IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2015-12-05

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brolin_empeyKotCzarny: I was curious to know if I truly can use a CF HDD (CompactMagnetic) in my Canon PowerShot G6 because a CF card using flash memory (literally CompactFlash) is a Type I card (3.3 mm thick) but a CF HDD is a Type II card (5 mm thick).  [1] explicitly says “Compact Flash Type I or Type II (Slot 2)” and “IBM Microdrive supported”.00:26
KotCzarnytype is only for thickness00:26
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brolin_empeyKotCzarny: Yes, I know.  If the PowerShot G6 can use only a Type I card, I cannot even try to use a CF HDD unless I can find a CF HDD that is a Type I card.00:29
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KotCzarnyum, but that spec you've pasted sayd g6 supports type i and ii (and microdrives)00:30
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brolin_empeyKotCzarny: You are misunderstanding me.  Days ago, I mentioned in this channel that it would be novel to use a CF HDD in my PowerShot G6.  At that time, I thought that a CF HDD can fit in all CF slots/connectors because I forgot that there are multiple thicknesses (Types) of CF cards because I have used only Type I cards because I have used only literal CompactFlash, not CompactMagnetic.  Today I researched the subject to see if using a CF HDD in the00:35
brolin_empeyPowerShot G6 is possible in practice.00:35
KotCzarnyok, what is cf hdd you are talking about, microdrive?00:35
brolin_empeyKotCzarny: I do not have a CF HDD.00:37
KotCzarnymanual for g6 says it works with type 1 and 200:37
KotCzarnypage 19900:37
KotCzarnywhat other info you need?00:38
KotCzarnybut you can buy bigger cf flash cards than microdrives, and probably much faster too00:39
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brolin_empeyKotCzarny: I know that.  As I said before, my interest in a CF HDD is only because it would be novel to use magnetic storage in this application, like the Sony DSC that uses a 3.5-inch flexible disc drive.00:43
KotCzarny1/ it would work (unless you get some early microdrive that draws more than type ii spec), 2/ it will be slower and less reliable (shocks)00:45
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DocScrutinizer51modrana should observe a reasonable memlimit when downloading map data (rather: trying to download) Trying a level18 download of 20km radius goes straight to swap hell before even starting actual data transfer01:01
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* brolin_empey just noticed that “swap” is “paws” backwards.01:42
Ras_Oldergood catch there :D01:57
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AirwaveDocScrutinizer51: Hey04:25
AirwaveIt showed up in dmesg, and it showed up as a removable device.04:26
AirwaveAnd on the phone, the battery indicator is showing a charging animation now. Nice.04:26
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DocScrutinizer51your device seems OK. Wallcharger missing D*- line short04:29
DocScrutinizer51hmmm no such factoid? strange04:29
DocScrutinizer51after charging battery for 2h from PC, you may start flashing. You can try before but it might not work and simply fall back to charging, then you need to wait a bit longer04:31
AirwaveI'll wait. No rush.04:32
DocScrutinizer51what does battery indicator show whan you stop charging (unplug)? What's displaued for battery status in the systray menu?04:38
DocScrutinizer51Airwave: ^04:39
AirwaveDocScrutinizer51: Like roughly how many % full it is when I unplug it?04:40
DocScrutinizer51yes, how many?04:40
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AirwaveI'd say roughly 10%.04:41
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DocScrutinizer51when you click on the battery icon, what does it show for battery status?04:42
AirwaveDocScrutinizer51: Just says "battery."04:44
DocScrutinizer51hmm, no CSSU installed04:44
DocScrutinizer51charge for 2h04:45
DocScrutinizer51lock the screen with side slide lockswitch, this will significantly speed up charging04:46
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AirwaveI might go to bed before it finishes charging then, but in that case I'll just flash it in the morning.04:47
