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MaxdamantusHm. Does Opera try to hide the fact that their "Mini" browsers always use a proxy?04:09
* Maxdamantus can't find any mention of something like that in the UI.04:09
* Maxdamantus wonders what their business model is.04:11
totalizatorUS news headlines FTW: "Calif. deputy shoots at driver from helicopter; suspect dead"04:12
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ds3selling information? :D05:00
MaxdamantusApparently phone manufacturers pay them to be able to include Opera Mini in their OSes.05:19
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Maxdamantus[max@jove (~/build/gecko-dev)]$ git rev-list HEAD | while read x; do echo "$x $(diff /tmp/geckotarget <(git cat-file -p "$x"^{tree}:./js/src) | wc -l)"; done >microb-find07:02
* Maxdamantus vaguely remembers seeing a post on TMO about finding the commit for the microb xulrunner tree.07:03
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MaxdamantusApparently that doesn't work—looks like there's additional licensing stuff added everywhere.07:37
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KotCzarnyMaxdamantus: could be included in opera license agreement09:06
KotCzarny(information about proxy)09:06
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MaxdamantusHm, so there's already a wiki entry for this:
MaxdamantusThough that domain doesn't seem to exist anymore.09:31
Maxdamantuslast edited in 2011.09:32
KotCzarnymost activity related to n900 ended in 201109:32
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* Maxdamantus wonders what people are intending to run on their Neo900s then.09:38
KotCzarnyfirefox, most likely09:38
KotCzarny1gb should be enough finally09:38
KotCzarnyas for os i dont know, just saying what i would use09:39
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KotCzarnyand if it will be as open as they plan, you could just run any linux distro09:41
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MaxdamantusYou can probably already do that on the N900.09:41
KotCzarnyunless you accept loss of cellular and some other things09:42
MaxdamantusI suspect that'd work atm as long as you stick to the same old kernel.09:42
Maxdamantusjust using ofonod or fso, and whatever software works on top of that.09:42
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MaxdamantusI was able to boot a fairly plain Debian install with a 3.14 kernel and send/receive SMS using ofonod.09:44
Maxdamantus(just using the example scripts)09:44
Maxdamantuscould probably do the same thing with the old kernel and also get speech.09:44
KotCzarnymany tried, no one reported full functionality success09:44
* Maxdamantus wants a second device to try stuff out on :\09:46
Maxdamantusmaybe I should just buy one off ebay rather than waiting for one to appear on the local thing.09:47
KotCzarnyebay is a bit pricey09:47
KotCzarnyshipping kills the price09:47
MaxdamantusYeah, iirc shipping was a significant part of the price last time.09:48
KotCzarnyif you manage find one from your country it will be good09:48
KotCzarnymost '100% working' local offers in pl go for ~50eur09:50
KotCzarny(that including shipping)09:50
MaxdamantusYeah, seems to be a bit cheaper than that here.09:51
Maxdamantusbut not a very big sample (have seen three past sales)09:51
KotCzarnyyou can of course hit some occasion, i got fully working n900 (- magnet in the cover) for ~15eur)09:52
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MaxdamantusThere's an N9 at least for NZ$110 (€63), which might be interesting to experiment with (and possibly substitute as a phone occasionally)09:56
Maxdamantus“Has multiple scratches on the screen and body, when screen is going it looks fine. ”09:57
KotCzarnydont know n9 usual fails, for n900 its either bad screen, usb port or modem chip09:58
MaxdamantusIt has a bit of plastic around the phone jack missing, which I've read other people referring to.09:59
Maxdamantusbut that's not a component failure.09:59
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Maxdamantus(that 3.14 kernel I mentioned was built from Linus' tree btw, not one of the separate n900-related repositories)10:41
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MaxdamantusBah. Whenever I try something like conkeror/firefox from a normal Debian chroot, I'm reminded how much better the fonts can be.12:01
MaxdamantusStupid people doing stupid thing to degrade typographical experience.12:01
MaxdamantusI don't usually notice on the N900 because the resolution is far greater than any other display I frequently use, but proper font rendering makes a massive difference.12:02
Maxdamantusproper = minimal antialiasing, more hinting12:02
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KotCzarnyupgrade font lib?12:13
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MaxdamantusIt's not really a matter of upgrading.12:15
MaxdamantusBut it might involve replacing the freetype build with one with different compilation options, not sure.12:17
KotCzarnyhow's that different from upgrading font lib?12:19
MaxdamantusIt would be the same version of the library.12:21
KotCzarnybut with better features12:21
