IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2015-08-27

KotCzarnyyour assumption that vajb is here failed00:03
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KotCzarnyanyway, sleepy time00:04
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DocScrutinizer51what makes you think I'm talking to anobody else but you?00:07
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DocScrutinizer51just out of curiousity: how old are you?00:10
DocScrutinizer51if I had to guess I'd say 16<x<2300:11
DocScrutinizer51you got that self confidence of youth00:12
Vajbwho me?00:25
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DocScrutinizer51nah, KotCzarny00:28
DocScrutinizer51he's very active but more often than not ignoring suggestions and so reinventing the weel00:30
Vajbi guess he just wants to make stuff work by his own means00:32
DocScrutinizer51yes, that's exactly the way it seems00:33
DocScrutinizer51alas this generlly (not specifically limited to him) leats to a special sort of bitrotting00:33
DocScrutinizer51lemme call it knowhow-rotting00:34
DocScrutinizer51this knowhow fade+away is a general disease in maemo since 4 years00:36
DocScrutinizer515 years ago we even had cracks like javispedro who understood audio00:37
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DocScrutinizer51without those guys and gals stuff like H-E-N never whould have get finished00:39
Vajbyeah. You all have been doing amazing stuff for maemo00:42
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bencohVajb: haven't tried yet01:04
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Vajbi have and so far i can only make it launch ct2. Not to play anything01:09
bencohI'd try and read the source at that point01:14
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Vajbthat's what i thought also. Only problem is i don't know what im doing :D01:18
Vajbbut that'll be tomorrows problem01:18
bencohhm yeah :)01:20
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bencohwell I still need to figure how to plug two more disks in this server and keep everything running without making a cable mess and launch a pvmove ...01:21
bencohdoinging this at 00:21 isn't really the best thing I could come up with ...01:21
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OksanaaCan anybody confirm or deny that an attempt to connect to ircs:// in xchat produces error "SSL handshake timed out"?07:59
OksanaaOS: Maemo 5, 21.2011.38-1Tmaemo11; openssl: 0.9.8zf-108:00
OksanaaChatzilla works with ssl, or at least says so08:04
KotCzarnydoc: because it was vajb that was asking the question about dbus in the first place08:15
KotCzarnydoc: also, do you know the hack known as lcuk? at first i've thought about him the same (reinventing some things). pity he didnt manage to finish what he started08:17
KotCzarnys/do you/have you/08:17
infobotKotCzarny meant: doc: also, have you know the hack known as lcuk? at first i've thought about him the same (reinventing some things). pity he didnt manage to finish what he started08:17
KotCzarnyeh, still too sleepy08:17
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SiceloKotCzarny: lcuk passed on (September 2011). sad moment for maemo. he reinvented the wheel? examples?12:54
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KotCzarnyhe wrote his own toolkit (didnt use gtk or qt)13:02
KotCzarnyand i know it because i was the one asking him why writing things that are already done13:02
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DocScrutinizer05liqbase was a complete new framework afaik13:09
DocScrutinizer05with a different target/usacase than gtk or qt13:11
KotCzarnythat usecase being gtk/qt too slow and big for n90013:12
KotCzarnyhe targetted >30fps for his apps13:13
DocScrutinizer05that would be prety silly for embedded13:14
DocScrutinizer05you're generally targeting at your app sleeping 99.99999% of time13:15
DocScrutinizer05since otherwise you get those damn cpu-hog apps that kill your battery in no time. We seen quite a few of them13:16
