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sixwheeledbeast^I believe there is a CLI for bitcoin no idea on qrcode support etc.00:27
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artetahi, I'm trying to run pulseaudio in a chroot env (debian jessie), and… I don't know why but it doesn't work. I've "bind" mount /dev/shm /var/lib/dbus /var/run /var/tmp /tmp /home etc, but it doen't work. If I understand correctly pulseaudio is started in system mode by default (cf /etc/default/pulseaudio), what am I missing?03:54
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zGrrmoin :)04:25
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Maxdamantusarteta: does it work as root?07:01
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CiroIp_any oldtimer here?08:59
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sixwheeledbeast^define old?10:24
Luke-Jrif someone is here, they've probably been here for a while?10:25
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bencohsome joined quite recently10:25
KotCzarnyhi ciroip10:45
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artetaMaxdamantus: no13:31
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Maxdamantusarteta: what sort of error do you get from eg, mplayer?13:41
artetaMaxdamantus: with mpv : [ao/pulse] init failed: Not supported13:46
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MaxdamantusAre you sure your mpv installation itself supports pulse output?13:48
* Maxdamantus has never tried mpv.13:48
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artetaMaxdamantus: it should :/ but if I try with paplay, it works o_O13:56
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KotCzarnyaplay probably uses direct alsa14:09
KotCzarnybut madxamantus might be right14:10
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Maxdamantusaplay probably uses the default alsa device, which might route to pulseaudio.14:12
Maxdamantusbut I think paplay is some other program that starts with pulse.14:12
Maxdamantus(it'll end up back in alsa sometime anyway)14:16
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artetahmmm, but I still can't make mumble using pavucontrol, and with alsa in mumble the sound works but it's stutter14:28
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infobotarteta meant: hmmm, but I still can't make mumble using pulseaudio, and with alsa in mumble the sound works but it's stutter14:29
arteta(huhu, nice ^^)14:29
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KotCzarnyalso, remember that you risk damaging speakers if you use alsa directly14:29
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MaxdamantusAre you running "mumble" as root?14:31
arteta(and the jessie's chroot is in armhf, don't know if that's relevant)14:33
MaxdamantusWhat version of glibc is this "jessie" chroot using?14:34
KotCzarnyarteta relevant in the way of old n900 kernel14:35
MaxdamantusMaybe it's an old version of jessie.14:36
Maxdamantusor are you running this stuff on a different kernel? (not alongside a Maemo environment)14:37
* Maxdamantus needs to sleep.14:38
bencohhe said "chroot"14:40
artetaMaxdamantus: 2.19-1214:40
MaxdamantusYes, but that's very vague.14:40
bencoharteta: where does the chroot come from?14:41
artetaKotCzarny: I'm using the
artetabencoh: sulu14:41
artetafor the jessie's image14:41
MaxdamantusHm. Did Debian add patches to glibc to support old kernels?14:42
bencohI guess sulu did14:43
MaxdamantusAh, maybe.14:43
bencohIt's just a dist-upgraded version of my first image, with glibc 2.19-15 and my own bugs fixed (resolv.conf, libc6/libc-bin on hold). If you fixed the bugs yourself there's no reason to switch.14:44
bencoh-- sulu,
KotCzarnyeven in chroot it still uses glibc14:45
KotCzarnydrat, lagged14:45
MaxdamantusThat seems likely, though it doesn't seem to say explicitly.14:46
Maxdamantusbut it would explain putting libc on hold.14:46
* Maxdamantus sleeps.14:46
bencohwhat is "likely"/not explicit?14:46
arteta /
MaxdamantusHe doesn't say that he's modified glibc himself.14:47
Maxdamantusa standard glibc 2.19 simply won't work with Linux 2.6.2814:47
MaxdamantusYou can't even compile it that way.14:47
Maxdamantusoh wait, 2.19 does support it.14:49
Maxdamantusit's 2.20 that removes support, nvm.14:50
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MaxdamantusThough from the Debian changelog, it looks like they've been requiring 2.6.32 (configure option) since 2.17-0experimental0, dunno.14:51
* Maxdamantus sleeps.14:51
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totalizatorhyh, I used to have a Mumble bot and forgot about "mumble" word highlight :314:55
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pozitronHi all, i would like to compile a recent kernel for the N900 with some patchsets and am curious what is the recommended method of this16:41
pozitronI found this script on github
KotCzarnyor what was the link16:42
KotCzarnyunless you want to do what this guys did16:43
KotCzarny(from your link)16:43
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jon_y4.2 on the n900?16:54
KotCzarnysure, unless you need gsm voice16:54
pozitronKotCzarny: What is the latest kernel version that supports GSM voice?16:55
KotCzarny3.1x i think16:55
pozitronIs this due to the nokie-modem driver not being updated?16:56
KotCzarnybut i might be making things up16:56
KotCzarnyi think none other than 2.6.28 works with gsm voice16:56
KotCzarny(and not even mainline, only nokia's one)16:56
KotCzarnyotherwise we would have newer glibs already16:57
bencohI think they had cmtspeech working on recent versions17:02
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Sicelonot enough though .. still no "proper" phone calls via another kernel17:03
pozitronbencoh: What is cmtspeech?17:04
bencohone of the key component for audio calls17:05
bencoh"found in Linux kernels: 4.1–4.2, 4.3-rc+HEAD"17:06
bencohsome other things might be broken in 4.x though17:06
bencohI should really get a devel device17:11
Sicelodo it on your stock :)17:12
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SiceloN900 is nice in that you have uSD .. very scary trying alternative OS on a device like N9 for example17:13
bencohyeah I could do that17:13
bencohalthough getting maemo on a uSD sounds like a pain17:14
Siceloah, you want to run Maemo?17:14
bencohand I'd like to have a phone in a working state as well17:14
bencohfor kernel tests, yes17:14
Sicelook. for me the interest is other OSes17:15
bencohthat would be interesting as well :)17:16
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pozitronDual-boot seems interesting:
pozitronMaemo on eMMC17:25
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ozerois it possible to run debian-only on n900? Wifi/3G only, w/o voice17:53
Sicelosince almost day one17:55
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arteta3G/wifi work correctly? with debian jessie?18:58
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Siceloarteta: should. i had used wheezy, and that was fine19:59
KotCzarnyhmm, amazingly, library that was working good some time ago, doesnt work anymore20:00
KotCzarny(same library, just different compiling machine)20:00
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artetaSicelo: thx I'll try, maybe mumble will works better with it20:01
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bencohI really hate gitorious for the way they're handling the " migration"23:11
bencohrepos have been offline for ages23:11
bencohdoes anyone have a copy of gst-plugin-bc?23:12
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bencohnevermind, looks like there is a copy there
Paliwhatt is bc?23:29
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bencoha texture streaming driver23:38
bencoh(MAFW uses XV to display video instead)23:39
Paliit is compatible with n900?23:39
bencohI'm trying to draw buttons over a gstreamer xoverlay area (in gtk) and eventually found
bencohand eventualy started looking for texture streaming23:42
bencohI dont understand how the colorkey "hack" is supposed to work ... looks like mafw-gst-renderer does something similar but ...23:43
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