KotCzarnyso inferior -> superior12:21
KotCzarnyanyway, freetype is open source which means its doable (unless they did bad things to it)12:21
Maxdamantus(those are three different links)12:27
keriowhat's the first browser?12:27
KotCzarnykde's default one12:28
MaxdamantusNo, conkeror.12:28
Maxdamantusnot related to konqueror.12:29
KotCzarnynever heard of it12:29
Maxdamantusthe second one is also conkeror, but using microb-xulrunner.12:29
KotCzarnydoes it run well on n900?12:30
MaxdamantusWith microb-xulrunner it seems to run quite smoothly.12:30
Maxdamantusbut it's buggy, possibly to do with an extra script I wrote to do grab scrolling.12:31
Maxdamantus(doesn't produce the same bugs as when run using a iceweasel from wheezy)12:31
MaxdamantusDunno what the differences are.12:32
Maxdamantusmight be graphics libraries.12:32
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MaxdamantusAh, right. 2010 was before anyone was allowed to use the hinting information from TTFs.13:18
Maxdamantuswell, 2009.13:18
Maxdamantusso it's stuck with autohinting, which sucks.13:18
KotCzarnywhich means i was right, upgrade13:19
MaxdamantusWell, the codebase has the option, but it's disabled by a define, because it would probably have been illegal do distribute the binaries otherwise.13:19
MaxdamantusNo, just need to change that option.13:19
Humpelstilzchenso we can just rebuild?13:19
KotCzarnyshuldnt hurt to bump the version tho13:20
KotCzarnyto get all the hinting improvements13:20
Humpelstilzchenyou can't bump the version13:20
KotCzarnyi meant, to compile newer version13:20
HumpelstilzchenKotCzarny: you will use the 3d driver13:20
KotCzarnyfreetype uses 3d?13:21
MaxdamantusWE CAN REBUILD IT13:21
MaxdamantusWell, I'm seeing if it works now, hang on.13:21
MaxdamantusHm. Didn't seem to do anything.13:36
MaxdamantusMaybe the define is overridden somewhere else.13:37
qknighthey. <- how to compile the dov4l2 binary?13:40
KotCzarnyis it me or its not maemo related at all?13:46
KotCzarnyie.different os13:46
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qknighthm. for the nokia n900 phone i need it13:49
KotCzarnyyou need build env for that os, it calls:13:50
KotCzarny#source the devshell13:50
KotCzarnyscp dov4l2 root@
KotCzarnyso to get help i would ask that guide author13:50
KotCzarnyor shr people in general13:51
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KotCzarnynice, n900 can be used as a luxometer14:07
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KotCzarnymissing 'before' pic14:21
MaxdamantusShould've tried it before, but that's what it notes looks like with freetype 2.4.914:21
Maxdamantusxulrunner is still bad though.14:21
MaxdamantusI was wondering if the gecko in microb did something weird with the font rendering to enable zoom to work properly.14:23
Maxdamantusbecause proper zoom doesn't work with proper font rendering, and microb has proper zoom iirc14:23
KotCzarnycheck with ldd what it uses?14:23
Maxdamantus-bash-2.05b$ cat /proc/1606/maps | grep freetype14:25
Maxdamantus41428000-4147c000 r-xp 00000000 b3:02 1030338    /usr/lib/
MaxdamantusProbably more reliable than ldd.14:25
Maxdamantusbut it could also have something statically linked in.14:25
KotCzarnyapps can config freetype on runtime?14:25
MaxdamantusWhat do you mean by "config"?14:26
Maxdamantusfreetype is a versatile library.14:26
KotCzarnyi mean for example enable/disable hinting or subpixel rendering14:26
MaxdamantusYou can use it to rasterise glyphs or extract vectors from them, etc14:26
MaxdamantusIf something is creating something zoomable, you'd probably get the vectors.14:27
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MaxdamantusIt renders nicely in Chromium if I force DJS with ~/.fonts.conf14:30
Maxdamantus(not in conkeror/xulrunner, though it does still use DJS)14:31
KotCzarnylook for FT_Load_Glyph in source code then compare flags?14:31
MaxdamantusFlags? afk a bit14:32
KotCzarnyfor example FT_LOAD_FORCE_AUTOHINT14:32
KotCzarnyand similar14:32
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MaxdamantusWoah, this happened:
MaxdamantusSo I guess you can make phonecalls now using a kernel from Linus' repository.15:43
SiceloMaxdamantus: no16:01
MaxdamantusHm, no?16:02
Sicelosomething else was still missing ..forgot what it is. haven't spoken to sre in a bit now16:03
Sicelocontact him via Jabber .. he's communicatiove16:04
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Sicelogoogle maps are good. here maps rock (at least for south africa/swaziland)18:26
Sicelowith google maps i'll likely be lost most of the time (unless i'm in big towns or close to them)18:26
KotCzarnywhile you are at that topic, did you use nokia maps that come preloaded on n900?18:27
KotCzarnyare they still valid/working?18:27
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Siceloyes, they are the only maps i use18:29
Siceloto updated them you need windows however18:29
Wizzupyou can update the maps using windows?18:30
KotCzarnyhum, so they aren't working out of the box ?18:30
Siceloyes .. Ovi Suite18:30
Sicelothey should be working .. problem is that nokia maps looks for the maps in old location, which changed18:30
Siceloovi suite uses the new URL18:30