AirwaveI really appreciate all the help, by the way.04:47
DocScrutinizer51Airwave: meanwhile you can download the flasjing script and see if you need to install 32bit libusb on your PC04:53
DocScrutinizer51seems most 64bit systems don't come with 32bit support per default nowadays04:55
AirwaveDocScrutinizer51: I just run flasher-3.5 and see if it complains about missing libraries?04:56
DocScrutinizer51simply download and start the and see if it drops an error04:56
AirwaveRuns fine.04:57
AirwaveMy package manager says that I have 32-bit libusb as well.04:57
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AirwaveWell, it's been two hours now.06:42
AirwaveTime to get cracking, I suppose.06:42
AirwaveOkay, the flashing seems to have gone fine. I'm booting it back up again now.06:51
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AirwaveThe muarf mirror has "read WARNING" in the name. Which warning is this referring to?07:03
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brolin_empeyjonwil: ’lo.10:43
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freemangordonjonwil: pong11:02
jonwilMade a bit more progress11:02
* freemangordon is going to check on github11:03
jonwilDone all I can do for now I think11:03
freemangordonlooks good11:03
freemangordonwill try to do more stuff today11:04
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jonwilI dont even want to think about the mess that is aep11:22
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jonwilFreemangordon: If you can figure out what the inline functions voice_cmt_dl_is_active_iothread and voice_cmt_ul_is_active_iothread actually look like, that will make it possible to clone a bunch more of the pulseaudio bits. Also, any information you have (or can figure out) about the functions (in Fremantle nokia-voice) at addresses 434DC, 4456C and 436CC would be very useful11:34
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freemangordonjonwil: ok, just lemme finish  voip_source_process_msg and   voip_sink_process_msg11:45
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freemangordonjonwil: 434DC looks like div12:31
freemangordon4456C raises SIGFPE when 434dc tetects division by zero :)12:33
freemangordon436CC looks like a wrapper12:34
KotCzarnyall praise to 434DC! it saves out n900 from sploding!12:34
KotCzarnybut seriously, i admire you two for doing that hard work12:35
KotCzarnykeep REing!12:35
freemangordonwanna join?12:36
freemangordonit is not that much remaining12:37
freemangordonjust one AEP alog and a couple of functions :)12:37
KotCzarnytoo little asm knowledge, and i'm hacking at my project atm12:37
freemangordonyou don't need asm actually, IDA does it to C code for you12:37
freemangordonthough saying "just one AEP" might give you wrong impression, actually that beast is huge and complicated12:38
KotCzarnyi would love to join, but i have to pass it for now12:39
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AirwaveThe muarf mirror has "read WARNING" in the name. Which warning is this referring to?13:03
KotCzarnypackage manager? apt? website?13:03
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AirwaveLinked from
KotCzarnyask the doc, its his site13:06
AirwaveDocScrutinizer51: ^13:06
KotCzarnybut i guess it refers to the warning on the wiki page13:06
KotCzarnymost likely to this: # nokia is no more, is private mirror13:07
KotCzarnyif you dont care about legal mumbo jumbo and just want nokia repo mirror you can safely ignore that warning13:07
AirwaveOkay. Thanks.13:09
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freemangordonjonwil: pull the next commit as well13:28
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baboohello its my first time here,can i know why my ip is is blacklosted on maemo(newly) and how could be solved?13:35
babooi can access, but not talk.maemo.org13:37
freemangordonshe is dead :(13:43
freemangordonDocScrutinizer51: ^^^13:43
* DocScrutinizer51 too13:44
DocScrutinizer51ask chem|st13:46
DocScrutinizer51about IP whitelisting13:46
DocScrutinizer51email timriker about ibot13:47
DocScrutinizer51or just wait13:47
KotCzarnyand check if your ip isnt in any spam db13:57
