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KotCzarnyso xprot isnt doing eq too?00:00
freemangordonit is, but using different algo00:00
KotCzarnythought it was all in one piece of software00:00
freemangordonno, it is spread all over the place00:00
KotCzarnystill, making PA not eating cpu would be great00:01
KotCzarny(ie. moving algo wholly to dsp)00:01
DocScrutinizer51freemangordon: hi friend!00:01
freemangordonDocScrutinizer51: hi! what's up?00:01
freemangordonKotCzarny: sure, but first - we need the source code00:01
DocScrutinizer51La Gomera :D00:01
KotCzarnyfmg, or replacement doing same thing00:02
DocScrutinizer51take a break or take painful breakdown00:02
DocScrutinizer51just playing: GRIP. the stranglers00:03
freemangordonseems I am the most stupid of all the species - doc is in Spain, a friend of mine surprised me a couple of hours ago with being in Madrid, it is only me that am abut to start work :)00:03
DocScrutinizer51(10th time)00:03
freemangordonKotCzarny: what is "the same thing"? no audio algo on N9/00 uses DSP afaik00:04
DocScrutinizer51freemangordon: take care of yourself!00:05
freemangordonI am trying00:05
DocScrutinizer51(get a) GRIP (on yourself)00:05
KotCzarnyfmg, i mean, you did the tests to see what's it doing00:05
freemangordonKotCzarny: which one, xprot?00:06
DocScrutinizer51but the MONEY's no good. just get a grip on yerself!00:07
DocScrutinizer51youtube is ur ftirnd00:09
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DocScrutinizer51friend even00:09
DocScrutinizer51good ole 80s 'punk'00:10
DocScrutinizer51ok,'now playing: ugly / Stranglers'00:13
freemangordonDocScrutinizer51: I prefer harder stuff, remember I was in Wacken a couple of months ago00:14
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infobotDocScrutinizer51: thanks00:16
DocScrutinizer51freemangordon: could you convince jonwil to accept a package (with N900) sent to him?00:17
infobotDocScrutinizer51: :)00:19
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DocScrutinizer51now playing: down in the sewer (7:54!00:23
freemangordonDocScrutinizer51: I doubt he needs to be convinced now his device has broken USB port :)00:27
DocScrutinizer51hey, Ihope so00:27
DocScrutinizer51"The Stranglers' simply da best00:29
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jonwilSo yeah hopefully the guys at this hackerspace can fix my N900 :)00:46
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DocScrutinizer51jonwil: please ping me with your addr before xmas. (not *51)00:48
DocScrutinizer51mozilla doanted a few N900 which I hand out *only* to known helpful developers00:50
jonwilIf I can get my own N900 fixed, I dont need one of these Mozilla ones00:51
KotCzarnyjonwil, take it00:51
KotCzarnydevel unit comes handy00:51
keriotake it boy00:51
KotCzarnyanyway, sleepy time00:54
DocScrutinizer51jonwil: please accept the acknowledgement of ur status as one of the main devels and the pestering (like shipping a device) that comes with it00:54
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jonwilYes, a devel device that I can dogfood stuff on like pulseaudio blobs would be handy to have. Doesn't affect my need to get my current primary every-day-use N900 fixed before I go on holidays on the 20th of December though (since getting any kind of replacement N900 by then isn't going to happen)00:55
DocScrutinizer51good luck00:58
jonwilThe guys at the hackerspace say they can help me with the USB port repair01:01
jonwilthey have the gear to do fiddly soldering01:03
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jonwiland they have an open meeting on Tuesday that I plan to go do01:04
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Wizzupjonwil: if the traces are gone, then it won't be fixable02:07
jonwilNo indication the traces are gone yet02:08
Wizzupotherwise you can just get a battery charger02:08
Wizzupand an extra battery02:08
jonwilAs of right now clearly indicates its charging02:09
jonwilwith a positive value for mA02:09
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klopsi-u3 hello jonwil12:04
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zGrrmoin :)14:32
klopsi-u3 hi zGrr14:32
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freemangordonWizzup: if the traces are gone, it still can be fixed by using wires15:42
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Wizzupfreemangordon: ah... I guess there is still hope for one n900 I have then17:11
