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bencohthere are mirrors of as well, btw03:19
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pentanolbencoh server not found03:46
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bencohthat's why I said "mirrors" ;)04:01
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alx__anybody a hint for me?12:53
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KotCzarnywhat was the question?13:00
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alx__Hello. I just installed mpd on my n900 to server music in my living room, everything is fine so far. I noticed, that wlan is going to sleep after several hours and wanted to set a cronjob wich pings every hour to avoid this. Hm, there ist no cron :). Is alarmd the solution?I need some help.13:59
KotCzarnyyou can install crond13:59
KotCzarnyor use open a terminal and start ping -i 360014:00
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alx__crond actually is not available in my repo. ping -i could be a solution, because I do not turn off the n90014:04
bencohI think alarmd is the way to go on maemo, but I dont know how to do that with it14:06
alx__alarmd is allready installed, but I've found no docu yet14:07
alx__is there perhaps a text-file for alarmd, to handle it like cronjob?14:15
bencohthere is a file, I'm not sure you can just edit it14:15
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alx__:) n900 hasn't "-i" as ping option14:31
KotCzarnygrab some normal ping then14:32
KotCzarnyor you can just replace it with some simple wget14:33
KotCzarnyyou may grab your routers home page for example14:33
bencohwhile true; do ping; sleep 3600; done ?14:33
KotCzarnyor that14:34
bencohoh, looks like I installed a real "ping" on mine14:34
bencohnetutils/iputils or something I guess14:34
bencohoh no, that's just "ping"14:35
alx__ok, I followed bencoh's suggestion, with ping option -c. Perhaps I will later install cron. Thank you so far14:51
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zGrrmoin :)15:06
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shapeshi1terIs there any way to obtain an N950?16:30
L29Ahi saw it for sale for $1k on ebay some half a year ago16:34
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shapeshi1terWe live in a shit age for mobile devices...17:32
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sixwheeledbeastshapeshi1ter: compared to what age?19:25
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Vajbnot stone age, for sure19:43
bencohstones are pretty mobile though19:44
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KotCzarnyand much more resilient19:44
L29Ahi can charge a stone in less than a second!19:46
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KotCzarnyand some stones are prettier than average19:48
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sixwheeledbeaststones are also useful for throwing at iOS and Android devices...19:58
* ecc3g buys an android phone... to buy time for n900 surgery :(20:08
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ecc3ghad a close call. my n900 kept on crashing over the weekend, i thought it was the end... but then I found out the microsd card died and swapping to a dead microsd card causes crashes.20:09
ecc3gstill have to fix the earpiece...20:09
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ecc3gneed to get another microsd card... I think that the sacrificial microsd card did its deed to extend the life of the n900 :D20:20
bencohyup <320:21
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