KotCzarnydoc, one word: kinetic scroll13:19
KotCzarnyerm, two words13:19
KotCzarnyand i didnt write that app would render all the time, only when doing work13:19
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KotCzarnymaybe i'll write oscp-remote using liqbase one day, hum, TODO worthy13:26
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DocScrutinizer05dang cutetube lacks a symlink to binary from /usr/bin13:44
KotCzarnymake one?13:45
bencohlike ... half of them13:46
Vajbjust a thought, but maybe not reinventing the wheel was the thing that killed Nokia.13:49
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# mdbus2 -l -a13:50
DocScrutinizer05[SIGNAL] org.freedesktop.DBus.NameOwnerChanged  /org/freedesktop/DBus  org.freedesktop.DBus13:51
DocScrutinizer05( "com.maemo.cuteTube", "", ":1.285" )13:51
KotCzarnywhich one is working? ct or ct2?13:51
DocScrutinizer05bencoh: yep, very common wondoze-ism13:51
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bencohDocScrutinizer05: or plain misunderstanding of how optification was supposed to work13:52
KotCzarnyi like the way it is now (ie. /opt/{appname} with symlinks to /usr13:54
VajbKotCzarny: ct2 is working for me.13:54
bencohcoming from marxian that's quite surprising though13:54
DocScrutinizer05cutetube dbus interface seems fubar13:54
KotCzarnydoc, play with ct213:55
KotCzarnyi think ct is unsupported13:55
bencohcutetube no longer play youtube videos13:55
Siceloi doubt gtk is/was too big for N900. rather too big/difficult for devs maybe?13:55
bencoh(and it's unsupported yeah)13:55
bencohSicelo: probably not "the right tool" when you want to do some 30fps animation and things like that13:56
KotCzarnyor use features available only since some much newer version13:56
DocScrutinizer05MDBUS2> com.maemo.cuteTube / com.maemo.cuteTube.play13:56
DocScrutinizer05org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: No such method 'play' in interface 'com.maemo.cuteTube' at object path '/' (signature '')13:56
KotCzarnydoc, use url13:56
DocScrutinizer05no, I won't. cutetube dbus introspection || interface method implementation is fubar13:57
Vajbin qml-browser thread string was com.maemo.cutetube.display string:%URL%13:58
KotCzarnyct1 is unsupported13:58
KotCzarnyno reason to play with it anyway13:58
KotCzarnyuse ct213:58
DocScrutinizer05MDBUS2> com.13:59
KotCzarnypastebin material14:00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           com.tomch.recaller14:00
DocScrutinizer05MDBUS2> com.maemo.cuteTube14:00
DocScrutinizer05MDBUS2> com.maemo.cuteTube /14:00
DocScrutinizer05com.maemo.cuteTube.display                      org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable.Introspect  org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.GetAll14:00                         org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.Get             org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.Set14:00
DocScrutinizer05MDBUS2> com.maemo.cuteTube / com.maemo.cuteTube.play14:00
DocScrutinizer05org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: No such method 'play' in interface 'com.maemo.cuteTube' at object path '/' (signature '')14:00
DocScrutinizer05damn sorry14:00
DocScrutinizer05damn sorry14:00
DocScrutinizer05meh, I got other stuff to do14:00
bencohprocrastination :°14:01
DocScrutinizer05CBA to "doc, use url"14:01
DocScrutinizer05"use ct2"14:01
DocScrutinizer05"doc, play with ct2"14:01
KotCzarnythat was irt to you using ct114:01
DocScrutinizer05I'm not up to do *your* homework. I anyway made my point that mdbus2 works14:02
KotCzarnyits not my homework14:02
KotCzarnyvajb is playing with it14:02
KotCzarnyim just procrastihelping him14:03
DocScrutinizer05ooh and helping me too? No thanks!14:03
KotCzarnyyou arent doing my homework anyway14:04
DocScrutinizer05I'm wasting my time14:04
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infobotsomebody said question was If you have a question and want people to give useful answers, make sure you have read this first:
