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capitanocrunchhello everybody11:38
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capitanocrunchdoes anybody know if maemo x-terminal gives a warning if you type rm -rf / ?11:39
KotCzarnyunless you have something like: alias rm="rm -i" in profile or bashrc11:41
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KotCzarnybut if you do: rm somerandomfile and it doesnt ask then it doesnt11:41
sixwheeledbeasttry it?11:44
KotCzarnyswb: good point11:45
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sixwheeledbeastYou would have to be root, in which case you shouldn't need a warning?12:02
KotCzarnyunless he is trying to write a prank12:02
sixwheeledbeastsome prank12:04
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capitanocrunchin debian it gives a warning and also an --option to do it as nonroot12:14
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Palifreemangordon: I'm going to fix that connui package12:24
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OksanaaI have talent for getting into trouble. The folder with 500+ files from 3 days of travel? When I try to archive it into a zip, I get a read-only MyDocs, as if some files in the folder are corrupted12:31
OksanaaAnd trying to sic photorec onto MyDocs gives mostly not-the-files-I-need (haven't finished weeding through 163 results of undelete-recovery operation, yet)12:32
OksanaaWill likely attempt recovery-undelete in the future. Hopefully, it will not start by recovering the same 163 results again12:33
OksanaaIt's painful when a photo is recovered as separate jpg and exif-text files, with no clue on matching them12:34
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KotCzarnyread-only doesnt require photorec rescue12:41
KotCzarnyor am i wrong?12:41
OksanaaUm, why would it go into read-only mode?12:44
* Oksanaa does not understand filesystems much12:44
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KotCzarnyoksanaa, because it wasnt umounted cleanly?12:48
KotCzarnyand its vfat, so inconsistences are very easy to introduce with unclean reboots12:49
OksanaaIt wasn't read-only at first, it became read-only after archive-attempt ?12:49
KotCzarnyif you didnt do anything radical to it most likely nothing was lost12:49
KotCzarnysystem might have encountered some inconsistency and remounted it ro to stop further damage12:50
KotCzarnyunclean umount from usb cable also can be a reason12:51
KotCzarny(undetected until reacheing some point in directory structure later)12:51
OksanaaMy point of view was, tar encounters inconsistencies while trying to archive, filesystem becomes read-only12:51
OksanaaHow to repair inconsistencies? And, no usb-cable, broken usb-port12:52
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KotCzarnyno, tar doesnt do anything like that, it could have been any app, its the kernel that detected incons. on the fs12:52
KotCzarnyfirst, backup the data12:52
KotCzarnythen you should umount it, dosfsck, remount12:53
OksanaaTo where? And by the way, restriction "too large file" on "share by email" is absurd, especially when I try to send many small files. I guess, it's unreasonable to ask the share-plugin to create several emails for that purpose?12:54
KotCzarnysd card?12:55
OksanaaSo, fsck would repair it? Which option was it to make corrections "instantaneous", in case of small battery-life and long fsck ?12:55
KotCzarnyinstall tiny-smb and copy over wifi?12:56
KotCzarnyalso, dont ignore backup before fsck12:56
OksanaaSD card? Good thinking, but there is a shortage of them around here. Tiny-smb sounds neat, never used it before though12:56
KotCzarnyyou can do the other way around, mount some network dir on the n900 via sshfs12:57
KotCzarnyor nfs12:57
OksanaaWill endeavour to do some kind of back-up. But what's the worst an fsck can do? Delete corrupt files which I already cannot reach?12:57
KotCzarnyalso, without mounting anything you can just use rsync to backup data too12:57
KotCzarnyfsck can delete almost everything, it all depends what was the cause12:59
KotCzarnyif a simple 'bitmap mismatch' then nothing much would happen12:59
OksanaaWell, unclean reboot is likely, LED pattern does not help much when LED does not work (really should get a full new flex cable for this device)13:00
OksanaaWould it recover problematic files?13:00
KotCzarnyif the inconsistency is already there, i guess problematic files will be corrupted too13:00
KotCzarnybut as i said, backup first, worry later13:01
OksanaaWhat has the highest probability of recovering corrupted-and-or-problematic files?13:02
KotCzarnydefine recovering13:02
OksanaaHaving them "like new", not damaged. Well, I can deal with having them in fragments, for mix-and-matching by hand, but it would be tiresome13:04
KotCzarnymost often vfat suffers from bad usage bitmap, so if something was already overwritten then none13:05
