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jonwilHopefully today is the day I finally finish my work on the connectivity subsystem on the N90000:40
jonwiland can make my forum post with all the information one would need in order to rip that subsystem out and replace it with something new.00:41
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Sicelojonwil: all of icd2? or wifi bits?00:52
jonwilall of ICD200:53
jonwilit was actually easier to document all the things you need to rip out all of ICD200:53
jonwilthan the things you need to rip out just the WiFi bits00:53
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jonwilthe good news is that the interface used to talk to the cellular modem GPRS bits is fully documented thanks to Nokia (the documentation for it is in the doc bits of the csd-gprs package that goes on the phone)00:59
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KotCzarnyhmm, jolla tablet for ~260usd09:49
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jonwilwell, it was a LOT of effort but I finally figured out all the information you need to know in order to rip out the connectivity subsystem and replace it with something new12:03
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jonwilPackages that would be replaced include the internet settings control panel, the various internet connectivity wizards and dialogs, the WiFi security daemon (eapd), the WiFi daemon (wlancond), ICD2 and all of the ICD2 plugins (including the GPRS plugin)12:04
jonwilI just hope someone does something with the info I spent the best part of a week figuring out and dumping12:09
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KotCzarnyk, subdir oscp13:43
KotCzarnyto recompile oscp run ./oscp.mm13:43
KotCzarnyto play with zzlib go into libs/zzlib* and play there13:44
KotCzarnydamn, wrong window13:44
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* jonwil wonders if anyone cares about replacing icd2 or if all the work I did was a waste of time...13:59
KotCzarnyit's irc13:59
KotCzarnyyour work is very good13:59
KotCzarnyits just that fruits of your labour will have yet to ripe14:00
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Jack64KotCzarny: ping19:48
KotCzarnybut im going away for ~1.5h19:48
KotCzarnyso, be quick19:48
Jack64ok just a quick question19:48
Jack64you know the hildon .desktop files ?19:48
Jack64ie yourapp.desktop19:49
KotCzarnyvery little, just grabbed some ready made one and tweaked for oscp19:49
KotCzarnyshould answer all your question19:50
KotCzarnyk, im off19:50
Jack64k thanks19:50
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Sicelo'what' is responsible on N900 for detecting connected USB (cable or charger)?21:40
KotCzarnythere was such question i think21:42
KotCzarnyi bet its usb controller21:42
bencohfor the userland part I'd bet on mce, but ...21:44
KotCzarnyke-recv plays the part too21:44
Sicelolooks like i'll just have to reboot .. N900 'thinks' a cable is connected while it is not21:49
Siceloi was hoping there could be something i could load/unload/reset21:49
PaliSicelo: kernel module musb21:50
Paliand in userspace low level it is hal21:50
Paliand userspace upper level it is ke-recv21:50
Palistatus menu plugin use ke-recv signals (I think)21:51
KotCzarnypali, usb/charging subsystem gets stuck sometimes, and almost everyone experienced stuck orange (my guess)21:51
Paliand there is bug in that plugin, sometimes it show charger connected even if is not connected21:51
Siceloin mine not stuck orange, but status-menu ..21:51
Paliso same bug...21:52
KotCzarnysicelo: try connecting to computer?21:52
Palifreemangordon already REed that plugin21:52
SiceloKotCzarny: doesn't help.21:52
SiceloPali: so any ideas on what i can try? i don't mind restart if really necessary21:52
Paliso debugging is now possible21:52
Palisource code:
PaliSicelo: there is workaround for that bug21:53
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Palisending ke-recv signals21:53
PaliI have on my n900 commands for it21:53
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Palike-recv-test p21:54
Palike-recv-test c21:54
Siceloi tried ke-recv-test de before.. let me try those21:54
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Palicalling these two commands "fix" usb status plugin for me21:54
Sicelowow. p did it ... i had tried c before21:55
Siceloshould have had more faith. thanks :)21:55
bencohSicelo: oh and, if you think a status-menu is at fault, killing hildon-status-menu usually help (in case you have no other choice)21:58
bencoh(at least it saves rebooting)21:59
bencohstatus-menu plugin*21:59
KotCzarnypali, that ke command fixes stuck orange too or only status bar?22:00
Siceloyes, i usually do that. but this one was somewhere in USB thingies ... when connecting wall charger it could only be detected as a cable. now it's detecting properly22:00
Palistatus bar only22:00
KotCzarnygot any fix for stuck orange? (restart mce or something?)22:00
PaliSicelo: you need to call both commands22:00
Palip and c22:00
Palike-recv internal state must be changed, otherwise no signal is sent22:01
Siceloi see. had been calling c last 30 minutes, de, and even ej22:01
PaliKotCzarny: you can try to restart mce22:01
Sicelonoted for future (because this thing happens a lot for me)22:01
Palistop mce22:01
Paliwait some seconds22:01
Palistart mce22:02
KotCzarnysome? 10s? 30s?22:02
PaliSicelo: if you have time, add debug messages to source code, recompile and dump log22:02
PaliKotCzarny: max 10s22:02
freemangordonPali: wouldn'r dsme restart mce?22:03
Palistopped mce for a long time could be dangerous22:03
Paliit is tricky!22:04
Palicalling /sbin/start or /sbin/stop just send signal to upstart22:04
Paliso this change internal state of upstart22:04
Paliand call additional upstart script22:04
KotCzarnyk, added to my tips and tricks page22:04
Paliand mce script has post-stop command to tell dsme that  mce stopped22:04
freemangordonPali: so, dsme doesn't babysit mce?22:05
Paliand mce script has also pre-start command which overwrite how daemon is started22:05
Paliit transit control from upstart to dsme22:05
Paliso this "hack" make sure that upstart is able to start and stop daemon which is handled by dsme22:06
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Pali(and dsme restart daemon or whole system/phone if daemon dies)22:07
Paliso you must be very very carefull how you kill mce daemon22:07
bencoh(learned it the hard way here)22:08
KotCzarnywhat's the worst that could happen22:08
KotCzarnya reboot22:08
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Palimce controls lot of parts of system22:09
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Sicelo009Nbelieve it or not but only today used 'hover' mode for the first time. i've used the mouse, but not to actually 'hover'22:20
bencohhover mode?22:21
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KotCzarnypointing without touching screen?22:28
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* jonwil is very pleased with the work he did on reverse engineering the connectivity subsystem23:13
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jonwilalthough it doesn't seem like any one else cares...23:20
* Sicelo009N does, just too dumb to do anything about it. hopefully Pali & freemangordon will help :)23:21
* jonwil wishes the community had more programmers :(23:31
jonwilor more to the point, programmers who are active enough to want to work on stuff like this :)23:31
freemangordon_jonwil: this is not a single man task (conn subsys replacement)23:33
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jonwilhmmm yeah good point :)23:36
jonwilI suspect though you could leverage connman and wpa_supplicant to take care of a chunk of it though23:37
jonwilconnman already uses wpa_supplicant23:37
* jonwil suspects one of the hard parts will be writing a GPRS plugin for connman23:38
* jonwil wonders if there is anything more he can do to make this happen23:40
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jonwilGuess I will go back and finish libcodelockui then :)23:46
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