KotCzarnyyeah, that's the question to the ct2 author14:04
DocScrutinizer05you're not helping, you drown any reasonable other advice by tons of posts14:05
DocScrutinizer05and ignorin g other comments14:05
KotCzarnyvajb, bencoh, am i helping?14:06
Vajbactually you do KotCzarny.14:07
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bencohdunno what this is all about, but I think it's pointless anyway, end-of-topic if you please :-)14:08
Vajblast nite i spent 2 hours reading ct2 source and got nowhere heheh. Maybe im not asking right q's14:08
DocScrutinizer05useless noise14:08
KotCzarnynoise with traces of signal is better than total quiet14:08
KotCzarnyand feeling of channel being abandoned14:09
bencohDocScrutinizer05: regarding mdbus2 and introspection ... do we have introspection support in maemo components?14:09
bencoh(I thought we didnt)14:09
Vajbthe art of idling :)14:09
DocScrutinizer05on most nokia components we dont14:10
DocScrutinizer05on all maemo components we should14:10
bencohoh, nice14:11
bencohwell ... half-nice14:11
DocScrutinizer05anyway cutetube has some introspection but it's obviously borked14:12
DocScrutinizer05Oksana: ((attempt to connect to ircs:// in xchat produces error "SSL handshake timed out"?)) seen exactly same on hackint. Fixed it by adding "<IP>" to /etc/hosts14:14
DocScrutinizer05seems related to round-robin load balancing on DNS14:15
DocScrutinizer05even the sysop of hackint didn't grok it14:16
KotCzarnymaybe it's the ipv6 addresses in rrdns?14:16
DocScrutinizer05possibly a bug in dnsmasq which been wakened by new SSL details14:16
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DocScrutinizer05yes, rdns might be related14:22
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infobotclosed is probably or, or
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DocScrutinizer05seems we have a bug/incompatibility in maemo openssl: 0.9.8zf-1 wit recent serverside implementation, at least when it comes to DNS round-robin where the IP RDNS doesn't resolve to the URL that the cert is issued for15:14
DocScrutinizer05SSLv3 related?15:14
DocScrutinizer05which now works, after I did `echo '' >>/etc/hosts`15:19
KotCzarnyself signed cert?15:19
DocScrutinizer05but actually same for freenode:
KotCzarnytry it from pc15:21
DocScrutinizer05nevertheless in xchat it fails (until /etc/hosts hack)15:21
KotCzarnymaybe it's some missing intermediate certs15:21
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KotCzarnydoes xchat support proxy connections? (for debug)15:22
DocScrutinizer05[2015-08-27 Thu 13:56:01] <hexa-> we're gonna disable sslv3 completely in a a few weeks15:22
KotCzarnylocal proxy could fix it15:24
bencohand they probably disabled tls 1.015:24
bencohwhich means ... openssl-0.9.8 shouldn't be able to connect to it15:25
KotCzarnybencoh: New, TLSv1/SSLv3, Cipher is DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA15:25
KotCzarnyhe connected via tls115:25
DocScrutinizer05Oksana: see below, you might try to at least import root cert:15:26
DocScrutinizer05verify error:num=20:unable to get local issuer certificate15:26
DocScrutinizer05verify return:015:26
DocScrutinizer05Certificate chain15:26
DocScrutinizer05 0 s:/OU=Domain Control Validated/OU=Gandi Standard Wildcard SSL/CN=*.freenode.net15:26
DocScrutinizer05   i:/C=FR/O=GANDI SAS/CN=Gandi Standard SSL CA15:26
DocScrutinizer05 1 s:/C=FR/O=GANDI SAS/CN=Gandi Standard SSL CA15:26
DocScrutinizer05   i:/C=US/ST=UT/L=Salt Lake City/O=The USERTRUST Network/OU=
KotCzarnywe need update system wide ssl certs package15:26
bencohoh, nevermind15:26
*** dhbiker has joined #maemo15:29
DocScrutinizer05>>Accessing freenode Via SSL<<
DocScrutinizer05>>First, ensure that your system has an up-to-date set of root CA certificates. On most linux distributions this will be in a package named something like ca-certificates. [...]  If not, you can download the required intermediate cert from Gandi and the root cert from InstantSSL.<<15:31
