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DerHatHi everyone, is this src enough to install nitdroid on n900? (just after shut down)06:16
DerHatand files are from 200906:16
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ryukafalzKotCzarny: CHIP looks pretty interesting, if they are able to make it as open as they say I'll be quite impressed06:58
ryukafalzwill likely grab a few just to put around the house and control various devices06:59
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L29Ahryukafalz: do you know about esp8266?11:15
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KotCzarnyl29ah: 5$ for programming basic vs 9$ for full linux distro, 1ghz cpu and plenty of ram?11:21
L29Ah$3 w/ delivery from aliexpress11:21
L29Ahbut yep, this $9 thing is a bargain11:21
L29Ahjust might be overkill for the job ryukafalz suggested11:21
KotCzarnystill, reusable11:22
KotCzarnyand you can use the spare power as a compilefarm11:22
KotCzarnywhich should be appealing to you as you use gentoo11:22
L29Ahbtw KotCzarny what's the problem re touch scrolling of the list in oscp; can't gtk do this itself?11:24
KotCzarnyl29ah: gtk2 doesnt have it11:24
* L29Ah thinks about writing a touchscreen-friendly gui11:24
L29Ahdoes gtk3?11:24
KotCzarnyso one has to implement it himself11:24
KotCzarnymaemo has gtk211:25
KotCzarnydont know about qt11:25
L29Ahso will i get it for free if i bring gtk3 w/ me?11:26
KotCzarnydont know11:26
KotCzarnyso answer is: maybe11:27
KotCzarnyif you prefer more raw lib, you might try looking at liqbase library11:29
KotCzarnypity its unfinished11:29
KotCzarnybut usable and pretty fast11:29
L29Ahi don't want a raw lib, i want some magic toolkit that will handle all the dirty infidel gui stuff for me11:30
KotCzarnyno one-toolkit-fits-all11:31
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KotCzarnyL29Ah: for headphone detection edit ~/.oscp.conf and set dev_type=n900 and hponly=112:25
KotCzarnythough it might be duplicating gui functionality12:34
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KotCzarnyalso, fixed that mrl button, 0.9.41 upped12:46
L29Ahwhen i plug in headphones it first enables the sound, outputs some thru speakers and then switches to the headphones12:49
infobotL29Ah meant: when i plug in headphones it first unpauses the sound, outputs some thru speakers and then switches to the headphones12:49
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KotCzarnyyes, but that's because dbus is slow on reporting headphone changes12:50
KotCzarnybut otherwise it will pause/unpause according to headphones state12:50
L29Ahdon't you get it thru dbus?12:50
KotCzarnyi can poll /sys file, but its not a good idea, so i rely on dbus messages12:51
L29Ahso why do you unpause faster than the output switches?12:53
infobotL29Ah meant: so how do you unpause faster than the output switches?12:53
KotCzarnyi unpause when i get the message12:54
KotCzarnypulseaudio might have a delay12:54
KotCzarnyalso, my head hurts12:55
KotCzarnytoo little sleep12:55
L29Ahwhoa alsamixer is so pulseaudio12:56
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* L29Ah thinks about screwing pa12:56
KotCzarnyyeah, you can do it, and you can tell oscp to use alsa as an output12:56
KotCzarnybut then remember the warning12:57
L29Ahi think about outputing to the speakers only prepared pre-highpassed ringtones13:00
KotCzarnyyou know, when idle pa doesnt use cpu13:01
KotCzarnyand you dont play ringtones often13:01
KotCzarnyso its easier to fix only apps you will use13:01
L29Ahcan i output to alsa w/o killing pa?13:02
KotCzarnyyes, but it will block the sound while opened13:02
L29Ahdamn, no way it will work13:03
KotCzarnyunless you add some software mixer to alsa13:03
L29Ahdmix introduces insane lag13:03
KotCzarnyhack dmix?13:07
KotCzarnylower the lag?13:08
L29Ahimplement oss4 (:13:08
L29Ahnah i just leave this shit as is13:08
L29Ahmaybe when i turn crazy enough and attach glasses and twiddler to n900, i start fixing stuff13:09
jogawish I had a twiddler..13:09
KotCzarnyis that some sex toy?13:11
L29Ahyeah, you fap it with your hand and letters come out13:11
KotCzarnyweird images come from google images13:12
