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zGrrmoin :)12:59
zGrrKotCzarny:  hiya :)13:00
KotCzarnyhave you tried oscp yet?13:00
zGrrI don't have a time13:00
zGrrat all13:00
KotCzarnythough i see some inconsistency in that13:01
zGrr yes13:01
zGrrso do I13:01
zGrrI cannot sleep at night because there is always something important, I should have done and i didn't.13:04
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KotCzarnyhave you tried prioritizing tasks?13:08
zGrrIt helps.13:09
zGrr... but it cannot solve the problem of being constantly flooded with unmanageable workload.13:10
L29Ahi wonder how one can be flooded with unmanageable workload13:10
L29Ahare you a slave?13:10
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L29Ahi wonder if it's possible to make navit work faster on n90013:12
L29Ahit's about 1fps there13:12
KotCzarnyzgrr: do what you have to do properly, queue can wait13:12
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KotCzarnyand if someone says 'you are too slow' just say its either quick or proper13:15
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zGrrthey don't say that13:28
KotCzarnythen why the worries?13:28
zGrrbecause always somewhere something can fail and it can be later attributed to negligence. my negligence or one of my mates.13:30
KotCzarnythats why you have not to hurry13:31
zGrri'm not in a hurry, i'm just being anxious.13:32
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KotCzarnyif you do your work right, you shouldnt13:35
KotCzarny(be anxious)13:35
zGrri don't do my work right, that's the problem.13:37
zGrri don't even think it is possible in that environment.13:37
KotCzarnyif its not possible, then you ARE doing it right13:38
zGrruntil something important breaks down.13:38
KotCzarnyreport whatever needs fixing to your superior, if they dont change anything its not your responsibility13:40
zGrri don't feel competent enough to fix my superior.13:40
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KotCzarnymake it documented in some way, ie. email13:41
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zGrrit doesn't matter.13:43
zGrrhave you ever heard of six phases of a big project?13:44
KotCzarnyah, yes13:45
KotCzarnybut if you are prepared for lack of gratitude, why care?13:46
zGrri can tell you, it is true.13:46
KotCzarnythen i wouldnt care13:47
KotCzarnyjust do your work and dont worry13:47
KotCzarnyif they gonna punish innocents, f*ck it13:47
zGrrI don't worry.13:48
zGrrI'm just being anxious.13:48
KotCzarnythat's what i meant13:48
zGrri don't even care.13:48
zGrrbut it doesn't help.13:48
KotCzarnysay f*ck it, do what you have to do, but dont give a flying f*ck of the outcome13:49
L29Ahb-but ppl do stuff for the outcome13:50
KotCzarnyyes, but if he does the stuff the best he can, and still going to be punished13:50
KotCzarnywhy worry13:50
KotCzarnyremember, your physical health suffers from stress13:51
KotCzarnyproject ends, you dont want to suffer from someones dickity13:51
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L29Ahoh then he'd better work on maemo stuff (:13:54
KotCzarnyfor unstressing, yes13:54
L29Ahproject ends, punishment received, n900 works better, PROFIT13:54
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L29Ah the battery block doubles as a kickstand :]16:16
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scottcwoo new battery is here19:09
KotCzarnywill it blend?19:13
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scottcKotCzarny: give me your address and i will send you the swollen battery for blending19:35
princefakhanthe local store fvcked my n900 board. :(19:36
princefakhanI think the usb socket was loose. so I asked him to fix it.19:37
princefakhanhe did. but the next day. I was charging my phone and when I plugged out the usb cable, the socket came out of the board.19:38
princefakhanI again went to him. and he put another one. says he had to change some "print" due to the soldering.19:39
princefakhannow It ain't charging.19:39
princefakhannow I'm using BL-4U with the help of tapes.19:39
L29Ahrelax, n900's usb is broken by design (:19:40
KotCzarnyprincefakhan: you should get a refund or have him repair it until it works19:41
KotCzarnyscottc: im not that curious,dont send me that bomb19:41
L29Ahscottc: plug it into a power outlet19:41
princefakhandunno about the refund. but I am not going to that shop again in this life.19:42
scottcL29Ah: currently charging on my laptop, i'll use a proper outlet once i'm out of work!19:42
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princefakhanI'm gonna get a new phone anyway now. they are so cheap these days.19:43
KotCzarnytrue that19:44
KotCzarnybut still, you shouldn't let it slide19:44
princefakhanand I'm gonna use my N900 by charging the battery some other way.19:44
princefakhanno way am I gonna leave this beast.19:44
princefakhanon the plus side. I now have two batteries to use my phone. so discharge the one while charginging the other.19:46
princefakhanwin win19:46
princefakhanand here I was wondering my phone was discharging so fast cuz of XChat.19:50
princefakhanit was superclocked.19:50