DocScrutinizer05Oksana: download, then import via settings->certman15:31
KotCzarnyi've just connected from stock fremantle using openssl command15:32
*** miaumiau has joined #maemo15:33
KotCzarnyso it's not an openssl issue15:33
KotCzarnybut something related directly to xchat15:33
DocScrutinizer05maybe read backscroll?15:33
KotCzarnyuse: NICK something15:34
KotCzarnythen: USER comething : something15:34
KotCzarnyit should then register you15:34
DocScrutinizer05so what?15:34
KotCzarnyso it's not an openssl problem15:35
DocScrutinizer05[2015-08-27 Thu 14:21:38] <DocScrutinizer05> nevertheless in xchat it fails (until /etc/hosts hack)15:35
KotCzarnyit's xchat problem15:35
DocScrutinizer05ooh thanks for confirming what I posted 2 lines above15:36
DocScrutinizer05and what about15:37
DocScrutinizer05[2015-08-27 Thu 14:26:06] <DocScrutinizer05> verify error:num=20:unable to get local issuer certificate15:37
KotCzarnyit's only for security, connection works even with self signed15:37
* DocScrutinizer05 headdesks and heads out15:37
bencohby the way ... should apt-get be using the rootca imported via certman ?15:39
*** VDVsx has quit IRC15:40
*** VDVsx has joined #maemo15:40
DocScrutinizer05bencoh: strace is your friend ;-)15:44
bencoherrr ... I didnt want to go this way with openssl stuff :D15:49
*** arossdotme has joined #maemo15:50
*** erlehmann has joined #maemo16:01
KotCzarnyout of curiosity, to which ip xchat tried to connect? for me its always
KotCzarnyputting ip in /etc/hosts resulted in 'cert not trusted' (even if i have clicked 'trust unknown certs' in options)16:05
*** arossdotme has quit IRC16:05
DocScrutinizer05bencoh: just to see which files get accessed. Will tell you which cert gets used16:07
KotCzarnymaemo xchat is v2.8.6 (2008), newest is 2.8.8 (2010), built without a problem16:15
KotCzarnyconnected without a problem16:17
KotCzarnyinterface is broken tho16:17
*** arossdotme has joined #maemo16:18
KotCzarnyok, i lied16:24
KotCzarnyforgot to update port16:24
KotCzarny'ssl handshake timed out'16:24
keriofwiw xchat is bugget16:32
kerioit forcibly connects to ssl316:32
KotCzarnyfunnily compiling statically against openssl-0.9.8zg results in instant "ssl handshake timed out"16:37
*** ssvb has joined #maemo16:40
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*** VDVsx has joined #maemo16:45
Siceloseems xchat has a particular problem with ssl ... this isn't the first time iirc16:55
*** VDVsx has quit IRC16:58
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DocScrutinizer05maemo xchat is massively tweaked to work on maemo iirc17:01
Vajbgot ct2 dbus things via mdbus2, but got nowhere. Ct2 pops up, but doesn't start playback17:05
DocScrutinizer05that doesn't help to help you. please provide exact dbus message you sent17:13
Vajbdbus-send --type=method_call --dest=org.marxoft.cutetube2 / local.cuteTube2.DBusService.showResource string:%URL%17:20
Vajbit pop's ct2 and mdbus2 shows ( false )17:21
Vajberrr i mean if i run it as mdbus2 org....17:22
*** trx has joined #maemo17:24
DocScrutinizer05missing --print-reply17:24
DocScrutinizer05unless you look at reply, you'll miss any possible error message from app17:25
DocScrutinizer05and what's "string:RL%"?  That looks like windows batch scripting17:26
DocScrutinizer05and what's "string:%URL%"?  That looks like windows batch scripting17:26
DocScrutinizer05%URL% is meaningless in linux, I'd guess17:27
DocScrutinizer05cuteTube2.DBusService.showResource sounds odd17:28
DocScrutinizer05I'd expect something with "play" in the name17:29
*** zGrr has joined #maemo17:30
DocScrutinizer05well, maybe cutetube is that weird17:31
Vajbit is for qml-browser url handler feature17:56
Vajbdidn't work with string:http://youtube...17:56
Vajblemme try print reply17:57
Vajbmdbus2 claims that --print-reply is unkown option18:00
*** ssvb has quit IRC18:00
Vajbadded to dbus string it actually opens video to be clicked to play18:01
Vajbwohoo,thx a lot DocScrutinizer0518:02
DocScrutinizer05toldya it can't be that hard18:02
