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fladnag900Hello good maemo-people :)15:24
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fladnag900I have a n900 and my nokia repos are not working so i cannot update thr damn thing :(15:25
fladnag900Some advice ?15:25
infobotit has been said that maemo-repos is
freemangordonfladnag900: install cssu15:28
fladnag900Sorri but these are working ? FOR REAL :) ..ihad somuchtruble15:28
freemangordonfladnag900: only Nokia repos are not working15:28
KotCzarnytry and les us know, we will update info on the wiki15:28
infobotKotCzarny meant: try and let us know, we will update info on the wiki15:28
fladnag900Cssu ?? Simply ?? Without working nokia/ovi bla repos ?? ...Just devel &so r working ...15:29
freemangordonfladnag900: also, there are mirrors of those Nokia repos, just do some ggoling15:29
freemangordonyes, simply cssu15:29
KotCzarnyonly use it when you need it15:30
freemangordonfladnag900: maemo repos work as it should, don't enable extras-testing and/or extras-devel unless you know what you do15:30
fladnag900Okok :) thankyou all verymuch!!! But!!!!! : There r so f****** nice aps in devel&so ...icouldnot let my hands of it :D15:32
KotCzarnysee the 'only install apps when needed' then disable it15:32
KotCzarnydisabling repo wont uninstall apps15:32
fladnag900Why disable ?????? Are there fuckinviruses comming by themselves when its enabled orwhat :P15:34
KotCzarnyyou know how dependencies work?15:34
KotCzarnyalso, someone could put broken package there as anyone can upload things there15:35
KotCzarnychances are low, but there are known broken packages in -devel15:35
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fladnag900... Like the vlc15:36
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fladnag900:) ?15:36
KotCzarnyhavent tried vlc on n900 yet15:36
KotCzarnybut keep that in mind when enabling -devel and -testing15:36
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fladnag900Okk -BUT : what is it that cssu can do that i donot need the nokia or update-repos for (for now) ??15:39
infobotrumour has it, cssu is, or (Community Seamless Software Update)15:39
KotCzarnybut i think you need tidied repo list before installing15:39
KotCzarnyi dont remember if cssu enabler sets it to fixed list or just adds cssu repos15:41
fladnag900U r f******* right man :) :P a AM a poor individual man ...AND i am not able to play my atari snd-files in maemo15:41
KotCzarnyhave you seen my info that oscp can play sndh ?15:41
fladnag900I cannot find any player that is able to snd !!! :(15:41
KotCzarny(among plethora of others)15:41
infobotit has been said that oscp is
fladnag900For real ??15:42
fladnag900Is ther no error ??15:42
fladnag900Patchset something15:42
KotCzarnypatchset is only for midi15:42
fladnag900Ihaveit and it wont15:42
KotCzarnyhave what?15:43
fladnag900Oscp remote ?15:43
fladnag900Is there a NOT-remote also ?15:43
KotCzarnyoscp remote is just that, you need to press 'gears' icons to spawn local core, or just start oscp from terminal  for ncurses one15:43
fladnag900Bro : You know for shure this player is able to atari ??15:44
KotCzarnyupload the file somewhere and ill check15:44
KotCzarny for example15:44
fladnag900Hmmm the stuff from stu maybe ...or15:45
fladnag900Iamconfused and overwhelmed :D15:46
fladnag900Youknow the n900 ...15:46
buZzweird shit15:46
KotCzarnycommunicate in facts and requests, please15:46
buZzmy wifi was broken on n80015:46
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buZzturned out the wifi stopped setting the dns server O_o15:47
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fladnag900I wanted to test or change to android becouse iwas pissed by maemo :P15:47
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KotCzarnyfladnag900: in short, if linux can do something, maemo can do it too (if cpu suffices)15:48
fladnag900There is a atariplayer ...there is also dsp SOMEHOW working (ON N900) so there was a guy that played 720p on n900 fine ...with some player on SOME nitdroid ...15:49
infoboti heard 720p is
KotCzarnyit can be done natively15:49
fladnag900Yeah so iheard ...with some painintheass15:50
fladnag900Iam confused with all the cernels15:50
fladnag900Andstuff :(15:50
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fladnag900Sorry ...again : cssu ?!!! -and: idont need nokia repos bevore orwhat ? ..Isthere away to add the repos from THE RIGHT PAGE thatwas advertised herinthechat .. By simply klicking onit so it would add to my repo list in the manager ... I fear somehow writing something wrong again and confusing me myself again andagain :( ...???15:57
KotCzarnythen double check when entering, problem solved?15:57
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fladnag900But realyrealy thanks already for what you told me here ...this chat and the mameo comunity is great !!! :) Ihave my THIRD n900 now ...a real newone for 45euros :D ...nothing like years ago for about 400euros ...and ihad one that i left inadisco ondrugs that igot for 80eu ithink :D16:00
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KotCzarnyi got one for ~20usd16:02
fladnag900My firstone is also working but mostly seperated :P ..the cable that connects the main and display was changed 2times and its broken AGAIN16:02