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OksanaaNot likely to be overwritten, I hope. I did not take that many photos since then, though I did have some13:07
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KotCzarnybackup first, repair fs, check then13:10
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OksanaaOkay. Emailing 800+ MB video file (30 minutes of video) is difficult when home-fs has only 600MB free13:13
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KotCzarnyoksanaa: use then just mail link?13:23
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OksanaaNice thought. I don't use youtube13:24
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Oksanaacloudstor can help13:27
drathirOksanaa: which one provider support 800m attachments?13:56
drathirOksanaa: gdrive/dropbox/ probably, but if possible before send encrypt...13:58
drathirOksanaa: but the best rsync to own vps...14:00
drathirOksanaa: and take on mind even workin os overwritting data too...14:02
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Petrosi asked about this a few weeks ago but i was travelling between continents :P16:15
Petrosi want to learn how to port stuff to maemo16:16
Petrosi'm in computer science16:16
Petrosbut i don't really know how to begin :S16:16
KotCzarnyif your program compiles in linux its mostly ported16:16
KotCzarnythings that differ are just really old libs available16:17
Petrosbut it wouldn't run on arm16:17
KotCzarnyyou know what source compilation is?16:17
KotCzarnyif you dont do anything stupid in the code, gcc compiles it without a problem16:18
Petrosi also can't get gcc to work - it gets stuck on printf lines16:18
KotCzarnyyou are doning something wrong, very16:18
Petroslol maybe :P16:19
Petrosperhaps i can figure it out with some googling16:19
KotCzarnyfirst, what dev env are you using?16:19
KotCzarnyk, where do you compile the code? what tools/versions?16:20
Petroson my n81016:20
Petrosi used apt-get to install gcc16:20
KotCzarnyand you say you cant run hello world with printf?16:21
KotCzarnywhich gcc ver/repo?16:21
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Petrosgimme a sec16:22
Petrosok this is weird16:23
Petrosi reflasshed recently and now gcc isn't availble16:23
Petrosi can't install it again16:23
KotCzarnybecause its probably from sdk repo16:23
KotCzarnywhich you should use carefully as it can f*ck up your os16:24
KotCzarnysdk repos are way down16:25
Petrosweird, i installed it like a month ago16:25
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KotCzarnybut be cautious what do you install (rootfs space is little)16:25
Petrosok i'll switch to my n90016:25
Petrossee if things are better over there16:26
KotCzarnysame story with n900, its not meant to be used to develop direclty16:26
KotCzarnybut can be done16:26
KotCzarnyyou can try installing gcc and other stuff one by one16:26
Petrosif i got an obsolete linux distro on would it make things easier?16:26
KotCzarnybut as i said, rootfs space16:26
Petrosmaybe with chroot16:27
Petrosor to natively boot it16:27
KotCzarnyi have gcc on both my devices (n800 and n900). it can be done if you know what you are doing and know linux enough16:27
KotCzarnybut if you want to be safer, install scratchbox and sdk (on pc), or just grab prepared image for virtualbox16:28
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Petroswhile i mess with things around here i'll use this time to say thanks for the help so far :P16:30
KotCzarnygrab Maemo_Ubuntu_Lucid_Desktop_SDK_Virtual_Image_Final.7z16:30
KotCzarnyand just run it in virtualbox16:30
Petrosalright, so i'm trying to install the armel versions of gcc on my n900 but i get the incompatible blah blah error16:32
Petroshowever i'm doing it with the applications manager16:32
Petrosshould i use dpkg -i?16:33
KotCzarnycheck free space first16:33
Petrosi have a lot of that16:33
KotCzarnyon / ?16:33
KotCzarnycheck again16:33
Petros1,35 GB16:34
KotCzarnyyou are looking at the wrong place16:34
KotCzarnynot /opt, but / or rootfs16:34
KotCzarnyunless you did something to your layout16:34
Petrosthat was under the "memory for installable apps"16:35
Petroswhich i assumed to be /16:35
KotCzarnyrun terminal, do: df16:35
Petrossince the rest are my sd and the internal memory16:35
KotCzarnythat 1.35GB would be true if those packages were optimized (optified), otherwise if you grab the wrong thing it would go mostly to /16:36
Petrosguessing it's in kb16:36
Petrosi have 77mb available16:36
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KotCzarnyshould be enough then for experiments, but as i said, keep an eye on it16:37
Petroswill  do16:37
Petrosso should i try to install them with dpkg or are they actually incompatible?16:37
KotCzarnyi dont know the actual error, and you seem inexperienced in hacking things16:38
KotCzarnyif you want to use dpkg, try apt-get install before16:38
Petrosi am inexperienced but i really want to learn stuff16:38