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KotCzarnyhmm, how to make scratchbox stop stealing paths?17:20
KotCzarnyor in other words, how to compile native (armel) gcc in sb17:23
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KotCzarnyhmm, hacked sb1 to use newest qemu-2.5.0-rc2, trying to build gcc19:27
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Wizzup> New versions of OpenSSL 0.9.8 and 1.0.0 series are released, but these are anticipated to be the last security fixes to be released in those series. Users are encouraged to upgrade.19:53
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KotCzarnybanana pi m3: 8x1.8GHz, 2GB lpddr3, sata port, gigabit eth, wifi/bt, ir, hdmi, emmc (2gb)21:06
Wizzupand mainline support? non existant :)21:07
KotCzarnystill, would make nice compile slave21:07
Wizzupare you sure it is 8x1.8Ghz?21:07
WizzupAs in, is it b.L?21:07
KotCzarnyBanana PI BPI-M3 is the open source hardware platform, Banana PI BPI-M3 is an octa-core version of Banana Pi, it support WIFI+BT on board.21:10
KotCzarnyBanana PI PBI-M3 hardware: 1.8GHz ARM Cortex-A7 octa-core processor, 2GB LPDDR3 SDRAM,21:11
KotCzarny(same page)21:11
KotCzarnythey have debian img with kernel 3.4 dated 25/09/201521:12
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WizzupKotCzarny: so 3.4 like all other boards with crap support :)21:23
WizzupKotCzarny: also, if it is b.L then the Little cores will not be 1.8Ghz21:23
Wizzupbut I'll look up the A7 in a bit21:23
kerioi was reading about the bananapi21:23
kerioi kinda want one21:24
Wizzupthe sunxi community doesn't recommend the bpi's21:24
Wizzupthey refer to them as "shitpi" mostly21:24
*** at1as has joined #maemo21:24
Wizzupas far as I have seen at least.21:24
KotCzarnyi like the fact those board start getting sata ports21:24
WizzupA10 and A20 had SATA already21:24
keriowhat should i buy21:24
KotCzarnynot every board included it21:24
kerioi need a router21:25
KotCzarnykerio, wait few months21:25
kerioand by need i router i mean i want a router21:25
kerioalso fuck linux21:25
WizzupKotCzarny: no, A10 and A20 are the main allwinner SATA ones21:25
keriogimme something that runs pfsense21:25
Wizzupnever allwinner has no SATA on the SoC21:25
infobotWizzup meant: newer allwinner has no SATA on the SoC21:25
KotCzarnykerio: buy low power x86, install pfsense, done21:26
KotCzarnywizzup, im periodically browsing those boards in hopes they reach the threshold i need (~100usd, sata x2 (bootable))21:27
WizzupKotCzarny: what do you mean with 'bootable' sata?21:29
Wizzupand you can use a SATA PMP with the olimex21:29
KotCzarnywizzup, so i dont have to boot from sd21:29
Wizzupon arm? good luck :)21:29
KotCzarnyas i said, still waiting21:29
WizzupI load uboot from my sd, which loads kernel from the sd, and then the kernel starts with root=/dev/sda (SATA)21:29
*** futpib_ has joined #maemo21:30
WizzupI just got a 5$ microsd card.21:30
Wizzupsince I much prefer u-boot and DTB so BIOS and other equally annoying crap21:30
infobotWizzup meant: since I much prefer u-boot and DTB to BIOS and other equally annoying crap21:30
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KotCzarnykerio: check if NetFPGA-SUME supports pfsense21:33
*** xorly has joined #maemo21:45
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kerioi think the dreamplug can boot from sata, so i don't think booting from sata is that farfetched21:51
kerioKotCzarny: netfpga-sume costs 9750$21:51
keriothat's slightly more than i'm willing to spend21:51
KotCzarnybut it can run pfsense apparently21:51
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KotCzarnyhow i love packages failing to compile because missing 'makeinfo'21:55
*** XenonXZ_ has joined #maemo21:55
KotCzarnyoh, hey, its fatal, no docs!21:55
KotCzarnyon another note, sb1 i terminally broken if one needs newer software21:56
KotCzarnys/ i / is /21:56
infobotKotCzarny meant: on another note, sb1 is terminally broken if one needs newer software21:56
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KotCzarnyoh, wow, virtualbux crashed22:55
*** Ex-Opesa has joined #maemo22:56
ds3would it be a virtual crash?23:09
KotCzarnyyes, host survived23:10
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KotCzarnynative compilation is painful23:58

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