fladnag900Itis now 5 or 6years old :)16:03
* buZz pokes infobot 16:03
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KotCzarnypoked too hard16:04
KotCzarnynow pay up16:04
fladnag900:) what means POKE Or POKED :D ??16:04
KotCzarnyjust kidding16:04
fladnag900Iam from germany :)16:04
KotCzarnynothing important16:04
fladnag900I go into manager and search for cssu now :)16:05
KotCzarnyi think you have to click it in browser16:06
buZzfladnag900: poking is extending a finger, stick it in her side16:06
freemangordonfladnag900: no, read:16:06
freemangordonoh, she's dead16:06
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fladnag9001Idontknow why but my connection was lost :P16:08
fladnag9001NEVERTHELESS :D16:09
fladnag9001Is there someone into CHIPTUNES or LSDJ here folks :) ?????16:09
KotCzarnysure, why not, just dont overdose16:10
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buZzi installed milkytracker yesterday16:10
buZzquite nice :) with the lowres interface16:10
fladnag9001Iam happy with the rockbox-APP :P on n900 ....BUT!!!16:11
fladnag9001JOOOOOO milkyyyyyyyyyy16:11
fladnag9001Milkytracker istheBEST16:11
fladnag9001Its awesome16:12
fladnag9001... Dude16:12
fladnag9001Whats the best chip player soft on maemo ??16:12
fladnag9001In your opinion@16:12
fladnag9001:) you again :D16:13
fladnag9001Your into chip orwhat16:13
buZzmaybe you could hookup a OPL3 externally16:13
KotCzarnyi have few tens of GB of modules16:13
fladnag9001Kotczarny ??16:13
buZzi have modarchive16:13
KotCzarnybuzz: modarchive and more :P16:13
buZzand internet16:13
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fladnag9001Ihave allthat and the hvsc and it seems like NOTHING16:14
KotCzarnyoscp opens zip files as regular directories16:15
KotCzarnyalso has hvsc song db built in16:15
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fladnag9001..there stands my amiga500 and there lies my a600platina over inthe shelf ...and there are these somewhat 16 dmg's and colors and pockets (freakin gameboy's) in my working/livingroom ...16:16
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fladnag9001Lsdj INTHEHOUSE16:17
fladnag9001Oioioi gameboy isno toy16:18
fladnag9001Happyplay atari today16:18
fladnag9001And :16:18
fladnag9001The GAMEBOY 3MU ON MAEMO shit16:19
fladnag9001Makesme verysad16:19
fladnag9001But iam using realones :)16:19
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fladnag9001Idontknow how to send you an .snd file kotzarny u can test the oscp ability toplay atari forme ! ...There is this hvsc-like archive linked on the stella atari st emulator page ...16:22
KotCzarnyflasgnag9001: open browser, point to upload file there, paste the link here16:23
fladnag9001Tonns of so graet music there !!!! Checkitout if you r into chip bro16:23
fladnag9001:) okok idoit ...just AMOMENT :P16:25
fladnag9001BUT what if it dont play ??? WHAT SHOULD WE DO THENNNN :O is IMPORTEND tolisten to atarimusik :D16:27
KotCzarnyi've played many atari tunes with oscp16:28
KotCzarnythough didnt test them on n900 (could be some arch related bugs)16:28
fladnag9001So if i send you one, you try it ON N900 jes ??16:31
fladnag9001My connection is so poor ...gprs from the chaepest provider possible ...HELP :) :P16:34
fladnag9001...could just be days ...for this one 2kb-snd-file :P16:35
KotCzarnynot going anywhere, so no problem16:35
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fladnag900kotczarny ?17:47
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fladnag900:) im using mirc now and there is this "send file" option ...17:48
fladnag900can i use this ?17:48
KotCzarnyyou can try, though i haven't used dcc for a long time17:48
fladnag900iknow jackshit about linux and shel code bla17:49
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KotCzarnynope, firewall is blocking it somewhere17:51
fladnag900what do ihave todo for YOUR method17:52
KotCzarnyi may have google for that file17:53
KotCzarnyis it the same file?17:53
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fladnag900its from dubmood and zabutom ..realname is DRUMNBICE ..filename is drumbice.snd17:55
fladnag900but its sndh.atari ...ithink you r right ;)17:55
fladnag900or take something frrom stu ...he is THE master !!17:56
fladnag900but it looks like the transfere is ongoing ,,,but transfer timed out ...17:57
fladnag900and :)17:57
fladnag900are u theone who toldme i should simply use cssu ? kotczarny ? :)17:58
fladnag900...because i dont find it on my n900 seems idont have the complete cssu repos or what one need for that ..or not all ofthem repos17:59
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KotCzarnyfor cssu you need to google it, click the install file, then click on the enabler, but first of all you have to read the instructions first18:00
fladnag900if U dont have the sndh-archiv ...i still download alll the good stuff und dont rely on the net for soshure get the wholething isay ...its worth the 80mb ;P18:02
KotCzarnydownloaded the file but it doesnt get accepted on n900, trying on pc18:02
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fladnag900ahaaaaa ahahaha18:03
fladnag900imgetting angry18:04
