IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2015-05-24

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L29Ahvalid discharge flag is preserved during suspend to ram, reboot and turn off-on cycle08:29
L29Ahwhat's the proper way to backup the nand contents?08:42
L29Ahjust dumping /dev/mtd* stuff of a live system sounds sad08:42
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KotCzarnyl29ah: why care? it will get valid on the next cycle09:09
L29Ahbecause my cycles are HUGE09:09
KotCzarnyhehe, that's memo worthy ;)09:12
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kerioL29Ah: dumping /dev/mtd* on a live system is also pretty damn useless10:06
L29Ahi guess i'll get something broken but not fatally10:07
KotCzarnybecause journal is in memory still10:07
KotCzarnymtd is just that10:08
KotCzarnyjust kidding10:08
keriojust use backupmenu10:12
kerioor something like that10:12
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KotCzarnyor make your system to boot to microsd10:13
KotCzarnythen you can simply use tar.gz10:13
KotCzarnyor rsync10:13
kerioyou can do that anyway10:14
keriobut you really ought to copy *files* to make a backup of a unix system10:14
KotCzarnytar and rsync know what do10:15
L29Ahi'm yet to learn the purpose of all these mtd partitions10:15
L29Ahi don't backup the unix system, i backup the device state10:15
L29Ahto be able to flash it back with some 0xffff10:15
keriothat's not how ubifs works10:16
kerioyou can't backup the physical status of your mtd chip10:16
L29Ahi know about wear leveling stuff10:16
KotCzarnylearn how to make fiasco images10:17
KotCzarnymost likely its what you want10:17
L29Ahfailed to google that out10:18
L29Ahmore time investment seems unreasonable anyway10:19
L29Ahi guess i just dive in with uboot and multikernel stuff10:19
kerioyou know10:20
kerioor just boot rescueos and do the tarring manually10:20
kerioit's literally the same thing10:20
KotCzarnywill backupmenu backup /usr/local/ and other hand made filesystem changes?10:20
keriobackupmenu will back up the contents of ubi0:rootfs and /dev/mmcblk0p210:21
povbotBug 7972: Kernel in PR1.1 build-depends on fiasco-gen which is nowhere to be found10:22
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KotCzarnyFiasco-gen was published in PR1.1.1 SDK, now in non-free in SDK.10:28
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L29Ahuboot failed to use the filesystem :[10:38
L29Ahthe ubi one10:39
KotCzarnyi wonder if we can recreate whole fs by dropping all those mtds and just use 210:42
KotCzarny1 for nolo and stuff and 2 for system10:42
keriogood luck10:43
L29AhKotCzarny: what's the point?10:43
KotCzarnyl29ah: fun and hacking10:43
KotCzarny'to see if that could work'10:43
L29Ahyep it could10:44
L29Ahbut it's useless10:44
KotCzarnyalso, dropping ubi for simplification10:44
KotCzarnybut i plan to run a system from microsd10:45
L29Ahi guess u-boot doesn't like my ext2 for some reason10:45
keriopali's uboot doesn't support extfs, iirc10:46
L29Ahno power kernel for me10:46
L29Ahthe update script contents mention ext210:46
keriowhich is why the provided script adds stuff to MyDocs10:46
keriowhich is vfat10:46
L29Ah        echo "Supported filesystems for first eMMC partition:"10:47
L29Ah        echo "ext2 ext3 ext4 vfat"10:47
keriothere was *something* that i was expecting to be supported but wasn't10:48
L29Ahalso i have the actual menu working10:48
L29Ahso ext2 must be hooked in well afaiu10:48
L29Ah> setenv mmctype fat10:49
L29Ahi guess i need to poke pali10:49
keriowhat fails in the boot process?10:50
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L29Ahreplaced fat to ext2 in the bootmenu generator, still no luck10:53
L29Ahkerio: i get "** Unrecognized filesystem type **" in uboot when i pick the non-attached kernel in nand10:54
L29Ahi guess i'll move it to mmc10:54
kerioi should make a backup10:55
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L29Ahokay i did it11:06
L29Ahdefault menu stuff is crap11:06
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kerioalright i got 28mb free on root11:13
keriois this sensible11:13
kerioi don't think it's sensible11:13
kerio28 is very very little11:13
KotCzarnyare you going to install something?11:13
KotCzarnyisnt used by user in any way11:14
KotCzarnyunless you are making systemwide changes11:14
KotCzarnyand if you really care, move stuff to /opt and symlink it back11:14
L29Ahi have 50 available11:18
L29Ahsure it's sensible as you have 256 total11:18
KotCzarnyi just move things to /opt as i go11:18
kerioyeah that's fair enough11:18
KotCzarnybut i also have gcc and friends on the device11:19
kerioi have disabled ubifs compression11:19
kerioi guess it's sensible enough11:19
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pentanolhello, I have question about n900 and sim-menu. I use russia celular provider mts and with the same sim card I have on another phone(also nokia) mts-info sim-menu for different services from phone provider. And I can't found this menu on the n900.11:28