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L29Ah n900 motherboard20:45
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L29Ahreinforce the usb connector and you're good20:45
Vajbprincefakhan: maybe irssi consumes less battery...20:46
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Siceloi doubt battery would be related to a specific IRC client tbh20:56
princefakhanit was not the IRC client.20:58
KotCzarnydrawing widgets and refreshing takes cpu20:58
princefakhanI have my phone by def running at 1150 mhz.20:58
bencohhm ?20:59
princefakhanso everytime the phone restarts. you know the drill.20:59
bencohyou mean at max 1150 with the ondemand governor ?20:59
princefakhanis that bad.21:01
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bencohondemand will jump straight from base to max21:02
princefakhanI'm not gonna have my device overclocked all the time now.21:02
KotCzarnybut if app is not doing busywait, its more power effective21:02
princefakhanI just realised how fast the juice ran out.21:03
L29Ahit shouldn't matter w/ ondemand afaiu21:03
bencohKotCzarny: yeah21:03
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Vajbwell powerhungry or not im still recommending irssi. After getting used to it there is no coming back ;)21:08
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princefakhanso since I'm not using N900 as my telephony device, so no SIM in the device. Everytime I restart the phone I have to set the time right.21:16
stryngsSo set it manually princefakhan21:16
stryngsThen it wont ask u again21:16
princefakhanI was thinking, since this is an internet Tablet the time should auto-update from some online server21:17
KotCzarnyprincefakhan: grab ntpdate util21:17
KotCzarnyand add ntpdate to your internet-on scripts21:17
L29Ahwhere do i put my internet-on script in maemo?21:17
KotCzarnyprobably in if-up21:18
KotCzarnybut never digged there21:18
princefakhanI was thinking maybe it gets implemented in CSSU. that'd be cool.21:19
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princefakhanbtw, why is there a solution available to every idea/problem I have. :P21:20
KotCzarnybecause linux is quite mature21:21
KotCzarnyand used by many people with different needs21:21
KotCzarnyso in effect there are tools for those needs21:21
Wizzupstryngs: it will ask you if the battery is depleted21:21
stryngsWizzup: This is true.21:24
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L29Ahbtw if the small internal clock capacitor is alive, one can even swap batteries during s2ram21:26
Wizzupmine is not21:26
princefakhanKotCzarny: ikr21:26
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scottcyay, new battery fixed the n90023:04
scottcand not a moment too soon since my jolla screen has cracked :(23:05
princefakhanscottc: what had happened to your n90023:05
princefakhanand :(23:06
scottcprincefakhan: it just wouldn't turn on one day after the battery died while i was out, so i bought a dodgy replacement from ebay23:06
scottcseems to have done the job23:06
scottcthey claimed it was an "original battery", they lied >:(23:07
scottcthe sticke rlooks like a photocopy and doesn't have "nokia" written on it23:08
*** protem has joined #maemo23:08
princefakhanI don't think you can find new original nokia batteries for these phones.23:08
princefakhanbetter buy the better ones.23:09
princefakhantho, how much did the battery cost23:09
scottcyou can surely get batteries for the newer lumias, some of which are the same model number23:09
*** robink_ is now known as robink23:09
scottcit was like 5 euro or so23:09
princefakhanBL-5J is still alive. impressive.23:10
princefakhancheap enough.23:10
KotCzarnyscottc: better watch out, at this rate you will run out of electrotoys23:11
scottci have a Pebble Steel on the way too23:11
scottci wonder if there is N900 support >:)23:11
princefakhanisn't Pebble Stell being given to the ones who have pledged a lot.23:12
*** noch^off has quit IRC23:12
princefakhanMy bro has kickstarted too.23:12
scottcno idea! I got it on ebay :P23:12
princefakhanhe is getting the top model.23:12
scottcis that the Pebble Time?23:12
scottcwith colour e-ink23:12
princefakhanthere is many new-ish things in that. I just don't remember the name.23:13
princefakhananyway. I may be able to use it with my phone. lol!23:14
*** Kabouik has joined #maemo23:16
*** kerio has quit IRC23:16
KotCzarnyi would love eink screen in n90023:17
princefakhanwhat is eink?23:17
*** kerio has joined #maemo23:17
KotCzarnyin short the screen doesnt need backlight23:17
KotCzarnykind of paper like display23:18
princefakhanoh! :D23:18
KotCzarnythere better and worse eink types23:18
KotCzarnys/there/there are/23:20
infobotKotCzarny meant: there are better and worse eink types23:20
*** maybeHere has quit IRC23:21
*** kolp has quit IRC23:22
*** maybeHere has joined #maemo23:24
*** _rd has quit IRC23:29
*** RzR has quit IRC23:30
*** RzR has joined #maemo23:33
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*** RzR has joined #maemo23:37
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*** princefakhan has quit IRC23:51

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