KotCzarnyhum, yes, i've noticed they didnt fetch any map data18:31
Siceloweird thing though .. location widget and location-test-gui fetch map data just fine, from here.com18:31
Siceloi've run "strings" on the nokia maps binary and couldnt see any interesting URLs there .. had hoped to hex-edit the whole thing :p18:32
Wizzupprobably a config file ven?18:33
Wizzupfile even*18:33
Siceloperhaps someone else can look :)18:33
Siceloi didnt' get it .. will try other locations18:33
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KotCzarnymaybe gconf18:34
Wizzupgrep -r ? ;)18:34
KotCzarnygrep all /home18:34
Sicelowill try again18:35
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Sicelotried (again) to fool N900 through /etc/hosts ... seems N900 makes "bad request" :(19:51
KotCzarnymeans params/link have changed19:52
KotCzarnytry urlsnarf19:53
Sicelogoing to have more info than wireshark?19:53
KotCzarnyhavent tried wireshark19:54
KotCzarnydoes wireshark get urls?19:54
Siceloin the meantime, i think we have better chances trying to get the url which is used by Nokia Suite, and then we can download ourselves :)19:54
Sicelowhich is how most of us Linux users have mostly been getting maps on N900 even when map download was working properly19:55
KotCzarnybut this is hit and run game19:55
KotCzarnybecause it can change at any time, and without vendor support there is no guarantee how long it would work19:57
Siceloyes, that's the fun of it (think yappari) ;)19:58
Siceloi don't know how other Nokia phones fare with regard to maps .. any with lifetime maps, besides the N9?19:59
KotCzarnyi think its not fun anymore for ceene ;)19:59
KotCzarnyanyway, it's so fun to have more than one n900, i can finally hack and slash the fs as much as i wanted20:00
Sicelohow is it going?20:01
KotCzarnyright now preparing base setup20:01
KotCzarnywhich means pr1.3.1+cssu-thumb with removed unneeded apps (*-installers, cherry, etc) and with few packages installed20:02
KotCzarnymore like installer20:02
Siceloah, i see20:02
KotCzarnybackup menu does similar thing20:02
KotCzarnybut i would target one-fs setup, which means non-standard way of mounts20:03
Sicelobtw, re: maps .. satellite view still downloads maps fine on N90020:05
KotCzarnymmm, oscp rocks on n90020:07
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KotCzarnyhmm, which app added reboot to powermenu?20:28
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Luke-Jrhmm, my USB stick SoC is faster than N900 :x20:42
KotCzarnyzx81 was fun in its day20:43
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buZzLuke-Jr: a rockbox ? which chip20:48
Luke-JrbuZz: no, USB Armory20:49
buZzi think i have a RK3066 somewhere20:49
Luke-JrFreescale i.MX53 ARM® Cortex™-A8 800MHz20:49
KotCzarnyluke, now the question is, can you ssh into it?20:49
KotCzarnyotherwise it doesnt count ;)20:50
Luke-JrKotCzarny: of course20:50
Luke-Jrit's just a regular linux box20:50
buZzyeah pretty cool device20:50
buZzbut >100 usd, isnt it?20:50
Luke-JrN900 is too :P20:50
buZz50 eu here on market20:50
buZzits cheaper than n800/n81020:51
KotCzarnyi bought n900 for ~15eur20:51
KotCzarnyfully functional20:51
Luke-Jrnew or used?20:51
KotCzarnyand other for ~25eur20:51
buZzcant find them new20:51
Luke-Jrlike new or clearly used? :P20:51
buZzsomewhere between those two extremes20:51
KotCzarnybattery is quite strong too20:52
KotCzarnyeven has clock bupbat working20:52
buZzi bought a used original battery for my n80020:53
buZz3 usd incl shipping :) works a treat20:53
KotCzarny(my main n900 which is in much better cosmetical condition has bupbat dead)20:53
KotCzarnyso i guess 15eur for 32mb of storage + other functionality isnt bad deal20:53
KotCzarnyi mean 32GB20:53
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KotCzarnysicelo: /usr/share/nokia-maps21:44
KotCzarnymwconfig is password protected zip archive21:44
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Sicelopossibly hiding there .. everything else doesn't have the address linux.s2g.gate5.de21:55
KotCzarnythat .de address could be simply final one, could be intermediate load balancer somewhere too21:56
Sicelothe problems servers are and which Ovi Maps tries to contact. in addition, it tries to contact (which it can do so successfully)21:56
Sicelog2g now however .. someone should try crack the mwconfig hten ;)21:57
KotCzarnyim running fzipcrack, but my laptop is single core 1.2ghz ;)21:57
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Sicelocool. maybe you get something21:58
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Sicelobut even when we can change the string .. question will be .. to what?22:00
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KotCzarnyor just grab nokia map loader22:04
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KotCzarnyi wonder which format n900 uses22:13
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KotCzarnybash + wget required but otherwise you can even run it on device itself22:28
KotCzarny16GB for the whole thing22:28
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KotCzarnyperl-base - The Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister.23:03
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