people use microb :)07:26
jonwiland I have suggested (in the tmo thread) that we consider adding such a patch to microb-engine (IMO its better to have a small hack in microb-engine than to get strange "random" errors from Google)07:26
MaxdamantusAn alternative MicroB-centric fix would be to just change the user agent.07:27
Maxdamantusthat's why it doesn't affect Opera, not because of invalid XML workarounds.07:27
jonwilbut what user agent to use? And how to be sure it isn't going to result in Google (or anyone else) sending the N900 pages it cant handle (or pages that use more mobile data than the current ones)07:29
jonwilIts not like there is some web page out there serving XHTML with an unescaped & symbol where parsing the page and ignoring the & instead of throwing an error is going to break things07:32
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Siceloso swap fragmentation can cause slowness?10:20
Sicelofinally hit 10 days uptime on my N900 (first in a loooong time), but it was becoming too slow. swapping on/off between sd card & mmcblk0p3 seems to have restored sanity. or just placebo effect?10:22
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Siceloon another note .. for some weird reason, auto-complete text suddenly does not work with hwkbd, but works with vkbd. what could be the cause?10:37
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bencohSicelo: it's not a placebo effect :)10:43
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MaxdamantusIt's probably not a placebo effect.11:09
MaxdamantusWhen you swapoff, it'll put more pages back into RAM.11:09
MaxdamantusYou can't really tell it to move all swap from one device to another.11:10
MaxdamantusAll you can do is tell it to move everything off a particular swap device, using swapoff .. some of those pages might end up staying in RAM, some might end up going to another swap device.11:11
MaxdamantusIt's probably not really a matter of fragmentation though.11:12
* Maxdamantus only uses SD cards for swap.11:13
* Maxdamantus is still wary of flash storage.11:14
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jonwilI use whatever the default swap settings are :)11:31
kerioyeah because SD cards store data on unicorn farts12:20
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MaxdamantusNo. Because SD cards can be replaced.12:30
Wizzupyou can also boot from sd cards if emmc breaks12:34
MaxdamantusIndeed, though I don't intend to break it.12:36
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Vajbhow to chain dbus commands in shortcutd?12:38
Vajbtrying with &&12:41
Vajbhah works12:43
Vajbnow when i use camerabutton to pause panucci it also rewinds it 10 seconds12:43
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Sicelohi. my hwkbd 'problem' is getting more serious. Noticed the symbo table doesn't come up with Fn key anymore13:22
Sicelohow do i restart/reload hildon-im-*?13:22
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Vajbmaybe just kill it?13:38
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Sicelogood idea. ah, let me check the init13:45
Sicelonothing there. i wonder how it gets started.13:48
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Sicelohmm, nothing seems to be restoring normal functionality for my hwkbd15:03
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Vajbdid u try to kill hildon input method?15:03
Vajbhey DocScrutinizer0515:04
Siceloyes Vajb15:05
Siceloin vkbd all works normally. only hwkbd acting up: no auto-complete, and Fn key doesn't bring up symbol table.15:07
Vajbhmm maybe u changed some settings accidentally?15:12
Sicelono. to make sure, i've changed between all the options in control panel. no difference15:13
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Siceloguess N900 just asking for a reboot, lol15:13
Vajbmaybe kill whole hildon desktop?15:14
Siceloi did :)15:14
Vajboh and still no joy...15:14
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Vajbcan u make special characters if u longpress keyb?15:16
Vajbah but there is different keys there...15:17
Sicelolong press works fine. even Fn + character15:17
Siceloonly Fn+Ctrol does not bring up symbol table15:18
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Vajbbtw does ur vkbd work otherwise?15:31
Vajbi see lots of posts reporting that vkbd not working after installing SCIM15:34
Sicelovkbd is working just fine.15:37
Vajbwell im not an expert, but i'll say u have a weird problem :)15:40
Siceloand i don't want to reboot just for this, haha15:41
Vajbdid u do something odd?15:41
Sicelopossibly. i don't know. it's been a couple of days15:42
Sicelonot a very big problem for me .. i don't really use the symbols15:43
Vajbhave u read related wiki article?15:44
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