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ceeneoh, that'd be great00:33
ceenethank you!00:33
ceenecurrently i got omvoiceserver working00:35
ceenewith spanish voices00:35
ceenea few new icons and a new .html00:35
ceenebut it simply doesn't speak at all00:35
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Sicelovolume on device is not too low? :) i know it's a silly question00:45
ceenehehe, no :)00:46
ceenei've tested voices with omvoiceserver00:46
ceeneand they are quite loud in fact00:46
ceeneso the voices are there, omvoiceserver is working00:46
ceenebut for some reason it seems that maps doesn't send the sound request to the server00:47
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Siceloanother thing .. you are starting the server with maps closed? it doesn't work the other way00:56
ceenei first start omvoiceserver00:57
ceenewait for it to load00:57
ceeneand then start maps00:57
ceeneit asks me if i want to use omvoiceserver for directions and of course answer yes00:57
Siceloyou can even choose no :)00:57
ceeneeverything seems to be working fine, i make it calculate a new route from my current location00:57
ceeneand it remains silent00:57
Sicelowill definitely check. you're close. i've just setup a route on mine, and immediately got Mr. Nokia talking :)01:00
ceenemaybe i got a wrong index.html file?01:01
ceenebut since it asks me that omvoiceserver i supposed it's the right one01:01
KotCzarnydoes the app generate any logs?01:04
KotCzarnyif feeling adventurous, you can run it via strace01:05
ceeneit creates Run Log.txt01:05
ceenebut there are only logs about the starting sequence01:05
ceenei don't know if it should log sound requests01:05
KotCzarnyno -h ?01:05
ceenePlaying WAVE '/home/user/MyDocs/cities/Voices/spanish/spanish_female/g5ann_001' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 16000 Hz, Mono01:06
ceenejust that01:06
ceenewhen playing a test file01:06
ceeneso i would assume that i'd see that if maps were to ask it to play any sound01:07
Siceloyes, it does log if a sound is requested01:07
ceeneso it seems definitely a problem of maps not requesting any sound01:07
Sicelo md5sum index.html01:08
Sicelo1e68ae952a48075c52d9357cfb344065  index.html01:08
Sicelocheck yours01:08
ceene~ $ md5sum /usr/share/nokia-maps/html/index.html01:09
ceene1e68ae952a48075c52d9357cfb344065  /usr/share/nokia-maps/html/index.html01:09
ceeneso it's the same01:09
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ceenethere's nothing else to configure, is it?01:11
Sicelonot that i remember. then again .. i set this up on my old N900 probably in 2011 or 1201:13
ceenei'll give it a try tomorrow on the road01:13
ceenei just have to load omvoiceserver before loading maps01:14
ceeneand after setting a new route01:14
ceeneit should speak as soon as there is a new indication01:14
ceeneis that all?01:14
Siceloin fact the voice comes up immediately for me .. as soon as the route is calculated .. i don't even have to be on the road. am actually in bed :)01:14
ceenewell, mine is silent01:15
ceenebut maybe it's because the gps inside my house places me a bit outside the road01:15
ceeneso it may believe i'm floating in the middle of nowhere and thus no available indication01:15
Siceloalso has nothing to do with gps :) as long as you have a point A and B01:16
ceenethen my maps are simply mute01:17
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Siceloceene: here's an interesting post ..
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Siceloseems to suggest you can look in dbus perhaps .. to see what your Maps are sending, if anything01:24
Siceloby the way, try english voice as well .. you might be (un)pleasantly surprised :)01:27
ceenenot a bad idea at all01:27
ceenei'll try that tomorrow01:28
ceenenow it's time to sleep :)01:28
ceenethanks, bye!01:28
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ceeneSicelo: i have it speaking now!13:47
ceenei did something wrong placing config.xml of spanish voices13:47
ceeneenglish one worked well but not spanish13:47
ceenenow it speaks both languages13:48
ceeneso i just have to remove the english ones13:48
ceenethanks a lot for the idea :)13:48
* Sicelo is happy that someone else is finding Ovi Maps useful13:52
Sicelono offence to the devs of the other map applications. their work is appreciated too.13:52
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Sicelopity that now we don't get map updates (or do you perhaps know something i don't?)13:54
Sicelothe only other serious flaw with Ovi Maps is that you can miss your turns very easily .. so i learned that as soon as the voice speaks, i zoom out to do a mental calculation, especially when there are mny intersections13:56
Sicelore-routing is also unreliable unfortunatley .. and sometimes Ovi Maps refuses to calculate another route :)13:57
wndthe last I tried ovi maps didn't even manage map data. is there something that needs to be changed?13:58
wnds/manage/& to fetch missing/13:58
infobotwnd meant: the last I tried ovi maps didn't even & to fetch missing map data. is there something that needs to be changed?13:58
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wndbah. ampersand works with sed and vim (and in perl when written as $&), that alone should be enough for infobot to support it. :-)14:02
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ceenei've made a couple changes on maps just to wait for them to approve it15:26
ceeneand see if it downloads them15:26
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Sicelokeep us updated :)15:36
Siceloapparently even Ovi Suite on Windows no longer can update them? Not sure, as my USB has been borked for a year now15:38
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wsI have a question about OS Image for Nokia N90018:11
wsI loked at ... there's a link on the webpage (under "OS & SDK") to N900, which points to a dead link
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wsweb archive is not helpful as the web page further asks for IMEI number
wsdoes anyone know where I could grab the image these days?18:12
bencohthere are some faster mirrors around18:13
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bencohand ...18:14
infobotmethinks maemo-flashing is, or - on linux PC - download&extract, cd into it, do sudo ./flash-it-all.sh18:14
wsthank you bencoh :-)18:14
bencohhm maybe not this one18:14
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infobotmethinks firmware is please see ~combined ~emmc ~flasher19:03
infobotwell, combined is the rootfs fiasco image of maemo. For N900 latest (PR1.3.1) see, or
infobotit has been said that emmc is is or see ~emmc219:03
wsthank you :-)  I found a firmware for my region earlier, but it was an earlier release, so I'll take a look at this one19:06
Sicelows: global is *always* preferred over any regional ones19:07
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