jonwilfreemangordon: what do you plan to work on next?13:57
KotCzarnybecause it actually is13:57
KotCzarnythat info on maemo site should state it more clearly what is happening and what should user do13:58
KotCzarnymaybe setup readonly mode for the same db?13:58
freemangordonjonwil: not sure. fir maybe14:00
DocScrutinizer51freemangordon: could you check if ibot or apt or purl are still online? if yes, I can do sth about the bot14:03
jonwilbtw its clear from the info we have that voice_cmt_ul_is_active_iothread and voice_cmt_dl_is_active_iothread should be in voice-cmtspeech.h not voice-cmtspeech.c and also they clearly dont have the ENTER14:03
jonwilENTER() macro at the start14:04
jonwilotherwise there would be a debug log call that macro14:04
jonwiland there isn't14:04
DocScrutinizer51is_active sounds like a boolean test14:05
jonwilyeah both return pa_bool_t :14:05
DocScrutinizer51it's a 4-liner, no much use in debugging it14:06
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baboo_i dont really get what i should do, i have a limited knowledge concerning all these stuff14:08
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KotCzarnybaboo_: 1/ get an external ip (if its your home), or 2/ get a proxy without kids accessing it14:14
KotCzarnyand you can 3/ send an email to tech staff at meamoe.org14:14
DocScrutinizer51anybody checked if ibot or apt or purl is online?14:15
jonwilin any case it doesn't look like having voice_cmt_ul_is_active_iothread/voice_cmt_dl_is_active_iothread makes the remaining functions easier to reverse engineer14:15
jonwilSome of the missing stuff uses ARM FP14:15
jonwilARM FPU instructions (something I cant decode)14:16
jonwilwell FPU or NEON (same difference to me, I cant understand that stuff at all)14:16
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baboo_ok i guess its better to contact someone from staff, who shall i contact?14:19
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DocScrutinizer51baboo_: ping chem|st14:20
DocScrutinizer51or send a mail to techstaff AT maemo org14:21
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baboo_how to ping him?sorry but its my first time here14:24
jonwilLooks like we are very close to having all the functions that touch PulseAudio completed :)14:25
DocScrutinizer51freemangordon: sorry I'm semi-offline and purl and ibot also not online. Zilch I can do before xmas. when you send a mail to tim riker. include subject 'greetings from DocScrutinizer, please restart infobot"14:26
KotCzarnythat infobot is down a lot nowadays14:27
AirwaveDocScrutinizer51: I flashed my phone this morning, and now I have CSSU running on my phone. Thanks a lot for the help!14:31
DocScrutinizer51yw :) welcome to this nice community14:32
AirwaveNot sure exactly what to do with this thing now though. ;-) I just bought it used kinda for fun. Considering upgrading it to a Neo900 when that becomes available.14:34
KotCzarnyairwave, are you going to use it as a phone, smartphone or pocket linux ?14:34
DocScrutinizer51note that Neo900 is quite pricey and built to order14:34
AirwaveKotCzarny: If I got Neo900, I'd use it as a smartphone. This N900 I probably won't use for much other than playing around with.14:35
KotCzarnyairwave, it actually has a lot to offer, assuming you are familiar with linux and hacking things14:36
KotCzarnymain stopping point are old kernel/glibc and limited memory14:36
KotCzarnyotherwise it's just pocket linux computer with phone module14:36
AirwaveKotCzarny: I'm a GNU/Linux sysadmin, so I'm quite familiar. :-)14:36
KotCzarnyi guess you have installed ssh already and root access14:37
KotCzarnythere are some pentest tools available14:37
AirwaveThat's handy.14:37
DocScrutinizer51Airwave: you *wnt* to get: simple brightness applet14:37
KotCzarnyalso, some puzzle apps come handy for bathroom time14:38
DocScrutinizer51and possibly 2G/3G selector14:38
AirwaveDocScrutinizer51: Got it now. Thanks for the tip!14:38
AirwaveKotCzarny: :-D14:38
AirwaveI'm kind of a free software guy, so if I could get this thing running with mostly just FOSS, that would be really neat.14:39
AirwaveWould be nice to remove all of this Facebook and Amazon stuff that I don't really want.14:39