DocScrutinizer05--print-reply is a dbus-send option18:03
DocScrutinizer05dbus-send --print-reply --type=method_call --dest=org.marxoft.cutetube2 / local.cuteTube2.DBusService.showResource string:RL%18:03
DocScrutinizer05don't miss to enclose the URL strin into ticks" just in case you got an URL with spaces. Even better ' to avoid exploits18:05
Vajbwell it wasn't, but i just needed to figure what to do first :)18:05
DocScrutinizer05nevertheless you should properly escape the URL before you use it18:06
Vajbhmm like string'%URL%'?18:06
Vajberr missing :'18:06
Vajbcool works. Now when i double click youtube link in qml-broser it opens ct2 with that video18:07
DocScrutinizer05I still fail to grok what's %URL%. Anyway you don't want to use an URL like >>";rm -rf *<< directly, depending on your interface you use to send the dbus command18:08
DocScrutinizer05you probably want to escape all special chars18:09
DocScrutinizer05\"\;rm\ -rf\ \*18:10
DocScrutinizer05or something like that, you get the idea18:10
DocScrutinizer05tharnscode it e.g. space->%2018:10
DocScrutinizer05transcode even18:10
DocScrutinizer05you prolly could transcode the complete URL, every single char18:12
Vajbi got that url part from qml-browser thread. Marxian gave an example how to use url handlers with cutetube18:12
DocScrutinizer05and I gave an example how to harden it so it doesn't expose vulnerabilities18:13
Vajbso i use qml-browser to send that command18:13
*** ssvb has joined #maemo18:13
KotCzarnyyou know what guys?18:14
KotCzarnyi just made xchat to connect to ssl enabled freenode18:14
KotCzarnywithout any /etc/ hacks18:14
*** eMHa__ has quit IRC18:14
DocScrutinizer05now go do same for, then tell the sysop and us about it18:15
KotCzarnyfirst i'll try stock xchat18:15
*** zGrr has quit IRC18:15
DocScrutinizer05try to what?18:16
KotCzarnyto do the same18:16
KotCzarnyas i said earlier, xchat 2.8.8 works18:16
DocScrutinizer05you're talking in riddles18:17
DocScrutinizer05Vajb: (URL handler) *ought* already take care of special chars in URL string. Nevertheless it's worth checking, if any special chars get mangled maybe. Try to create - and then open - an URL with chars that have a special meaning to shell, like ; or ! or whatever. If you can't open that URL due to some shell (or whatever) parser doing special things on those special chars, your app is vulnerable and you need to escape special chars in the18:20
DocScrutinizer05particularly the delimiter chars " and ' and the env var char $ are prone to get handled in a special manner18:22
DocScrutinizer05also check for /// and /~/18:23
KotCzarnydoc, it worked18:23
KotCzarnyie. im connected to hacking via ssl18:23
Vajbso you are suggesting that i replace that %url% part with that etc or what?18:23
DocScrutinizer05it worked? you managed to delete all your files by clicking on a rogue URL? ;-P18:23
KotCzarnydo whois mmmmm on hackint18:24
DocScrutinizer05ooh, sorry wrong addressee18:24
KotCzarnyapparently xchat 2.8.6 has problems with 'accept invalid cert' option (ie. ignores it)18:24
DocScrutinizer05Vajb: a last time: %URL% is giberish to me. Are you doing this on windows?18:24
*** trx has quit IRC18:24
KotCzarny%URL% is from the source18:25
DocScrutinizer05KotCzarny: yes, that's quite a sound explanation18:25
KotCzarnybut in dbus he just need to set url param to some link18:25
DocScrutinizer05"from the source" oh fine!18:26
KotCzarnyanyway, xchat 2.8.8 works for ssl3 enabled irc servers18:26
KotCzarnyusing stock openssl18:26
DocScrutinizer05WHICH source? MSDOS .BAT? C++, Perl, Python? what?18:26
KotCzarnyct2 xml one18:26
Vajbi thought url part is for qml-browser to include that clicked url for ct218:26
Sicelomsdos.bat, haha. DocScrutinizer0518:27
DocScrutinizer05Vajb: please note we have NFC what you're doing18:28
DocScrutinizer05>>[2015-08-27 Thu 16:20:29] <Vajb> dbus-send --type=method_call --dest=org.marxoft.cutetube2 / local.cuteTube2.DBusService.showResource string:%URL%<< is gibberish anyway, unless it's part of some scripting source that replaces %var% and then executes the resulting stuff in a shell18:29