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Siceloanyone (or Pali), who understands replacement-bme well: how does it 'decide' when to report battery low condition? my battery is not calibrated, and it keeps making that sound for my whole uptime. not so nice.13:44
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kerioyo can someone update openssh16:41
krbtgti feel you man16:43
ceenewhat's the problem with current version?16:43
L29Ahkerio ← he can16:43
L29Ahi guess it doesn't support ecdsa16:43
kerio>literally sucking NSA's dick16:44
kerioed25519 is all i need16:44
L29Ahand ed25519 too16:44
L29Ahjust always forget this funky number16:44
kerioit's a matter of efficiency too16:44
keriochacha20/poly1305 + ed25519 is actually *fast*16:45
krbtgtthat and security patches16:45
L29Ahinstall gentoo16:46
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kerioit takes 4.7 seconds to connect16:48
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L29Ahis there an open source version of the phone app?16:55
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kerio5.7 seconds, actually17:02
kerionow that the host key is also rsa 409617:03
* drathir burn the ec25617:04
drathirstill kinky rsa 4096-8192 ^^17:05
keriodrathir: embrace the bernstein17:05
keriodj bernstein in da house17:05
drathirec bad, ed still too Young in my opinion...17:06
keriobut the openbsd guys trust it17:07
drathirsecurity > fast personally...17:07
kerioonly two remote holes in the default install since the precambrian17:07
drathirkerio: i guess ed255 everywhere now is default in new installation...17:07
* drathir never used *dsa ones...17:08
drathirkerio: openbsd is nice...17:09
keriodsa is limited to 1024 bits17:09
kerioecdsa uses NIST curves17:09
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kerioholy shit17:31
keriothe new maemo-launcher is quicker17:31
keriofreemangordon: isnt it17:31
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drathirkerio: i gess its magic of get rid off all not needed nokia closed staff?17:42
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L29AhKotCzarny: where's oscp's vcs?18:21
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lopxbricked my 90018:37
lopxtrying to flash with win, flasher 3.518:37
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Sicelojust flash correctly18:39
lopxso that's it huh?18:39
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Tekk_KotCzarny: it cleared itself up20:00
Tekk_Not exactly sure how or why20:00
Tekk_there wasn't even a reboot in there20:00
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KotCzarnyL29Ah: what's a vcs?21:21
KotCzarnytekk_: good, computers are magic21:22
Tekk_KotCzarny: it usually means Version Control System21:24
Tekk_cvs, svn, git, etc.21:24
KotCzarnyahm, i dont use it21:24
KotCzarnytoo big for my taste21:24
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KotCzarnyin related news, i've compiled recent oscp-core in cygwin (ie. you can have windows core now)21:36
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Vajbhmm is it possible to switch back to old icon in yappari? I kinda got used to it.22:41
KotCzarnyunpack old .deb, copy to proper place?22:41
KotCzarnyalso, refresh icons db and reboot22:41
SiceloVajb: I'm with you :)22:41
Siceloso there's new Yappari?22:42
Vajbyea just installed22:43
Vajb2.0.11 build 521122:43
* Sicelo must first fix repos ...22:43
Sicelowhich ones are considered 'best' replacements for nokia's lost ones?22:43
Vajbim using coderus mirror of repos22:44
KotCzarnymirror them and use local22:44
Vajbworks fine with same errors as nokia :)22:44
KotCzarnysure method in case they go down22:44
KotCzarnyand not that they going to have new content, so you have to do it once22:45
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SiceloVajb: mind sharing the links :) .. i'm trying to find them on tmo22:48
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freemangordonkerio: it will be really *fast* when I am finished with it
keriocan i get a real openssh first23:11
VajbSicelo: did u got the links?23:11
freemangordonkerio: dunno,  can you?23:11
SiceloVajb: i'm using muarf ones now. thanks :)23:12
VajbSicelo: is what im using23:12
kerioi meant it in the sense of "pls compile openssh with thumb and maybe a non-ancient version"23:12
Vajbsorry for my connection it died23:12
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