KotCzarnyand if you play music there are quite a few players available, having cssu install omp (open media player) or my oscp if you prefer directory based browsing/using14:39
KotCzarnyyes, you can14:40
DocScrutinizer51Airwave: pro tip: press and hold the rectangle left side. when it vanishes (and backlight state toggled) drag your finger to not get a pen-up event in the app with focus14:40
DocScrutinizer51Airwave: you can uninstall all that silly cruft quite easily14:41
AirwaveThanks for the tips guys.14:41
DocScrutinizer51Airwave: one WARNING: maemo is not a plain debian, regarding apt and dpkg14:42
DocScrutinizer51NEVER think you could do a upgrade or dist-upgrade14:42
AirwaveThat's good to know. Thanks.14:43
DocScrutinizer51basically whole maemo is one large metapkg14:43
DocScrutinizer51keeping that in mind, it's easy going14:43
DocScrutinizer51you should visit jrtools ;)14:44
DocScrutinizer51alas I lack the URL now  that infobot is MIA14:45
AirwaveWhat's jrtools?14:45
DocScrutinizer51something like
KotCzarnyairwave, its bunch of his tips/hacks14:46
AirwaveCool, thanks.14:47
AirwaveI have this issue where when I try to scroll, I accidentally click instead. Any tips on avoiding that?14:47
KotCzarnyuse stylus14:47
DocScrutinizer51press harder14:47
DocScrutinizer51this is a resistive ts14:47
DocScrutinizer51use fingernail14:48
AirwaveOkay, thanks.14:48
inzresisitve ts tries to resist you doing anything, you gotta do harder!14:48
KotCzarnyif you find some tool missing, its usually in extras-devel, and if you dont want to trust unknown compiles, you can install scratchbox and compile things yourself14:49
KotCzarnyinz: what does capacitive do?14:49
KotCzarnycaps you?14:49
inzKotCzarny, maybe capsize, not sure14:51
KotCzarnyand touchscreen touches you14:52
inzmaybe in soviet russia14:52
DocScrutinizer51Airwave: again re Neo900: it never will 'become available' in a sense you can head out and shop it. Its built to order for those who preordered14:53
AirwaveDocScrutinizer51: You're right. Thanks for the correction.14:53
DocScrutinizer51just a heads up :D14:53
DocScrutinizer51MAYBE we will roll a second batch when first one becomes so popular we thet we get enough preorders for that 2nd batch14:55
DocScrutinizer51and IFF we can source more of the needed components14:55
AirwaveI haven't decided whether or not to preorder.14:56
DocScrutinizer51yeah, it's a tough decision14:57
DocScrutinizer51once you learn to know and love your N900, it gets easier though14:57
AirwaveWhile I do think the N900 is a very nice phone (loving that physical keyboard), the biggest selling point for me is the free software aspect.14:58
inz"How I learned to stop worrying and love the N900"14:59
KotCzarnyairwave: firmware blobs or user software?14:59
AirwaveKotCzarny: Both are important, but I place a higher value on the user software being free.15:00
DocScrutinizer51Neo900 will be even better in FOSS regard, since it doesn't need closed blob NOLO bootloader and no obfuscated crappy ISI interface to modem15:00
jonwilAirwave: You will be happy to know that we are working to make one of the core components for audio on the N900 open source by reverse engineering it15:01
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jonwilAnd we have made a number of other key system components open source too like MCE15:01
AirwaveMy current phone is Samsung Galaxy S3 running CyanogenMod with F-Droid and no Google apps. I would use Replicant, but it doesn't support USSD codes, which I need for work.15:01
DocScrutinizer51what? replicant doe no USSD??? WTF!15:02
AirwaveDocScrutinizer51: The isolated modem aspect of the Neo900 is a big selling point for me.15:02
Airwavejonwil: That's excellent news.15:02
AirwaveDocScrutinizer51: Samsung-RIL doesn't support USSD codes yet (
DocScrutinizer51Airwave: I did my very best to design the best phone I could think of15:03
inzAirwave, thanks for mentioning replicant, hadn't heard of it, maybe I'll try it on my Nexus S15:03
DocScrutinizer51OHMY the RIL15:03
DocScrutinizer51what a crap15:03
* DocScrutinizer51 is so happy Neo900 won't need any friggin RIL15:04
Airwaveinz: It's pretty neat, but most phones are missing some notable features because of missing blobs:
AirwaveYou could extract the blobs from the corresponding CM image and install them yourself though.15:05
AirwaveDocScrutinizer51: The three things I dislike about my phone are: 1. No physical keyboard. 2. Some of the hardware requires blobs. 3. Poor modem isolation.15:06
DocScrutinizer51funny sidenote: N900 also didn't know USSD and 2-digit starhash codes initially, until finallly: starhash-enabler15:06
KotCzarnyi wonder why people buy such phones in the first place if they are unhappy, 'vote with your wallet' is powerful15:06
AirwaveThe Neo900 improves or fixes every single one of these.15:06
DocScrutinizer51yes, of course it does15:07
jonwilThe biggest missing open piece hardware wise on N900 is the PowerVR GPU drivers (used both for X11 via xserver-xorg-video-fbdev and for OpenGLES)15:07
DocScrutinizer51that's been topmost design goal15:07
jonwilAs for Neo900 and cellular modem, Neo900 will definitely need some sort of cellular modem daemon that talks to the cellular module15:08
jonwiland exposes some sort of interface15:08
DocScrutinizer51jonwil: yeah, annoying. But no showstopper15:08
jonwil(dbus probably) to the upper level of the system15:08
*** krnlyng has joined #maemo15:08
jonwilThe hard part there is figuring out what the various nokia dbus interfaces do so we can be compatible (since we want to be able to use stock N900 dialer app and things on Neo900 last I checked)15:09
DocScrutinizer51don't miss to check fso15:09
*** baboo_ has quit IRC15:10
AirwaveWhich operating system are people planning on installing on their Neo900s?15:10
DocScrutinizer51fre smartphone org, of mickey lauer15:10
DocScrutinizer51Airwave: I guess most want maemo15:10
jonwilbut yeah the audio blobs and GPU driver are the 2 biggest missing pieces in regards to FOSS and hardware15:10
jonwilon Neo90015:10
jonwiland indeed on N90015:10
jonwilAs mentioned, audio blobs are in the process of being cloned15:11
jonwilI dont think anyone out there has any real willingness to do anything with the GPU drivers though15:11
Wizzupjonwil: can't ofono do that?15:11
AirwaveGPU driver is probably harder to reverse engineer, right?15:11
inzAirwave, I might have some versions of the blobs lying on disk already; already have self-built AOSP after some dev work on it15:11
WizzupAirwave: just forget about the gpu driver :)15:11
DocScrutinizer51Wizzup: we got FSO, why use dang ofono?15:11
WizzupIf that works, then that is fine too15:12
DocScrutinizer51it already worked on SHR on Neo900 prot-v115:12
DocScrutinizer51and generally SHR worked on Freerunner just fine15:13
Airwaveinz: If you need any help getting it to work, let me know. I think I remember how to do it.15:13
AirwaveOkay, this is pretty neat. I'm playing Heroes of Might and Magic 2 on my phone.15:13
AirwaveI love this game.15:13
AirwaveMaybe this should be my main phone after all. :-D15:14
KotCzarnybuy bigger battery then15:14
DocScrutinizer51it for sure is for me ;)15:14
AirwaveWhere should I buy another battery? eBay?15:15
DocScrutinizer51since 5 years15:15
jonwilbut yeah whatever we use (ofono, FSO, whatever) we need to expose the right dbus interfaces that the stock apps are looking for :)15:15
KotCzarnypolarcell is known to be good (and has ~1500mAh)15:15
DocScrutinizer51hmm, 2nd battery is a good idea15:15
KotCzarnyif you want bigger, either hack the 2 in parallel, or go mugen (its ~2400mAh)15:16
AirwaveThe guy I bought it from actually gave me two extra batteries.15:16
DocScrutinizer51jonwil: yep15:16
DocScrutinizer51Airwave: ooh nice15:16
DocScrutinizer51did you already check their capacity :D15:16
DocScrutinizer51you know we have decent battery gas gauge in N90015:17
DocScrutinizer51where's the damn bot? GRRRR15:17
AirwaveWow, it's three extra batteries, actually.15:18
AirwaveThey all say 1320 mAh.15:18
KotCzarnyactual or just printed?15:18
DocScrutinizer51if only I had checked my router's port forwards befor leaving15:18
Wizzupfor me personally, maemo would ideally mostly stay the same, but actually be updated against recent libraries, with a recent kernel. of course a prerequisite for that is that all the parts are open15:18
Wizzupfor example, openssl 0.9.8 support is being dropped as of the last release, apparently15:18
