IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2015-05-15

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freehckhello people03:31
freehckI've just bought Nokia N900. :)03:31
freehckI realized that official repositories (catalogs) seemed to be unavailable now.03:32
freehckWhat is the correct way to get actual updates?03:32
freehckAre they exist by the way?03:32
freehckPlus. I've read some articles that root access can be accessed with the `rootsh' package which can be downloaded via Extra repository. But really I have not found from which exactly repository I can download and install it.03:34
freehckHAM seems to not have a search through packages by name. Is it correct?03:35
freehckAnd sorry for multiple questions.03:35
freehckI'm really newbie here.03:35
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bencohwelcome aboard :)03:49
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bencohyou can use to browse/search for package from your computer03:50
bencohnow, off I go, 'night :)03:50
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freehckthank you vary much for replying.05:34
freehckBut when I said about searching, I thought about the fact that I should list all the available packages in HAM for a specific package. It was too boring. I'd like to find a way to check packages to install easier.05:36
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freehckOh, cool. I've got a root console on my phone. :)06:29
freehckHm... it seems that zsh is not available...06:30
freehckWhat's a pity.06:30
freehckHm... But it's easy to package it. I think I have a lot of work here. :)06:32
freehckWow... No less package.06:34
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KotCzarnyfreehck: learn apt-get09:05
KotCzarnyand maybe port synaptic09:05
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freehckKotCzarny: have not understood. I've been being a debian user for more then 5 years, and think I know APT perfectly. What am I doing wrong?10:34
freehckKotCzarny: I suppose there's a repository with these utilities, right?10:35
freehckah, I see. Extras-devel. I didn't add it. Time to do it.10:37
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freehckKotCzarny: Thank you. Already installed. )10:41
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KotCzarnyfreehck: :)10:50
KotCzarnyham is ugly10:50
KotCzarnyyou should read about upgrading to cssu as it gives many improvements over stock10:51
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zGrrmoin :)10:52
KotCzarnyfreehck: also, if you add repos outside ham it will overwrite them10:54
freehckKotCzarny: I was a little bit frightened about this upgrade because it was described as non-revertable.10:57
KotCzarnynot true, you can always reflash with stock firmware10:57
freehckKotCzarny: What kind of staff will I get if I upgrade to CSSU?10:57
infobotmethinks cssu is, or (Community Seamless Software Update)10:57
keriofreehck: it's "non-revertable" in the sense that the only sensible way to revert it is to reflash10:58
keriobut if it's the first time you've ever set a n900 up, you WILL have to reflash at least once or twice anyway10:58
keriobecause you will fuck things up10:58
keriothe nice part is, it's completely fine10:59
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KotCzarnyfreehck: reflashing its a part of hacking n90010:59
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KotCzarnyeveryone did it few times, and its completely safe10:59
keriothere's pretty much nothing you can do to a n900 other than overclocking that would damage it11:00
freehckkerio: why will I necessarily fuck up?11:00
keriosoftware-wise, that is11:00
KotCzarnyand best time to learn/test new stuff is when you are just starting with n90011:00
keriofreehck: because fremantle is less resilient to fuckups than win98se11:00
keriothere's usually a way to unfuck things up, but there's pretty much no documentation11:01
freehckkerio: do you mean that it's not as stable as debian is?11:01
KotCzarnybut, if you know debian a bit more than only from gui clicking, you should be fine11:01
kerioyou'd think that changing the default shell to bash would be fine11:01
keriobut it makes your system unbootable11:02
KotCzarnyfreehck: i recently managed fremantle to hang on boot because of bad line in ~/.profile11:02
KotCzarnyimagine that11:02
KotCzarnyluckily i didnt gave up and fixed it11:02
freehckKotCzarny: I'd rather create a new user for system tests. )11:02
KotCzarny(without reflashing, just booting rescueos)11:02
KotCzarnyno new user11:03
keriothe only "permanent" damage you can do would be to overwrite CAL11:03
KotCzarnyit's one user system11:03
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KotCzarnyunless you hack it11:03
keriobut that only loses you the bluetooth mac address, pretty much11:03
freehckI've just understood that user "user" is something obligatory for system to work.11:03
KotCzarnybut too many gui things are bound to default /home/user11:03
freehckKotCzarny: I don't think that console utilities depend on /home/user so much.11:04
freehckit would be ridiculous.11:04
kerioif you like tinkering with partitions, make sure that the first partition on the emmc is vfat and the second is extfs11:04
keriothe third being swap is only used in sbin/preinit11:04
kerioso you can change that11:04
KotCzarnyfreehck: anyway, feel free to hack11:05