Petrosi'm only 20 so i'm hoping i'm not late :P16:39
KotCzarnynice thing about n8x0/n900 that even if you do the worst, you can always reflash16:40
KotCzarnyjust make sure you haven't got anything valueable there16:40
Petrosi've only bricked an htc dream a few years back16:40
Petrosbad radio flash :P16:41
Petrosso what knowledge would i need to learn more about "hacking"?16:43
KotCzarnymostly about backups, reflashing, installing packages16:44
KotCzarnycommand line too16:44
KotCzarny(that's for starters)16:44
Petrosi think i'm becoming comfortable with these16:44
Petrosare the rest tools that i need to research?16:44
KotCzarnyyou want hello world first, that means installing gcc at least16:46
Petrosi'm working on it16:46
Petrosi may need to reflash, i think i messed my sources up16:46
Petrosmanually adding them with vi is a bitch16:47
KotCzarnydo you have a pc?16:47
Petroson a phone anyway16:47
KotCzarnyssh makes it easier16:47
Petrosforgot aboutit16:48
Petrosis the name openssh?16:48
KotCzarnyapt-cache search ssh16:49
Petrosit says it had trouble processing catblock16:49
KotCzarnyapt-get remove catblock ?16:50
Petrosit can't remove it16:51
Petrossubprocess post-installation script > exit status 216:51
KotCzarnyyou can paste the output to or something16:51
Petrosunable to execute  post-installation script: No such file or directory16:52
Petrossame thing with apt-get install -f16:53
Petrostries to configure catblock16:53
KotCzarnyyou can try dpkg -r catblock16:54
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Petrossame thing only it also gives a similar error while trying to execute a pre-removal script16:55
KotCzarnyapt-get install --reinstall catblock ?16:56
Petroswhat about booting to a linux distro?16:57
Petroslike arch or ubuntu or something16:57
KotCzarnyfigure which file it whines about and add it as an empty script16:57
KotCzarnyi think there was easydebian16:57
Petroswouldn't that waste too much ram16:58
KotCzarnyand booting other linux distros usually means losing telephony features16:58
Petroshaving maemo run in the background alL THAT16:58
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Petrosi would like to work on that sometime16:59
Petrosgetting stuff like that to work16:59
Petrosthough it must sound ridiculous coming from me :P16:59
KotCzarnyfixing things is a great opportunity to learn16:59
Palifreemangordon: fixed and pushed to github & cssu-devel17:01
Petrosdo you have anything to suggest to broaden my knowledge?17:04
Petrosto be more comfortable or learn more about hacking and all that?17:04
KotCzarnylearn the command line and the package management first17:04
Petrosyou mean how to use dpkg and apt?17:05
KotCzarnythat too17:05
Petroswhat more is there?17:05
KotCzarnyknowing how it works17:05
Petrosso read the manuals?17:06
Petrosor find the sources and understand them?17:06
KotCzarnyand google17:07
KotCzarnystart with that catblock17:07
KotCzarnymake it your homework #117:07
Petrosonce i'm done?17:08
KotCzarnyinstall gcc and friends17:08
Petrosso fight i will17:08
Petrosno reflashing17:08
KotCzarnyif it takes more than 3 days, reflash and grab the virtualbox image17:09
Petroswho's my next enemy?17:10
KotCzarnywho knows17:11
sixwheeledbeastwhat is catblock?17:13
Petrosthat's what i'll be learning! :P17:13
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sunshaviKotCzarny: Do You have a deb pkg 4 xvkbd?17:57
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KotCzarnysunshavi: probably, let me find it18:23
KotCzarnysunshavi: i've attached the files to the first post:
KotCzarnydrat, he left18:38
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Petroshello i'm back19:21
keriohi back, i'm kerio19:21
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Petrosy u do dis19:22
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sixwheeledbeastthere's two people gone today...20:27
sunshaviKotCzarny: thanks. I got the files20:29
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sunshaviKotCzarny: it works, probably i would like not to have numpad, and bigger keys :)20:39
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KotCzarnysunshavi: its fully configurable21:32
KotCzarnyyou can do both21:32
KotCzarnyyou can change the layout as you want and you can change the def sizes in config files21:32
sunshavigreat, let's do it then ;)21:50
sunshaviKotCzarny: xvkdb, could a replacement 4 not hildonizing emacs yet21:51
sunshaviKotCzarny: what is "Com\nPose" for?22:05
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OksanaaBy the way, after I uninstalled wireshark, there was still /opt/maemo/usr/lib/wireshark/ directory with 20+MB. Is it just me, or does it need better clean-up postrm scripts?22:18
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KotCzarnysunshavi: dont remember all the linux/xorg key functions22:31
KotCzarnyprobably something like altgr on windows22:31
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