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fladnag900it cant be true18:04
*** japa-fi has quit IRC18:04
fladnag900that there are no real chip-lovers on maemo/n900 comunity that think its worth ...bla18:05
buZzyou are asking for money? O_o18:05
KotCzarnyi wonder if module being packed with ice packer has to do anything with being unplayable18:05
buZzdepends if the player knows wtf icepacker is :P18:06
fladnag900as always -becouse i cant code myself -ishould be quit about it -becouse se software sofar on maemo is verygood and iam able to run atleast themost ofmy chip archive on my n900 ....still ... :( ;) :P18:06
buZzfladnag900: just render them to .mp318:06
KotCzarnythough apparently sc68 (sndh player engine) says it should be supported18:07
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fladnag900RENDER THEM snd kilobytesize-unncompresssedquality-chipformat TO F****** MP3 ?????????????????????????18:08
fladnag900m-p-fucking-three ???18:08
fladnag900u r not serios18:08
KotCzarnyfladnag900: i've added this issue to todo, will look into it later when i get to my coding machine18:08
KotCzarnybecause apparently it should play18:09
fladnag900... r u the coder of oscp ??18:09
fladnag900thanks for all your help sofar18:10
fladnag900the willingnes alone ;)18:10
fladnag900... ihad SOME dicussions ago in then PALM-community18:11
fladnag900 ... with sqeezix and such18:11
fladnag900and the guys from this multi-emu called ljp18:11
fladnag900palm-os ... jeajea alongtimeago in agalxy ;D18:12
fladnag900the palmos-emu or runtime environment on maemo ..isit still under dev or ...18:13
fladnag900ihad a zodiac for alongtime ;)18:14
fladnag900imsorry aBIT :D unrelated ...thereis enough goinon in REALTIME ..:)18:15
fladnag900this world and the humans18:15
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KotCzarnysc68 cant open those files18:22
KotCzarnymaybe it's some new format (last release of sc68 is from 2003)18:22
fladnag900isnt snd the standart format for atari-st ??18:23
KotCzarnyor not18:23 mod for the tracker on amigas18:23
KotCzarnyit decodes using raw output18:24
KotCzarnyanyway, gotta debug it later18:25
fladnag900hey i remember maybe this is helpfull ..18:25
fladnag900afriend got the exact file (drumbice) running on his android-phone with a player called DROIDSOUND or something18:26
KotCzarnyas i said, it's just some bug i need to dig out18:26
fladnag900another player he got there sayd also something about playing snd/AU in the about ...and could NOT ;)18:27
KotCzarnyoscp can play sndh_lf without problem18:27
fladnag900ithink snd/au is oldschool-mac audio or something NOT very chip-related18:27
KotCzarnybut fails on files from sndh_sf18:27
fladnag900lf/sf ??? where is difference ?18:28
*** sq-one has joined #maemo18:28
KotCzarnydont ask me, apparently some container format differences18:28
KotCzarnyas i said (again), it will play, just gonna debug it at some later time18:29
fladnag900but just the container ?? is conversation possible or you18:29
fladnag900:) sory18:29
KotCzarnyif you want me to remember you can remind me on irc or on oscp's page18:29
fladnag900:) iwill .. it IS importand tome18:30
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fladnag900lol i wrote conversation xD imeant conversion or convertion :D xP ..nevermind you already gotit ...i WILL remember you cotCzarny ! ..maybe a few hours or the next days jo :) ..stay CHIPtuned18:50
*** arossdotme has joined #maemo18:50
fladnag900and u r from sweden kotczarny ? :) but you dontknow random or some other godlike chipguys from your country ?18:53
fladnag900randomizer thatis ....or goto80 ... :) ??18:54
KotCzarnynope, pl, also, im not the scene guy, i just like modules18:54
*** sq-one has quit IRC18:55
fladnag900:D ...thatsok ...SAD :D but very o-k ;D18:55
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DocScrutinizer05ohmy, cssu is really prominently advertised on *every* webpage21:11
DocScrutinizer05anyway /topic21:13
*** infobot has joined #maemo21:13
infobotcssu is, like,, or (Community Seamless Software Update)21:13
KotCzarnyhe misused the extension (dos people shortened it), proper one is sndh21:17
KotCzarnyits from the times when 8.3 bbses were the top of the world21:21
KotCzarnynot to mention atari also used this format21:21
DocScrutinizer05music as an app21:24
KotCzarnyyeah, replayer was usually small enough21:25
kerioenable all -devel repos all the time21:26
DocScrutinizer05prolly the easiest and only correct way to playback such crap is with an atari emulator21:26
KotCzarnyyes, and that's what sc68 does21:26
KotCzarnyit emulates 68k cpu and few atari registers21:26
KotCzarnyalso, sid tunes do the same21:26
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kerioDocScrutinizer05: is that really more expensive than h264 decoding?21:26
kerioi strongly doubt it21:27
DocScrutinizer05h264 however is standardized and not cheesy *chip* music21:27
KotCzarnyyeah, h264 standard has fuckton of standards21:28
KotCzarnysorry, profiles21:28
DocScrutinizer05whatever, trying to playback that SNDH stuff with a mediaplayer is like feeding punch paper tape to a VCR21:31
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drathirnow slowly h265 come...22:37
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