KotCzarnythat's why we love n900 anyway11:05
KotCzarnyand if you come up with something new/cool, share it on talk.maemo.org11:05
freehckbtw, many people told me that maemo is a dying platform. Is it true?11:06
KotCzarnyand if you hack it beyond unhackable, reflash is quick and easy11:06
KotCzarnytoo small userbase, nokia is owned by m$ etc11:06
KotCzarnybut if you just want linux phone, it's great11:07
freehckI saw that there was a lot of derivatives, but I don't like they're not debian-based.11:07
KotCzarnymost linux apps 'just work' after compiling11:07
KotCzarnyold glibc and gcc starts biting tho11:07
freehckI see there's emacs24 for maemo5. What could be better? :)11:07
KotCzarnyfreehck: see my 'just grab the sources and compile it'11:08
freehckKotCzarny: where?11:08
KotCzarnyand where you get sources for linux apps?11:08
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KotCzarnyfor compiling see scratchbox env11:08
freehckapt-get source / pbuilder?11:08
KotCzarnyyou can also compile on device, but it's tricky11:09
freehckhey, what debian is lying under maemo5?11:09
infobothmm... scratchbox is a cross-compiling system that uses binfmt_misc, rpc calls, and an nfs mount to make a cross-build appear to be 100% native, and is found at, hosted by maemo now. Also at
KotCzarnydont know11:09
KotCzarnysomething from 2007-200911:09
freehck,aybe even lenny.11:09
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freehckokay, i must work.11:10
freehcksee u later.11:10
freehckand thanks for answers.11:10
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L29Ah[11:01:57]<kerio> you'd think that changing the default shell to bash would be fine13:06
L29Ah[11:02:00]<kerio> but it makes your system unbootable13:06
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kerioit works fine as long as the shell you changed to is in /etc/shells and you don't change root's default shell13:07
keriobecause, you know13:07
kerio8 character passwords are fine13:07
keriobut god forbid a user sets a non-approved login shell13:07
L29Ah[11:04:44]<kerio> if you like tinkering with partitions, make sure that the first partition on the emmc is vfat and the second is extfs13:07
L29Ahi replaced vfat to ext2 okay, fixing only fstab13:07
keriouboot will not work properly, i think13:08
L29Ahkerio: i did change the root's shell13:08
keriounless it uses "the first vfat partition" rather than "the first partition, vfat"13:08
KotCzarnythere is always rescueos13:09
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KotCzarnyfor all those hacks13:09
KotCzarnyi will make it full blown rescue system one day13:10
keriodefine "full blown rescue system"13:10
L29Ahport systemrescuecd ;]13:10
kerioit's got tools for ubifs, extfs and vfat13:10
bencohsysresc has ubifs support now ?13:14
keriorescueOS has always been able to mount the maemo root fs13:16
KotCzarnymount yes, but fix?13:16
kerioi doubt systemrescuecd does13:16
kerioKotCzarny: you don't fix ubifs13:16
keriothe fix for ubifs is to nuke it and rebuild13:16
bencohyeah I was talking about sysresccd :)13:16
* Sicelo thinks NIN101 did a very good job with RescueOS13:39
bencoh+1 :)13:39
Sicelothere are just too many possible things that can break Maemo, so a one-for-all rescue system isn't going to be very easy :)13:39
NIN101Sicelo: thank you :-)13:44
KotCzarnyit has a room for improvements tho13:50
KotCzarnybut yes, good job13:50
KotCzarnyas a nr1 issue, please print some special key shortcuts13:50
KotCzarnyas in shift-space == tab13:50
KotCzarnyand fn-ctrl == esc13:51
bencohKotCzarny: it's in the documentation13:53
bencohhmm, maybe not documentation.txt though ...13:55
KotCzarnybencoh: best place is motd13:56
NIN101yep, good idea13:59
KotCzarnyand placing 2 letters symlinks from /rescueOS to /usr/bin14:00
KotCzarnyie. mm to mount-maemo.sh14:00
KotCzarnyand mu to umount-maemo.sh14:00
KotCzarnythat makes repeated reboots more passable14:00
KotCzarnyand get rid of that ask-on-start stuff14:01
KotCzarnyand make a script that will run them (asking) and name it qc14:01
KotCzarnyand list all those shortcuts in motd too14:01
KotCzarnyyou get my idea?14:03
KotCzarnyalso, you can run telnetd without asking14:04
KotCzarnyand get rid of root pass14:04
KotCzarnyit's not that it has to be secure or anything14:04
KotCzarnyit has to be quick and handy and helpful14:05
NIN101would probably be ok in practise, yes.14:05
KotCzarnyat least those are hacks you can do for all, i have more that i did14:06
KotCzarnyalso, i have tried compiling kernel using your kernel_config and source, but it didnt boot14:06
KotCzarnyso, you should enable /proc/config.gz option14:06
NIN101probably won't ever touch the kernel14:07
KotCzarnyi might have broken something because i changed few options, but those were unlikely to break booting14:07
KotCzarnydid you compile kernel yourself or used meego one?14:07
NIN101compiled it myself in scratchbox, using the meego source14:07
NIN101and modified the config a bit so it would actually work.14:08
KotCzarnyi may try compiling again without changing anything just for checking14:08
NIN101anyway, could take a bit till the new release14:09
KotCzarnyno worries, it's usable and helped me in current form14:09
NIN101a guy commited quite a lot of changes in the build system etc., first I have to make sure this works and everything.14:09
KotCzarnyjust needed some tweaking14:09
