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DocScrutinizer05to be fair, #mer has 151, #nemo 109. But they don't want infobot00:00
DocScrutinizer05they prefer their own homegrown bots00:01
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sixwheeledbeasthuman bot?01:28
KotCzarnyveggie bot01:29
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Siceloanyone using Easy Debian -- was the gconf-2 issue overcome yet? I'd like to run GnuCash18:14
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DocScrutinizer05gconf issue in debian?19:20
Siceloin ED one (was) not to allow upgrade of gconf2 for some reason19:31
KotCzarnynice idea19:36
Sicelowhat's that? very limited data ... i open links sparingly :(19:37
KotCzarnypainted n90019:37
KotCzarnyi can paste small images19:38
KotCzarny~30kB per image19:38
merlin1991looks nice19:39
merlin1991a bit glossy though19:39
KotCzarnyi guess one could use matte paint19:40
KotCzarnyi wonder how quickly it would wear tho19:40
Sicelohaha, i love my black19:40
Sicelomaybe put it in a case of some sort19:41
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DocScrutinizer05there are also white, silver, and golden cases available21:50
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bencohpainted n900 doesnt look bad :)21:58
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sixwheeledbeastdoesn't look good either....?22:36
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