Wizzupeven for security fixes, etc15:18
AirwaveKotCzarny: How could I check? By plugging then in and checking in software?15:19
inzAirwave, ok, not sure if ill have any time to fiddle with it tho15:19
KotCzarnyairwave, if you have cssu it will report capacity15:19
KotCzarnyif you've changed batteries just wait 1-2 cycles15:19
KotCzarnyand then click on the statusbar15:19
DocScrutinizer51Airwave: bq27200.sh15:19
AirwaveHow do I enter the application switcher when I'm running a full screen program?15:20
KotCzarnyi think15:20
AirwaveThat works. Thanks.15:20
DocScrutinizer51Airwave: there's always ctrl-bs15:20
DocScrutinizer51and I use it with the right gconf key like alt-tab on desktop15:21
DocScrutinizer51see jrtools15:21
AirwaveThis display is pretty nice for a device this old.15:21
DocScrutinizer51I need to pimp this N900 xchat to have some udeful macros15:22
DocScrutinizer51it's almost sufficient for roaming a few weeks, but I miss my bookmarks15:22
DocScrutinizer51and when even dang bot is MIA... :-S15:23
AirwaveI feel like this phone is more of a portable computer instead of just a toy like most smartphones these days.15:23
DocScrutinizer51Airwave: you bet it is15:23
KotCzarnypocket linux computer15:23
KotCzarnywith phone app15:23
KotCzarnyremember, it started as nit (nokia internet tablet)15:24
DocScrutinizer51alltime meme: N900 is *not* a phone15:24
AirwaveI've always really disliked smartphones because of the touch screen keyboard and the toy OS.15:24
DocScrutinizer51I dont want 'apps'15:25
DocScrutinizer51and themes15:25
DocScrutinizer51and ringtones15:25
DocScrutinizer51I want /etc ;)15:25
AirwaveYou said it! :-D15:25
KotCzarnypity its one of the very few such devices, and after 6 years after its introduction, still useful15:25
KotCzarnyone positive side is that it can be bought second hand for ~20-50usd15:26
AirwaveCan I sync contacts and calendars over CardDAV and CalDAV with this phone?15:27
*** Kabouik_ has joined #maemo15:27
DocScrutinizer51there been some solutions15:27
DocScrutinizer51it's linux ;)15:27
DocScrutinizer51calendar is evolution iirc15:28
*** Kabouik has quit IRC15:29
DocScrutinizer51contacts you can export and import e.g. with a script you find in or somesuch15:29
DocScrutinizer51cloud-7 even15:30
AirwaveOkay, thanks.15:30
*** eijk_ has joined #maemo15:30
DocScrutinizer51also the stock maemo 'backup' creates tarballs15:30
DocScrutinizer51with XML iirc15:31
DocScrutinizer51backup's 'restore' is quite nice, you can select which apps to install - though it installs them from repo, not from backup tarball15:32
DocScrutinizer51I already pondered distributing whole metapackages as backup tarball15:33
DocScrutinizer51sth like 'My favorite Maemo Setup' package15:34
DocScrutinizer51always been too lazy to set up an otherwise clean system to create such tarball15:34
DocScrutinizer51finally should do15:35
DocScrutinizer51maybe between xmas and new year15:35
DocScrutinizer51Airwave: check out, you might find a few useful things15:36
AirwaveThanks man15:36
AirwaveI'll check it out15:36
*** Kabouik has joined #maemo15:38
DocScrutinizer51don't miss backupmenu, commonly referred to as BM15:38
DocScrutinizer51it's essential15:38
AirwaveYeah, I installed that right before I installed CSSU15:39
DocScrutinizer51:D good boy15:39
*** jonwil has quit IRC15:39
DocScrutinizer51did it work?15:39
AirwaveYeah, worked great. I ran a backup with it.15:39
DocScrutinizer51installation is a tad cumbersome lately, I heard15:40
AirwaveI just installed from App Manager. No issues.15:40
DocScrutinizer51well, not when you got muarf15:40
AirwaveYeah, that's the first thing I did after flashing.15:40
*** Kabouik_ has quit IRC15:40
DocScrutinizer51I need to mirror muarf soonish15:41
AirwaveAny thoughts on moving it to HTTPS?15:41
DocScrutinizer51merlin1991: did you mirror base repos?15:41
DocScrutinizer51Airwave: I don't know shit about how apt and rrepos work ;)15:42
AirwaveHehe, okay15:42
DocScrutinizer51I hope mirroring is a lightweight process15:43
parazydwhich gcc can create executables?15:43
DocScrutinizer51need my 'privatem mirror on my
DocScrutinizer51parazyd: none :D15:44
parazydDocScrutinizer05: why?!15:44
DocScrutinizer51the linker does15:44