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L29Ahi want a second n900 for hacking ;[14:44
freemangordon_L29Ah: isn;t n900 cheep these days?14:45
L29Ah$120 avg there14:45
L29Ahi'm too cheap14:45
bencohin the US ?14:45
freemangordon_$120 O.o14:45
L29Ahin russia14:45
bencohoh, okay14:46
L29Ahi got mine for $4014:46
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L29Ahno one needs a thing that can't run angry birds14:46
bencohI think it can14:46
bencohit can play the webos version using preenv14:48
bencohthe android version runs on harmattan with apkenv14:49
bencohit might run on maemo as well ... maybe14:50
KotCzarnyyeah, 40$ is more like it14:50
bencohoh well, some android angry birds variants are known to run on maemo as well, according to wiki14:51
KotCzarnybencoh: at what fps?14:52
L29Ahstarts from $100 on ebay14:52
bencohdunno, but it doesnt look bad14:52
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KotCzarnyl29ah: global ebay or .ru one?14:54
L29Ahwhat's "ru ebay"?14:54
L29Ahwe don't have such thing14:54 ?14:54
L29Ahredirects to ebay.com14:54
KotCzarnyyou should have local auctioning sites14:55
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L29Ah[14:45:34]<L29Ah> $120 avg there15:01
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L29Ahi hope the battery measurement thing will able to recognize my 5A*h setup on the first run15:02
KotCzarnynope, the chip learns slowly15:03
KotCzarnywill take few cycles15:03
KotCzarnyi see many n900 with damaged usb port15:04
KotCzarnysome as low as ~20$15:04
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useretailok, i have a real problem now16:58
useretailduring calls i can't hear anything and wifi turns on by itself16:58
useretailwhat the hell might it be?16:59
useretaildamaged flex cable?16:59
infobotsomebody said flasher was at (also .exe!), or or generally   HARMattan(N9):, or -- list of filenames/md5sums:, or
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KotCzarnyusertail, sounds like a hardware problem17:08
useretailyeah, that's definitely hw problem, but i'll try to reflash first17:09
KotCzarnybut wifi wouldnt turn on by itself17:09
bencohuseretail: speakers work (apart from during a call) ?17:09
useretailbencoh: yes17:09
useretailcould it be kernel?17:10
KotCzarnydid you do something to kernel?17:10
bencohdunno, but I'd bet "software" :)17:10
bencoh(and most probably userland)17:10
KotCzarnyalso, which speakers we are talking about17:10
useretailbencoh: i mean i can't hear via earpiece, but when i enable loudspeakers i can hear17:11
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KotCzarnytry oldschool fix by sucking softly on the earpiece17:11
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useretailand now when i turned off wifi, it turned on again!17:11
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useretailKotCzarny: what's that?17:12
KotCzarnyas for wifi, check if you have 'automatically connect on demand' or something17:12
KotCzarnyuseretail, earpiece hole17:12
useretailoh that17:12
KotCzarnyn8x0 had such option, dont remember for n90017:13
useretailnothing :(17:14
KotCzarnyany other info how it came to that state?17:14
useretaili was playing with power-kernel recently17:15
useretailchanged profile17:15
useretailto lower voltage17:15
KotCzarnyyou dont need to change voltage manually, using smartreflex is better17:16
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useretailok, i'm backing up stuff17:17
*** noch has joined #maemo17:17
useretailhow to get list of installed apps?17:17
KotCzarnydpkg -l17:17
useretaildpkg --get-selections17:17
useretailKotCzarny: yes, you was right for wifi17:20
KotCzarny'you were'17:20
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KotCzarnychyba nick czytelny, w kazdym razie po angielskiemu netykieta wymaga spikac17:22
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useretailtroche znam polski, ale lepiej wracajmy do angielskiego ;)17:23
useretailany ideas why settings changed?17:24
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*** noch has joined #maemo17:25
useretailthere's only one user17:27
KotCzarnyno, i mean user as in 'you'17:27
*** RzR has quit IRC17:28
useretailunless someone hacked me :(17:28
useretailwhich i don't think is possible :)17:28
useretailat least on my n90017:28
KotCzarnyyeah, too obscure platform and most know droid17:28
*** RzR has joined #maemo17:29
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zGrrIt is NOT obscure17:35
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zGrrIt's part of a Debian ecosystem.17:36
*** noch has quit IRC17:38
KotCzarnyincompatible with debian repos17:40
KotCzarnyso similar/forked, but not too close17:41
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zGrrKotCzarny:  fairly close.17:52
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knott_rayshow can i turn on the N900 keyboard light from the command line?22:29
knott_rayslike, force it on22:29
KotCzarnythere is a way, search wiki.maemo.org22:31
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infoboti heard vanilla is just plain old up & down & up & down & up & down & up & down & ooooh!, or the finest of the flavors22:44
infobotfrom memory, combined is the rootfs fiasco image of maemo. For N900 latest (PR1.3.1) see, or
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