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* Sicelo wonders if N900 can be set as an audio sink for audio coming in via bluetooth12:01
HumpelstilzchenSicelo: why not?12:05
KotCzarnyno config on wiki?12:07
Siceloi'll play with this a bit12:07
Sicelowe may be missing some pulseaudio modules needed to get this working .. i don't know12:08
KotCzarnyif you succeed make a page on wiki12:11
KotCzarnyor add to the bluetooth one12:11
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Sicelogot it to advertise the A2DP profile now :)13:50
Sicelosound streaming not working yet13:50
KotCzarnymaybe its just muted in mixer?13:52
Sicelosource device doesn't connect successfully. i've had this on pc before, will go through the setup again. but now my lunch period at work is over :)13:56
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antranigvping, anyone can help me for this PSX4All thing? (:17:13
antranigvor a website, or anything17:13
antranigvthe forum post is so messy17:13
antranigvbencoh: the PlayStation one emulator (:17:15
bencohyeah but what about it ?17:15
bencohI'd use psx4m+pcsxrearmed instead of psx4all17:16
antranigvhow does it work? what are the steps? I installed PSX4All, and copied the .bin file that I want (the  Jakie chan game) and started it17:16
antranigvhm, let me see17:16
antranigvoh there is one lib missing17:16
antranigvit's called libts17:16
bencohts for touchscreen17:16
antranigvah, let me try now (:17:17
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antranigvlibts missing o.O17:22
totalizatorSicelo: I had it other way round once - sound from N900 on my desktop via BT17:23
KotCzarnyapt-cache search libts ?17:23
antranigvKotCzarny: nothing17:23
KotCzarnyenter libts into search?17:26
bencohantranigv: libts-0.0-0, from the base (nokia) repos17:32
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Siceloluf & pali worked on N900 as a2dp sink ..
Siceloluf was to create a wiki page17:54
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SiceloPali: I'm trying to setup N900 as A2DP sink. I notice you and luf did some work in this regard. Are there any easy instructions somewhere?18:39
SiceloI'm going through the IRC conversation atm18:39
PaliSicelo: upgrade bluez to version from cssu-devel18:39
Paliand enable it in bluez config18:40
PaliI think nothing special is needed18:40
Palibut do not remember...18:40
PaliI just know it worked when I tested it18:40
Siceloi'm using latest in Thumb18:40
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Sicelodone. working :)19:05
kerioi think you also have to configure pulseaudio19:05
kerioenable a loopback module19:05
kerioto get audio output on the n900 itself19:05
Sicelowhat i was getting wrong was that for some reason you have to initiate the connection from the N900, not the source device19:06
Sicelonow .. to test if that audio can be routed via FM transmitter, or if things will break19:07
bencohdevice --- bt ---> n900 --> fm ?19:07
Siceloyes :)19:08
bencohI'd say it should work if you're already able to play it through headphones/speakers19:09
Sicelono radio close by :(19:11
Sicelowill test further later19:11
KotCzarnyif it already reached alsa/pulseaudio it doesnt matter for fm i think19:11
KotCzarnyie. should work19:11
Sicelo ... those are the working commands19:16
KotCzarnyremember to make a wiki entry19:17
KotCzarnyeven if you dont get it working 100%19:17
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MonkeyofDoom"#define BOX_WIDTH 35219:43
MonkeyofDoom" nice to see modern UI frameworks being used to their fullest19:43
MonkeyofDoom(thinking it'd be nice if I could actually see my wallpaper instead of 50% of my screen dedicated to conversations-inbox-widget telling me I have no new conversations)19:58
KotCzarnymake it so?20:00
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