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zGrrmoin :)11:06
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NotDeadhello, can I ask help about my ip get banned on talk.maemo.org12:53
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scottcmerlin1991: sixwheeledbeast: thanks! it's happened 3 or 4 times in the past few days, weird. at least it's a known problem and not my screen slowly dying. :)13:20
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antranigvhey hey, a widget is showing battery level as 76%, while maemo says it's full (: who should I believe?14:04
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bencohstock bme or bme replacement ?14:23
antranigvhow much are the new batteries ? I have 4 batteries, all are dead :P14:24
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grammoboyo omy pulseaudio on 33% cpu15:24
grammoboympd pulse output is stuttering15:24
grammoboyomap2_mcspi also high on cpu 14%15:25
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sixwheeledbeastantranigv: check out polarcell17:51
infobotsomebody said polarcell was BL-5J Replacement17:51
sixwheeledbeastNotDead: you can ask, what's the problem.17:51
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toerbmy server ip is blocked for can anyone delete it from the blacklist or tell when and why it was blacklisted?18:08
ybksame here, was about to ask the same question. any of staff here? "Feel free to contact our staff on irc #maemo channel."18:09
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merlin1991NotDead: if it persists ping xes18:24
merlin1991toerb ybk tmo bans a few subnets based on public spammer banlists, ie my hetzner server was killed by that too18:25
bencohand we had quite some massive spam yesterday18:26
ybkmerlin1991 I checked several known banlists and my IP is not there. Which one does tmo use?18:27
merlin1991ybk: you probably ended up on this one
merlin1991that was my problem list aswell18:28
toerbmerlin1991: haha: "Sorry, your IP range has been banned for spamming or other abuse"18:28
bencohoh, looks like my server's there as well18:28
ybkmerlin1991: you are right, I can't even open that page.18:29
bencohthey're just banning every single coloc/dedicated hosting subnet, that's ... meh18:29
toerbi wrote them a mail18:31
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toerbgot a temporary error18:31
toerbmy mail server is not yet authorized to deliver mail for me18:32
toerbsuch kiddies18:32
ybkbencoh: they are working towards internet id, forcing everyone to use home IP :)18:37
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NotDeadsixwheeledbeast: when i go to i got a message: Sorry, it seems that you are using an IP address or a proxy that is listed in the forum anti spam blacklist. Feel free to contact our staff on irc #maemo channel.19:22
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khertanlong time ago ... what s the news in the maemo world sine 2 years ? :ß19:55
khertanneo900 is still a project ?19:55
bencohyup, see #neo90019:56
KotCzarnykhertan: if you listen to music, see my oscp player19:58
khertani use n9 for music :)20:00
KotCzarnydoes n9 have pygtk?20:01
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khertanKotCzarny: nope20:02
khertanKotCzarny: old Qt release20:02
KotCzarnypity, still, do you own n8x0/n900?20:02
bencoh(and you know what ? he's got nothing to sell you :p)20:02
bencoh(it's all free)20:02
KotCzarnyand satisfaction guaranteed or your money back20:03
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khertanyep but my n900 is dedicated to some bluetooth game20:03
sixwheeledbeasttoerb: ybk: NotDead: I will report for you. Are you using a tor or proxy IP?20:03
khertanand n800 is used as a remote screen to monitor a trading bot :p20:03
KotCzarnykhertan, then definitely check out oscp20:04
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KotCzarnyit's a server-client player model20:04
KotCzarnycore works both on maemo and linux pc20:04
bencohkhertan: seriously ?20:04
KotCzarnyremote (too)20:04
khertanbencoh: ? why ?20:05
bencohthat's fun :)20:05
khertanand i like the n900 for his really good bluetooth chipset and antenna to play with other devices ... :)20:06
khertanmust go on train arrive at station20:09
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NotDeadsixwheeledbeast: No, I don't, but I have a ipv4 to ipv6 tunnel to Netherlands. I tried to disable tunnel but it doesn't help me20:13
sixwheeledbeastNotDead: Maybe the tunnel exit runs a tor exit node? Have you checked the exit IP in a search engine for links to spam forums etc?20:15
sixwheeledbeastI use 6in4 service and have no issue. But * is v4 only anyway.20:19
NotDeadsixwheeledbeast: POSSIBLY SAFE 0/36, I use official Hurricane electric20:19
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sixwheeledbeastNotDead: I have passed the message on to techstaff to see if it can be resolved. However if it's not a obvious issue they may need more information like your IP to diagnose or resolve.20:24
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NotDeadsixwheeledbeast:my ip is static, and some time ago I was in 1 spam database MXToolBox(I have no idea why)20:33
NotDeadbut now my ip totally clean20:34
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ecc3gI know some people who outright ban ... that's huge...20:39
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bencohyeah ...20:42
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xesNotDead: i'm checking your problem connecting to talk.maemo.org21:28
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ybksixwheeledbeast: No, I don't use tor. It is my personal hosted server. It is not listed in any of known spam or open proxy lists like spamhouse21:49
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ybksixwheeledbeast: if tmo uses above mentioned angry admin site then pretty much all hosted system are outright banned.21:51
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xesybk: in fact maemo is not using such list but a list created merging many blacklists21:53
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xesblocked/banned ip? First of all check
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NotDeadxes: same problem22:54
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NotDeadxes: I'm ok in all lists in
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