KotCzarnyvajb: try: dbus-send --type=method_call --dest=org.marxoft.cutetube2 / local.cuteTube2.DBusService.showResource
Vajbeh. I've told several times that im playing qml-browser url-handler feature. Which is used for example to open cutetube2 when i click youtube link in qml-browser18:30
Vajbplaying with*18:30
DocScrutinizer05so you expect me to search google for the code snippet you refer to?18:30
KotCzarnyanyway, gotta run, bbl18:31
DocScrutinizer05I got a text here: "...pleases them after..." Please tell me if there belongs a comma after "them" or not18:32
DocScrutinizer05prolly you can't since you got no clue about the text I'm talking about18:32
*** stryngs has quit IRC18:34
DocScrutinizer05sbus-send is a commandline executable, so the parameters should follow commandline (aka shell) rules18:34
DocScrutinizer05dbus* even18:34
Vajbi don't have any further information of the code involved. I copied that string from marxians example for cutetube and got it work with cutetube18:34
Vajband this is the lines from urlhandler.conf file18:35
Vajbcommand=dbus-send --print-reply --type=method_call --dest=org.marxoft.cutetube2 / local.cuteTube2.DBusService.showResource string:%URL%18:36
infoboti heard question is If you have a question and want people to give useful answers, make sure you have read this first:
DocScrutinizer05aha! a .conf file. That's already starting to contain some useful info now18:36
Vajbsorry for unclear questions. Im just user trying to add some more usability.18:37
DocScrutinizer05sorry for not realizing that18:37
*** stryngs has joined #maemo18:37
Vajbconf file is located in /home/user/.config/qmlbrowser/urlhandler.conf18:38
DocScrutinizer05anyway when it's a .conf file there's hardly anything you can do, except use 'ticks' around the URL18:38
DocScrutinizer05actually around the %URL%18:39
Vajblike %'url'% or '%url%'18:39
Vajbok thx18:40
DocScrutinizer05the code using the /home/user/.config/qmlbrowser/urlhandler.conf will need to escape ' in URL value then18:40
DocScrutinizer05the latter18:40
DocScrutinizer05if the thing fails with the ticks around it, you're out of luck and only can hope the author of urlhandler didn't mess up more than he already did by not expanding %var% in ticks18:42
*** RedW has quit IRC18:42
DocScrutinizer05when they use exec() it shouldn't be too much of a problem, however when they use system() then you will run into problems eventually18:43
*** RedW has joined #maemo18:44
Vajbyou guessed right. It fails with ticks18:44
Vajbonly opens ct2, but not video from url18:44
*** hubutm20 has joined #maemo18:44
DocScrutinizer05I *might* come up with something eventually. For now if you want to test this even further, please try if this works:  command=dbus-send --print-reply --type=method_call --dest=org.marxoft.cutetube2 / local.cuteTube2.DBusService.showResource string:` echo -n RL%`18:45
DocScrutinizer05when it works, the app is vulnerable18:46
DocScrutinizer05command=dbus-send --print-reply --type=method_call --dest=org.marxoft.cutetube2 / local.cuteTube2.DBusService.showResource string:`echo -n %URL%`18:46
Vajbso just add `echo -n %URL%` in .conf?18:47
DocScrutinizer05command=dbus-send --print-reply --type=method_call --dest=org.marxoft.cutetube2 / local.cuteTube2.DBusService.showResource string:`echo -n %URL%`    instead of    command=dbus-send --print-reply --type=method_call --dest=org.marxoft.cutetube2 / local.cuteTube2.DBusService.showResource string:%URL%18:48
*** eMHa__ has joined #maemo18:49
DocScrutinizer05` is a special char that *should not* get interpreted18:50
DocScrutinizer05*if* it gets interpreted nevertheless, then the above config will work18:50
Vajbit doesn't even open the ct2 now18:51
Vajbso i guess im safe?18:51
DocScrutinizer05which is a good thing :-)18:51
DocScrutinizer05yes, mostly18:51