parazydbah, what do i use?15:44
KotCzarnyparazyd, on device or dev env?15:44
parazydon n90015:44
KotCzarnyits tricky15:44
KotCzarnyfirst, little space on rootfs15:45
DocScrutinizer51parazyd: on-platform development strongly deprecated15:45
parazydso should i compile it somewhere else?15:45
DocScrutinizer51use scratchbox15:45
parazydit has to work on the n900 though15:45
KotCzarnyparazyd, yes, scratchbox15:45
DocScrutinizer51alas bot is missing, so no ~sb factoid15:46
KotCzarnyafair you just get 2 scripts and run them15:47
DocScrutinizer51parazyd: there's a VM image with the devel environment15:47
KotCzarnyand there is also vm image too (prepared)15:47
parazydoh nice15:47
*** krnlyng has quit IRC15:51
KotCzarnybe prepared that scratchbox with sdk can eat few gigs of space15:51
*** krnlyng has joined #maemo15:52
KotCzarnyon a positive side it can easily create installable debs from debian sources almost without user help15:52
DocScrutinizer51parazyd: with xephyr you even can run and test your app in the scratchbox environment15:53
parazydyes, just reading it now15:53
DocScrutinizer51there's also an alternative called 'MADDE' but  I don't know nuttin about it15:54
*** shentey has quit IRC15:54
DocScrutinizer51iirc it's strictly only for Qt apps15:54
parazyddon't need qt15:56
parazydbut thanks :D15:56
DocScrutinizer51sb supports all15:56
DocScrutinizer51madde is a functional subset, somewhat lightweight15:57
DocScrutinizer51Airwave: writing from N900 xchat ;-D15:58
AirwaveDocScrutinizer51: Nice :-D15:58
DocScrutinizer51Airwave: re batteries: nuke skype! make sure your WLAN doesn't scan every 5 minutes. And you're good for almost a whole day of always online in IRC and GSM phone from one battery16:00
DocScrutinizer51actually when connected via WLAN, my phone easily idles more than one day *with* xchat online16:01
AirwaveDocScrutinizer51: How do I turn off the WLAN scan?16:01
DocScrutinizer513G is a known battery hog16:01
AirwaveI don't use Skype, so that's no issue for me.16:02
DocScrutinizer51adjust scan interval to 15 or 30 minutes16:02
AirwaveDoes it scan even when I'm already connected to a network?16:02
DocScrutinizer51for WLAN. Or adjust the 'always use WLAN when available' setting16:03
AirwaveOkay, good.16:03
DocScrutinizer51when associated to AP, it's prettu humble on energy16:03
AirwaveThat's good.16:03
DocScrutinizer51but when not, it's a massive power hog16:03
merlin1991DocScrutinizer51: hm?16:04
DocScrutinizer51unless you scan only every now and then, or never16:04
DocScrutinizer51merlin1991: muarf16:04
DocScrutinizer51I want a tad more trusted mirrors of base repos16:04
merlin1991well I have the stuff, but don't want to risk it16:05
DocScrutinizer51I hope 'we' got them too?16:05
DocScrutinizer51good :D16:05
merlin1991I think so too16:05
DocScrutinizer51merlin1991: eventually please share it to me16:06
DocScrutinizer51distributed backup ;)16:06
DocScrutinizer51thought about a CSSU patch to /etc/hosts :16:07
*** louis_ has quit IRC16:16
DocScrutinizer51damn, since quite some time something is terribly fuckedup in my microb bookmarks startpage: when scrolling to the bottom it violently kicks me back all to the top16:25
*** louis_ has joined #maemo16:29
*** Luke-Jr has quit IRC16:32
*** Luke-Jr has joined #maemo16:32
DocScrutinizer51only on the 'root', not in any subdirs in bookmark structure16:33
DocScrutinizer51Airwave: you want to create a shortcut icon for 'settings' on your desktop16:33
DocScrutinizer51and one for phone, one for conversations aka SMS16:36
kerioDocScrutinizer51: that happened to me more than a handful of times16:38
keriono idea why, no idea how it resolved itself16:38
DocScrutinizer51I tried deleting bottom bookmark, didn't help16:39
DocScrutinizer51maybe I got an invisible broken bottom bookmark?16:40
DocScrutinizer51one with icon size 800*800?16:40
DocScrutinizer51I gather the whole UI is just another HTML/JS local file that's displaying the bookmarks?16:42
*** pcfe has quit IRC16:42
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*** pcfe has joined #maemo16:43
DocScrutinizer51kerio: thanks anyway :)16:45
*** sparetire_ has joined #maemo16:46
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