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KotCzarnyits not android11:30
KotCzarnyah, you mean the sim card simmenu11:30
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KotCzarnyim afraid you are without luck here11:31
KotCzarnymaybe you have some ussd codes as a second way ?11:33
pentanolsim toolkit that an application for n900?11:35
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keriowhat decides how to crypt() passwords?11:38
kerioand whether or not to use /etc/shadow11:38
KotCzarnypam maybe11:38
keriothere's no pam11:38
KotCzarnyand system uses shadow if there is trash in password field in /etc/password11:39
keriodoes it11:39
KotCzarnyas for the algo its included in the hashed pass11:39
L29Ahi guess it's up to login(1) if there's no pam11:39
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kerioalright /etc/shadow is checked if it exists11:46
keriobut the only advanced crypt() algorithm we have is md511:46
L29Ahit's salted so you shouldn't care much11:47
KotCzarnyare you seriously caring about passwords on the device?11:47
KotCzarnythere is so many ways to hack it11:47
KotCzarnyrescueui for a start11:48
keriothis is to maybe allow remote password auth11:49
pentanolKotCzarny I don't have sim toolkit in list of applications, only sim-switcher. where I can found sim-toolkit.install?11:49
KotCzarnypentanol: from a quick google, its basically unsupported because required libraries are closed by nokia11:49
KotCzarnyand not supporting it11:50
kerioyay, it works11:50
KotCzarnyand probably sim switcher works because it uses ussd commands (i think)11:50
L29Ahkerio: who needs passwords on n900 anyway?11:53
L29Ahwhat for?11:53
KotCzarnyl29ah: sshd11:53
KotCzarnyand other services11:53
keriodo you really have passwordless sudo11:53
kerioso any arbitrary remote code execution is also a remote privilege escalation11:53
L29Ahgo install selinux on n90011:54
keriocool story bro11:54
KotCzarnyfirst and foremost, gsm networks dont assing external ip to you11:54
L29Ahuser has all the interesting privileges anyway11:55
KotCzarnyand on wifi networks you should be on some uni network or something to be really under any kind of attack11:55
L29Ahi think you can even brick the thing using only user11:55
KotCzarnyl29ah: yes, you can: echo ". /blah/blah" >> ~/.profile11:55
L29Ahand no one cares enough to compile an arm code to hack your n900 anyway11:55
KotCzarnythen try to reboot11:55
L29Ahah yeah :311:56
drathirany open hotspot is security threat...11:57
KotCzarnybeing on unsecure networks is a security threat11:57
L29Ahbeing is a security threat11:58
KotCzarnyconsequence of living is death, dont live!11:58
L29Ahi never asked for this!11:58
KotCzarnynow you know11:59
drathirwhy not harder the life to attacker?11:59
KotCzarnydrathir: most attacks are social engineering ones11:59
L29Ahdrathir: i prefer to do actual stuff and account for the risks instead12:00
KotCzarnybut seriously, i have the same system on my laptop, plain slackware, for more than 10 years i was connected directly and indirectly to unsecure networks, im hosting things via sshd/httpd12:00
L29Ahthe worst case of a hacked n900 is a need to flash the thing over12:01
L29Ahand no music for some time that is just horrible and incompatible with living12:01
KotCzarnyl29ah: unless one specifically wants to f*ck you up and clears the nolo12:01
L29Ahis usb handled by nolo?12:01
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KotCzarnybut 1/ he needs to target you specifically, 2/ has to know what to do12:01
KotCzarnyl29ah: think about nolo as a bios12:02
L29Ahi thought the device is new enough to have a smart bootloader in the rom in the soc12:02
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KotCzarnyis there any rom on n900?12:02
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drathirat n900 i guess the enough will be the encrypted storage space different pass than phone lock code.../12:05
L29Ahhaxor will hax u and dump all the stuff after you enter the password12:06
KotCzarnyseriously, are you guys high value targets of hackers?12:06
drathirL29Ah: but You secure from unauthorised access to device...12:07
drathirin case You loose them...12:07
KotCzarnydrathir: who is that unauthorized accessor? wife? kids?12:07
KotCzarnyor in another way, what sensible data you store on it?12:07
* L29Ah got a custom to type "hacked" into any accessible terminals12:08
L29Ahhacked some friends this way12:08
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L29Ahi'm a hackor12:08
drathirKotCzarny: devil is everywhere ^^12:08
KotCzarnynope, you are a kidder12:08
KotCzarnythere is no devil, there are only people12:08
KotCzarny(and mental illnesses)12:08
L29Ahcompetition is a mental illness12:09
drathirpersonally in my opinion never too much security...12:09
KotCzarnycompetition is a part of surviving skills12:09