*** brzys has joined #maemo18:53
DocScrutinizer05I still suspect you *might* run into trouble with URLs that have spaces in them, but they simply will fail to open, not already damage your device18:53
Vajbcool. Im satisfied with it now, thx a lot. And i think that by not being clear enough i have actually learnt something by figuring some of the things on my own :)18:53
Vajbfor sure i have learnt more about "linux" after buing n900 than using desktop linuxes 10years18:55
DocScrutinizer05hehe, a known effect18:55
Vajbk, back to real work now :)18:56
DocScrutinizer05same here18:56
DocScrutinizer05sorry for my impatience18:56
DocScrutinizer05a last note: you may try "%URL%"  (doubleticks), which might or might not work and could help with URLs that contain spaces18:58
DocScrutinizer05those URLs will break when they contain a " then, but that's more rare to find than URLs with spaces in them18:59
DocScrutinizer05no warranty on the latter - when the author of the code decided that RL% gets replaced by a value that's already enclosed into doubleticks, then my suggestion is contraproductive19:01
DocScrutinizer05no warranty on the latter - when the author of the code decided that %URL% gets replaced by a value that's already enclosed into doubleticks, then my suggestion is contraproductive19:01
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo19:04
DocScrutinizer05however I suspect the author does their own argument parsing and using execve() or sth like that, where neither "%URL%" will work (since it doesn't get replaced by real value) nor will it be needed since that execve() call passes arguments in an array already19:05 no matter what spaces or special chars are in your URL, they will get handed down to dbus-send verbatim19:06
*** dhbiker has quit IRC19:06
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*** Pali has joined #maemo19:44
Vajbwith " ticks it works as expected19:44
Vajbso i leave them on. So far i've just tried only one video link from youtube's front page, but i guess it will work most of the time19:45
*** frals has quit IRC19:45
Vajbthis whole thing gave me an idea of even further improvement. If i could make irssi give dbus command for phone to vibrate when my nick is mentioned :) will dig into it later.19:47
*** frals has joined #maemo19:50
DocScrutinizer05Vajb: see my xchat config files, particularly
DocScrutinizer05xchat using as "sound player command"  (usually you have something like playsound or aplay or whatever in there, in xchat config)20:08
*** dhbiker has joined #maemo20:18
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DocScrutinizer05ARE, you forgot ARE20:44
DocScrutinizer05ALL YOUr BASE *ARE* BELONG TO US20:44
DocScrutinizer05~wiki all your base20:46
infobotAt (URL), Wikipedia explains: "{{pp-move-vandalism|small=yes}} ".]] {{Contains Japanese text}} "'All your base are belong to us'" is a broken English phrase found in the opening cutscene of the 1991 video game "Zero Wing" which became a popular Internet meme. The quote is included in the European version of the game, which features poorly translated English from the original Japanese version. The me20:46
stryngsnice catch DocScrutinizer0520:52
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KotCzarnyhmm, my lock switch is almost flat21:27
*** futpib has joined #maemo21:29
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infobotmethinks bme is
infoboti heard bme-replacement is  See also: . Please, use wiki page to report bugs/problems and/or solutions to them!, or
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sixwheeledbeastKotCzarny: flat lock switch yep I have that22:46
*** rd_ has joined #maemo22:49
*** LauRoman has joined #maemo22:50
Vajbhmm flat as worn flat?22:55
*** arcean has joined #maemo22:55
Vajbmy keybrd has some white spots...22:55
*** mavhc has quit IRC23:06
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sixwheeledbeastSorry was fitting more fans to my machine again... yes flat-flat, I use camera key to lock device for the last 2 years or more23:22

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