KotCzarnydrathir: first and foremost rule, assume your device WILL be hacked12:10
KotCzarnythen just dont keep anything of value here12:10
L29Ahdrathir: there's never too much food12:10
KotCzarnyas i said, rescueos12:10
KotCzarnyand unless you have come cryptfs in place, its all plain text12:10
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drathirKotCzarny: at n900 no big deal there is ssh able to remote keep things when needed...12:11
KotCzarnyunrelated but fun12:12
drathirbut still encryption of whole device is always good thing...12:12
KotCzarnythats why i said about running whole os from microsd12:12
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KotCzarnycryptfs the fs and ask for password on boot12:13
KotCzarnyif you lose your device, battery will run out and be inaccessible afterwards12:13
drathirKotCzarny: yes thats is good thing...12:14
L29Ah100% haxor site12:15
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Siceloby the way, SIM Toolkit is a real threat, especially now that rogue cell towers are a big reality14:32
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PaliDON'T PANIC, tomorrow is towel day and you should know where your towel is :-)17:53
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drathirPali: thanks for remember ^^18:58
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* L29Ah wonders what magic sysrq on n900 is22:02
KotCzarnymap the key22:02
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L29Ahwtf n900 sshd started to ask me the password for some reason22:07
KotCzarnyyou got haket!22:07
KotCzarnyare you sure you arent suffering from short term amnesia or splitted personalities?22:08
L29Ahi hope so22:09
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L29Ahokay i suck22:11
L29Ahentered ! instead of * into /etc/passwd22:11
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L29Ahstrange: sometimes n900 won't autoconnect to the wifi net after a reboot22:14
L29Ahwtf, i have fresh files lost after a reboot22:16
L29Aheven though i even called sync(1)22:16
L29Ahfiles were on ext2 on the internal mmc22:16
KotCzarnymaybe internal chip has some buffering22:18
KotCzarnybut i have such situations on pc too22:18
KotCzarnyhaving ext3 helps a bit22:18
L29Ahsomehow kernel-power failed to mount ext{3,4}22:19
KotCzarnybut worked with ext2?22:20
KotCzarnyrecompile it and just use ext4 module with backward compatibility and disable ext2/322:20
drathirL29Ah: lol its normal at first sshd instal it force to setup a pass ^^22:20
L29Ahwow i got a backtrace from 4.1 :]22:21
L29Ahand it shut down22:21
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KotCzarnykeep hacking22:22
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L29Ahi guess it's maemo shutting stuff down22:24
L29Ahas looks like init is run22:25
KotCzarnycould be, pass init=/bin/bash22:25
KotCzarnyor something22:25
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L29Ahthe kernel image file vanished again22:28
KotCzarnyboot via flasher (without flashing)22:28
L29Ahi can boot with the attached image22:29
L29Ahanyway this is a serious problem22:29
KotCzarnywhich one/22:29
KotCzarnyunstable flash?22:29
L29Ahthe lost files one22:29
L29Ahqemu-user doesn't want to work :[22:30
L29Ahfuck yeah bash22:42
L29Ahdammit it shut down anyway22:42
L29Ahi guess i need to disable some watchdog thingie22:43
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{-0-}Hi! (new to n900, as in yesterday) I want to do bluetooth tethering via another phone (symbian so massive battery life) and usb otg, bt-dun-client requires a kernel update and ( I think, from reading ) otg needs cssu, will this work without harming the ovi maps on my n900?23:14
{-0-}should I install the bootmenu first and do it baby steps?23:15
*** M4rtinK has joined #maemo23:15
Siceloovi maps has no relation to kernel23:15
L29Ahnah just apt-get install kernel-power and you're fine23:16
L29Ahnot sure if it will support the required bluetooth thing tho23:16
* L29Ah failed making bluetooth working23:16
{-0-}ok, for that I grab apps/developer and gainroot? then kernel power?23:17
{-0-}should I do bootmenu first?23:18
{-0-}sorry for all the questions, just alike a recipe, ingredients in the wrong order and the cake is a biscuit!23:19
L29AhPali: can i disable the watchdog from linux for until a reboot?23:19
KotCzarnyisnt watchdog a kernel thing?23:19
PaliL29Ah: yes, load watchdog driver with nowayout=0 param23:19
Palino, watchdog is HW thing which can be configured23:20
KotCzarnygood to know23:20
Sicelo{-0-}: depends on what you really want to do with your device. backupmenu is a good first recommendation ... will help you not have to flash23:20
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{-0-}Sicelo, ok, will do, thank you23:25
L29Ahthe kernel spams "clock: dpll1_ck failed transition to 'locked'" every 5s and hangs for some time23:27
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